Federer Seeks Third Canadian Title vs Tsonga In Toronto, Who’s The Pick? Venus Rules In Montreal
by Sean Randall | August 10th, 2014, 12:47 am

After a wild week high on drama, things settled down considerably on Saturday at the semifinals in Toronto. JW Tsonga got things rolling early pounding a flat Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 6-3 to reach his third Tennis Masters final.

Tsonga, who won Paris in 2008, has caught fire this week knocking out Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and now Dimitrov in succession. Right now he’s playing like a freight train and I’m not sure you want to be in his way.

“I’m feeling good,” said Tsonga who hasn’t won a title in 18 months. “I have been waiting for this moment for a couple of years now.

“It’s good because I have always believed in myself during all these years,” added Tsonga. “It will for sure make me stronger and keep my motivation at the highest level.”

Dimitrov spent three hours on court a day earlier beating Kevin Anderson. And also played previous three setters against Donald Young and Tommy Robredo, so it’s understandable if the 23-year-old maybe wasn’t up to snuff, but he didn’t use it as an excuse.

“It’s not an easy loss for me considering that I had played such a good match yesterday,” said Dimitrov. “I thought he played a good match, but I think I didn’t raise the bar.

“Still, I have to take the positive side of the week. Coming to Cincinnati I feel quite good. I don’t put my head down for a second here, because it’s good progress for me. But I’m still disappointed with the loss. I’m not going to hide that. I have to think positive.”

In the evening it was the blowout we expected. Roger Federer jumped out early on Feliciano Lopez and never was threatened in a routine 6-3, 6-4 win over the lefty he has now beaten 11 straight times.

“From my standpoint, I think I served well,” said Federer. “I was aggressive, and I was able to really play the way I wanted to play tonight. I’m very happy.”

After a string of night matches, Federer will now have to adjust to the sun in the final against Tsonga. Roger of course holds the lead on JW 11-4 but this is a super dangerous match.

When Tsonga is playing like he is, the match is more often than not on his racquet. I said that was the case against Murray and I’ll say it here again. If Tsonga continues to redline he’ll beat Roger. And Roger knows it.

“[Tsonga] can overpower guys, serve up a storm and then play really aggressive with his forehand and also be solid in his backhand,” Federer said. “You think you’re in a safe place in the rally, and he takes one step and just hits it and the point is over. That’s why he’s been in the Top 10 for so long.”


Playing for one of the biggest titles of his career, I think Tsonga will finally feel some nerves tomorrow and will let down late in the match. Maybe hit a double or miss a sitter allowing Roger to sneak out another Masters title.

Federer will also feel those same nerves – what an opportunity in front of him to pick up precious ranking points and a third Canadian Open. He’s also owned Tsonga of late (though he’s lost twice to him in Montreal) and I just think at 33 he just needs this win more. There’s perhaps more urgency.

That said, Tsonga’s been by far the better player this week. In every department. He’s also use to playing under in the daylight, use to playing someone like Federer (he just beat Baby Fed!) and we know he’s fearless.

And honestly Federer has looked rather wobbly at times this week. The serve comes and goes, the backhand’s been flaky and we’ve seen the shanks creep in.

Still, my gut and logic tells me Tsonga but I’ll go with the heart here.
The pick: Federer in three (7-6 in the third maybe?)

In the women’s final, a resurgent Venus Williams outlasted sister Serena in a pretty good match today in Montreal 6-7(2), 6-2, 6-3 in just over two hours.

“The level of game we played was pretty high,” Venus said. “We’re both serving well, returning well, moving well – everything is happening so well that all of our matches seem to be very competitive.”

After consecutive three setters I would not have liked Venus’s chances against Serena who had dominated that sibling rivalry winning the last five. But credit to Venus who showed a lot of grit to get into her first Canadian final where she’ll meet Agnieszka Radwanska, a straight set winner this evening over Ekatarina Makarova.

“I think Venus is really on fire right now,” Radwanska said after reaching her first Canadian final as well. “I watched her today, and a couple of days ago as well, and I think she’s playing amazing this week. It’s not gonna be easy, for sure.

“But it’s the final, we’ll both be fighting, and we’ll see what happens!”

I’ll go “old” here as well and take Venus in three sets.

ESPN has coverage of the women’s final at 1pm then the men’s at 3pm.

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96 Comments for Federer Seeks Third Canadian Title vs Tsonga In Toronto, Who’s The Pick? Venus Rules In Montreal

Pogi Says:

Roger in two sets

Pogi Says:

In two straight sets, rather

skeezer Says:

37th Masters 1000 Final.
Keepin rackin up the records Fed.
Good luck tomorrow.
You da man.
Tsonga is playing better, but hopin Fed can pull it off.

Michael Says:

It is hard to predict this one. Considering his progress so far in the tournament, the edge has to be with Tsonga. But he is known for his erratic play and so there hangs a big question mark on the outcome of this match ? So far, Tsonga has looked awesome and personified with brilliance. But final is another day where he needs to reproduce his magic and at the other end, you have the indomitable Roger who has a big match experience behind him having won such tournaments over and over again in his sparkling career which is impeccable. In a nutshell, it depends on the form of the player on this day and how Tsonga and Roger can handle their respective nerves as both are eager to win this encounter. So, the one who handles the pressure well would win. My guess would be that Tsonga might win in three sets, but you never know ?? Nonetheless, this match has aroused consideration expectation and there is tremendous buzz around it. Let us all hope for a high quality thriller which would enthrall the fans.

Okiegal Says:

Roger is playing great, Tsonga is looking good….I think it will be an exciting match with Fed on top. I believe their H2H is 11-4. Tsonga has beaten him 4 times, so maybe he can do it again……but I really doubt it.

metan Says:

I bet for Tsonga.

SX1 Says:

They’ve played 2 times(though both at Montreal)and Tsonga won both times.

Humble Rafa Says:

I really don’t want to go to the US Open. I mean, it’s a fish market. People yapping all the time when play is going on.

No respect for the game. Got to go, Tennis God is whispering something in my ear.

Julie Says:

Oh Sir Rafa, I do agree. My husband and I used to attend for years and years. There was a time you could hear a pin drop in Flushing Statium. Now there is such little respect for the game and the players, we have opted to watching Super Saturday on television. It is less than a joy, but at least no one is babbling during the point. Nor has someone been so rude as to bring a whaling baby to the match.

If my husband picks up the phone, i go into another room to watch in peace.

But please don’t leave Us. Fans in the United States adore you and Roger. When the two of you leave the game, a certain amount of honor and respect for It will become scarce.

Don’t let a few noisy, rude individuals prevent you from gracing us with you presence. You are a blessing to watch.

Rafa better than roger Says:

We will see if roger matches Rafa’s 3 titles already in less number of tries.

Else, roger will surely be in the trunk or the junk next Minday.


Rafa better than roger Says:

Go, go Tsonga.

Do the trifecta – Djok, Murray then fed.

Go, wilfred.

Oh, I forgo my French — Allez pour lundi.

Andrea Says:

Rogers assessment of tsonga re: the over powering is the only thing that could be a problem for rog. He has a better all around game than Jo but rog does struggle with the big power hitters. I like both so happy if either wins. Jo will be motivated. After that horrible semi loss at the French last year, he knows he has a chance to title here. Whatever the case hope it’s a good one and not a blow out. Same dynamic with aga…..she’s facing power which typically is one of her weaknesses but her mixing up could win some crucial points. I’m fine if either wins. Both need it. Aga has been very up and down and Venus is also getting older.

madmax Says:

Good luck to both players. Tsonga is playing fantastically well, pulling for Roger to come through and to start off aggressive, with more confidence and conversion of break points!

Come on Roger!

contador Says:

Good match so far this Agie vs Serena one.

Come on Agie!

contador Says:

^^ oops, meant Venus not Serena

skeezer Says:

“We will see if roger matches Rafa’s 3 titles already in less number of tries.”
We’ll see? Roger doesn’t care about matchin Rafa’s titles, why?
He has an alltime record treasure trove of titles. Its all gravy baby.

contador Says:

Venus is a great champion, but winning this in 3 sets seems a tall order today. Radwanska able to recover from long rallies much better.

contador Says:

Congrats to Agnieszka Radwanska!

Well played tournament for Venus – she simply ran out of gas though in the Final. Has to be frustrating.

Bring on Tsonga and Federer!

jane Says:

tsonga’s not serving as well today.
hola conty!

Hippy Chic Says:

Pulling for Jo to win this one,i think it would be amazing to win the title beating four top 10 players back to back….

contador Says:

hola jane, Hippy Chic….

Tsonga not as sharp as he has been …yet. I think they are both warmed up now :D

Hippy Chic Says:

Hi Contador,who are you pulling for?

contador Says:

I don’t seem to care one way or the other, Hippy Chic.

Just want to see a good tennis match. I expect Tsonga FTW but it seems like it has taking them almost all of the first set to find their games!

contador Says:

Lots of mistakes and shanks..

Tsonga gets the set.

contador Says:

This could be over pretty quick. These two play fast.

gannu Says:

Well feddy bear deserved to lose that set…
Pathetic display

jane Says:

fed put in a loose final game there to lose set 1. but i must say, tsonga’s return game is much improved. could this be his coach’s doing?

FedExpress Says:

this is just ******* disgusting to see fed lose so many finals this year.

why then even get there??

contador Says:

Who is coaching Tsonga, jane?

Tsonga looks lighter on his feet, is what I was thinking, like he has lost a bit of weight. Very fit, trim and energized tennis for JW this week.

jane Says:

i don’t know contador; but all tournament they’ve been showing a young man with a beard cheering on jo.

fed’s net game was great there. maybe the change in strategy will serve him well.

Daniel Says:

Fed can do nothing in Tsonga’s serve and he is sevrong under 50% first serves. Maybe is the day match vecause he is very poor on return, making Tsonga apear better than he actualky is. Of course his first serves when in are very accurate or aces but his second serves are nothing a player like Fed couldn’t manage a single BP in 8 service games played.

Daniel Says:

Fed Express. My sentiments exactly. From now on I rather he not play finals.

They showed Tsonga is 9-0 in aces. Bizarre for fed also to not have an ace in this match so far.

Daniel Says:

Maybe Tsonga will have a bad game eventually winth a DF and some second serves and even so he would have to make some Unforced Errors for Fed to have a chance.

Right now Fed has to at least hold his games and wait for an opening.

Daniel Says:

Fed seems a bit tired. He is not forcong serves.

gannu Says:

So many mistakes… yuck its aweful

jane Says:

tsonga’s shoulders are huge. fed held on there but quite a few forehand errors.

gannu Says:

Shucks I got up at 1am to watch fed play such a crappy match so far….

contador Says:

Feddy bear seems tired and unfocused, Daniel. Frustrating from a Fed fan perspective.

Daniel Says:

As long as he holds his game he has a shot. But from now on 3-4 down pressure on him everytime.
If he is to for e a third it will be a scape act because Tsonga is solid, few UE, no BP on his serve.

gannu Says:

Its volleying thats saving him so far

gannu Says:

Feddy bear will be v lucky to get
through this game or this match
Level is v v poor

skeezer Says:

Feds legs are out of gas. This is what is causing his errors, he is struggling to get in the right position to hit properly. Hope he finds some more energy. Tsonga is playing how I thought he would.

jane Says:

that was a big hold.

Daniel Says:

It’s pai full to cheer Fed today, he can’t win 2 points in a row.

gannu Says:

Feds returns are appalling to say the least

Daniel Says:

Fed’s not winning the second serves point. Hope he serves better now because last two games he faced BP.

Se if he can at least force a breaker. But can see him losing next game and match.

Daniel Says:

And to know that if he was playing abit better he could be winning.

Daniel Says:

Unfu:$&believable. From 40-15 and match point

Daniel Says:

2 DF in this game on game poitn. C’mon?!?!

contador Says:

Tsonga is more motivated this week than I have seen him in a long while. Headed back to the top ten, is my guess if he can keep this form through US Open.

Feddy bear hanging on, just barely. Skeezer, you are right, no legs…

FedExpress Says:

fed is tired


Daniel Says:

In a way is entertaining at leats seeing Fed fighting….

Okiegal Says:

What the heck did Joe do there?

Okiegal Says:

Good shot, Joe.

Okiegal Says:

Nice ace!

Daniel Says:

2 straught games where Fd had BO and saved MP. At least he is fighting hard.

contador Says:

lol….wow, that was close

Okiegal Says:

Fed Fans, don’t get down on your boy just yet. He’s still in this and fighting hard…..Yes his legs are feeling it but he can still get out of a tight spot with that serve of his!

Daniel Says:

Tsonga hold all his serves from 40-15 with no deuce this set but still hope Fed could hold one more time to see a breaker.

Daniel Says:

Wow, 5 points on aces or unreturn serve in tiebreak.

FedExpress Says:

mini break for tsonga

Daniel Says:

Well Tsonga played an amazing tiebreak with monster serve.
Beating Djoko, Murray and Federer

contador Says:

Bravo, Jo! He is playing so well. Big congrats :D

jane Says:

jo was the man this week. and that’s it. too good.
commiserations to fed & fans.

Giles Says:

Well done Jo. Back in top 10.

Jatin Says:

How many more finals is he going to lose this year ?
Its too painful now… :{
Anyway, congrats jo for this wonderful victory. He has done something incredible. Beating nole,murray, dimi and rog… WOW…………..
Hope fed can get over this loss. Good luck champ…

Okiegal Says:

The fans are really down on Tsonga after he told the fans to shut up when someone shouted during a point….and you can’t blame him. He might get by with it playing someone else…..but not Roger.

Well it doesn’t matter anyway, he just neat Roger today.

Tsonga…..you da man today…..Congrats and a fine display of great tennis for a whole week!

Sorry to all the Fed fans, Roger played well too, just wasn’t his day today.

Hippy Chic Says:

Well done Jo,take it forward to the USO,sorry for Federer but congrats on making the final,he had nothing left in the tank….

van orten Says:

congrats tsonga. but fed was not really there formwise today, he fought as hell though, but he is losing way too many finals this year to find something positive about getting there.

a pity could have 3 masters and wimby under his belt.

cincy he will be right there i guess and maybe it suits him better there,

go roger

Daniel Says:

Federer can’t win a final anymore. For him to win US Open ot will have to be Dimitrov, Raonic and even so a big if.

Onto Cincu and see if he still has legs to play there.
Can’t believe he lost an oportuniy like this to win another masters. If he was playng 10 % better he would have more chances because the score was closer than the match actually was. Fed nad no BP and 37 unforced errors. If it wasn’t for his serve and 7 aces in last 4 games he woudl have lost earlier

Not good at all, he reaches finals bit lose them all. 2-5 for the year is very bad for his standards.

Well at least he is getting there, eventually ghe could have an oponent who feels the pressure because Jo was totally at ease today.

jane Says:

i think every loss nole’s had this year has been to the eventual champ in the event. weird.

Hippy Chic Says:

Jatin sorry about Federer today,but you can take consolation in that he had another great week,and still keeps putting himself into contention,so IMO the titles will come again sooner or later….

courbon Says:

@ Jane: You are right. Next time Novak lose early, I’m going to place bet on eventual champion.

calmdownplease Says:

Amazing Tsonga.
But what, why, how did this happen?
Didn’t we all just kind of write him off?
I know I did.
Great serving & returning put too much pressure onto Fed, forcing a ton of errors.
Great passing shots and volleys.
Today he is a top 5 player again.
Welcome Back.
Like the Dimitrov match, it never felt as if Roger was going to pull it off.
Have to say it makes me feel better about Andy Murray’s performance as he was the only one that looked as if he could have beaten him this week in this form (and should have in fact).
Still an impressive few of weeks from Roger though despite always coming second best.
But Jo the first frenchman in Toronto,
so well deserved.

skeezer Says:

Great tourney Rog. His match record since Wimby his still outstanding.
Tsonga? All there is to say is wow.
Nole, Murray, Dimitrov, Fed.
Very well may be the very best Tournament he’ll ever play.
Congrats, Tsonga!

Rest up Maestro.

jane Says:

fed told the crowd to “take it easy” :)

van orten Says:

hahaah that is the point, fed is taking it easy nowadays . he is so right, he will win again

jatin Says:

Thanks for some nice words happy( oops hippy) chic. I can only hope now. Just proud to see him play and competiting at this age now. Losing to a final against a red hot player is not bad either.
I think, Tsonga is the best player who has never won a slam. On his day, he can outlast anyone with his smash smash . Bang bang tennis. I think. God mode level suits Tsonga the best :)
Hopefully cinci could be the title for roger to end the 2 years of no masters or major draught.
Hope you are enjoying these tournaments without Rafa as well. Sorry to hear about his injury. Hope he could play USO. Always love those big 4 guys competiting against each other.

Wog boy Says:

Tsonga beat Roger with 50% first serve and not giving him one break point!! I haven’t seen the match but good on Tsonga.

Pitchaboy Says:

Return of serve was an embarrassment. Score line should really read 6-3 6-2. Time for Mirka to whisper the R word in his ear. Not a chance of going 5 sets unless he is playing Haas in final.

Daniel Says:

Indeed Tsonga back in top 10. Seems Berdych and Ferrer are still top 10 but they don’t pose much treat this days. Tsonga was in a similar path until this week. Tennis is remarkable for this effect, suddenlly 1 good week and he wins his carrer second biggest title and now leads US Open series. A good showing in Cincy and he can win some extra cash.

Bad for him is that he will have to play again on Tuesday but if he is eager for it and not tired he can win more matches until a remacth with Djoko in quarters.

jane Says:

there are 2 coaches listed for tsonga at the atp website:

“Nicolas Escude & Thierry Ascione”

don’t know if these are new, old or renewed

van orten Says:

legwise you could clearly see he tried but couldnt . the heat maybe. he ll be back to winning ways soon

calmdownplease Says:

`Tsonga beat Roger with 50% first serve and not giving him one break point!! I haven’t seen the match but good on Tsonga…`

He was 94% when those 50% of serves got in
He was simply not to be denied Today.

Pitchaboy Says:

The window of opportunity to another GS was closed shut by Djokovich at Wimby.

Okiegal Says:

Jo is another one that has been injury plagued, isn’t he? Maybe he’s finally got the kinks worked out….He has this past week, for sure. He looked almost as good as he did when he beat Rafa at the Aussie open. I believe he’s back with a vengeance….and I’m happy for that. Now if DelPo can make a come back, all will be good…….and Rafa, of course.

Rafa better than roger Says:

What did I say earlier? Allez Tsonga, do the trifecta – djok Murray, and cap it with the scalp of roger.

Roger in three. Very funny.

But it is now official — roger is in the trunk by Monday. Or, in the junk.

Not on your life, on this site?

But tsonga is definitely in the groovy funk.

Thangs Says:

Thanks for Jinxing both…Wow, congrats Tsonga and Aggie..

Okiegal Says:

Rory McElroy just won his 3rd tournament in a row….did getting rid of a fiance have anything to do with that?? Far out, man!!

Humble Rafa Says:

Muhamed Ali can only be prevented by great champions. The goat-est is recovering from a minor set back. Otherwise, Ali would have rolled his tail like a cat and be gone.

Tennis Fan Says:

I was at the Tournament this week and saw both Federer and Tsonga play several matches. Federer was definitely playing at a level above Tsonga most of the tournament and just didnt show up today plain and simple. Maybe too many days of consecutive matches .. but he didnt have his typical game out there today. He would have won if he did because in spite of what people are saying here Tsonga didnt look that great today but manged to squeak through becuase Federer played his worst level this year.

Daniel Says:


My commentor said Ascione.

thark Says:

You all may not appreciate it, but it’s pretty amazing the little community you have going. I haven’t been on this site in maybe 2 years, and upon my return who do I find? Skeezer, Jane, contador, gannu, van orten, Daniel, Wog Boy and I’m sure many other steadfast TXers if I browse around.

You guys are amazing – still commenting away – still refreshing the page every 5 seconds rather than modernising the site LOL. The internet doesn’t have much I would classify as “commitment” but I’m pretty sure this qualifies.

Man when I was coming here frequently I was rooting for Mr. Dimplepop. Just let that sink in…

Anyway – cheers all – I think I’m gonna go hunt up some old Grendel quotes. I always secretly suspected Grendel was the Buddha’s online pseudonym. Not that the Buddha should have to hide a love of tennis, but I guess we’re all entitled to our anonymity…

skeezer Says:

Welcome back and am sure can say for all who you mentioned we missed grendel also. Thanks for the kind words and keep postin!
Thanks for the report, u were there? How awesome. Goitta say though Tsonga deserved his title as look at who he went through? Yes Fed could have
played better but he was in survival mode most of the tourney, and had nothing really left to give Tsonga a match. Tsonga was in top form so kudos to him. Great tourney!

madmax Says:

Haven’t read all the posts here, but what a thoroughly depressing match to watch from Fed’s perspective. I chewed my nails all the way through.

I couldn’t believe some of the shots Fed was making. The unforced errors were attrocious and his forehand let him down way too many times.

Only glints of brilliance throughout the match in my view. Particularly when he served and volleyed.

Tsonga was on fire the whole of this tournament and deserved to win the title.

At the very end of the match the comms said all the night matches that Roger had played, in their view, had affected his ability to play well during the day, but I am not going with that. I just thought it was a really, really sub par day from Federer and I am very disappointed in how he played and his game plan.

Tsonga was just magnificient.

How long has it taken Tsonga to play like this? We all knew he had it in him, but he really did do himselve justice yesterday and his serving was incredible to watch. So powerful.

Fed. Pick yourself up now and sort yourself out! Great to be in another final, but too many consolation finals now.

We need a win! I am very depressed today.

madmax Says:

The very first thing Roger Federer said during his on-court interview after defeating Spanish lefty Feliciano Lopez 6-3, 6-4 Saturday night at the Rogers Cup in Toronto was how happy he was for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France.

The Frenchman will be his opponent in Sunday afternoon’s final. It’s not Djokovic, or Nadal, or countryman Stan Wawrinka. But Federer doesn’t think that makes it any easier.

“I’m happy for Jo that he’s playing well again, I must say. He’s struggled for some time. We’re not talking major struggle like he can’t play tennis anymore. He’s been fit, which is important for him, No. 1, because he did have some major issues I think with his back and some other things. I think it was a matter of time that he got it all together again, especially in terms of confidence,” Federer said. “It’s a big tournament for him now already, and this is now like a final with less pressure, my opinion, for him. I think getting to the final was the hard part for him.”

“You think you’re in a safe place sometimes in the rally, and he takes one step and, you know, just hits it and the point is over,” Federer said. “He’s one of the few guys besides Stan and other guys who are not the Big 4 sort of thing who can do that. That’s why he’s been in the top 10 for so long. Like I said, for him it’s just really being physically fit, you know. The rest then sort of takes care of itself normally.”

The last time Tsonga had beaten a top-10 player (never mind a top-3) was at the French Open 14 months ago, when he took out Federer in the quarterfinals.

Tsonga wanted Federer in the final. And he got him. “Just because it’s always an honor for me to play against him in such a good arena. Yeah, it can be one of the biggest victories for me if I am able to beat him,” Tsonga said.

“Always when you play against Roger, it’s always special. First, because you play in a big arena, in a big stadium, anyway, and every time, you know, the crowd is for him. So, you know, it’s quite a good sensation, you know. It’s quite a good feeling when you win against 10,000 people.”

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