Federer Wins Comeback Shocker Over Monfils; Women’s SFs Friday at US Open With Serena, Wozniacki
by Staff | September 5th, 2014, 12:00 am

No. 2 seed Roger Federer saved two match points in coming from two sets down to defeat an inspired Gael Monfils 4-6, 3-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-2 on Thursday night at the US Open.

“[The crowd] was unbelievable, incredible,” Federer said. “I think it was awesome for both guys — Gael put up an incredible fight and played such good tennis…When I was down two match points, that’s when I wasn’t feeling so great anymore…I served well and stayed in the match and somehow turned it around.”

After his 8th career 0-2 comeback, Federer now leads Monfils 8-2. He also has won his last 10 matches going back to his Cincinnati title. And he’s now 28-1 in night matches at the US Open.

In his 9th US Open semifinal, Federer will face Marin Cilic, who earlier on Thursday rolled past Tomas Berdych 6-2, 6-4, 7-6(4) to reach his first Grand Slam semifinal in almost five years.

“I’ve had tough times the past couple of years,” Cilic said. “I’m really happy that things are working out with my team. It’s paying off, especially in the past few months. I’m just enjoying my time on the court.”

Cilic last reached a Grand Slam semifinal at the 2010 Australian Open when he lost to Andy Murray.

“We were both hitting big and I think it came down to who was going to put pressure on the other guy,” Cilic said of Berdych. “I think I did that a little bit better today; I was returning a little bit better. Overall, I felt I used the wind a little bit better to my advantage.”

The 28-year-old Berdych dropped to 4-7 in Grand Slam quarterfinals.

Federer is 5-0 career against Cilic, most recently winning in three sets at the Masters event in Canada this summer.

In other results on Thursday the top-seeded Bryan brothers reached the men’s doubles final against the No. 11-seeded Spaniards Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez, and unseeded Martina Hingis and Flavia Pennetta reached the women’s doubles final against No. 4-seeded Russians Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina.

Up on Friday in Flushing Meadows are the women’s semifinals with (10) Caroline Wozniacki vs. Shuai Peng, and (1) Serena Williams vs. (17) Ekaterina Makarova.

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118 Comments for Federer Wins Comeback Shocker Over Monfils; Women’s SFs Friday at US Open With Serena, Wozniacki

TGIT Says:


After that comeback can’t fall asleep.

Oh!!!!! go FED!!!

Gannu Says:

Uff…This was only a QF…and roger makes his fans go through hell… Was devastated when monfils had match points

Feel bad for him…

But man Fed…what is in store for us now??
GOD GOD GOD GOD – Pray to death..make fed win this US Open..I will never ever ask anything more for Fed again..Well i said the same thing for Wimbledon 2012 also ;-))))) Wimbledon 2014 also ;-)

Congrats Madmax Skeez and all fed fans…

Lets catch up on Sat for the semis!

hopek Says:

thats what separates a good player from a great maestro..nyc work by both players but kudos to the legend for reminding the flamboyant Gael who rule the nights of NY…hope Fedex will make short work of Marin in the semis and hopefully meets a Japanese in the final (unlikely)…dream still one for the GOAT

Okiegal Says:

Fed was his usual arrogant self tonight. Hitting the net with his racket and chewing out the umpire…..acting like the spoiled brat that he is. That is so dissappointing to see actions like that from a man of his caliber…….classy…..not!!

TGIT Says:

Yeah I don’t think I ever saw Roger admonish an umpire before. He really kept going at him. I kept thinking Roger back off and get your head in the game.

Gordon Says:

Okiegal – thanks for the true story from the match. The article never even mentioned that Federer hit the net with his racquet. Umm… That’s awful.

andrea Says:

@TGIT oh, he’s barked at umpires quite a bit! when he was playing del potro in the USO final when del potro won, he actually used a pretty harsh expletive which got picked up by the mic. i don’t mind so much when fed lets loose. so often everyone complains that he never shows his emotions, but you can tell he wants it. and most of the other top players are a little more demonstrative with their emotions. some people love it when novak rips his shirt…i personally don’t, but what the hell. let him have it.

Patrick Says:

That was one Hell of a match. Coming back from 0-2 sets down is a rare beast for ‘any’ player on tour.
Missed opportunities by Fed in the first two sets made one think this match was a foregone conclusion; Monfils in three straight.
To paraphrase Johnny Mac: “Tennis is 70% physical and 90% mental.”
The mind won tonight and that makes ‘some’ of us satisfied.
Bon soir, tennis fans.

Okiegal Says:


Yeah, I think he should be a bigger person than that. If the gripes at the official had been a super bad call, I can see where he would have a gripe coming. He was such a smart aleck about it…..very rude, imo. He doesn’t think anyone should cross him about anything….because he is the great Federer!

Tennis Fan Says:

… griping about Fed’s big comeback win … how petty are we.

Fed’s a class act and you sirs are not ..,

Tennis Fan Says:

… griping about Fed’s big comeback win … how petty are we.

Fed’s a class act and you sirs are not ..,

Bob Lewis Says:

The umpire admonished Federer, but I don’t think it was for hitting the net (though he deserves some type of penalty for that). It was for switching racquets too slowly. Monfils was ready to serve, but it was new balls for that game. That’s when Federer always grabs a fresh racquet.

Bad sportsmanship in front of his coach. But last night I saw Edberg hitting the net in frustration, too, on youtube. It was either one of the Wimbledon finals or the Australian semi vs. Sampras in 1993. He missed an easy volley and got annoyed. Didn’t hit the net as hard as Federer did, though.

Okiegal Says:

@Bob Lewis

There’s also one on you tube where Roger was griping to the umpire about something and he told Roger to move on and not talk about it anymore and Roger told him not to be telling him not to talk he would talk whenever he wanted to. It got nasty and Roger was definitely a jerk about it. To me if a call is going stand like the official saw it , why keep on about it. The call ain’t gonna change. To me, you’d be doing more harm than good to your game…..

jatin Says:

Its been a long time since I get so emotional after fed’s victory. Never been so proud of him. He showed positive as well as negative emotions which kind of shut people who dislike him and think he never really cares because he do. Its his cool and calmness on court which contributed him in making a legend he is. But he do show frustrations and emotions on court sometimes which make him only human.

Kudos fed.. This fan of yours salute you for your fight back. You are an inspiration.
Next stop Marian cilic.

Eric Says:

When losing, Federer actually gets into it with the umpire not infrequently, as do most other players on tour.

skeezer Says:

Is your true colors shinin through?
Shall I repeat the many utterings of Monfils on the court then in the heat of this battle? Also, sneakily, Monfils was playing games also, trying to speed up play and then at times trying to slow it down.
Fed is one of many Champions who have bashed a net with a racket, or broke/threw a racket, or who intentionally bumped there opponet in changeover, or complained to the ump. Be careful who you accuse….players will and should be able to vent their frustrations on court, within reason, and that is what the ump is there for to keep the heat of the competition inline. Is that arrogant? I think not!
Such is the duel and heated battle of men. Afterwards, and before, both men had nice things to say about each other. Fed has won the sportsmenship of the year award multiple years for being head and shoulders above the rest……so look at the field when judging if you must.

skeezer Says:

This was an outstanding match by the Maestro. Gael, when in form, can be very tricky, and he lives on it. Fed imo had an overall bad serving day, but still navigated his way through an in form Monfils with some excellant timely play. 2 match points down? You kidding me? Awesome Maestro!!
That said, if Rafa was playing Fed today, Fed would be shopping in NY by now. Pick up that service game Fed!

skeezer Says:

“That was one Hell of a match. Coming back from 0-2 sets down is a rare beast for ‘any’ player on tour.”
And 33 to boot!

Eric Says:

I didn’t get to watch the match, unfortunately. Sounds like Fed was off his game at first, but what an effort from Monfils – especially in the fourth set, judging from its 62 minute duration.

Any time someone earns a double match point and goes on to lose, the result is bound to feel a bit unjust to the unopposed observer… We Fed fans know that feeling too.

And I love Gael. But I am very pleased for Fed, who will need to avoid this kind of sluggish start against a crazily in-form Cilic.

Eric Says:

(I mean, seriously, who picked Cilic to straight-set Berdych? My my. I didn’t think he’d even get past Simon, but I guess our old Cilic of a few years ago is back!)

Okiegal Says:


What is that supposed to mean…..my true colors?? Help me out here…..OK??

Jatt Says:

I am just wondering what if cilic does the unthinkable and wins the us open. based on his current form, to me he is now a big threat to both nole and fed..And from what I have seen from him till now, he is becoming better with each match. Fed really needs to up his game in the semis

Michael Says:

Well, it was a bizaree match in a sense, something you should have hoped when you have Monfils around. A crazy guy from whom you do not know what to expect ? He would serve four aces on a trot and also follow it up with a stream of double faults. But, he is every bit entertaining for the crowd for his antics. Roger was truly outplayed for about two and half sets partly due to Monfil’s powered display and partly due to his shoddy display where nothing seems to be going right for him on the court and he was in one of those off days. But he just stuck in there knowing that his opponent has this habit to collapse just as the way he rose and that opportunity came in the third set, when Roger managed to take it 6-4 and in the fourth, things were going equal and suddenly Monfils had two match points on Roger’s serve but just failed to convert it and that was the end of it. In the fifth, he had no gas left in his tank and he was just tamed by a resurgent Roger who produced his best of form in that one set. Eight times in the past, Roger has come back from two sets behind and may be this match was designed to relive those memories and bring into display Roger’s tenaciousness and fighting abilities which he did full justice. Poor Monfils has to contend with just a quarter final outing when he could have easily made the first semis in a major. But Roger had other plans and spoiled Monfils dream run.

Michael Says:

The characteristic of a true sportsman will come into play only when he is losing a match. But, I agree with Okiegal, Roger could have shown far greater maturity on the court irrespective of the provocation.

Giles Says:

The brat of yesteryear that is Faderer in full flow. Geez! Is this man really a father of four? Hope he gets thrashed in the next round or certainly in the round after that. He is an old man with no respect for anybody. Hope his kids were watching his antics. Boo fed boooooo!!!

Okiegal Says:


Thank-you……Now mind you, I’m not taking anything away from Roger, he is amazing …..I’ve said this many times. I just didn’t care for his behavior tonight, that’s all. Roger fought back like the champion he is. I would liked to have seen Gael win, but I knew the wheels would eventually come off. Roger put the theory to rest tonight whether or not he could go 5 sets…..and he can!!


I had no idea what Gael was muttering on court, as I don’t speak French. Did not notice the sneaky mind games either. What I did notice was Fed’s rude behavior…..just saying. He isn’t setting a good example for his children either.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer……One more thing to add , I really don’t care who it is acting immature, whether it be Rafa, Andy, Novak, Monfils, Rog etc I think they ought to be fined over busted racquets, kicking objects and especially dropping the f-bomb. It’s horrible behavior to subject kids to and I can’t believe it’s allowed.

I’m off my soap box and off to bed…..omg its 3:30 AM…….yawn…….

Giles Says:

The old man can play 5 sets but not back to back. Hope Cilic strings it out to 5.

Michael Says:


I take your point that Champions like Roger, Rafa and Novak should be role models on and off the court. I think they have live upto their reputation although they are not perfect. But, sometimes in the intensity of competition and heat of the moment, even the best lose their composure, better sense and unceremoniously give way to outbursts & perform terrible antics displeasing and irritating the spectators.

Giles Says:

What these fedfans don’t realise is that their old man has only come this far because of his joke of a draw.
Fed cult in full force in AA. Pfffffft

Giles Says:

Ben Rothenberg :
“Federer hit his first autographed ball right to Lindsey Vonn and some guy knocked it out of her hands”
Don’t worry Ms Vonn he will give you two signed balls next time you meet!

Lesego Says:

“Fed was his usual arrogant self tonight. Hitting the net with his racket and chewing out the umpire…..acting like the spoiled brat that he is.”

I think it’s uncalled for, calling someone a spoiled brat and calling him arrogant. Unless there’s something you know which the rest of the world doesnt Okiegal?

roy Says:

“Fed was his usual arrogant self tonight. Hitting the net with his racket and chewing out the umpire…..acting like the spoiled brat that he is. That is so dissappointing to see actions like that from a man of his caliber…….classy…..not!!”

federer has never been a good sport. his true ‘sportsmanship’ always comes out when he’s losing.
it’s easy to be gracious and ‘classy’ in victory. a little harder when you’re losing. ask hingis.

and when people spend most of their careers having things their own way their true natures can be more easily hidden.

federer’s ‘sportsmanship’ was exposed years ago. though he’s become more used to losing to the other big 3 so these days it’s more likely to flare up in situations like this, matches he still feels he should be winning.

FedExpress Says:


lot of nonesense


Giles Says:

Dreams, yes that’s all they are. Keep dreaming.

Klaas Says:

Federers volley hit the net cord, giving Monfils an easy pass for a break. Federer hit the net in frustation. That is bad behaviour? Please.

Daniel Says:

Fed hit the net after a ball touched the net and favored Gael. He was already close to the net and it was one of those moments: damm you net. Not in the context or just hitting the net for nothing. Although they shouldn’t hit the net. In the context he hit it was no big deal at all. It was just out of frustration due to ball being bad for him.

Is diffrent than when they trhow their racquet or break them in the floor out of anger. Just my take.

Daniel Says:


You can replaca Nadal by Federer in all your posts here and will have the same affect. They as super tennis star behave almost the same so enough with hipocrisy.

If we are to comend one player and the only one I have never saw make any bad behave on court that would be Nishijor. Because he is japanese and they are in a different league as the rest of the world when it comes to respect people, rules and controling emotions. Another two cent. Only his fasn would ve able to criticize the other here.

Daniel Says:


Also Monfils was up his hand in the air for Fed to wait him to be ready several times due to crowd being lound. One of this times was pre BP.

Tennis players always have antics on court in the heat of a match.

By the amount of matches Federer played, more than 1000 he behvaes the best compared to the rest.

And c’mon Nadal fans complaiing about behavior on court here. PELEASE.

Indeed was surpirse to see that coment from Okiegal, calling Fed a spoil brat. True collers coming out of the closet

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Fed’s won the sportsmanship award named for his coach more than anyone on tour. So, I wouldn’t get to caught up in one bitchy moment.

This was a great victory, a victory for guts, nerves, heart. With his back against the wall, Fed gave it everything he had. I thought, even if he loses, he fought like a beast.

I kind of new beforehand, at some point, there is going to be a tense moment and it will be a battle of temperaments, and Fed will win.

That moment came when Fed beat down the two match points. Monfils folded up tent, and the match was over with a set to go.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

As far as tactics, and what worked, Monfils’ played brilliantly for four sets. For two, Fed hardly showed up, but Monfils showed a really good patience waiting for his kill shot, but when he went for it, man, he was like a video game tennis player redlining.
As fast as he is, he seems lazy with his footwork, so he always is hitting shots in weird positions, which he gets away with because he is better at hitting weird shots than anyone I’ve ever seen. Its strange to see such a high level pro hitting shots all contorted even when he has enough time to get ready.
Monfils had a strange reluctance to come to the net, even though he was very strong there. This definitely cost him some points when Fed would leave a ball short and Monfils got stuck in nowhere land. But more importantly, Monfils, even at his level headed best, gives away a few points a set with brain cramps. That’s more than the Big Four do.

For Fed, the first serve and backhand really let him down yesterday. He was terrible adjusting to the wind for two sets, which i was really surprised about. His dropshot was great, but completely ineffective against Monfils, and Fed lost a LOT of points trying it stubbornly, before Monfils tired in the last couple sets.
Fed’s resilience under pressure was champion calibre last night. His net play was exceptional but Monfils was also excellent attacking it, putting tons of balls at Fed’s feet, making him hit difficult volleys. Still, Fed won that battle.
For a match where he didn’t have his A-game, Fed took great risks and forced his level up. The 3rd and 4th sets were brilliant, dynamic tennis with the outcome totally unclear.

Margot Says:

Breaking your racquet/stamping etc doesn’t bother me. It’s an understandable show of frustration. In fact don’t mind most on court behaviour. Some I find more annoying than others but, as conty has pointed out, that very much depends if one likes the player or not…;)
With notable exceptions 1) if it’s deliberately done to put the opponent off and, sorry Scharapova fans but she’s one of the worst offenders, saw it with my own eyes at Wimbledon and
2) physically/verbally threatening umpires or lines people. And if that happens the tournament referee should be called straight away and the player immediately disqualified. With no exception.

Daniel Says:

Exactly Margot,

Somethings are worst than others and it depends on who you like.

That’s why it bother me coming from a Nadal fan.

For me for example touching somebdy onna tennos court as Nadal bumped Rosol is one of theworst behaviors I have ever saw. The guy invaded other person space and ir could have major damage had Rosol who os a big guy decided to take action. Could imagine they hitting each other on court?! That was a fine example to our children, bully somebody around and reverting to physical agression. After that no Nadal fan can complain about any behavior on court, ever. Only id thet eeproduce that or worst.

josh Says:

This is great for Fed fans, but can the old guy recover quick enough after a 5 set match? I believe Cilic has a chance.

Felipe Says:

This was Monfils match (and tournament) to lose. Federer was playing inconsistent tennis, the crosscourt forhand was awfull for almost 4 sets, the backhand almost non-existent, but Monfils allowed Federer to come back in the third set instead of going for the kill. The match points saved by Fed were amazing, specially the second one (forehand down the line). When the living legend saved that game, i knew (and monfils also) that the match was over. It reminded me a lot the Haas match at Roland garros and the Benneteau match at wimbledon, bullets that he escaped early on and tournaments that he finally ended up winning

Felipe Says:

With respect to the semifinals, i think both will be close matches, with no clear cut favourites. Nishikori is displaying amazing resillience, mental strenght and his shots are as clean as ever. His service has improved as well. Djokovic is Djokovic, the guy is a machine, and deep down i think that he is glas that Wawrinka is not at the other side of the net (the last three 5 set matches between the pair have been nail bitting). Cilic is playing (and serving) amazingly, but like Goran, if things are not going his way he can fold, and Federer showed that he really want this and that he will go down fighting till the end

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Also reminded me of Davydenko at Australian Open, when he seemed unbeatable. One dip in play for a couple points, and Fed seized him by the throat and never let go.
The difference was that in that match Fed was playing well, but Davydenko was simply unreal.
In this match Fed was awful through two sets. But I don’t feel MOnfils gave much away in the 3rd and 4th. In fact, overall I think he played even better in those sets because Fed forced him too. They were extremely close sets of once-a-year-highlight tennis, but Fed was just a hair better, until Monfils collapsed at the very end of the 4th.

Thomas Says:

Speaking of arguing with the umpires, didn’t Berdych outright with the umpire?(I couldn’t watch that match unfortunately) Apparently there was a double bounce which the umpire called correctly, but Berdych thought it was a wrong call(it was right) and argued with the umpire? Doesn’t bother me either way. These things happen.

pitchaboy Says:

Federer was trying to do too much in the first two sets. He was hitting the ball too hard in wind gusts of 23mph and the consequences followed. Monfils adjusted to the windy conditions brilliantly. The gusts died down during the third set and Fed got his rhythm back to a certain extent. His first service, though, did not work like it does till the fifth set when Monfils was down and out for the count. While his grit is to be admired, quite frankly, he was very lucky yesterday.

Wog boy Says:

The match you are talking about, Davydenko one, wasn’t quite like you said. It was another of Roger’s master mind games. Roger broke Davydenko’s rhythm by taking timely toilet brake. Later he explained that he was bothered by sun shadow that was movin across the court , it was late afternoon match. I was there, Davydenko was all over him, I left Rod Laver arena to get a beer (it was bey hot day:), by the time I got back, roger was in driver seat.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

What a great match to be at WB. During Davydenko’s very brief reign as the secret greatest player in the world.

Ben Pronin Says:

I feel like people who criticize outbursts have never played sports. I don’t know how many of you follow the NFL but these guys literally tackle each other for 60 minutes but a lot of them happen to be friends off the field since and will go to dinner after games.

Tennis is a frustrating sport. From the very fundamentals, tennis technique is hard. Unlike pretty much every other sport in which you can basically learn how to kick, shoot, or throw fairly well, you’re not going to come anywhere close to having good technique if you don’t have someone really teach you. And at the tournament level, when you’re actually competeing, it’s so easy to let things bother you. The court bounce is funny, the lighting is weird, it’s windy, it’s hot, there’s some kid grunting like a donkey on another court. Or the best one, you’re opponent is playing extremely well and it’s just one of those days where nothing you do bothers him/her.

Now take into account that we’re talking about professional athletes. The most competitive people on the planet. And this is their livelihood, their careers, their legacies, their freaking pay checks, all on the line every single time they play. Should everyone be like Monfils and not care when they lose? I mean it’s just ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone should throw their rackets and smack the net and yell at the umpire. When you do it regularly, it’s flat out embarassing. But you put guys like Federer and Berdych in the quarterfinals of the last slam of the year and they’re playing horribly in such a high pressure situation, what would you rather them do? Just be like “ok it’s not my day, bye guys!”

The only behaviour that I would personally criticize is acting poorly after the match is over (not shaking hands with opponent or ump, complaining in the post match interview about some nonsense, or being disrespectful in any other way). And these guys have done that and deserve criticism for that.

But man, just try and imagine being in their position for 5 seconds and tell me you’d behave differently and I will call you a liar.

SX1 Says:

@wog boy

He took the toilet break after set finished which is completely fine for whatever reason it was but some players have taken toilet break on match point…IMO toilet break during a set should not be allowed

Polo Says:

Hahaha! So many vanguards of good behavior for admonishing Federer for blowing his top (I wonder if it even qualifies as that). Finding something to complain about as if that was on any significant consequence to this great match. They failed to notice and give due acknowledgment to the accomplishment of this 33 year old man beating an inspired player 5 years his junior. It’s like somebody hits you with a hammer yet you should not yell out an expletive or get angry because that would be rude.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.

wilfried Says:

@Wog Boy
Once read an article from Sergio Cruz on his website about that AO-match.
He described the sudden change in Roger’s level (from weak towards very good) as the contrast between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide and suggested Roger not only took a timely toilet brake but perhaps something else….

Daniel Says:

I remember the Davydenko match as well and that was a clear case of Fed using the rule to his advantage somethin Djokovic and Nadal used af nauseum. C’mom there was one match in IW Nadal asked dor a time out before a Federer match point?!?!

If we are goin back and forth with all the atica of the top player Nadal and Dokovis wins hands down compared to federer.

There was a Berdy match where Nadal treaten to stop playing ddue an arguing with umpire. You can’t get any more spoiled than that on a tennis court: “i won’t play if not my way”. So stop with the opening the can of warms because compared to the other 2 Fed is a saint.

skeezer Says:

Tell em Daniel!

Daniel Says:


Exactly. I don’t get this. No fan of the other big 4 can say nothing in here ref behave wise.
Murray curse everytine he is on court.
Nadal abuse every rule in the book
Djokovic had a bunch of timely time outs and delay to serve
Fed loses his famius calm demenohr when losing matches
Again only Nishikori fans can say anything in here conduct wise.

Daniel Says:

I think because it is rare to see this from roger that gets this attention. He behaves so well most of the time and as tennis model that when he show any emotion it gets like this

Wog boy Says:

I don’t know what Roger took, but I took Heineken and bratwurst during my break from RL Arena.

It was a great match and RL Arena is great place to be.

I didn’t say he broke the rule, did I?
This is from Roger’s mouth after the match:

“Federer was more calculating. He said he had been confounded as much by the angle of the setting sun as Nikolay Davydenko’s tennis, and admitted to taking his time on a toilet break and a leisurely change of shirt at the end of the first set as a tactical ruse to draw out the match beyond sunset. “I thought one or two centimetres [of creeping shadow] might make a difference,” he said, then hastened to add: “But I did need to go to the toilet.”


Perfect fan Says:

Somehow fed fighting it out in 5 is giving me a lot of confidence of his chances this year at NY. I believe his win against monfils will hugely boost his morale n confidence going into the business end of the tournament. But nevertheless, he surely gotta try n win his SF bout against cilic in straights to keep himself fresh for the big final Monday. Though cilic is in supreme form, I think he may fold quite easily….jus a gut feeling.

Don’t understand what this hullabaloo abt fed’s behaviour….common guys, grow up!!
You r 2 sets down in a GS Qtr final match….a pressure cooker situation reaching midnight….u r facing a crazy freak who could hit a clean winner with his shoe-laces tied up….and then ppl say why r u behaving bad….now give me a break! what did fed do? hit the net with his racquet…..omg! how rude.

He could have rather clutched his back and taken a 15 min mto, could have bumped onto his opponent to take out his frustrations, could have looked on to his box for getting some precious tips from edberg….but common! how could u just hit the so sensitive net cord and go away harmless….this is brutal, graphic stuff….federer matches should come with viewer discretion message so that kids should not watch so graphic details of fed mercilessly beating up an innocent net cord during matches. ATP, r u listening….

This guy made such an unbelievable comeback at age 33 against an inspired and dangerous shot maker….which shows his undeniable and unsatiable passion for the game….and ppl are here to point out rude behaviour n bad sportsmanship as if tennis is not tennis but snooker, whr players hav to jus hit their shots and wait respectfully for their opponent…UNBELIEVABLE!!

Sirius Says:

Fed took the toilet break after the end of the first set. When he came back, he still lost 3 straight games. So it’s not like davydenko was much bothered by the break and didn’t have a sudden drop in his level

nobody’s saint. But when relatively speaking federer’s better than the rest for fairplay and sportsmanship. That’s why he has been voted worthy of that award so many times by his fellow players of the tour

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Fantastic victory by Roger. Roger has already exceeded what he could do at his age in one season. Cilic should be much easier problem to solve compared to Monfils. Roger gets troubled by mostly guys who can counter punch, and Monfils was too good at it. But Cilic is a different type of player, whom Roger could easily move around as long as he has a decent Serving day and could return cilic’s server, which I believe would not be a big problem.

MMT Says:

The build up to this match was so over the top that it was bound to disappoint, but I thought the quality of tennis for the most part was not good. Monfils was excellent for the first two sets, but his performance got worse as the match went along.

Federer barely improved to win the 3rd, picked it up in the 4th and the 5th was more or less a walk in the park. He had more errors in the first two sets than he did in the last 3, but I think Monfils took his foot of the throttle as well.

As to the exchanges with the umpire: first – I don’t think it’s appropriate for players to ask the umpire their opinion before challenging. That rule should change. The challenge should be immediate, and it also introduces an opportunity for inconsistency (if the umpire gives his opinion to one player, but not the other, or if their opinion turns out to be wrong).

Monfils has a habit of talking with anyone who will listen, which is not illegal, but for me is very annoying. But the rules don’t preclude talking to the umpire, so I have no problem with that.

Federer’s quip with the umpire was first at 0-1 in the second, when the umpire didn’t suggest that he challenge before getting broken. Then when he changed over and saw the mark up close, he felt the umpire had been too categorical in NOT recommending a challenge.

In this instance, I think Federer was dead wrong to expect help from the umpire, but in his defense, they seem to pick and choose when they do it, which is why I think they shouldn’t be allowed to give their opinion.

Ramos then got defensive, somewhat understandably, but he really should have just let him vent and get on with it. That’s when Federer told him not to get into a fight now – he was right…but he kind of started it, so in my view he was in the wrong.

The second time he snapped at the umpire was because he normally asks the umpire to tell him one game before a ball change so he can change his racquet. Ramos didn’t, and then gave him the business for taking too long to change his racquet. Now normally I don’t think Federer would make a big deal, but this was on the back of getting broken and the previous tete a tete over the (non)challenge, so he was probably irritable. Again, I think Federer was in the wrong here. That is not the umpire’s responsibility.

Having said all that, I thought Federer’s protestations were mild, I didn’t hear any foul langauge, and they didn’t elicit any code violations, and Monfils didn’t seem to be bothered either, so this is all really much ado about nothing.

Cilic does not match up well to Federer, but he is playing well, and I can see him causing a lot of problems if he starts out like he did against Monfils. I think it’s 50/50 who will win that one.

I don’t see Nishikori beating Djokovic. He’s had enough time to recover, but he also matches up poorly and Djokovic seems to be both fit and playing well. I don’t think Nishikori does enough to disrupt Djokovic, so I see that as Djokovic going through in straight sets.

Giles Says:

Faderer is a hustler, plain and simple. Well, he is lucky it was Monfils and not Fognini.

jatin Says:

Lets rejoice fed fans and cheer for our champ. He is two matches away from making history. Ignore the haters, they are just jealous and frustated . Lol
I would love to see another fed vs nole finals. :)

skeezer Says:

O here we go, rafanatics calling Fed lucky, arrogant, hustler, a joke.
Bottom line he played superbly, played within the rules, didn’t get fined, nor penalized. This is reallly all about just being jealous of his success.
He won a very hard fought battle, and he’s on to another GS semi-final. Enjoy.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

There was nothing lucky about it. Fed worked his ass off to get to balls, he took risks and was rewarded, he kept his nerve on the key points and mentally and physically outlasted the younger but not hungrier player. He constructed a victory without his A-game, and I thought the play in sets 3 and 4 was tremendously entertaining. The two were recklessly throwing themselves around every inch of court space.

Polo Says:

Skeezer, those people who seem to have dedicated their lives to finding faults in Roger are just bitter and jealous of his success. It’s a pity that they will remain like that for a long, long time, maybe forever, because Roger has attained a level too high for their darts to reach.

Okiegal Says:

Let it be known to all TX posters……Okiegal came out of the closet!! Lol Give me a break, I don’t think I’m the only person to ever say that Roger is spoiled and arrogant and I stand by that statement. I have been on this forum for over a year and have read post after post reading about what a horrible person Rafa is. I have not really gotten too involved in those back and forth barbs. I will be the first to tell you that I don’t condone the shoulder bump, taking too much time between points, bending the rules in any way and I have said so many times on this forum. I guess that is why everyone is shocked I brought this up. When Rafa has been accused of gamesmanship I too brought up the match regarding the sun trying to prove that Roger was guilty of doing the same thing. I’ll bet he did need to go to the toilet, Davey scared the crap out of him! Fed’s ploy worked…..all are guilty of gamesmanship, imo. I guess what I regret about my post is that I have put myself in a bad light. I have always tried to be fair minded……and got called out by other Rafa fans. I guess what I am surprised about most is that anyone paid any attention to my post in the first place. I rarely ever get a retort of any kind……but when I do it’s usually because of some little negative comment I have said in retaliation of what someone else said about Rafa. Hey, I unintentionally got a discussion started……that is what I’m shocked about more than anything……..truce Fed fans?? I still want to be in the good graces of all fans here.

@Ben……Yes I have played sports, basketball and once at a very crucial time during a game I was called for a traveling violation and I made a facial expression of being disgusted at myself….I had travelled and knew it. Was i rewarded for that behavior?? No, I got a technical foul called on me and the other team got two free throws and the ball. I was embarrassed to say the least, was the last one to leave the gym that night and upset because I let my team down. It was a close game but we did win. I learned a very good lesson. I have also learned one on this forum too……DON’T LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT CERTAIN TENNIS PLAYERS because you are made to look like a foolish and childish person.

@Daniel……sorry you are surprised that I showed my “true colors”……yeah, I got up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning, only excuse I can give for berating Roger……LOL

@Polo…….I’m not blind……I have excellent eyesight and see all players at their best and at their best and worst…..

Question of the day……is there one Fed fan out there who thinks he is a wee bit arrogant and a wee bit spoiled?? Just curious……

RZ Says:

@Thomas – yes, Berdych chewed out the umpire for correctly calling a double bounce. It’s bad enough to argue a correct call, but to then get into the whole “have you ever played tennis?” line of argument was just juvenile. And then to claim that chair umps should not make calls like that toward the end of the match is ridiculous. Rules are rules, and a clear double-bounce should never be allowed.

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – I’m a big Fedfan, and I agree that he is sometimes cocky, but not all the time and usually not in “big doses”. In any case, it’s not so much that it bothers me much, though I don’t like it when any players gets on the ump’s case (with a few exceptions, like completely botched calls). Also, I prefer a little cockiness over false modesty any day so I’d prefer Fed to stay the way he is rather than pretend he hasn’t won 17 majors or holds so many records – that would be much more irritating to me.

madmax Says:

Okiegal Says:
Fed was his usual arrogant self tonight. Hitting the net with his racket and chewing out the umpire…..acting like the spoiled brat that he is. That is so dissappointing to see actions like that from a man of his caliber…….classy…..not!!

September 5th, 2014 at 12:31 am

Oki, come on man.
Imagine. Two sets down. The pressure, this is such a rare occurence from the mighty fed. He is human after all. I think it is a bit rich actually coming from you. It’s so obvious you are reeling at the raf not being in the tourny. Of course have an opinion. What I thought was worse, was the double bounce that Berdych had a meltdown over.

Emotions, emotions. Where would we be without them.

Alone and afraid I think.

Roger had every right to show his emotions and if he wasn’t admonished for this, that is up to the umpire. I have to be honest Oki, I hid during some parts of the match. Too frightened to watch the next shot, so I will definitely look at this and come back with a fresh pair of eyes, which right now need to be soaked in Cucumber!

Don’t be too harsh on our guy. He is amazing and coming back from love down. I didn’t think he would do it.

I am so very pleased that he did! Sorry it upset you Oki,but I am going to cut him some slack in that very emotional game. Actually, yes, he is arrogant to a degree, yet if he wasn’t, how could he end up being the best player ever. Each athlete at the top of their game has flashes of arrogance. Your emotions are taking over now.

Warning Oki! :)

Daniel Says:


The surprise and true collors was because of the tone of your post and a direct attack at Roger. For example if you started the discussion and that’s fine, but your last sentence mentioning brat and arrogant was strange. Never saw that coming from you and try to re read your post, it soudn like sour grapes, It seems sormthing like Giles, Roy or mem would write. When you voice an opinion with offense you kind of lost the argument because people will place you under “hater”.

What annoys me and a few other is because some pick specific to criticise when their favorites do the same or worst (depending on the eye who sees). To me is like: “let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”. And only Nihsikori or his fans can do that!;-)

madmax Says:

Rafa fans, why are you all griping about Roger. Be quiet won’t you? Has your man never losts his temper or shown emotion? Go and watch youtubes of him and stop clogging up this with your bitterness.

Roger won and that is all that matters coming back from a deficit of two sets!

It’s unbelievable!

Daniel Says:

Fed is arrogant and spolied and is entitle to do so. The whole world treat him as an unique being due to his success in his filed as nobody ever had before. What is he suppose to do?! say: “He is the favorite, no. I am just to humble, before every macth” BS

madmax Says:

Okiegal Says:

What is that supposed to mean…..my true colors?? Help me out here…..OK??

September 5th, 2014 at 3:07 am

Don’t play dumb Oki.

Did you see the smashing racquet of the world number 1 – a great champion – Novak. Plenty out there to see!

Stop being so short sighted. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t nice but it is part of sport.

WTF 02 a couple of years ago. I was there. Rafa was going ballistic Oki!

He is human!

Daniel Says:

RZ @12:28 hs. My sentiments exactly

Maybe is because I am Aquarius and we are all kind of cocky

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
What these fedfans don’t realise is that their old man has only come this far because of his joke of a draw.
Fed cult in full force in AA. Pfffffft

September 5th, 2014 at 5:41 am

Can always bank on giles to bring the immaturity back onto the site! Way to go giles!

Horses for courses when it comes to draws. Look at Rafa’s at the French!

Touche giles!

Okiegal Says:

@RZ……I too know he doesn’t do it all the , generally when he’s getting beat as Rafa was at the time of the shoulder bump. . It wasn’t even hitting the net out of frustration……it was the way he talked to the umpire…..it was like “I’m Roger Federer, how dare you to question me”….. I was just surprised. It’s been said that he is spoiled and arrogant, but that behavior doesn’t suit him at all. He is champion, after all. I was very disappointed at the shoulder bump, done out of frustration also and how many many times has that been brought up over and over. I think sometimes fans can dish it out but can’t take it…..this includes all fan bases.

I doubt if any Fed fans here will remember all the times I took up for Fed when he was going through his rough patch when he was losing to lessor players. Some fans were wanting him to retire and making light of the “old” man…..correct me if I’m wring. You know who you are and so do I. I thought his fans were coming down too hard on him and I stood up for him. I am an older person and took offence at those negative remarks about age…..but obviously those comments have long been forgotten.

Polo Says:

Okiegal, you don’t have to explain yourself to each of those people who responded to your admonishing Federer for his poor conduct. And then to finish by saying this:

“Question of the day……is there one Fed fan out there who thinks he is a wee bit arrogant and a wee bit spoiled?? Just curious……”

You must be feeling insecure as to campaign for people, specifically fans of Federer to take you cause.

Don’t feel bad, Okie. We know that like Roger, you’re also human who, in moments of emotional distress upon seeing somebody (Federer) cross your standard of “good behavior”, cannot help himself but your feeling and castigate him.

Polo Says:

…cannot help but express your feeling and castigate him.

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – I hear ya. One of my biggest frustrations with this site is how almost every discussion ends up coming down to player vs. player arguments. Sometimes I don’t post just to not get into it.

Giles Says:

Daniel. The shoulder bump you and your bandits keep bringing up was not deliberate, it was an accident for which Rafa apologised 3 times. The space between the two players was limited and Rafa brushed against Rosol’s towel. Have you never walked along oblivious to what is in front of you and accidentally bumped into someone or something? I know I have. Rafa is not a hooligan.

Okiegal Says:

I am very aware of his 17 slams and all of his other amazing records. Skeezer told me to check Wiki and I did and made the comment in a joking manner that I couldn’t get through it all, as the list was too long! Lol…..and Skeezer made a cute remark back. All in fun. Yeah, Roger is amazing, can’t deny that!
I am not upset about his comeback, I didn’t expect anything less…..it will be Novak/Fed final and I was picking Novak, not so sure now, being as Roger faired well in last night’s five setter. Good luck to both of them here on out. If it does come down to both of them it should be a real “cracker” as my friend Chic would say!!

pitchaboy Says:

Federer’s arrogance is commensurate with his achievements. In contrast, for a guy who has achieved very little, Berdych is quite arrogant.

Ben Pronin Says:

Honestly, I don’t understand how Federer is spoiled. He’s worked extremely hard to get to where he is. From the juniors to learning how to manage his game and emotions as an up and comer, to dealing with the pressures of being number 1, to dealing with the pressures of not being number 1 anymore but still being great, and so on. It’s not like matches and titles were handed to him. I really don’t see how any of these guys can be called spoiled.

And I’ve said it a million times Federer has every right to be arrogant. And that he’s not more arrogant is a testament to how much he understands what it takes to get to where he is. You really think Nadal or Djokovic or even Murray aren’t arrogant? You can’t strive to be the best without having arrogance. Joe Flacco called himself the best QB in the NFL. The same NFL that features Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, amongst a bunch of other better QBs. But it was that arrogance that propelled him to a monster playoff run capped off with a Super Bowl win and SB MVP.

But let’s cry some more about arrogant professional athletes.

Okiegal Says:

@Madmax……I’m not a man…..duh…Okiegal??
Oh my gosh……I am now a hater?? No I am not. I have taken up for Fed many times…read my post above.

@Polo….did you mean castrate? I will have to get out Webster’s I don’t know what castigate means, but I will check.

I’m disappointed in me for the comment, I have hurt my own feelings because I have caused myself to be called a hater and nothing could be farther from the truth. I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks because I have been lumped with some vicious Rafa fans…….I will never be guilty of making that mistake again. Sorry to all those I have offended.

Okiegal Says:

@RZ @ 1:02…….Thanks for that nice comment, I’m feeling pretty low and crappy about myself right now….

TennisVagabond.com Says:

First Polo castigates. But if you don’t learn your lesson he moves onto castration. Nobody crosses Polo more than twice.

Giles Says:

Hey Okiegal. You are not doing yourself any favours by your comment “because I have been lumped with some vicious Rafa fans”. Daniel named mem, roy and myself in his post at at 12.41 pm. What he didn’t do was to call us “vicious” but you have in your post at 1.19 pm. Wtf??

Okiegal Says:

@Ben…….I’m not crying about arrogant professional athletes, I’m crying because people that don’t even know me think I am a hater….by a few words I posted…..but what is a mystery to me is that Rafa is berated and hated and gets lambasted as much or more than Roger and that’s OK?? Is not what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa??

Okiegal Says:

@Tennisvangabond……..That’s funny…..that comment cheered me up a bit…..Thanks!!

Okiegal Says:

@Polo @ 1:00…….just now read that one…you certainly got me told…..I just now put my big girl panties on and will laugh about all this crap I started……yeah, I’m human too…..Thanks for reminding me!! Lol

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Okiegal, don’t let anyone tell you you’re human!

jane Says:

the schedule is out for saturday. nole/kei are on first, at noon; cilic/fed immediately thereafter.

Okiegal Says:

Ummm………92 comments…..I know know how to get some attention on TX……just mention Roger is spoiled and arrogant……that will do it! Lol

Daniel Says:

Forgot that last weekend they don’t do night matches anymore. Good to have matches back to back.

Okiegal Says:

@TV @ 2:03…….OK I won’t…..I do cry occasionally like Roger and Rafa…..is that humanistic behavior? Lol

Josh Says:

There’s no one remotely “vicious” at all on these boards. If you go onto TW or Menstennisforums (or even youtube!) you will unlock the true meaning of the phrase “vicious fans” LOL

rogerafa Says:

@ Okiegal

As someone said, the surprising part was the adjectives used by YOU. Very few would bother if it came from the usual suspects since most such posters rarely get an opportunity to attack Roger and they pounce on any tiny bit of opening that he may provide. If you call someone “arrogant” or a “spoiled brat”, it sounds pretty serious without the “wee bit” that you qualified it with in a subsequent post. You initially asserted it quite emphatically as if it were a universal
truth. You probably don’t care for the record number of sportsmanship awards(voted by fellow players)that Roger has but they show that he surely can not be so bad and fool so many players, who he actually plays and interacts with, for such a long time. I think his on-court conduct, with some exceptions, has been quite exemplary and, among the top players, he indulges in the least amount of gamesmanship and those instances are rare. Please do some research on the internet and you will be surprised to find out how frequently outrageous the on-court conduct of some of the supposedly “humble” and “fair” players is.

rogerafa Says:

Okie, you are human just like Roger. For a poster who initially used to get excited to receive even one response, the sudden “limelight” must be a touch disconcerting. ;)

jane Says:

through the first 3 rounds, nole and kei had run some of the least amounts, with andy being the most (on this chart). it’d be interesting to see an update on this for the semifinalists:


Okiegal Says:

@rogerafa..I will change my question of the day. Is there a Fed fan out there who thinks he is arrogant or spoiled! Everyone on here acts like this the first time anyone has ever said that about him…..maybe it is……I must be dreaming.

Yes, rogerafa, it is quite disconcerting to be in the limelight all of a sudden, yep nobody ever has said much to me….Oh I get a few feedbacks, but not many. Yes, ma’am tacky remarks about Roger will bring the boys to the yard…..I guess I have been too nice in the past. Be snarky and you get attention!! Lol

@Giles…..I really don’t care if I’m doing myself any favors are not at this point. I made a comment, as one poster said “YOU” used adjectives that usually came from the usual suspects. Who are the usual suspects…..your guess is as good as mine! I guess Daniel was being nice not using an adjective to describe you, Mem and Roy.

@rogerafa……I have watched every tirade there is on you tube from Mac, Connors, Roger, Rafa, Novak etc a very long list. I never saw one on Borg, there may be one, not sure. I have never seen one on Kei either……and no, I’m not surprised, there are many. I know Roger has received the sportsmanship award more than once and kudos to him. That’s fine by me. The main thing I want to make clear is I do not hate Roger Federer and I’m regretting that my comments suggested such. But, give me a break…..surely this isn’t the first time Fed fans have heard this?? Am I right or wrong??

Polo Says:

15 minutes up.

Daniel Says:


We disagree on the shoulder bump, to me it was intentional.

Also I place you together with mem and roy because you guys have strong views agaisnt Roger and is much known here.

As long as we don’t offend one another in here is all fine. We can leave those words for the players we support and don’t;-)

Okiegal Says:

I attacked Roger so I will admit Okiegal is an a$$h##e. I guess I’m the only one on TX. I will surmise that Rafa has never been attacked on this forum by Federer fans which makes them gracious human beings toward their fellow man, having said that I will move on!!

rogerafa Says:

Okie, I did not mean to hurt you in any way. Please do not berate yourself. Of course, Roger has been called arrogant and much worse by many posters. If you are genuinely interested in a bit more objective analysis, you should not bring in attacks by Roger fans on Rafa and vice versa. The only relevant question is whether such characterizations and generalizations are justified based on the available long term evidence especially where it matters the most i.e. conduct on the court. If you are convinced that Roger’s track record on the court is poor compared to the other top players, you should stick to that stance. Others, however, need not necessarily agree with that opinion.

jane Says:

okie there was on an article on the topic you raised a couple of days ago at “real clear sports” so you can google if you want.

Okiegal Says:


I’ve had a rough day and like I said early on I didn’t mean to cause such a scene. I should have chosen my words more carefully, and sorry I didn’t. I just don’t want to be pegged as a hater of anyone…..because I’m not. I can’t win in this debate….I didn’t bring up Rogers behavior because of previous attacks on Rafa……but that’s what it leads up to. Some think I was upset because he came back and won. Heck, I was sure he would. I think I had more faith in him than some of his diehard fans. I’m not concerned whether or not he wins number 18…power to him. I’ll say it again he is simply amazing and Rafa says the same thing. I just never have seen him so cocky and I guess he has that right. I was just taken aback by the exchange he had with the umpire he just acted smug. I don’t condone everything Rafa does either. I didn’t like the shoulder bump or whatever you want to call it. I wanted to give Serena a spanking when she threatened to stuff a ball down an officials mouth…..because she is from the USA and I’m fan. I feel bad about it all, I really do. The worst part that tears me up is that I have been labeled a hater and I feel like a big jerk! I’m trying to laugh this off, but I am struggling……I will reiterate, I’m not a hater.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…….Thanks. I can’t believe how being called a hater has affected me. I’m all bombed out by it. I can’t figure out why I care, but I do. Crazy,huh?? I guess people were shocked that I had it in me to be tacky. My comments were being read more than I first thought. I’m going back to my old respectable self…..hopefully I can get that back in time. I will Google your link. Thanks again.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane ……what was the byline of that article? I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

jane Says:

okie i don’t remember the title, but it’s by tim joyce and it was about arrogance; he has a bunch of tennis articles at that site, including a nice one on kei- nole’s next opponent, gah! – which is how i came across the one on fed.

Okiegal Says:

@Thanks, Jane…..I found some but not that one. Will keep looking.

Wheels Says:

There is a good lesson to be learned by this discussion about Okiegal’s comments. If it ticks you off to see your player attacked by someone’s perception, remember to be conscious about resorting to the same behavior about other players. The players are way cooler than some of their fans.

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, Wheels, I was out of line….Yes it’s been a great lesson for myself…..I feel like a heel….I am so ashamed of “me”.

Rita Says:

It’s pretty well-known that Roger gets mouthy and starts arguing about everything when he’s losing. It was much worse when he was a junoir. He can also be smug when it comes to his tennis ability. But one thing that’s true is that he always plays fair and keeps to the rules.

I don’t blame any of the tennis players if they get frustrated; but it is unfortunate when they take it out on the umpires or lines-people.

madmax Says:

SX1 Says:
@wog boy

He took the toilet break after set finished which is completely fine for whatever reason it was but some players have taken toilet break on match point…IMO toilet break during a set should not be allowed

September 5th, 2014 at 10:03 am

Well, we all know who is the king of taking toilet breaks and MTOs at inappropriate moments, don’t we? Amazing that some of you have a selective memory.

wilfried Says:
@Wog Boy
Once read an article from Sergio Cruz on his website about that AO-match.
He described the sudden change in Roger’s level (from weak towards very good) as the contrast between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide and suggested Roger not only took a timely toilet brake but perhaps something else….

September 5th, 2014 at 10:05 am

Wilfried, if you are suggesting that Roger is taking drugs, then you need to be extremely careful.


Roger is arrogant at times, but I still love him for his overall dedication to the game. His goodness and incredible ability far outweighs the very odd moment he loses his cool. Can count them on one hand through a 15 year career. That is why it is so earth shattering when he does say something on court or does something out of character.

Count the times Murray has smashed a racquet, or Novak for that matter. Roger? Once. Was it the USopen 2010? You would have thought that he had been found out to be a bigamist with 10 kids, the way people reacted! (Similar to your reaction!).

By commenting on this, it shows it is more of a rarity than a regular occurrence. So Roger did good! Got a great discussion going on!

Don’t shy away from being honest Oki, but at the same time, remember that your guy is so far from perfect.

I hear someone saying “bouncing balls”, “MTOs”, “arguing with the umpire”.

Rafa fans gone quiet?

As for the come on man. It was a joke. No offence. :)

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