Novak Djokovic: The Virus Is Fading Away
by Tom Gainey | January 20th, 2015, 7:23 am

Novak Djokovic isn’t completely virus free, but whatever’s been ailing him the last few weeks is slowly going away, perhaps just in time.

“They’re fading away,” Djokovic said after a straight set win over Aljaz Bedene. “It hasn’t been an ideal couple of weeks in terms of health and preparation. But, you know, I fighted my way through. Now it’s behind me. I’m only looking forward. I think I did well in terms of responding to the slow start today, feeling a little bit rusty on the court. So hopefully the next one will be even better.”

As a four-time champion winning three of the last four years, Djokovic is the favorite to win a fifth. But he says there’s are other real threats including Rafael Nadal. Djokovic said he isn’t buying Rafa’s downplay.

“I don’t know what his intentions are, how he feels,” Djokovic said about Nadal. “But he is definitely always one of the top favorites in every tournament that he plays. There is no question about it. We always talk prior to the big tournaments, during the first days of the Grand Slams, about who the potential players are for winning the trophy. You know, more or less the same names have been going around for the last seven or eight years. So I don’t think there is any difference in terms of main favorites for this tournament even this year in the Australian Open. There are a few other players that are able to challenge the best.”

Djokovic will play against Thursday against either Kuznetsov or Ramos.

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8 Comments for Novak Djokovic: The Virus Is Fading Away

jane Says:

not sure how his health is, but he definitely started flat yesterday and sounded nasally after the match too. hopefully he is doing better soon because there could be some tricky matches coming up.

agree with him about nadal; he’s definitely a favourite to win it all.

Yolita Says:

I am happy with what I saw. Nole was rusty, was not 100% healthy, it was like a sauna, he was facing a new opponent whose serve he couldn’t read.
Yet he fought his way through the match, never stopped thinking out there, learned to read the serve better and managed a straight-set win.
Not a scintillating performance by any means, but a very good job.
I’m hopeful that Novak will get better with every new match.
Fingers crossed.

jane Says:

true yolita: he made the best of it. fingers crossed over here too. :)

sienna Says:

virus fading away? If it fades away he will not be as fit like he normally is.

Te flu has leveled fysique between him and federer/Nadal.

We know the problems he will have with Wawa and I guess also Nishikori. It wont bother him with Raonic as it is return that should be enough.
no good signs from Djokovic camp.
Nadal is seeing hearing this it must be his year where he can take#15 and lay down the bricks for record in 2016 his final year.

Question can Nadal be stopped.

If you ask me only Nishikori has the game that matches up well against Nadal.

jane Says:

gah sienna! quit making me nervous. but you’re right; viruses can sap people’s energy, as can heat. the two combined might mean it’s not to be for nole this year.

Okiegal Says:

I agree too that Novak was still reeling a little bit from his bug. It’s a good thing he wasn’t playing a formidable opponent, might have seen a different result……but having said that he probably expended just enough energy to win. I thought he still looked a bit drained. You could definitely tell he’d been sick…..but with each hour he will improve.

sienna Says:

slams are not wellknown for their healing powers of sick people.
tennis is also not aan teamsport where a slightly lesser fitness can be coped by teammates or team tactic.
he will find a way against lower early rounders but come 2nd week …

Michael Says:

Tennis is just not only purely physical, but a mind game too and Novak is right in convincing himself that he is in right shape. That gives you a positive attitude and a lot to look out for. But, flu ailments are serious by itself and if Novak manages to overcome this and yet win this title, then that would be a remarkable feat by itself and earn Novak even more great respect for his perseverance, determination and mental fortitude. I hope for the sake of Novak that things are in order and he is in perfect shape as he wish others to believe by his positive statements.

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