Milos Raonic: It’s Hard For Fans To Cheer Against Roger Federer!
by Tom Gainey | November 10th, 2014, 12:19 pm

Milos Raonic’s debut in the ATP Finals didn’t go that well, but the Canadian sounded like a man who knew playing a great like Roger Federer would be difficult, especially a week after stunning the Swiss in Paris.

Federer won the match going away 61, 76 winning the second set breaker at love. After, Roanic talked about the incredible support Federer receives no matter where he plays.

“Every time you play Roger, the crowd’s on his side, even if he’s playing a local favorite,” said Raonic. “It’s hard for people to cheer against Roger. I’ve played him a few times. I’ve played home favorites on big courts also a few times, and in Davis Cup, many different situations.”

Raonic will face Andy Murray tomorrow evening in a critical contest.

“Well, it’s a completely different match,” Raonic said of Murray. ‘Things are going to be quite different than the first match.

“It’s going to be about who necessarily adjusts better, who can play better come Tuesday night.”

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6 Comments for Milos Raonic: It’s Hard For Fans To Cheer Against Roger Federer!

SG1 Says:

Bad group for Raonic. Historically speaking, all the guys in his group have a good knack for returning his serve. If he’d been in the group with Cilic and Berdych, there would have been a better chance for him to get through.

SG1 Says:

Even Wawrinka may have struggled with Raonic’s serve given that the return is somewhat of a weakness for him.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Well he has GOAT status Milos and he’s in the final phase of his career following 11 years of giving joy to millions around the world the world. Newsflash Milos: such a combination leads to such fervent support. Deal with it. Embrace the challenge. Relish it. Nadal was by no means anyone’s idea of popular in France and look what he did: could not care less about it and conquered them into recognizing him. Now they love him. If you got the goods you’ll produce the performance no matter what the circumstances: have you got what it takes to deliver in the face of the toughest of challenges?…….

jane Says:

that’s true sg-1. he has a lot of good returners in his group.

Steve 27 Says:

Coric and Kyrgyos will be the real stars. Raonic and Sugarpova are overrated.

sienna Says:

absolutely. stubborn persevalence is what is needed to reach the top.

doesnot matter how many years it take. set aan goal and act accordingly.
not many can follow footsteps the size of Federer.
Nadal, Djokovic , Murray have all shown thepatience and determination to improve and follow through.

the bar was elovated 10 years ago by a man to incredible hights. Only 3 men have been able to follow

the bar was not set playing tennis, but it was set from the mental site to follow up every single time not letting go.

That is why Roger will go down not as GOAT tennisser but as sportman. Hè will be on par with Ali and he is inches of eclipsing Jim…..

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