Novak Djokovic: Of Course I’m Changing Diapers!
by Tom Gainey | January 6th, 2015, 9:51 am

Speaking to the press yesterday in Doha, World No. 1 Novak Djokovic talked about life as a father which includes changing diapers!

“I’m not the first and neither the last daddy in the world,” said Djokovic who added the whole family is with him in Doha. “I think whoever is a parent understands what I’m going through and what kind of joy I experience as a parent and as a father. Obviously at this stage of the baby’s life, mother is the more important parent, I would say. But nevertheless, I’m trying to be, you know, trying to be as close as, as useful as I can be, of course, giving lots of love and attention to my family, to my baby and to my wife that of course has a lot of commitments and a lot of efforts she needs to make on a daily basis with the baby.

“Not because it’s our baby, but I have to say he’s really good with sleeping and sleeping the whole night, so allows us to have peaceful nights, and regarding that, there is no issue.

“Of course I’m changing diapers,” he joked. “Are you kidding me? Of course.”

Djokovic also revealed why he chose to play in Doha for a first time in his career.

“We thought that, you know, it was not necessary in the previous years to play the first week of the season because I had so many matches in the seasons before that,” Djokovic said. “So I basically would be satisfying my needs on the tennis court with couple matches in Abu Dhabi or Hopman Cup and then going to Melbourne. But this year was different because we thought that the gap between the last match, official match in London, and the first match on the Grand Slam in Melbourne is too big and that I would need to play an official tournament.”

And he says he’s feeling better after a bout with fever last week.

“Well, the nature of the illness, I can’t really say,” he said. “I think it’s many things combined. I believe that I maybe overused myself in certain aspects of my life, combining the practice and the family and business on the side and several things that I had, so maybe the body told me I had to slow down a little bit, and so that’s how it reacted.

“But I think already the way I’m feeling today is much better and much more confident than I was two days ago.”

Djokovic is playing today against Dusan Lajovic.

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Of Course I’m Changing Diapers!

jane Says:

valid reasons for playing doha by the sounds of it, but hope he doesn’t overdo it.

Colin Says:

These young parents nowadays don’t know how lucky they are. In my nappy-changing day, velcro hadn’t been invented.

We used safety pins, putting the fingers of the other hand inside the top of the nappy, so that if the pin went right through, it would skewer us instead of Junior. There were supposedly baby-proof safety pins (look ’em up)that sort of locked. When we assumed the kidlet was asleep, we’d look in, and there he was with the pin open, chewing on it.

jane Says:

ha ha, colin, you made me laugh out loud. :)

contador Says:

Novak makes a darling papa!

jane, are you able to watch/follow Hopman Cup at all? I was so happy to see Genie beat Serena and Vasek take down Big John. Go Canada…woot :D

jane Says:

happy new year contador!

i haven’t seen it in streaming but i have been following scores here and there. definitely some nice wins for vasek and genie, although i read that serena played badly. andy just served out the match with janowicz now, and in brisbane, kei is through, so chardy/dimitrov will begin soon, which could be a nice looking match.

Michael Says:

Apart from being a great player, Novak has fantastic humour sense too. It is not for nothing he is a DJoker. It is also pleasing to note that he is enjoying his father time in a big way. I saw one news about Novak getting some tips from Roger about striking the right balance between Professional and family life and that will really help his overall career development.

jane Says:

Chardy just broke Dimitrov; let’s see if he can consolidate…

Skeezer Says:

Dolgo out, and Hewitt out early…

skeezer Says:

Dimi takes it to 3..,

jane Says:

what a topsy-turvy tiebreak… dimitrov squeaks through 10-8 in the 3rd.

Wog Boy Says:

Chardy choked, Dimitrov lucky to go through, didn’t show any improvement, whatsoever.

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