Wedding: Novak Djokovic And Jelena Ristic Are Reportedly Getting Married Today! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 9th, 2014, 9:39 am

According to reports from Serbia, the wedding between Novak Djokovic and his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic will take place as scheduled, today in a resort in Montenegro.

The Wimbledon champ and his bride-to-be arrived last night at the Tivet Airport then headed to the Sveti Stefan resort. Friend Mark Stillitano is rumored to be Novak’s best man. And among the 140 or so invitees to the private, half a million dollar wedding are Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, Viktor Troicki and Janko Tipsarevic.

After the church ceremony the party will retire to Queen’s Beach for a night of fun and celebration.

Djokovic, 27, and Ristic have been dating since 2006. And Djokovic recently announced that Ristic is pregnant with a reported due date in October.

Congrats to the couple.

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23 Comments for Wedding: Novak Djokovic And Jelena Ristic Are Reportedly Getting Married Today! [Video] Says:

What a year for Novak, one that will stand out his whole life!

queen Says:

Montenegro is soo beautiful, good for him. Have a happy life Novak.

Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats to both hope you have a happy life together,a typical stag night for the men in Blighty,is men getting bladdered on alcohol,getting tied to a tree,a seeing a stripper,a word of warning though Novak behave yourself,and dont be doing anything that might come back and bite you in the future,or Jelena will be cutting out the crotches on all your trousers,and taking you to the cleaners in the divorce courts….

skeezer Says:

Let;s see, win Wimbledon, get married. Sounds like a great year for Novak. Hope he takes a month off. Congrats, all the best!

Hippy Chic Says:

Queen it makes a change for you to actually say something nice about Novak,you must be mellowing :))….

Ogiegal Says:

Congrats to the happy couple! They are gorgeous together!! Best wishes for a wonderful life together!

Wog boy Says:


First: Nole’s best man will be his childhood friend Neven Marković, plays football for Servet Geneva, and he will be Godfather to his child (children), in Serbian tradition best man is Godfather to future children. In Orthodox faith best man can be any person of any recognised christian faith but Godfather can be only the person baptised in orthodox faith.

Second: Nole cannot get married before 13th of July since nobody can get married during lent period which finishes on July the 12th.

Wog boy Says:

^^Of course if you are opting for civil instead of church marriage you can get married whenever you want.

Patson Says:

Congrats Nole and Jelena. Have a blissful marriage. Hope Nole continues to play awesome tennis for years and years to come.

jane Says:

Patson, I second those wishes – both of them. :)
Wog boy, thanks for the information.

Peep Says:

I read he is doing a civil wedding for friends etc tomorrow and then a church wedding for 15 peeps after July 12 in daily mail.

Wog boy Says:


You are right, I found the same information just now, I guess they or somebody planed wedding day without knowing that it is in the middle of the lent “The Fast of the Holy Apostles” from 1st to 12th of July. I am pretty sure they will not be eating only vegetables and seafood today, since that is the only food allowed during fasting period, no food of animal origin is allowed (meat, eggs, cheese, milk etc).
Typical our and Nole way, why make things simple when one can make them complicated?:)

peep Says:

is neven markovic married and if not will novak be the godfather to him and his future wife? is there a rule about that? i read that novak is godfather to miljan’s daughter.

Michael Says:

Marriage immediately after his Wimbledon victory. What a splendid eventful year for Novak who is witnessing good times in torrents. All the best to him and Jelena for a happy, prosperous and healthy married life. Three cheers !!!

TGIT Says:

Great news! Everything coming together nicely for Novak. Looking forward to his success at US Open.

Wog boy Says:

There is no rule, you take your best friend to be your best man/godfather or as we say “Kum”, that doesn’t mean that you will be later godfather/kum to that person, it happens but not often. Miljan Amanovic considered Novak as his best friend and it is an honor when you are asked to be godfather, an honor that you don’t refuse so Nole was his best man and later godfather to his child. The role of godfather in Serbian tradition is most important and he is most important person in child’s life in the years to come.
I don’t know if Neven is married but it looks to me like he is not.
Just to show the meaning of best man/godfather/Kum in Serbia I found this blog from American expatriot married to Serbian and now living in Belgrade, I really liked her explanation and understanding of the meaning and importance of godfather/Kum in Serbian culture, take a few minutes and read, please, you will not regret:

Perfect fan Says:

My best wishes to both Novak n Jelena….may u both cherish the best moments of ur life together.

Wimby champ….now getting married….NOLE, u da man ;)

Giles Says:

Why are we getting a lecture on Serbian culture?

Lillian Says:


Maybe becouse Novak is SERBIAN……….

And some people also would like to learn things….I guess not you………

Giles Says:

@Lillian. I hope this education helps you in your future life!

Wog boy Says:

Mrs Giles, you are not getting a lecture, you cannot lecture dumbass.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,
Good to see u back. Congrats on Nole.
Re; lecture. That may be too hard of word to convey to giles, maybe try an easier one ;).

Wog boy Says:


Thanks, good to see you too, in my post after FO final I had a message for you, did you get that one?

You are right, blame my English, I’ll try an easier one next time;)

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