2014 ATP Finals Profile: Novak Djokovic
by Sean Randall | November 8th, 2014, 10:54 am

Age: 27

Current ATP Rank: 1

2014 Highlights: 6 titles – Wimbledon, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Miami, Indian Wells; French Open finalist

ATP Finals History: 8th appearance (all consecutive), 3-time champion in 2008, 2013-2914

Notable Stat: Is on a 10 match winning streak at the ATP Finals (titles the last two years)

Finals Outlook: My favorite to win a fourth ATP Finals didn’t exactly need any help from the drawmakers but he got it anyway by being placed in the weaker of the two groups. In B, Djokovic, who should lock up the No. 1 ranking by this time next week, has dominated both Cilic and Berdych and with Wawrinka wallowing I don’t think Novak drops a match in the round robin, or for that matter the entire event. With the baby out of the way and no Davis Cup later, this is it for Djokovic who probably wished for a better 2014 Slam season. He’ll make up for it by finishing strong here.

Finals Quote: “Now I’m in a good place. I’m fighting for (year-end) No. 1 in the world. I won this tournament two years in a row. It gives me enough reason to do well this year.

“It’s the last tournament of the season. Only the best eight players in the world play here. It’s a unique format, round robin, that we don’t have on the Tour at all. It’s the crowning achievement for all players here and they all want to finish in the best possible way. That’s why every match that you play in the group is like playing in the semi-finals or final of a Grand Slam.”

Swing Match: v Berdych

Projected Finish: Champion

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27 Comments for 2014 ATP Finals Profile: Novak Djokovic

Hippy Chick Says:

Ive said it all week Novak i believe will win this title,i cannot see any of the others beating him,not with the way hes playing especially indoors,he might and its only a slim possibility actually lose a match as you do get that luxury with this tournament,but one cannot see him losing two,like Serena with Halep lightning does not strike twice,these elite are just too good to lose twice,especially to the same player….

Hippy Chick Says:

Meant to add i think Novak will win this title ,and it will be against Roger in the final,in two possibly three tight sets,IMO Roger i believe is the only player that could beat Novak…

jane Says:

good luck nole!

Gordon Says:

HC – agreed, and with Berdych in his draw, Nole should have a walk in the park – at least in that match where the Czech folds like the cheapest of tents when the going gets tough. It was what I was hoping for Ferrer to make the final 8 instead if Berdych. The top guys usually beat Ferrer, but he makes them work extremely hard to achieve the win.

With the year end #1 on the line I think Djokovic will sweep the round robin, which will secure the top year end ranking. However, I do hope Djokovic and Federer meet in the finals and not the semis; that would make the semis the de facto championship, even if there was one more match to play.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

He’s going to win and in all likelihood with comfortable ease. He’s the closest thing to Rafa on clay at the moment: a player who’s level/game is blatantly superior than the others on this surface that if he hits top gear the rest, quite honestly speaking, are playing to deliver the runner up speech prior to Nole’s acceptance of the winners trophy. I’ll post later my thoughts more in a more fuller manner and as to why I gauge it as such, until then I’ll let you folks exist in a myriad of anticpiation asking “why does Brando Goat Poster think as such? Oh please tell!” as my many admirers on here are prone to doing so, LOL!

Polo Says:

Looks like we have a winner here.

Hippy Chick Says:

Gordon thanks i would like to see Murray in the final,as it will mean at least hes ending the year on a high,doubt he will actually get that far though,hes playing well again,but cant see him beating Roger and then Novak in the final,he still hasnt got a win over either of those so im not optomistic….

jane Says:

if andy gets to the final i wonder if it’ll mean he’s top 4 again. for a number of these guys the points are close, so win or lose, the tournament could have ranking ramifications for next year and possibly even AO seeding.

Okiegal Says:

I would love to see Andy getting the number 4 spot. I hope he does well in London. Looking forward to see how it all plays out. I feel like Novak will win, but who knows. Fed has been playing good too. Can Kei make a run for it?? An interesting group of players this year. Should be fun to watch!! I’m getting anxious!! Love me some tennis!!!

contador Says:

My vote(s) go to papa Novak.

I don’t have my hopes up too high for Kei simply because he is so injury- prone. Nice to see the new faces in the final eight.

Michael Says:

Novak is obviously the huge favourite to win the title for the 4th time in his career. There were skeptics (including me) as to how Novak would cope up with familial pressures which conflicted with his commitment to the sport. But he shrugged aside the apprehensions of these doubters by winning Paris Masters in an emphatic fashion. However, he has more to prove that his Paris win is not a mere blip and he still stays relevant in the count to World No.1 And what better venue can there be than the World Tour Finals which is Novak’s favourite venue too. Although the absence of Rafa and Del Potro is a huge plus for Novak, he still has some real competition out there with Roger and Andy standing in his way. If the surface indeed plays fast, then Roger’s chances ascends and he can play spoil sport to Novak’s ambitions to finish the year once again in a grand manner.

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t like to see Nole favorite, come on Fed fans and others, press the button and vote for Roger, I just did.

jane, agree about Andy, I would like to see him back in top 4 before AO.

skeezer Says:

Nole is a BIG favorite. He will not lose a match!

jane Says:

same wog boy. let’s vote for fed a lot. ;)

contador Says:

Andy Murray – cant count on him but can’t count him out. He is due , though.

Wog boy and jane, you two are too superstitious! Watching the Shanghai semi again right now: Nole vs Fed. :D Great match.

Wog Boy Says:

Contador, I can’t help it, if I tell you all the things I do while Nole is playing you would place me immediately in the care of certain institution. It is not easy to be Nole fan.

contador Says:

I can see that, Wog Boy. If it helps your peace of mind, i promise to push the federer vote button a couple times directly after this post.

; )

Wog Boy Says:

contador, thanks, you made my sunday:)

Okiegal Says:

@contador……I’m watching Rafa vs Fed Aussie Open 2014……that’s a good one too!! Lol

contador Says:

ah, happy I could, WB.

jane will remember when I used to be too squeamish to watch Novak beat Roger. Now, I can watch eyes wide open and usually not care who wins. And just so I don’t jinx Novak, I won’t even mention when it is I cheer for him or predict in a public place if I thinks he’ll win. lol…

contador Says:

I beg to differ, Okiegal. Federer is useless vs Nadal at AO since 2009… no need for me to inflict pain on myself by watching a Fedal… lol…

jane Says:

contador, you’re a sweetie; always good to read ya! honestly, just kind of hoping for nole to cinch the #1 because i think that’s what he wants. i can’t help cheering him on in his goals, and i think he needs only 3 wins. then que sera sera…

Okiegal Says:

Contador^^^^ Yeah, I hear you!! Got a few of those painful matches myself! My saddest loss ever for Rafa was AO 2014. I couldn’t believe what happened to him, but that’s the sport, no??

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..I just can’t see anyone taking that away from him atm. He looked so good on his return back from lay off. I thought he would be rusty, but not so. Good luck to him and his faithful fans!

jane Says:

cheers okie. it’s always hard to know, but yeah i was pleased with his efforts in paris all things considers: tough draw, new baby, etc. he only missed 2 weeks but it kind of seemed like he took a long time off, ha ha.

Hippy Chick Says:

The match up i dont particulaly enjoy at the moment is the Murray/Djokovic one,IMO its getting as one sided as the Fedal one,since Andy had the surgery he hasnt beaten Novak,and the rival where they were once so well matched isnt one anymore(sorry Margot),im hoping they dont meet in the final….

Giles Says:

Is joker sucking his thumb in the above pic?

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