Novak Djokovic Wins Second Laureus Sportsman Of The Year
by Tom Gainey | April 15th, 2015, 11:08 am

In a ceremony at Shanghai Grand Theatre, tennis World No. 1 Novak Djokovic took home the prestigious honor of being named Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year earlier today.

The Serb beat out other hopefuls including Lewis Hamilton (Motor Racing), Renaud Lavillenie (Athletics), Rory McIlroy (Golf), Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) and Marc Marquez (Motorcycling).

It’s the second time Djokovic has won the award after his 2011 season.

“The past season was one of the best in my career,” Djokovic said. “I achieved great results, but I have to say I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it wasn’t for my team and their support. I owe the credit to them. I would like to thank Laureus, the institution which brings sports legends together and cares about young people around the world. Sport has inspired and motivated many of us, it is the language we all understand and love. Sport often encourages children to exercise and dream. Competition is not only to win trophies and medals, it’s a form of personal empowerment that helps individuals reach their full potential and also results in better societies as a whole”.

Djokovic was presented with the award in Monte Carlo by Princess Charlene.

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25 Comments for Novak Djokovic Wins Second Laureus Sportsman Of The Year

jane Says:

thanks for posting this tom. congrats to novak! last year was one crazy year for him personally and professionally: nice that this sort of caps it off.

Giles Says:

I think Boris Becker is somehow connected with the Laureus committee.

jalep Says:

Well done Nole! Class act.

skeezer Says:

Congratulations Novak! Have watched him mature as a sportsmen over the years and now he fully deserves it. His country should be very proud.

Giles Says:

Lol skeezer. You are the bestest Bandwagoner ever!! ROFL

Okiegal Says:

Kudos to Novak on his latest accolade! He’s had this award twice, which looks good on his resume too! I know his fans are elated. I would love to see a pic of baby Stefan……but can totally see why he doesn’t plaster the little guys picture everywhere. He may have already, I just haven’t seen it. Congrats again to the world’s #1!

bojana anel Says:

Oh,ah it is to painfull for the haters.

Congratulations Novak.Serbia is proud to have You.

Ben Pronin Says:

Djokovic lost to Borg in 3 sets where the third set is on grass. No shame in that. I think the final four makes sense and the results also make sense.

Except I think the scoreline with Sampras Nadal would be like 2-6 7-5 6-3 or something, but it doesn’t matter. Sampras vs Federer in the final.

jane Says:

^ and of course, it’s fake. ;)

Wog Boy Says:

More than this award I enjoy seeing the pain that No1e success inflicts on his haters, yes, second Laureus award and more to come, stay tuned haters;)

As much as I disagree with skeezer about Roger (and that won’t change) I have to give him credit for saying that Nole is his second favourite long before 2011, and that is a fact on TX, and he knows tennis for a difference of those haters and internet trolls. Skeezer isn’t bandwagoner.

Nole, Serbia is proud of you, best thing that happened to Serbia since Nikola Tesla.

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, I think Jelena should have a word with The Princess, she is stocking Nole, two years ago at the presentation ceremony she couldn’t take her eyes of Nole and wouldn’t let his hand go.

chris ford1 Says:

A deserved win. He is who he is, not out to be something he is not to get trophies on court and awards off court. He has authenticity.
An outstanding athlete and sportsman, measured against athletes from most other sports (Laureus needs to consider baseball and American style football athletes as well).
When he was first catching on, Novak got a reputation for doing his best to help at charity events across sports, promoting the sport of tennis at all levels, and thinking about having a robust Foundation of his own to help Serbian kids. When he became a star, none of that was ended. He redoubled efforts as his name, international reputation outside tennis, and his earnings grew. And moved his Foundations efforts past Serbia.

Some tip of the hat to Federer is due, because he was a great example for Nole to follow – in his own way.
2014 was a fine year for Djokovic. The Laureus Award is coveted, and more so now the Asian nations have embraced the philosophy and are giving backing and hosting support (huge ceremony in Shanghai for the Award show). Part of why Djokovic won over Ronaldo and McIlroy might have to do with the Balkan floods, where Djokovic took a leadership role in getting world attention and pushing leaders of other nations for support, and bringing the Balkan nations together to address a disaster affecting several nations. And put his money where his mouth was. Giving his entire Rome Open purse to flood relief, his wife figuring out how to get a large wedding exclusivity fee and the two donating it to the ND Foundation for rebuilding schools in Serbia and Bosnia with other backers.
And of course he needed to show excellence in sport as well. And delivered like he has each year since 2011.
Brave, No1e!

Yolita Says:

Congratulations to Novak!

It must be so sweet for him to be reaping the rewards of his labours.

And Wog Boy, it’s not only the haters. The journalists I follow on Twitter ignored the news. The ATP put out the announcement and the silence from the pundits was deafening.

Until Matt Cronin was brave enough to tweet what others were feeling: that he was disappointed that Nole had won with just one slam. He didn’t complain when Murray got his award with 1 slam… Very bad form, I thought.

They could have pretended and congratulated Novak,just to keep up appearances… But you are right: they cannot even go through the motions. LOL

It makes it all even better for us.

And the best is yet to come. :)

django Says:

Wog Boy
‘Komsija’ is jealous.

django Says:

Chris Ford
All of your posts are informative with spicy details. Love them.

Daniel Says:

Rory McIlRoy won 2 golf majors last year and didn’t get it. If Djoko wins 2 majors this year and half the Masters (4), he is half way through, plus WTF again he is a safe bet for a third one and If he remains #1 for the whole year cab’t see him not getting again as it will be a more dominant year than 2014. Will see, but nice for him to already have 2 Laureus.

This is a year he is making history every opportunity he gets, now he is going to win first 3 Masters of the season(something never done before), let’s see if he can do it. Then will be French Open, Then Cincinatti… His time, he needs to make the most of it as it is.

danica Says:

Very proud of Novak and CONGRATS – good things happen to good people :).

Wog Boy Says:


I you are right and we (Nole fans) know that, as I told mat4 few threads ago, according to script Nole wasn’t supposed to be where he is now, but lucky for us Nole hasn’t read the script;)
I just want to enjoy and cherish this moment because it is not going to last forever, it can stop here in MC or in a few years time but that doesn’t matter, he reached the top of the mountain and stayed there long enough to be remembered in tennis history…against all odds.

yes plenty of “komsija”, they can’t help themselves, can they?

Giles Says:

Poor Rory McIlroy was cheated. No doubt in my mind he should have won. Oh well. Boris Becker probably influenced his friends on the Laureus committee to vote for joker. He was previously an Ambassador for Laureus and I’m pretty sure he had some clout in the results.

chris ford1 Says:

Hey Giles! It may have come down to two great athletes…..but one who dumped a sympathetic woman while the other was helping unite nations in a disaster.
It is not a best athlete award. It is a best athlete and sportsman award.

jane Says:

chrisford1, don’t worry about it. you can’t reason with giles about novak. he hates him and is obsessed. totally unreasonable.

Wog Boy Says:

This is what is Laureus sports award about:

“The Laureus World Sports Academy is a unique association of 50 of the greatest living sporting legends from sports as diverse as football, tennis, athletics, skateboarding and motor racing. All the members of the Academy share a belief in the power of sport to break down barriers, bring people together and improve the lives of young people around the world.
The Academy has embraced the Laureus principle of using sport to effect positive social change and its members organise and oversee the broad array of community development initiatives funded by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.”

jane Says:

that’s good information wog boy; thanks for sharing that. it also clarifies that there are 50 people on the board who would vote in the winner, so one person won’t be able to swing the vote, lol. novak deservedly won, and that’s it. :)

Hippy Chick Says:

Congrats to Novak and fans a worthy winner….

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