Novak Djokovic Sits With A Ballkid During French Open Rain Delay [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 26th, 2014, 5:16 pm

Despite the immense pressure on him this week, Novak Djokovic had such an easy day in his first round match win over Joao Sousa that during a brief rain delay in the first set he chatted with a ballkid while waiting out the shower.

“We had a nice chat,” Djokovic said. “He’s a tennis player, so I asked him how long he’s playing, and, you know, how he’s enjoying his time as a ball kid. It was a nice, fun time, something unusual for the Grand Slams. But we waited for around 10 minutes in the pouring rain on the court, so I felt there’s something I should do and make a new friend. He accepted the offer to sit down, which I didn’t think he would do, but he did. So he’s very spontaneous little boy, and I hope I see him my next match.”

Djokovic is seeking a first French Open title. A win that would finally give him the career Grand Slam. Next for the Serb on Wednesday is Frenchman Jeremy Chardy.

“Considering my next opponent, playing French tennis player in France, we all know how challenging that is,” Djokovic said. “He had a big win against Federer in Rome, so I’m sure he’s very motivated to play his best. But I was looking forward to this tournament for a long time. I’m in a good form, and hopefully I can use that against Chardy.”

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8 Comments for Novak Djokovic Sits With A Ballkid During French Open Rain Delay [Video]

mat4 Says:

Shouldn’t Novak be fined for illegal coaching?

Hippy Chic Says:

Mat4 LOL….

harry Says:


Michael Says:

That is the good thing about Novak. He is called as Djoker for a reason. Just like in a Circus, where in the midst of serious stunts and exercises, there would always be a Joker who provides wholesome entertainment to the crowd, in a similar fashion, Novak does that in Tennis where spectators are longing for such antics which have disappeared after the Jimmy/John era who were called as Super brats. Although it is unfair to label Novak as a Super brat considering that he is a well behaved sportsperson, yet he never misses the opportunity to provide some entertainment to the crowd. That is the way to go – Novak. We are with you.

metan Says:

This is really cute, man!. β™₯β™‘πŸ‘

metan Says:

Nole is so cooooool. Aw!
I am wondering what are they talking about?

Colin Says:

Michael, if you class John McEnroe’s behaviour as “wholesome entertainment”, your idea of “wholesome” is different from mine.

Michael Says:


Despite their lingering outbursts, John and Jimmy had some kind of feel and attachment with the crowd and you can almost sense it. They were big draws during those times and were crowd pullers. Ofcourse, one man’s food is another man’s poison. There were many in the crowd who were disgusted with their ruffain behaviour on court, but there was also a significant section in the crowd which watched such antics with sheer excitement and wholesome entertainment in the midst of serious Tennis. That said, I am not saying we can condone such unruly behaviour which by any stretch of imagination was highly deplorable. But players then had a genuine grievance in terms of faulty line calls by the Umpires when Technology was never in place and this led to automatic outburst especially for players with less temperament.

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