2014 ATP Finals Profile: Stan Wawrinka
by Sean Randall | November 6th, 2014, 7:02 pm

Age: 29

Current ATP Rank: 4

2014 Highlights: 3 titles – Australian Open, Monte Carlo Chennai; Wimbledon, US Open QFs

ATP Finals History: 2nd appearance, SFs last year

Notable Stat: Hasn’t beaten a Top 15 player since win over Federer in the Monte Carlo final!

Finals Outlook: Kevin Anderson, Tatsuma Ito, Mikhail Kukushkin and Gilles Simon. Apart from being pro tennis players, what do these four all have in common? They all have wins over Stan the last month or so. Right there that gives me pause on Wawrinka’s outlook in London. Making matters worse is Stan a) hasn’t made a SF since Queen’s; b) hasn’t beaten a Top 15 player since April; and, c) hasn’t even faced a Top 10 player since Wimbledon! Hard to believe, I know. So, Stan isn’t really playing that well and that’s against lesser competition. Therefore, and I know he made the SFs a year ago, I can’t see him doing much damage next. Maybe he continues his mastery over Berdych (he’s won 7 of 8) or sneaks one out against Cilic (though I like the Croat), but I don’t see him beating Djokovic. So for me, he’s the “weakest link” in the field. That said, he does seem to play better tennis at the bigger events.

Swing Match: v Berdych

Projected Finish: Last in Group A (1-2)

Next player evaluation: Roger Federer

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22 Comments for 2014 ATP Finals Profile: Stan Wawrinka

brando GOAT poster Says:

IF you reduce his AO result to just SF finish, MC as only RU and shockingly: wawa is not even top 10 this year! Heck: those 2 events aside it’s not even a stretch to say he’s been atrocious this year. He could even be outside top 16 if he busts at AO! I think he along with berdych are the obvious weak link in the field and unless wawa surprises us here he more than likely is out in RR stage. Possibly even 0-3.

Humble Rafa Says:

Just heard that some one slam wonder with a very big mouth just called me second best. People with weak backhands don’t get how good I am.

Now take your mouth back to other “global” sports like baseball and “Americano football”.

Jack Lewis Says:

“IF you reduc…”

Yeah, get rid of his better events and his ranking will go down, who would have thunk it???

jane Says:

i know he’s been in poor form of late, but like sean says, “he does seem to play better tennis at the bigger events.” his match against fed at wimbledon was a cracker, as was his loss to nishikori at the us open. that was a VERY close 5-setter. if stan had won that, who knows how deep he would have gone. i think he could’ve beaten raonic, too, and maybe nole, too, depending on day form.

we’re all saying how dangerous kei, milos and marin could be – and they can – but unlike them, stan has experience. he could pull a surprise.

Skeezer Says:

^ and his AO match against Rafa was awesome, proving the one handed BH can dominate! Such a great performance by Wawa there….

sienna Says:

Cilic has shown at US Open tennis of next level. His second week was probably the best someone has ever played.

obviously he hasnot shown or repeated that level again.

Federer was mister consistent. with very good to good level.

Djoker probably clinch yearend making him the best player overall.

Nadal is still the best on clay and top 3 at slowish hardcourt. He will be force at AU Open.

Murray back top 4?
he is not a kid any more. He knows what it takes to become a topcontender. rhytm and match thoughness is what he needs.

The rest of them are still no real threath to top 4

But if Cilic finds a way to repeat US form on regular base and keepinjury free then we wont even speak of top 4,3,2….
he will propel himself above the current top.
Its all mental the ball is in Cilic camp, He can be the next dominanter.

even his A game can take out Rafa at GARROS.

Hippy Chick Says:

Stan hasnt done well at the smaller events,except for Monte Carlo,losing to many lesser players,but has done well at the slams making the latter stages,all except the FO where he lost in the opening round(so it aint just Rafa,that can lose in an opening round of a GS),anyway side stepping that,as Jane says he seems to raise his level in the big events,and matches up well with Novak and Andy( i know hes in the other group),i see him as RU in the group depending on how focused he is with the DC looming….

michael Says:

I think Stan’s performance has been much below par after his stellar performance at the Australian open. Nodoubt he once again stamped his mark at Monte Carlo, but barring that exception, the results elsewhere have been quite ordinary not holding much promise and genuinely there is a fear that he might be just a one slam wonder. Nevertheless he is a player who has one of the finest attributes in shot making and undoubtedly he has one of the finest bacjhsnd the game has seen since ken Rosewall.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael its as i said above your post,hes done well at the GS except the FO….

Felipe Says:

Wawrinka was very close to beating Nishikori at the US Open. He also made Wimbledon quarters and won Montecarlo. After winning the Aussie Open, he opted to play less events than the previous years, taking the “Big guns aproach”, which means, peaking at the big events. I believe that he will do damage in London and that he will be the deciding factor after France (Davis Cup). Not even in dreams he would imagine having a Slam, a Master 1000, been top 5 and with a Chance to win the elusive Davis Cup. What a year!

sienna Says:

dc counts but the points fed can gain will only be a factor if he can…. win his groupe 3-0, eliminate Nole in semi,
win final…. win 2 rubbers and DC

novak needs to fall 2nd or worse in his groupe and Fed needs to top his (3-0) that is the only way to become yearend#1.
longshot but it wouldnot be luck it is somwwhat on his racket. Except for djoker losing in RR.

Giles Says:

He had two goals this year. The first was becoming President of the Player Council (this interprets to Fed’s mouthpiece BTW) and after he was rejected he voiced his second goal which was to win the DC.
Allez France!
Vamos France!

michael Says:

Alison, what was his performance at Wimbledon and UdOpen ? Did he justify his ranking ?

RZ Says:

I’d like to see the Stanimal rekindle his top form, but in all honesty if it’s a choice between playing well in London or during Davis Cup, I’d prefer the latter.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Stan has been close. He’s due.

RZ Says:

Like I mentioned earlier, Stan has been so hit or miss this season that I wouldn’t be shocked at any result at the WTF.

SG1 Says:

If the London surface will play fast, I don’t see Stan doing well. His return is the weak link in his game and facing good servers will likely keep him from getting through. But with Berdych in his group, I suppose there’s still a chance for him. Even if he gets through to the semis, I think he’ll be bounced before the final. Time to get some rest and prepare for his AO defence.

sienna Says:

to get some rest?

isnt he in the suisse dc team?

Emily Says:

As many other people have pointed out, Stan plays his best at the bigger tournaments. I think it’s ridiculous that he would be last in his group considering he now has experience at the tournament and got to the semis last year. I watched his entire match against Kevin Anderson and he produced some amazing tennis, he just didn’t shut the door when he had the chance.
Stan has had the best year of his career and there’s no point in nitpicking and talking about what ifs. He very nearly beat Nishikori at the US Open and looking at the match ups if he had won that quarter final, he has a real chance to win his second slam. There’s a what if.
He has the best backhand on tour and passion that comes from tough losses and spending his career with the moniker “the other Swiss tennis player.” I love watching him play and I have the highest expectations for him in London.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael@10.06am November 7th,Stan won the AO,he lost opening round at the FO,made the QTRs at Wimbledon losing to Roger,made the QTRs at the USO losing to Nishikori,so he made the latter stages of the GS all barring the FO….

Michael Says:


True, he made the quarters. But he was World No.3 and the Swiss No.1 where much was expected from him. The truth is he didn’t live up to those heightened expectations and his performance didn’t justify his high ranking. I would only say he relatively disappointed with his sub par performance.

contador Says:

Yep, who can forget his shocking run and win last AO …

Even with his lack of spectacular results since AO and MC, it was an unbelievably great year for Wawa, I say. He did enough to remain in the top eight.

Hope he does better than Sean predicts.

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