Rafael Nadal Said It Didn’t Matter That He Played On Suzanne Lenglen
by Tom Gainey | May 26th, 2014, 5:28 pm

After a decisive win over Robby Ginepri, top seed Rafael Nadal addressed the issue on everyone’s mind, why was an 8-time champion sent to court Suzanne Lenglen instead of Philippe Chatrier?

“Doesn’t really matter a lot,” downplayed Nadal. “Always playing Roland Garros is a pleasure for me, is a really honor, and is a special feeling. So all the memories at this place give me are unforgettable. And doesn’t matter if it’s Chatrier or Lenglen or another court, be around here in Roland Garros always gonna be great. And I started in Lenglen this year, is a great court. I am not sure, but probably next one I gonna play in Chatrier. That’s it.”

Nadal, who is now 60-1 at the French Open, will next play on Thursday the young 20-year-old phenom Dominic Thiem, a winner today over French veteran Paul-Henri Mathieu.

“Thiem I heard very, very good things about him,” Nadal said. “I didn’t see him play, but I know he’s a young player and he’s a very dangerous opponent.

“Always the same: To win against anyone I need to play at a good level and I need to be ready for fight and for everything that I will need to do to win. And with that I can see I need to be aggressive and need to find a rhythm on the legs and play solid points, find real ways to win the points. That’s it.”

And that’s it!

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41 Comments for Rafael Nadal Said It Didn’t Matter That He Played On Suzanne Lenglen

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont care what court your on Rafa just do your best,nice match today to get started with no drama either….

harry Says:

Rafa makes a great start: a double bagel dished out to poor Ginepri.

Tennis Fan Says:

Rafa’s made a point about complaining about many courts he plays on … recently complained about the conditions on Chstrier so they let him play on Lenglen … IMO serves him right.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

I didn’t even know Ginepri was still on tour. Did he get lost on the way to a Legends match with Jay Berger?

Steve27 Says:

9 is yours Rafa, you will tie the great Martina Navratilova as the only two tennis players to win a same major 9 times.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa played on Lenglen twice last year……no problem mon!!

skeezer Says:

LMAO @ 8:17 post!

roy Says:

ginepri is 31.
grandpa for sure.

sometimes being off tour with major injury affects rankings.

ex top 20. made round of 16 twice at RG, taking a set off novak in 2010.

true, he’s no lacko, though.

and nadal’s 2nd round opponent, rising star thiem,
is certainly no Schwartzman. whoever that is.

amadeus Says:

ohh drama. Is over.

metan Says:

Nice opening match by Rafa.
LOL. Some posters here can’t still make the different when Rafa state his opinion and Rafa complaining. Really a joker but not Djoker Nole for sure.

Goatexpert Says:

Of course it won’t matter to Nadal if he gets to play on slow red clay against a 31 year old right handed player ranked 279.

If he had drawn a tough first round match and lost, you can be sure it would have been the court’s fault (or some fake injury).

As long as he is winning, he is always healthy.

metan Says:

Rafa would be extra happy if his draw filled of grandpa and papa players. But who fixed the draw for him? Hehehehe.
Good draw is no. IX. FOR RAFA.

jamie Says:


Navratilova’s last slam win in singles was her 9th Wimbledon title. The same will happen to Nadal this year. His 9th Roland Garros title will be his last slam win.

Hippy Chic Says:

^And i suppose your physcic friend has predicted that Novak will win every GS for the rest of the year and all 4 next year,as she always does,my god this physcic friend loves Novak?^

jamie Says:

@Hippy Chic

Nole will win Wimbledon and USO in 2014.

Nole will win only the AO in 2015.

Hippy Chic Says:

Murray will win Wimbledon the USO this year,and the AO next year,that is my dear friend Septic Pegs pyscics prediction,as i also have friends like that,the clues in the name Hippy Chic….

Polo Says:

I feel bad for Jamie and his batting average on his predictions. It’s not any better that any Tom, Dick and Harry’s. It used to be interesting but now it’s only funny.

Hippy Chic Says:

Polo its not even funny anymore just sad really,i loose my when the retirement word comes up,thats the only thing i get annoyed with….

the DA Says:

Just to demonstrate their spirit of égalité, RG has scheduled Serena and Roger on Lenglen tomorrow. No problems.

Hippy Chic Says:

^Loose my cool,i should say^….

Colin Says:

Hippy, that is NOT what you should say, is it? Why do so many people online have problems with “lose” and “loose”?

Hippy Chic Says:

Sorry Colin lose my cool….

Okiegal Says:

Rafa does have a sense of humor…..during an interview, a reporter asked him if he was glad Novak was in the mix and Rafa said: “I like a challenge, but I’m not stupid”. I thought his answer was comical and so like him to tell the truth and be honest.

Polo Says:

Hippy Chic, you really lost your cool there…resulting in premature click on the hit button without proofreading. I have done that a lot and worry that someone will notice. Of course, somebody always does. Hahaha! I don’t mind, though.

Phil Coates Says:

Why do you call Theim a phenom? This year so far he has been beaten by Peter Gojowczyk, Kevin Anderson, Andy Murray, Julien Benneteau, Tommy Robredo, Nicolas Mahut and Santiago Giraldo. He has got past the second round three times but does not have the skills and experience at this point to get into the really competitive later rounds. OK, he beat Stan Wawrinks but Stan appears to be in a funk right now with shock defeats at Madrid and Paris. He’s beaten some older guys like Jarkko Nieminem, Radek Stepanek, Paul-Henri Mathieu, Dimitry Tursunov and doubles specialist Marcel Granollers. Dominic looks as though he could have a really bright future but it’s far too early to predict an upset of Nadal on clay.

Voicemale1 Says:

@TV *8:17

:) Amusing idea. I’d heard that Ginepri was in a bad motorcycle accident in or around 2010, and it took him a year to recover and rehab himself back into tennis shape. He’s ranked 279 now, but when he started his comeback before winning in Challengers he was 449. That said he looked physically to be in pretty good shape. He told the story of being on the practice court at RG with Jack Sock when the Draw came out. He was asked if he wanted to knew who he played. “Nadal” came the reply. Ginepri said he didn’t make another ball in for the rest of the practice after that :).

Okiegal Says:


I had wondered what happened to Robby. I remember the good showing he made at the USO a few years back. Glad he’s back competing again. Good for him!!

Margot Says:

Please can you stop correcting people all the time.
1)English spelling rules are barking anyway
2)There are large numbers of ESL speakers on tennis sites. We should be in awe of them, not criticise them
3)Dyslexics have terrible problems distinguishing homophones
4)Remember that quote about what separates Brits and Americans – a common language!
5)And no edit button here, so it’s easy to hit the wrong key
What on earth does it matter as long as we understand each other?

Michael Says:

Rafa would be mighty pleased with the kind of draw he has been handed out at Rolland Garros. As an icing on the cake, even some of the tricky players in his section of the draw have been eliminated giving him a a very smooth path to the finals. At the other end, Novak might have to struggle to challenge Rafa since he has to encounter some tough players on his way. How this would play out in the finals is tough to tell ? Whether Rafa’s easy path to the finals would be a blessing in disguise or turn out to be a curse will be known only on the D day. As of now, Rafa is enjoying his moments and he knows that he is in really with a chance to accomplish an unprecedented ninth title at Rolland Garros, a feat which has never been accomplished before even in the amateurish days of a Champion only having to play in the finals.

Okiegal Says:


Great post at 1:25…….My thoughts exactly……what difference does it makes??

Margot Says:

Cheers gal :)
Of course it would matter in an academic essay but here, on a multi national tennis site?………..Lol wish there was an appropriate *eyebrow raise* emoticon!

Honfleuraise Says:

Margot @ 1:25am

Well done. Time somebody spelt that out.

As you say, it’s about communication not one-upmanship.

A forum with multi-national members is no place for cheap jibes about language skills let alone spelling errors.

Okiegal Says:


Uh oh…..read my post over…..should have said what difference does it make…not makes. We do need an edit button and the icon you mentioned would be cool…..or rolling eyes….LOL

Cheers back at cha!

The tourney has had a little upheaval this year….getting interesting!! Good luck to Andy!

Hippy Chic Says:

Pole 6.42pm May 27th thanks and very true lol….

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael please dont keep saying Rafa is a shoo for the final,can we just take it one match at a time,the tournament makes me nervous the way top players are losing so early,Rafa fans will have to stomach enough negativity if it all goes pear shaped for obvious reasons….

Hippy Chic Says:

Sorry Polo not Pole duh,geez talk about spelling errors lol….

Giles Says:

Didn’t know where else to post this.
Aww! Fed’s girls. Aren’t they cute!

Hippy Chic Says:

Giles theres nothing there sorry….

Okiegal Says:


His little girls are adorable……they have on sunglasses like Mum!! Can’t wait to see the boys!

Hippy Chic Says:

Thanks Giles the girls are adorable,Mirkas lovely and the girls look more like her now that they are older,Mirka does look tired though,mind you two baby boys and two little girls aint no picnic….

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