Oh No! Rafael Nadal Says His Back Is Hurting Again
by Staff | May 31st, 2014, 2:50 pm

Following his third round win today at the French Open, Rafael Nadal admitted that the back issue he had during the Australian Open final in January is flaring up again. Nadal spoke after a mediocre win over Leonardo Mayer 6-2, 7-5, 6-2, revealing his back, which was strapped for the match, was slowing his serve down.

“Yes, I felt a little bit my back, so that’s why I slow down a little bit the serve,” he said. “I felt a little bit from the beginning. In the second match I was not serving that fast, too.”

Nadal served 87mph second serves in the first match, 85mph in the second round and today was just 81mph.

Nadal, though, says he doesn’t think it’s a major concern for him as he seeks a 9th French Open title.

“I had the problem in Australia. It’s real. That’s the real thing. But hopefully not. Hopefully not. But, you know, during my career I had few problems, so always can happen things. Hopefully will not be this case.”

Nadal, a winner of his last 31 matches at the French Open, will have a day off before a fourth round match Monday against Serbian Dusan Lajovic.

Saturday marked the 5-year anniversary of his only loss at the French Open.

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48 Comments for Oh No! Rafael Nadal Says His Back Is Hurting Again

Tennisfan Says:


James Says:

I’d try to hide it if I were him. But then when you see him serve 100mph first serves, you know something’s not right. His movement is good though.

Giles Says:

He is too bloody honest , that’s the problem.
Vamos Rafa!
Stay healthy!

Susan Says:

Now we could add “injury” to “age” plus “law of averages.”

Murray Halted At 7-7, Nadal Injured? Federer v Gulbis, Djokovic v Tsonga Sunday At French Open Says:

[…] Rafael Nadal revealed that his back troubles from Australia have resurfaced. Nadal still won 6-2, 7-5, 6-2 against Leonardo Mayer who falls to 0-16 against Top 10 […]

Giles Says:

Fed has stepped down as President of the Player Council.

Giles Says:

Where’s skeezer? Here is a perfect thread to hear his snide comments.
Don’t hurry back skeezer, lol

Humble Rafa Says:

My mom told me to be always honest. So, I describe my problems in detail to all those who ask.

Skeeze is busy dreaming about Arrogant One’s 7th FO tile. Titles 2-6 happenned in Skeeze’s head.

Hippy Chic Says:

Susan is that a dig in my direction?if so people know me well enough on this forum to see that i dont make excuses for his losses,and i wont use age as an excuse if he loses either,but i dont know why you have a problem with me saying by the LOA and the age factor catching up, that im not arrogant enough to expect him to win the title every year,not that i ever was anyway,pretty reasonable i would say,its not as if im saying hey he has an easy draw so hes a shoo for the title,so whats the problem??

Tennis Fan Says:

I see Nadal is already working on his excuse if things don’t go his way this year … getting tired of this.

Okiegal Says:


I think one of our TX poster’s alter ego has shown up…….get my drift??? Lol

Daniel Says:

This serving decrease is really worrying. The linger could be enough to go next round but agaisnt Ferrer who is an exclenet returner he may be in trouble.

In second set Meyer was returning more agressive and start guving him trouble. He was even leading 5-4 Nadal serving 30-30, two points away from wining second set and levelling the match at that point.

Bad news fir Rafa camp. Let’s see how it goes next match.

Rememebr that in 2012 Fed look like he was about to retire in a firts week match and went on to win the tourney.

M Says:

@Giles –

“Where’s skeezer? Here is a perfect thread to hear his snide comments.”

Why look for trouble? I, for one, can wait.

I remember when Roger’s back was hurting through a Slam, hurting with him.

Not looking forward to the rest of this; we’re barely at R16 and all the matches are going to do from this point forward is get more difficult.


kjb Says:

Nadal will be fine. We have heard it all before. If he wins(which he most likely will) he has overcome all odds and pushed through and triumphantly won despite being injured. If he doesn’t(which he mostly likely won’t)it was because he wasn’t 100 percent. Same story for his whole career. Nadal doesn’t ever lose when he is 100 percent. Remember people! HAHA


Bad Knee Rules Says:

There’s nothing wrong with Nadal, it’s a joke who he had to play against to reach the GS tournament’s QF. Is this a GS tournament or a challenger?

Goatexpert Says:

First line up the water bottles.

Then line up the excuses.

Classic Nadal playbook. We’ve seen this many times before. After 4 beatdowns by Djokovic in recent times, he knows what’s going to happen if they play in the final in the French.

Good strategy.

Softest possible draw will take him to the QF. Hope Ferrer beats him down again.

skeezer Says:

Didn’t know you cared so much about what I think. I am flattered, tell Unc Toni I said hello, and hope you keep your insecurities at bay.
What am I dreamin about? How Fed got to 17 without excuses, whining, butt picking, water bottle aligning, time violations, and illegal on court coaching. Don’t care if Fed doesn’t win another title. Doesn’t need too. His all time records will stand.
And why aren’t I posting so much? It’s Clay. It’s Rafa. Yawn.

Steve27 Says:

Poor people posting here, they dont deserve writing bs after bs, but the moderators are fine with this kind of “controversy”.

Michael Says:

Nadal has problem with the courts,body, weather , movement et al. He isn’t afraid to express his opinion with the Media and that has earned him the epithet of being a “Whiner” by his opponents. I for one think that Nadal is quite candid with his assessment and it is his outspoken frankness which lets him down a bit. And his biggest problem is way of communication.

skeezer Says:


Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Goatexpert,

Your name is redundant. Goats are experts by definition, just look at me. Cant you tell?

skeezer Says:

^gotta change your name to arrogant rafa. It’s more appropriate.

skeezer Says:

I don’t agree. There is gamesmenship in his “I’m hurt” or “its the weather”, or its the “surface” communication in my imo, and he uses it fully to his advantage when he can. He’s not afraid to express his opinion? Either is Gulbis on women…so? Who else is not afraid on tour to express there opinion? Only Rafa? Doubt it. Don’t get that.
Others may look at it like he is” humble”(lmao), or a “boy with a problem”….. give me a break, I am not buying itl He’s won 8 Slams on mud. Yes, at times he has been injured like everyone else on Tour. Does he NEED to communicate all this stuff to win? Guess a crutch is a crutch.
If it walks like it, talks like it, it’s probably “it”.

Steve27 Says:

why the moderators permit a boy under age write here?
besides, he(or it) has a sexuality problems, the only thing this thing does is attack others who have a different opinión.
Is not better to avoid this kind of “people” that do not add anything positive to the forum and prohibit for once and all to these cyber bullies to participate?
I urge the moderators to enforce the rules and avoid these repeated attacks that do not have any reason.
Democracy is one thing, another is to be allowed to anonymous people exercise without any filter to project their personal frustrations to others with nasty comments and personal attacks out of place.
I call again, to take action on the matter, the cyber bullying should not be allowed.

Margot Says:

@Steve 27
Just take it as a compliment, not old fashioned sexism.

amadeus Says:

drama queen

Michael Says:


I too agree that Rafa has to somewhat mend his way of communication. He is becoming too outspoken for comfort. He must seriously introspect on his way of expressing his thoughts too openly even when provoked by Media. It is the kind of questions posed by Media such as “Did you like the weather, court condition, how is your level of fitness et al which invites answers from Rafa and he must be careful not to appear as a whiner. As I said before, it is his deficiency in spoken English which is letting him down often. However, in this particular interview, he must have spoken in Spanish. So, the lesson to be taken by Rafa is that he must be more cautious in expressing his views.

Hippy Chic Says:

Im probably wasting my time here,but i wont be using injuries,age,wheather,LOA etc should Rafa lose here,i always have and always will continue to watch and enjoy the tennis,whether he wins or loses….

Tennis lover Says:

I see a shadow of exit in Nadal’s path. If his back problem is real, he’ll be ousted by Ferrer in Quarter final..Nadal certainly ain’t winning 9th RG. For, Maestro things might get worse if he doesn’t improve his return game and cut down his ugly Unforced Errors. For, Novak I hope he gets through some tough test and place him in a position to grab his maiden RG title. And, if back problem is some kind of charade then there’s no stopping of Nadal.

Goatexpert Says:

Nadal needs another 6-month break. All his “treatments” (wink wink) seem to have worn off now. Needs to get them again, and then stay away for 6 months or so until they are flushed out of his system. He has been taking such “breaks” regularly. Its no surprise that he comes back so strong every time, and then starts to fade away again within a year or so.

Tennis lover Says:

A haitus of that sort will not be fruitful for Nadal again.. Nadal will slowly begin to fade away if he doesn’t win RG this year. From next year onward, you’ll start to see his epic struggle. Then, Fed fans will have time to rub the same salt that u poured down on them..but, Good thing is that, if Nadal struggles with his game he’ll retire by the end of 2015, unlike Fed he doesn’t have time and patience to prolong his tennis career. VAMOS!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Dear god i dont know how many times it needs repeating,Rafa has stated that he will play Rio in 2016,he might not be a factor but he has no intention of retiring till after then possibly?

Polo Says:

I don’t understand why a lot of people have been saying all along that Nadal’s style of play would make him prone to injuries and his body would break down prematurely. Yet why is it that each time he is reported to have an injury, people complain that he is just making excuses?

Hippy Chic Says:

Polo well exactly seems like a contradition in terms?

Okiegal Says:

@Polo 6:32

I have posted the exact same thing on numerous occasions. Why would anyone be surprised? It’s because it’s Rafa. People love to hate on this guy and ridicule him every chance they get……it’s back to the same old scenario……everyone else’s injuries are real, but not Rafa’s……..Oh, well, he can’t win for losing on the injury subject……Oops, excuse me, he is winning……FO eight times…….therein lies the problem. Get over it, people!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal ive come to that conclusion too,no matter what he says or does people will make a case out of it,like you say he wont win no matter what,its my belief that the writers and some of the other fans would like this to be a Rafa free forum to be honest ie free from all Rafa fans?….

Polo Says:

Hippy Chic, a Rafa free tennis forum would be a misnomer. Just bear the negative comments about him. They are not going to change anything. It’s really just a form of therapy for those frustrated by his success over Roger.

Okiegal Says:

For my own satisfaction regarding the back issue, I just now listened to his 3rd round match presser…..2nd question…..”Is there any reason why your 2nd serve was so much lower……answer, back…..next question……first time feeling of the back…..no, second match. This is not verbatim, but there again he was asked a question and answered it. What is he supposed to do, lie?? This horse has been beat to death…….along with the GOAT…….


This post will fall on deaf ears…..but I will defend my guy just like everyone else defends theirs!!

Okiegal Says:

@Polo 7:55

Love the last sentence…..spot on! LOL

Okiegal Says:


You are probably right about some liking a forum free of Rafa fans…..but what would they talk about??? LOL

The byline of this article says it all……oozing over with drama. The scene in “Home Alone” where the kid grabs his face….I can see the writer of this article grabbing his face and saying “Oh no! Rafa Nadal says his back is hurting again”……I think you get the picture….very childish, imo……but it does generate comments and that’s what its all about!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Thankyou Polo that post of yours made me feel a whole lot better,your a very fair fan :-))….

Michael Says:

Okiegal @ 7.57 am,

Exactly. You have repeated what I said in my earlier post. It is the Media which provoke Rafa to give such answers with the kind of questions they pose which appear as excuses when Rafa put forth his views. I think Rafa has a long way to go to improve his way of communication. He is not an excellent communicator like Roger,Novak or Andy who are in a position to express their thoughts in the way they want it to be. Their fluency lifts them up whereas for Rafa the opposite holds true.

Michael Says:

Polo @ 7.55,

What you say is uncomfortable truth. Jealousy makes man lose his sixth sense.

Okiegal Says:


Yes, your post is what prompted me to read his presser to see exactly what was said. Sure enough the media asked “why”…..He gave an answer. Oh, well, this is how it will always be regarding Rafa and his injuries, but everyone else will get a pass.
I totally agree that there is somewhat of a language barrier regarding Rafa during his interviews, which I believe could be expected. All in all, this guy is literally picked to pieces about everything……Yes, I know he “picks” too, before I’m called out on this comment! LOL Thanks for the feedback, Michael!

Michael Says:


All these years, I wonder why Rafa has not been able to improve his English diction which is mandatory in this age of communication. Not only Rafa, most of the Spanish players are finding it quite difficult to communicate in English and that includes Ferrer too who has been quite long enough in the tour. May be their Spanish leanings, accent and expression acts as the impediment to attain a semblance of mastery in an alien language. But still I would not accuse Rafa of not putting any effort to improve his english diction. He has definitely improved over years, but it has still not struck the right chord.

Michael Says:

I forgot to add – Thanks you to too,Okiegal !!

Okiegal Says:


I think Rafa has really improved his English quite a bit. When he tries to explain something in depth is when I notice he gets a little confused……but I don’t think he should be faulted for his inability to be as fluent as a person whose first language is English and vice versa. I bought 3 Spanish books to try to teach myself…..well, that didn’t last long. Lots of difference between the two…..masculine and feminine nouns, adjectives are used after the noun instead of before…..too much memory work. Think I could have learned it had I been younger. But, yeah, wouldn’t be easy for him either, imo. But all in all, I think he does pretty good.

Jo Says:

Just think positive you can win anyway. Most player in this tournament is a little injured going into the (QF), SF, F.

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