Roger Federer: I Might Be More Relaxed At Wimbledon Because I Don’t Have Any Points To Defend
by Tom Gainey | June 10th, 2014, 8:27 am

Roger Federer says this year at Wimbledon he might not feel the same pressures he has in the past at the event because he has so few points to defend after a shock second round loss to Sergei Stakhovsky last year.

“It’s an interesting period because I have my title to defend here, and actually at Wimbledon, I don’t have anything to defend,” the 7-time Wimbledon champion said Monday. “But I have to prove myself somehow. So, actually it’s the kind of the wrong way round for me, because usually the pressure in Wimbledon is much bigger because of the points and because you want to play well.

But this year, I might go to Wimbledon a bit more relaxed. The pressure here is quite big, because I want to play well. The draw at the Gerry Weber Open is tough. Therefore it’s not easy to target the title. But to me it’s obvious why I’m here. I want to capture the title and play well. So, that’s absolutely my priority.”

Federer hasn’t won a Grand Slam or even made a final since his 2012 Wimbledon win. He opens his Halle title defense against Joao Sousa.

“I do have the feeling that I’ve found my rhythm,” Federer said. “It’s important to keep on playing points and you need to be sharp and make quick decisions because there isn’t a lot of time. You need to adapt properly and be creative. Therefore, usually practice is a lot of fun, although it can be frustrating at times.”

And Federer says he continues to adapt to having four kids in the family.

“Today, I had to catch up on some sleep,” he said yesterday. “I was still a little tired from the practice and, also, the change to grass is always challenging. It’s a different kind of tiredness. You need to be more explosive, sharper, that’s very important on grass.

“Therefore, Mirka and I will have to make sure to get well organised for this week. Of course it’s important that my family is here and why I’m here, in order to play tennis.”

Before heading to Halle Federer and his family spent some vacation time hiking in the mountains.

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4 Comments for Roger Federer: I Might Be More Relaxed At Wimbledon Because I Don’t Have Any Points To Defend

RZ Says:

Go Fed! Just don’t be too relaxed at Wimbledon. :-)

Michael Says:

He has already won Wimbledon 7 times which is a record he shares with Sampras. Has practically nothing else to prove over there. However, this year, there are great expectations from him that he would prove his doubters wrong and clinch the title for one more time as critics have already written his obituary that he would not win any more major events. Roger would surely have the urge to prove that prognosis wrong. I am confident that he will give out his best over there and do everything that is possible within his reach. It is better not to put too much pressure on him and realize that his good times are over and he is playing just for the fun of it. At 32, he is still at No.4 which is a significant achievement not many are appreciating.

metan Says:

Papa Fed, just have some funs then you can go deep. Who knows?

madmax Says:


Let’s have the Wimbledon Green background now the switch is to grass!

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