Davis Cup Final Preview: Why I Think Roger Federer’s Swiss Team Comes Up Just Short Against France
by Sean Randall | November 20th, 2014, 9:22 pm

I often say winning the Davis Cup comes down to health and luck. This weekend France has both. With Roger Federer nursing a bad back, France will put out a deep squad featuring JW Tsonga, Gael Monfils and Richard Gasquet. And they also have the luck of the draw having the tie played on their red soil in a cavernous and noisy arena.

But Davis Cup does come down to pressure. The French team has combined to win ZERO Grand Slam titles. In fact the singles trio have just ONE career Grand Slam final among them. Switzerland is led by Federer and Australian Open champion Stan Wawrinka. Both Swiss guys have proven they can win under pressure. The big question is, how good is Federer going to be?

Roger of course has been bothered by that back again. And it comes a time when he’s on the brink of one of the few tennis achievements that’s eluded him. And unfortunately, because of that injury I don’t think he leaves France with the trophy he wants.

That said, both Tsonga and Monfils are coming off their own injury issues. But both, along with Gasquet, have enjoyed ample time to get reacquainted with the red stuff while Federer has had what, an hour or two of practice on it? Therefore, I don’t see how Roger can be at his best.

So because of Federer’s health, I have to think France will get through this one 3-2. Here’s how I see it unfolding:

Stan Wawrinka v JW Tsonga
In the proceeding month leading up to London, Wawrinka had just one singles match win. But he played better at the Finals beating Tomas Berdych, Marin Cilic and nearly pulling off the upset against Federer in the semifinals. I think he carries that momentum over an out-of-form, somewhat cold Tsonga in a tough four or five sets.

The two have split four prior clay meetings. The crowd will certainly help Tsonga, but I think Stan steals the opener.
The pick: Wawrinka (SUI leads 1-0)

Roger Federer v Gael Monfils
Again, it’s hard to imagine Federer’s back is 100% and with limited practice on the red clay, I don’t see him beating Monfils. Yes, Monfils, who hasn’t played much due to injury, will get nervous and will get tight, but he’ll make Roger have to hit a lot of balls putting a ton of stress on that back. So riding the crowd and the emotions, Gael gets through over the clay-rusty Federer.
The pick: Monfils (tied 1-1)

Benneteau/Gasquet v Chiudenelli/Lammer
Big edge here to the French. Unless somehow Federer’s back will allow him to play in the doubles with Stan, which I strongly doubt, I don’t see how the Swiss win this, even if Gasquet/Benneteau feel the nerves which I expect them to in this must-win for France.

And nor do I see any change in outcome if only Stan can sub in. A healthy Federer/Wawrinka – Yes, the Swiss have a chance. Just Stan – No!
The pick: Benneteau/Gasquet (FRA leads 2-1)

Roger Federer v JW Tsonga
Assuming his back is recovered from Monfils, this is a tricky match because I think Roger can win this for the reason that I’m not fully convinced Tsonga can finish the job in a Davis Cup winning situation against a legend like Federer.

I also think Roger should be much more acclimated to the red clay thanks in large part to Monfils making him chase down so many balls.

With the tie on the line, the French crowd should be nothing short of in a frenzy, but Federer should be able to handle it and if he can get up early in the match, that could be enough.

In a match on a surface that really suits neither, on a whim Federer comes up big to keep hopes alive.
The pick: Federer (tied 2-2)

Gael Monfils v Stan Wawrinka
There are few things better in this sport or any sport than a fifth rubber in a Davis Cup final. Now just imagine Monfils trying to win it in front of his crowd. What an atmosphere that will be if it happens. And I’m sure Gael squeeze every drop of energy he can from his faithful.

That said, unfortunately for Swiss chances, as we saw in London Wawrinka seems to be easily distracted. And if Mirka can get under Stan’s skin just think what 27,000 screaming Frenchmen plus Le Monf will do! To me, that spells nothing but trouble for Stan and Co.

With so much on the line, Monfils will get tight, but Stan does as well, so it almost cancels out. In the end, fueled by the crowd Monfils takes the home team to Davis Cup glory for a 10th time.
The pick: Monfils (FRA wins 3-2)

If there’s a way for the Swiss to win it is if they can somehow jump out early, take the crowd out and sweep the Friday singles. Stan can certainly beat Tsonga and maybe Monfils gets overwhelmed by the pressure and fades out against Federer.

Remember the top two French guys haven’t played much, so expect some rust.

The doubles, however, looks to be a locked in point for France. Then Sunday, if Roger’s somewhat healthy and in position to clinch the tie, what a match that would be. Talk about a pressure moment for Federer, his likely sole chance to win Davis Cup on his racquet – wow! Let’s see what he can do. Or maybe more accurately, what his body will allow him to do.

Tennis Channel has live coverage of the tie starting at 8am ET.

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90 Comments for Davis Cup Final Preview: Why I Think Roger Federer’s Swiss Team Comes Up Just Short Against France

Michael Says:

Switzerland hopes ride on Roger and he is the player who can gift them that coveted trophy. Unfortunately, he is not in his best physical health and that might pose big problems especially on Clay courts played over five sets,which would extract a lot from a player on court and it is questionable as to whether Roger can endure that ordeal and play consistent right through ? So, it is advantage Franch to begin with and unless Switzerland manages to take a 2-0 lead in the beginning itself, it would become difficult to overhaul France which hosts a better doubles team. Therefore, one has to keep their fingers crossed as to what would be the eventual outcome. But it is true that the prospects of Switzerland are not looking that great this moment. Nevertheless, things can change only if Roger recovers and shows his brilliance which he is definitely capable of and take Switzerland to the height of glory implanting its name in the annals of sport for ever.

skeezer Says:

Don’t trust that back of Feds and his condition, so also expecting France to win this. Too bad, it would have been a great DC final.

Michael Says:

Alas one of the few coveted trophies missing in the cabinet of Roger. Will he able to do it ? This is his last chance. I am just pinning my hopes on the recovery potential of Roger who can even play with pain for he has a nice physique gifted to him by Nature which has designed him for playing Tennis. It is upto Roger to take this one last chance and make the best of it, his back permitting. All the best to both the Teams and may the deserving win.

Wog Boy Says:

Allez les bleus!!

Sorry to spoil your party Swiss fans or should I say Fed fans;) France is my sentimental favourite.

Giles Says:

I think Sean is trying to jinx France!! Lol
Allez France!
Vamos France!
France need the man with the drum!

Eric Says:

It’s impossible to intelligently guess about Fed’s matches. But I would guess he will win both. If he says he can play, he can play. And if things go as predicted, I just don’t really see Monfils beating Stan in a deciding fifth match, on clay, sorry.

Giles Says:

Lol. Fed blaming Wawa for his back problems! Conversely why didn’t fed finish the match earlier being such a whizz kid and all that!

Hippy Chick Says:

Anyone watching Joe and Stan?im gutted i have to go to work soon,as i was looking forward to seeing some cracking tennis matches,dont really care who wins….

Hippy Chick Says:

If Stan and Roger are both OK pysically then i would give the Swiss team the edge,Joe and Gael havent played much of late,so they will be the fresher,although that can be an advantage or a disadvantage sometimes,IMO its on the Swiss teams rackets anyway….

Wog Boy Says:

Tsonga is collapsing, Stan is so confident and sharp, unless Simon is not 100% why he is not playing?
Not just Tsonga but French fans are collapsing too, Swiss are louder and there is so many of them.

Ben Pronin Says:

The trip between France and Switzerland isn’t quite like one between Spain and Argentina. I bet there’s a lot more away team fans than you’d normally find in a Davis Cup, especially since this is the final.

I’m only following live scores but I’m really surprised at what’s happening. I honestly thought this was going to be a long slug fest. I guess the London blow-out bonanza continues…

Shailesh Says:

Is Fed in attendance?

Giles Says:

C’mon Jo, beat the cry baby! Lol

Wog Boy Says:

Federer is on the bench with the others cheering Stan. Match is more competitive now. Stan is playing S&V quite often. Tsonga just doesn’t look sharp, Stan looks far more confident even losing second set. I don’t see him winning this one, I’ll find out tomorrow morning, keep falling asleep.

Wog Boy Says:

^^don’t see Tsonga winning the match.

Shailesh Says:

Stan breaks in the third set, leads 4-2

Shailesh Says:

suddenly the match has become interesting, pressure building

Shailesh Says:

Stan serving for the set, 0-30, tense time for Stan

Shailesh Says:

Is this match happening in Switzerland, i see more Swiss supporters than French.

Shailesh Says:

Stan breaks in the 1st game of 4th set, Stan playing very well.

Shailesh Says:

Fed does not look to be present in the stadium, probably practicing.

Humble Rafa Says:

Best Backhand in Switzerland’s dedication to his country is amazing.

Shailesh Says:

Tsonga looks almost disinterested.

Shailesh Says:

Stan wins the first rubber 6-1 3-6 6-3 6-2

gannu Says:

why there is no Federer to cheer wawrinka?? where is he hiding?

Ben Pronin Says:

Wow. I wish I could have watched. I’m really surprised. Beside a few jitters, Wawrinka didn’t have much trouble. I thought he’d get tight and we’d get a longer match. 5/12 breaks converted. Even on clay, that’s a healthy number against Tsonga.

If Federer beats Monfils then the tie is all but over.

sienna Says:

ready to eat some humble cake. Sure You got the rubber but it was no steal.
Fed himself will put your humbug and this tie to bed.


leo Says:

Well done Stan!

Now only if Roger can stay healthy AND play well this next match!

leo Says:

Somehow, I feel this is Monfils’ match… he’s a showman (show-off??) and would relish the op to play hero here. That and with Fed with the back, it’s going to be a tough day.

the_mind_reels Says:

@gannu: Federer is playing the next match. If you watch a lot of Davis Cup, you’ll rarely see the player who has the second rubber on the bench the whole time cheering, as they need to prepare for their match, which follows the first.

sienna Says:

Are you stupid?

RZ Says:

Well done Stan! Hopefully Fed has taken enough pain killers to follow suit.

RZ Says:

@the_mind_reels and gannu – yes, I thought it was odd that Monfils was there when he has a match coming up. Usually the players watch a set or so and then go to warm up for the next one.

Shailesh Says:

Fed looks tentative in his shots, looks like back is not healed yet.

Shailesh Says:

Fed gets broken, Le Monf leads 3-1

Shailesh Says:

Fed not in his groove yet, but fighting still

Shailesh Says:

Big hold by Monfils

Ben Pronin Says:

Monfils has 7 aces! What is Federer doing out there?

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Ben, I’m not watching, but the stats are just bizarre. Fed is winning only about 50% of his first serve points. That’s gotta be a unique low for him. Also, has only come to the net 4 times in 8 games.

Emily Says:

Things are getting intense, Monfils wins 1st set 6-1 after Roger complains about his pause before serve

Shailesh Says:

Something is wrong with Federer, getting angry for no reason, playing well below par, his shots dont have any power, movement is below par. Why did he choose to play in this state?

gannu Says:

fed lost 6-1… seems he hasn’t recovered,,, if he is the flag bearer he better get his act together…otherwise stan deserves to be called the davis cup hero… I haven’t been watching this match fully…how is fed playing anyone??

Emily Says:

Federer needs to take the momentum from Stan, but he’s letting Gael force get the crowd going

Ben Pronin Says:

I really don’t get why Federer played if he’s not feeling up to it. They were better off throwing in a sub and giving Federer an extra 2 days to be ready for Sunday.

RZ Says:

Keep in mind that Fed didn’t practice between and Sunday and Wednesday. On his first day on the clay, he only hit for a short time, so his only real practice on clay was yesterday. It’s not surprising he played a dismal first set. Hopefully he will pick up his level of play now. Curious to see if Monfils goes on walkabout for stretches of the match as he often does.

Emily Says:

Federer’s being a bit passive and making errors. He hasn’t been using SV like Stan did, which shows he’s maybe not used to the clay. Monfils has just been serving great and dictating the points. Just lost only his first point after a first serve. He’s getting the crowd involved, annoying Roger, and if Fed doesn’t pull himself together, it could be 1-1.

RZ Says:

@Ben – they put Fed in since they really couldn’t call the match between Stan and Jo. Had Stan lost, it would have been a disaster to not play Fed, as France would surely have taken that match (no offense to Chuidinelli). And with France the strong favorites in the doubles, it would have spelled doom. Having Fed play was the right call. He just needs the painkillers and adrenaline to kick in.

Ben Pronin Says:

They can switch the player out at the last second. Stan won. Play Chuidinelli.

Goose Egg Says:

Regardless of the outcome of the Fed match, getting some match play in on this surface is probably the best preparation Fed could get for Sunday’s match. It’s not like the Swiss team would have had a better chance against Monfils with someone else over, say, a 70% Fed.

Emily Says:

Maybe Roger wanted to play and get the Swiss ahead

Shailesh Says:

1st convincing hold by Fed, he served and volleyed in that game.

Emily Says:

I noticed the serve and volley too. That worked so well for Stan against Jo, maybe Fed needs to follow suit.

Pete Says:

Is it true that Federer exchanged words with Monfils?

FedExpress Says:



fed plays like he did against murray at the olympics

Shailesh Says:

Fed’s back is definitely not ok yet, you can make out by watching his backhand. His backhand has no pop in it, he is just pushing his backhand. Gael is playing a smart game by playing to Fed’s backhand repeatedly.

Emily Says:

Fed was getting annoyed that Monfils would stop before serving to let the crowd quiet down. He asked him if he would keep doing that and Monfils just looked at him and the umpire. Nothing came of it except that Fed now has to come back from two sets down.

Giles Says:

Fed said to Gael “How many times will you stop before serving”

Bob Lewis Says:

Forgive my repost, originally posted in another thread:

Hindsight is always 20/20, but with Stan’s win, the Swiss could have opted to rest Federer until Sunday. In any event, Stan looks strong enough to win his next rubber. Thus, the final will hinge on the doubles, which is not unusual.

Perhaps the biggest blotch on Fed’s CV is his play in international competition, particularly in singles. He hasn’t delivered the usual goods he’s capable of, yet.

Shailesh Says:

Monfils is targetting Fed’s backhand like a laser

Bob Lewis Says:

“Fed said to Gael ‘How many times will you stop before serving’ ”

Is that their strategy to put additional strain on Federer’s injured back? Get him constantly move back-n-forth from receiving stance. I’m not watching, so just speculating.

Bob Lewis Says:

“I really don’t get why Federer played if he’s not feeling up to it. They were better off throwing in a sub and giving Federer an extra 2 days to be ready for Sunday.”

That definitely cross my mind. But from Federer’s POV, the Swiss could potentially win the final w/o his participation. Granted, the odds of a sub winning the second singles rubber was low. This is a once in a lifetime event, so Federer wants to be out there for his country.

Emily Says:

Stan’s back on the bench, but if Roger loses, are they going to make him play tomorrow in the doubles? BTW, crazy rally on break point that Federer saved…and now Monfils breaks. I think Federer needs a better strategy, b/c Monfils is controlling the court and hitting high to Roger’s backhand, and we know Roger doesn’t like that.

RZ Says:

@Ben, that didn’t sound right so I checked the ITF site. The rules say that after the draw has been made, no variation is allowed in the 1st and 2nd matches unless a player is withdrawn and won’t play the rest of the tie. But the captain can make late changes for the 4th and 5th matches.

(Pages 17 and 18 at http://itf.uberflip.com/i/245026/0 if anyone cares)

RZ Says:

If nothing else, this match is good practice for Fed for Sunday. (Glass half full view…)

Emily Says:

@Bob Lewis, Monfils has isn’t pausing before the serve anymore. Based on how hyped the crowd was at the beginning of the match, it actually made sense when Gael paused. It wasn’t strategy to get at Roger’s back, but it might have agitated him, who knows?

elina Says:

I don’t believe that same date player substitutions are permitted other than on the last day.

SG1 Says:

Would be sad for the Swiss to lose in this way. This must be really frustrating for Federer. Get all this way and be undermined by an injury that’s been held in check all season.

Anything can still happen. If you’re Swiss and your a “cup half full” type, it can be looked at as an opportunity for Stan to carry the team and get some glory that’s been long past due. The doubles team pulling off an upset wouldn’t hurt either and it’s possible. Doubles can be unpredictable.

RZ Says:

@SG1 – doubles team pulling an upset would be a HUGE help to the Swiss, though I’m not holding my breath. I just hope Fed’s back didn’t get worse from this match.

Emily Says:

And there’s the win for France. Monfils and the team are so cute together

Bob Lewis Says:

On the final day, can the Wawrinka/Monfils match be scheduled as the 4th rubber (to play first)? If not, the doubles tomorrow will definitely determine the winner. The Swiss captain has a tough choice as to which team to send out there.

Wilfried Says:

@ Emily
French crowd noisy because Gael was firing them up all the time, like Djokovic does at times, and rising talent Borna Coric.
These gestures are done deliberately.
Strategy or not, it is not very sportive to do it.

Emily Says:

Monfils is a showman and he does fire up the crowd. However, we all knew that the crowd (the largest of all time) would help the French and I think Gael was going to take all of his opportunities to win the match. It’s not sportive, but he clearly had a strategy for the type of tennis he himself wanted to play and focused more on his tactics on the court, and it worked.

Sean Randall Says:

Roger clearly wasn’t 100%.

The good news is the match was quick, so if Roger wants to play in the doubles – and his back allows to some degree – than he and Stan should.

The downside of playing doubles is I don’t know how Roger then comes back first thing Sunday and beats Tsonga with the bad back.

So the way I see it for the Swiss, sacrifice the Tsonga match (maybe don’t even play Roger against JW), to win the doubles with Roger/Stan. Then hope Stan beats Gael in the 5th.

Because the two matches went by rather quickly, if you are the Swiss to me that’s the best strategy right now. Otherwise you are not winning the dubs with Marco/Michael and I don’t think Federer can beat Tsonga anymore.

andrea Says:

good thing stan is accomplished on clay..he’ll be the reason that switerzland can win this, if at all.

jane Says:

so monfils gets his revenge for that us open quarter, which he was so close to winning. he hit 44 winners today in 3 sets, on clay. not too shabby.

perhaps it’ll come down to the doubles?

sienna Says:

Roger took it as training to check his injury.
no use in getting worse on 1th day.
the plan is on.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@sean Randall: spot on predictions! Well done! And I agree: based on that match Fed is not a certain win v powerful player like Tsonga at all. Personally: I reckon Fed should skip doubles since his back injury just ain’t right yet. He should not be playing at all really but there is no real alternative. His performance is quite compromised. 2 back to back days of 5 set tennis is not ideal for a well rested Tsonga, when you have a bad back.

Emily Says:

Gimelstob said that Stan and Rog should play doubles tomorrow. To win against the French, both of the players need to be playing really well and Roger wasn’t there today. This would be a hail mary that seems doomed to fail. Stan playing the doubles makes sense since he was the 1st match and was close to his best. He didn’t look nervous and was comfortable on the clay, while Fed was edgy and not moving well. He would have to play all three days, but it seems a more realistic scenario right now.
Some people have mentioned this, but if the Swiss do win, the story might shift to Stan leading the team to victory, which he’s earned after never missing a tie for 7 and a half years.

“I’m number four in the world for a reason…”

brando GOAT poster Says:

@Emily: agree 100%. It’s quite obvious that wawrinka is the main man for Swiss looking at the ground reality in this final. They are depending and leaning on him really right now. IF they win I hope he gets his due credit rather than what I suspect would happen: mild praise since attention is lavished elsewhere.

elina Says:

Federer on doubles: “I’ll definitely make myself available if I feel I can play proper tennis which at the end I was able to do today”

Emily Says:

Oh Brando, you might be right. Here’s hoping his best ever year ends as a hero’s journey.

wilfried Says:

Stan is the main man for Switzerrland in this final. No doubt about that.
But without (a fit) Federer in the semifinals they never would have even reached this final.
If they win, a big if though, they both deserve to get their due credit.

RZ Says:

@wilfried – I completely agree. Fed got the Swiss through the tie against Kazakhstan, but Stan so far is carrying the team in the final. Both guys would deserve credit if they can pull this off, and I wouldn’t discount Lammer and Chiudenelli either. They may not have won their doubles matches, but their presence has helped Fed and Stan rest/sit out the doubles when needed and were practice partners for the main duo.

Kimberly Says:

So far seans scenario is coming to pass—-and I do think France will get the doubles point tomorrow. But I’m guessing the Swiss will get it 3-2

jane Says:

kimberly! waving!! :) hope all is well.

Ronn Says:

Federer got creamed and Stan won. I wonder if Mirka is going to run her mouth about Stan again?

Steve 27 Says:

Off topic:

Rafael Nadal (Manacor, Mallorca, 28 years old) just close a season marked by physical injuries (back, wrist and Appendix) that saw him win at Roland Garros his 14th big. The number three, who went through Madrid as ambassador bank Sabadell, has a plan: start work in December 2015 to start a shot.

Question. He injured his back in January. Has not been made public yet diagnosed.

Answer. I have a link between the L1 and L2 a little touched [a facet syndrome, inflammation of the joint between the two vertebrae]. In Australia, a scowl, stick a sharp tug muscle and joint is a little touched. It has created a bit of insecurity, fear that I can give back, especially when I pull. And I do not get fluent. These are small details that are very noticeable at the highest level.

Q. These stem, a rare technique, cells are not sure that works.

R. sure in this life there is only one thing else … to me it has worked very well in the knee. Both plasma in 2009-2010 as proof that I did in the lower pole [knee] stem cell late last year. He has improved a lot, not only at sports, but in terms of quality of life. It’s not something I worry too much: I think it will work and that will allow me to work well in December, my goal.

Q. It publishes treatment and breakfast with holders which is banned in other countries.

A. incompetence makes it possible to transmit information incorrectly. How will you be doping? First of all we should know what the technique. Second, if there is the slightest risk of doping out how doping going to do? My understanding sport, no doubt, it hurts me to answer it, it would hang it as high racket that could, for failing to unhook before making a trap and derails everything I’ve done over the years . One has limits. The bodies have limits. You can not fool yourself, fool people. That’s what gets the doping deceive everyone, and first you fool is yourself. And on top you put your health at risk.

Q. Worst of 2014?
A. The greatest torment was the wrist. It has been a year of good times, but from beginning to end ugly. There has been no respite. I was playing very well in Australia, and what happens happens in the end [was injured in the back and lost]. I was mentally and physically touched. It was wrong. As it approaches Roland Garros, I’ll take the metro line and the energy I need to play. I arrived at Roland Garros well and played the best Wimbledon in the past three years, fostered knees because I responded much better. And in summer I spent his wrist. Injuries midseason are a mess. The others continue to compete and you’re going against the grain. The worst of the wrist injury that I had worked hard to regain the highest level, and had regained full internal security, internal, mental tranquility, passion. And it happens that in a moment I’m going up.

Q. So many sorrows …

A.’m trying to get over the problems with my career and life, but I’m human, I have now above, now below.

Q. Why do you follow?

A. Not everyone has the ability to do what he likes. It is important to be happy with what you do not do what makes one happy. That is a great virtue. For many years I have done what I like, which is to play tennis, and I’ve been happy, but I have tried from a very young age to achieve what I have achieved. My passion is tennis.

Q. So many stoppages occur to think about other things. Federer and Djokovic, his great rivals, have become parents. You, when?

A. I am very familiar. I love children. My hope and my intention is to have more than two children, but today is a matter of timing, preference, how life takes you. I still live with my parents …

Q. Well, touches leaving home!

A. Without a stable life, is a little more complicated everything. We must also know the mentality of Mallorca, we’re more familiar people, and be lucky enough to find a partner who understands you and go in line with your thinking. I have been so lucky. My partner has never pressured me for anything that I could alter what I think is the best for me, for my career and for the relationship itself. My girlfriend is younger than me. She also has to work, to set up their personal motivations, and luckily his personal motivation was not to be the girlfriend of Rafael Nadal, but to be her and be competitive in what she has done, which is to study.

Q. During your appointment too low Gala Leon announced. How do you value?

With Gala Leon is a ridiculous debate, the issue of sexism or male chauvinism ”
A. No I can appreciate because I have not asked me anything. When things do not ask it’s best not to value. It is clear that President [José Luis Escañuela] and the same Gala, which is the athletic director, have the power to autoproclamarla captain without that we have thought. It seems permissible because it is within the rules. Is it logical? I do not know if it makes sense or not, but have done things that were never done. A few more will like it, others will like it less, but it is what has been chosen. Another thing is absurd debate generated environment that, the issue of sexism or machismo. It becomes difficult to think of things that are just looking for a mindless controversy, a controversy without regard to profit from a controversy that does not exist in this case. Prefer not to say a word that can be taken out of context on a subject that is so sensitive, that is being used that way for a purpose. It does not seem correct to use that route for that purpose, but I’ll leave.

Q. Are you referring to the phrase “I will not apologize for being a woman” who gave Leon?

A. I do not enter into a confrontation answering Gala. Everyone says what he wants. The thing is I do not know if anyone has ever demanded that he apologize for being a woman. A I do not recall. If you do not you ask me something and I tell you it’s because I’m the one that’s mean.

Steve 27 Says:

An interview by EL PAÍS, I forgot.

sienna Says:

where is the spot on prediction now?

he wasnot so spot on yesterday by claiming Stan would steal or sneak the win.
Stans win was massive and allowed Fed to ease the rubber.
today was spong out of the brain yesterday probably in second set.

This is hardball!
No prisoners and tomorrow Federer will be ready for tsonga.

His serve today was so much better.. he is through the pain.

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