Novak Djokovic Announced Girlfriend Jelena Ristic Is Pregnant!
by Tom Gainey | April 24th, 2014, 12:21 pm

Novak Djokovic announced today via twitter that longtime girlfriend/fiancee Jelena Ristic is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Djokovic, who’s resting an injured right wrist, and Ristic are vacation this week in Greece. No due date has been set nor has a date been announced for their impending wedding.

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48 Comments for Novak Djokovic Announced Girlfriend Jelena Ristic Is Pregnant!

Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats to both Nole,Jelena and baby Djoker,i hope you will all be very happy lovely news :))..

TGIT Says:

Boris the baby sitter.

contador Says:

Great news!

They will be great parents, is my prediction.

Klaas Says:

Congratulations. Now get rid of those silly dogs.

Hippy Chic Says:

They will make great parents,im predicting that too,i have seen it in my crystal ball,this is coming from the mystic Hippy Chic :))….

Daniel Says:

Good timing. The kid will most likely be born after WTF, end November-December.

Humble Rafa Says:

I cannot believe guys are impregnating women before marriage. Such bad examples. Such Arrogance.

I come from a decent and Humble family. We marry, then have children.

Humble Rafa Says:

Egg Lover needs to make sure it’s not Boris. World can’t afford another one.

Okiegal Says:


Yeah, Novak got the horse before the cart, so to speak…….and so did my granddaughter….LOL
What can I say?? Seems as though everything is done backwards these days!!

Okiegal Says:


Did I not just say that everything was done backwards these days?? Got my little saying down wrong…..Should read “Got the cart before the horse”……silly me. I proof read after I send it……LOL

Giles Says:

HR. Blame the arrogant one – he started the trend of impregnating before marriage!

courbon Says:

Now we just need Tootie to tell us that Novak will burn in hell for this sin….

Colin Says:

Why is everyone talking as if it’s only the man who is responsible? Isn’t there something called the Pill? These are not ignorant little girls who don’t know where babies come from.

Off topic, that reminds me of the best put-down line in the movies, from the great Mae West (who wrote much of her own material). She looks contemptuously at a man she’s arguing with, and says “Your mother should have thrown you away and kept the stork.”

Okiegal Says:

My favorite Mae West quote….”When I’m good I’m good, but when I’m bad I’m better”……I think she said that, if not, its still a great quote, regardless of who said it. LOL

I am sure the little one was planned! Congrats to them!!!

Okiegal Says:


I too am curious where Tootie is. She always has some words of wisdom regarding reproduction.

Gordon Says:

I’m worried for the infant’s safety if his/her first word that Nole hears is ‘Wawa.’ 😝

Just kidding – congrats to all.

courbon Says:

@ Okiegal:pssssttttt!!!!! Don’t mention that sinful word…. by the way, how is in Oklahoma? Here in South West France is bit miserable right now-_rain, rain and rain…

Okiegal Says:


OK, I will be nice! We have had a little rain lately…but then when we get rain in the spring, it also comes with tornadoes. Oklahoma had a real bad one last spring. A school was demolished and some children lost their lives. So sad. I hate this time of year, as we don’t have a cellar. The only safe place is underground when threatened by an F-4 or F-5 tornado. I’m scared to death of them.

You make sure you scare all that moisture away for Roland Garros this year! If I wasn’t afraid to fly, Paris, France would be my first destination!

Okiegal Says:


Second destination?? You guessed it……Spain, targeting a certain island! No romantic thoughts, of course, just a trip to get my Rafa book autographed!! Lol

metan Says:

Nole will be come a dad. The first time ever, how his feeling????. 😜😜😜

Colin Says:

Okiegal, I mean this seriously – if you have no cellar and you’re scared of tornadoes, why on earth don’t you move to another state. You aren’t like peasants living on a flood plain who can’t afford to move and have nowhere to go anyway, because the overcrowded cities have no room.


You don’t need a cellar anyway. A year or two ago there was an account of a couple who built – or had built for them – a solid reinforced bungalow well anchored to a concrete base. When the area was devastated by a tornado, theirs was the only dwelling that remained standing.

Humble Rafa Says:

Next time someone asks me, “How does it feel to be in the big 3 and not be a father”, I will punch him in the face. Morons.

Okiegal Says:


Moving…easier said than done! I love Oklahoma and would never dream of leaving. True, I could afford to move, just don’t desire to. You get used to it. One hit about 6 miles west of my house. I was on the front porch and saw the hook echo in the clouds. I told my hubby to take a look and we got in the car and drove south. Sure enough, it hit a little small community and my daughter in law got a picture of it. That one was too close for comfort. We’ve had 4 hit the outskirts of Ada, but never in the center of town. We are gonna get a cellar……when, not sure!

Thanks, Colin for your concern. It’s nice to know a fellow tennis fan doesn’t want Okiegal to go sweeping down the plains, even if she is a Rafa fan! LOL

PS When we get in the truck to go the opposite direction of the storm, I always grab my diamonds….don’t want to lose those…..they are near and dear to my heart. I get those before I get my hubby!! Tee hee.

Michael Says:

Hearty congratulations to Novak who has reached big Father time. I only hope his family way doesn’t hurt his tennis prospects. But in my opinion, he could waited a little longer for attaining fatherhood.

Perfect fan Says:

Thought of taking a long break but could not stop myself reacting to this sweet piece of news:

“Hearty congratulations to both nole and jelena” for going to be parents very soon. Wishing both a beautiful and blissful parenthood :))

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael been a father didnt do Roger any harm or Andre,although time will tell i suppose,Rafa has said he wants to get married and have children,but is focused on his career ATM and Xisca his girlfriend is studying for a University degree so i suppose some have different priorities,Andy sees the same but still knows for definete?….

Michael Says:


Rafa is doing the right thing in my opinion by postponing family ways. As regards Roger, well his performance indeed declined over time mostly due to his age as well as attaining Father time. But atleast Roger embraced it when he was well past his prime which is not the case with Novak who is in his prime. According to me, this definitly has an negative impact on the career of the player. To what extent ofcourse remains unclear.

Humble Rafa Says:

I got a call from a lady named “Octomom”. Says:

Well, it was a great career while it lasted.

SG1 Says:

Hard to think of any male tennis players that remained as or more dominant after parenthood. In Women’s game, I’d say that Kim Clijsters was a better tennis player after starting a family. Can’t think of anyone else (…maybe Margaret Court) though I didn’t ever see her play.

SG1 Says:

Happy for them though. Nice couple that’s been together a while.

As for this being the beginning of a Novak decline, I’m not so sure. He may be the exception to the rule. He has more than enough money to manage both his personal and professional life.

The question is, can he keep his focus? Pro tennis players are tunnel vision creatures. Says:

SG1, Clijsters and Fed are historic anomalies. Just getting married is enough to kill most tennis players careers. The sport requires incredible devotion at this level. I believe Clijsters and Fed’s spouses were each involved in elite athletics (as with Agassi’s wife) so perhaps this “understanding” helped them in continuing their careers.
I would be gobsmacked if Novak wins a slam after 2014. I certainly didn’t expect to see Rafa be the last man standing in this rivalry, but that’s where I’d put my money now. Says:

*Stefan Edberg, married ’92. Last slam ’92.
*Pete Sampras, married 2000. One surprise slam two years later.
*Andre Agassi, married Brooke Shieled 97-99. No slams. US Open won several months after divorce.
*Becker married ’93. One slam after.
*JMac, married ’86. No slams after.

Polo Says:

That’s why Novak is not marrying the mother of his forthcoming child.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t know about Edberg, but Sampras was well past his prime by the time he married. Agassi was doing meth in 97 and 98. Not sure about Becker, either. McEnroe’s problems weren’t marriage related. I think Djokovic could be the exception because of the fact that he is still in his prime. Normally players don’t marry in their prime so it looks like they get worse as a result of marriage. I mean, we’ll see, but that’s my take.

Okiegal Says:

Polo, how do you know that?

Polo Says:

Okiegal, read the post above mine then look up satire.

Okiegal Says:


Got cha…..I midsed

Okiegal Says:


Oops…..let me try this again! Lol

I missed that post you’re referring to so I missed your satirical meaning. I know what satire is w/o having to go check with Daniel……LOL…….and in the meantime, in the real world, a lot of couples don’t get married… you could be right! Congrats to them, they are a charming couple!

Humble Rafa Says:

I have no time to impregnate women. I have bigger problems – like my Barcelona loss to deal with.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

*Stefan Edberg, married ’92. Last slam ’92.
*Pete Sampras, married 2000. One surprise slam two years later.
*Andre Agassi, married Brooke Shieled 97-99. No slams. US Open won several months after divorce.
*Becker married ’93. One slam after.
*JMac, married ’86. No slams after.

People forget to take into account that Novak is from a different background. The boys above are Western Boys and Novak is an Eastern Boy. Different cultures, different family values. Novak can only get better after the experience of fatherhood. Besides, they’ve practically been married for the past 5-6 years.

Giles Says:

“Besides they’ve practically been married for the last 5-6 years”
Lol. It is just amazing what a difference a piece of paper can make!!

Wheels Says:

I will refrain from making prophecies about his decline in tennis and judgments about propriety and simply congratulate the young couple and wish them all the best. Jelena had mentioned in an interview that they planned on having a large family because they both loved kids . Why not, they can afford a large brood, have the support of family and truly seem to love interacting with kids. Good for them.

Alexandra Says:

Congrats to them. Hope everything goes well.

I was a little surprised though. I was thinking they would maybe wait 2-3 more years.

AS Says:

The whole effects of marriage thing depends. You can’t compare completely different relationships and marriages

From Connors wikipedia:
“Former Miss World Marjorie Wallace was engaged to Connors in 1977 but in 1979, Connors married Playboy model Patti McGuire.”
So they were together less than two years and he had already planned to go down the marriage route with someone else just two years previously.
Do we even know if they were living together before marriage? With a two year relationship, marriage may have been a big change and step up in commitment in their relationship. His life may have been jostled around a lot.

McEnroe’s marriage in 1986 ended in divorce in 94 so we can’t compare a Djokovic marriage that may last for the rest of his life (we don’t know but have to start with that presumption) to what was obviously an unhappy marriage from some point onwards. i.e it could have been an unhappy marriage and not just marriage itself that was affecting Mac.

Agassi was more interested in the picture of Steffi Graf on his refrigerator than he was in Brooke Shields at the time of marrying her so that was doomed for disaster.

Becker’s first marriage also ended in divorce so again we have to take into account that it was probably an unhappy marriage for some portion.

Sampras was 29 when he married and has said he was starting to feel burned out at this stage. Who’s to say that it was marriage and not just his years on the tour catching up with him that led to his drop off?

Edberg is the only particularly useful comparison in my opinion. He was still pretty young at 26 when he married and they are still married.

Djokovic and Jelena have been together 8 and a half years (9 years when the baby is born) and have been living together in MC since she graduated from university in 2008. So they probably know each other inside out at this point. They’ve been together long enough for the initial gloss of a relationship to have long worn off and are obviously still committed. (Sometimes marriage can be taken by couples as one of their first steps of commitment and they might only truly get to know each other afterwards and find they’re not well suited). They’ve also been living together for 6 years so have plenty of experience sharing the same living space. (Some people might only live together after marriage and could find this to be a very different experience to what came before, so once again, incompatibility issues may arise).

On the face of it, marriage shouldn’t really be any big change for Djokovic and Jelena like it might be for some couples.

A baby however is a very different story and could have a big affect. It’s something neither of them has dealt with before so we’ll have to wait and see how it works out.

Also I highly doubt that child was unplanned. They got engaged last September before the child was conceived and it would be a bit surprising if after 8 and a half years together they suddenly got caught out with contraception. The baby is expected later this year too, after most of the biggest events in the tennis calendar. Pretty good timing to happen by chance.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

^^ Nice analysis, from what I read somewhere else baby is due sep/oct and the only problem really is how are they going to squeez the marriage in? Between FO and Wimbledon or more likely just after Wimbledon?

They’ve already chosen their wedding dresses:

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