Roger Federer Shows Off His Headband Tan Line For Moet [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 20th, 2014, 12:45 pm

After a visit to the Magic Kingdom on Monday, Roger Federer “paid the bills” taking time to participate in some sponsor appearances in Miami. Among them the Swiss was the star of the Moet party Wednesday night.

Joined at the event by new coach Stefan Edberg, Federer showed off some of his tennis talents and also a very noticeable headband tan line – (a week of sunshine in the desert will give you that).

Roger will open his bid for a third Miami title Friday afternoon against Ivo Karlovic in the second round.

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15 Comments for Roger Federer Shows Off His Headband Tan Line For Moet [Video]

Perfect fan Says:

Good Luck roger….play aggressive, that’s what the doctor ordered.

MMT Says:

Yeah, that tan line is quite conspicuous. Aside from Federer dressing like Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island (all that’s missing is the ascot), that party looks pretty chic.

TGIT Says:

OMG, what a tough life.

Nice to see Roger is so good at being an umpire with “model” tennis players.

skeezer Says:

Lovely Fed fan girls there also…ooh la la.
nice to see Fed feeling good and looking good.
Awesome rep for the Game.

nadalista Says:

I recall reading on these very boards a Fedfan criticizing Rafa for fronting for PokerStars, called it immoral. No such qualms about Fed fronting for an alcoholic beverage then……

Yep, peddling hooch is virtuous. Poker? Spawn of the devil’s own……

TGIT Says:

Drinking champagne is classier than playing poker. Each player picks the endorsements that best represent their personalities.

nadalista Says:

Classy, moral……make up your minds will ya? Oh, got it……….you people can’t tell the difference.

Giles Says:

TGIT. You’re making it up as you go along, right?

Hippy Chic Says:

^Let them endorse what the bloody hell they like,as long as Federer and Nadal aint selling drugs to kids,or injecting heroin into their eyeballs,or doing anybody any harm,then what difference does it make anyway,seriously such childish silly tit for tat nonscence.

the DA Says:

Jeez, are the Fedal wars going to extend to their endorsements? Champagne is classier than Poker, Armani leads the H2H against Gilette. Nuts.

Hippy Chic Says:

The kitsch that goes on with these top players is so OTT anyway.

TGIT Says:

Just having a little fun. Love em both.

TGIT Says:

Champagne and poker…

Skeezer Says:

Fedal in here? Who started that here? Hehe….ahem.

Purcell Says:

DA: quite appropriate that that you should mention Armani and nuts in the same breath.

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