Murray Wins In Munich Clay Debut, Thiem Crushes Fognini; Federer Friday In Istanbul
by Staff | April 30th, 2015, 7:27 pm

Andy Murray is undefeated as a married man! Playing his first match since tying the knot with Kim Sears almost two weeks ago, Murray cruised past German qualifier Mischa Zverev 6-2, 6-2 in the second round at the Munich Open.

“I thought I started off the match well today and played pretty well,” said Murray who has never won a clay title in his career.

Murray will meet Lukas Rosol Friday in the quarterfinals.

A man who does have a clay title – 3 to be exact – Fabio Fognini continued his up-and-down season. A few weeks after stunning Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo, the Italian was crushed today by Dominic Thiem 6-3, 6-0.

“For sure it was one of my best matches so far this year,” said Thiem. “I stayed focus from the first to last point. It is really good news for Austrian tennis [to play against Gerald]. It’s going to be interesting.”

Fognini is just 10-10 on the season with only two wins over Top 40 players, both against Nadal! Ranked 29th, Fognini was defending final points from last year, so his chances of getting a seed at the French Open just took a serious hit.

In Istanbul, Grigor Dimitrov won his opening match over Andrey Golubev 6-3, 6-2.

“It was a good match today and I am looking forward to tomorrow,” said Dimitrov. “I played a solid, structured game and it was enough for me to win today.”

Dimitrov will now play Ivan Dodig in the quarterfinals. The Bulgarian’s mentor, Roger Federer, also returns Friday against Spaniard Daniel Gimeno-Traver.

In Estoril, youngster Borna Coric advanced to the Friday quarterfinals against the hot-handed Guillermo Garcia Lopez. The Spaniard has won seven straight matches including Sunday’s Bucharest title.

“I know that he’s in good form,” said Coric. “He’s won two ATP titles this year, so he’s playing good. As for myself, I’m confident because I was playing good. But at the same time, I had a long match today so I’m aware I need to recover. I think if I do that I have a good chance.”

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34 Comments for Murray Wins In Munich Clay Debut, Thiem Crushes Fognini; Federer Friday In Istanbul

jane Says:

ha ha – that picture of andy in the tub.

jane Says:

anna wintour loves her some tennis: nick the kid gets a vogue feature!

Wog Boy Says:

jane, thanks for posting it, nice read. There is one thing that doesn’t fit his personality but yet he says it’s perfect for him:

Vogue also describes Kyrgios’s lifestyle as “decidedly small town”, with the Australian returning to his hometown of Canberra – “My favorite city in the world… It’s perfect for me”

Canberra is the most boring town for I’ve been in, it is a capitol, administrative center, full of concrete and glass, new buildings and round abouts, in winter fricking dry freezing and in summer hot with no breeze whatsoever. On the weekend looks like a ghost town, apart of Chinese tourists you can’t see a soul in the city. They are either in their suburban homes or in Sydney. It just doesn’t fit his personality that I have seen so far, but maybe he is mama’s boy and can’t live far away from his family.
If there are Canberra people reading this, sorry but said the same thing to my friends living in Canberra, but they say the love it overthere. Probably because Sydney is close enough so they can come here on weekends to taste real life;)

jane Says:

no problem wog boy. yeah, nick doesn’t seem like a suburban or small town fella. anyhow, i just think it’s great that vogue continues to tirelessly promote tennis.

Gordon Says:

Wog Boy – 3 questions…

1) So, Kyrgios is WRONG then; he can’t have an opinion?

2) Do you think as he matures and grows older he will become wiser and dislike his current favourite city?

3) in your verbal painting of the apocalypse that is Canberra you describe the only souls in the city being not just tourists, but “Chinese” tourists. Is that a worse kind of tourist?

jane Says:

looks like fed had a tough go of it today. didn’t see the match, but two tiebreakers. 250s are crazy. :) 2 matches and rogers in the semis! but seems a good way to get a few matches in on the surface.

Colin Says:

Wog Boy, I’ve never seen Canberra, but with regard to Sydney, it’s a wonder the central district has any character left. I’m sure you know the spectacular Queen Victoria building in George Street. Well, when the city was being supposedly improved for the Sydney Olympics, there was apparently a serious possibly the QV building would be demolished!

I dislike the concrete and glass style as much as anyone – it’s one of the few things on which I’d agree with Prince Charles. Therefore, my favourite place in Sydney is the Botanical Gardens, where there are mostly trees and plants. Oh, and fruit bats – ugly brutes, but at least they aren’t made of concrete.

Of Urban Sydney, Newtown has some character still, though it’s sleazy and not very safe.

Meanwhile, back in Munich, the only winner is the rain. Let’s never hear Germans joking about the British weather.

Giles Says:

Why on earth Kyrgosss deserves a write-up in Vogue is beyond me. There are other more desirable young players who deserved this publicity. I guess the writer likes the uncouth!!

Wog Boy Says:


Three answers:

1.No, it is my opinion about Canberra, do you think I am WRONG, can’t I have my opinion?

2. Second question is NOT APPLICABLE!

3. No, there are a tourist who are interested in different things, and it happened that mainland China tourists are interested in seeinig Canberra in package with Sydney, so we take them there, European are not interested so much so we take them somwhere else, North American are different again. Part of my job is to take them there and make them happy, that doesn’t mean I have to like every place I go, no? Some people prefer Dysneyland some Las Vegas, some people prefer Monte Carlo some Amalfi coast, some wants to see historical places where Australia was born the other just come to play golf or gamble in Sydney Casino. My job is to provide them with what they want and not with what I like? Do you GET it.

Question for you, what was your problem with my post? Are you trying to be smartass?
It was more or less observation between Kyrgios personality and personality of city of Canberra, more in jokingly manner. We do make a jokes here often between each others based where we live and we don’t get offended I guess it is the same all over the world.
Next time use “skip” button when you see my post, ok?

Wog Boy Says:

QWB is safe, they can’t demolish it, and you are right it is magnificent building perfectly restored, if you didn’t know it was originaly fruit market, now is “most beautiful shopping center boutique style” as per words of Pierre Cardin
after he visited Sydney, including the statue of Queen Victoria.
Next is Town hall with St Andrew’s cathedral, tramcar is making his way backin the near future in George st.
Rocks is the the place where Australia was born and penal colony established in 1788. Beautifully saved and preserved though it was clost to be demolished in early ’70s for new development but was save after outcray of local community, thanks God, now it is most visited place.
Newtown is now very popular for young people, with lot of good restaurants and alternative way of living.
RBG doesn’t have fruit bats any more they chased them away.
There is much more places in Sydney to vist, it is long list, Hyde park, St Mary’s Cathedral, Oxford st, Centennial park, Bondi beach, northern beaches, Art Gallery of NSW, Darling Harbour… Sydney is very vibrant city with lot to offer for everyone’s taste.

skeezer Says:

Yeah like how about a write up on the Ball Ladies of Madrid? That makes more sense.

jane Says:

i think anna wintour decides who gets featured in vogue, not the lowly writer. ;)

serena, maria, safin, fed, venus, chris evert, monica seles, rafa, ana, monfils (in a fabulous shoot!), delpo, andy, nole, and others, i am sure, have all been featured.

whether you like her choice of nick or not, the point is that she tirelessly promotes the sport in her magazine and attends matches when she can. she also plays everyday. it’s good for the profile of the sport imo. every little bit helps.

Giles Says:
There isn’t a Rafa thread so I’ll post this here.
Another accolade for Rafael Nadal. Well done Champ! Vamos!

Wog Boy Says:

my last post should say “QVB” not “QWB”

jalep Says:

The semi’s are all set in Istanbul and Estoril.

Following scores only, Borna didn’t make it past GGL. Kyrgios did though.

Istanbul. Dimitrov d Dodig. And Federer is in. He’ll facenter fearless underdog Diego Schwartzman. Dimitrov v. Pablo the Cuevas.

KatH Says:

3 matches for Andy tomorrow (if he beats Rosol in the first) – he will be the only player who may have to do this – seems disrespectful for the No. 1 player in any tournament – even though this is only a 250. – would RF/Nole/Rafa/Would YOU agree to this – would anyone?


jalep Says:

To be clear, Kyrigos made Estoril semifinal. He did not have to play GGL. I forgot already who he beat.

jalep Says:


Very unfair!!!!

jalep Says:

You’d think Munich organizers would extend the tournament…I don’t know.

Giles Says:

He can withdraw from the dubs if it’s too much for him, no?

KatH Says:

Thanks for your response Jalep and Giles:

Re. your suggestion Giles – but what a situation to be in. If he wins his quarter and semi-finals , he’s still facing a finals the next day….if Rosol wins then no decision needed.

However, if Andy goes through to semis and onwards – it would certainly be a difficult decision – should his doubles partner say “It’s OK mate, we’ll withdraw” on the basis that the “last straw might break the camel’s back” and jeopardise a FAIR result at a finals (against a fresh competitor – who had not played 3 matches in one day?

There’s always been some difficulty in tournaments when bad weather can force organisers make “emergency” arrangements, but I don’t recall a situation when one s0-called TOP player has been put in this type of situation.

As you can tell, I’m quite cross – I’d feel cross on behalf of any player, especially one who has at least earned a place in our respect/a tournament’s respect. Would it happen to Federer – I think not.

Colin Says:

Wog Boy, I wrote a lengthy reply to your post about Sydney, but then, as I often do nowadays, I somehow clicked in the wrong place and deleted the whole damn thing. I’ll re-do it and tack it on another thread.

Funny thing – the Munich site has, or had, Federer listed as playing there.

Yolita Says:

Congratulations to Rafa on that medal…Very well deserved. Thanks for posting, Giles. I hadn’t heard about it.

On the other hand, we keep hearing about Kyrgios, who hasn’t even made a final… When will people learn that premature overhype can be harmful to players, especially if they are very young? Let’s see how he handles it…

Last, @Kath, I couldn’t agree more about Murray’s schedule. He’ll probably have to pull out of doubles. Scheduling is very important.

Maybe the organisers had no choice, given that Madrid starts on Monday. They cannot extend their tournament. Very difficult situation.

jane Says:

3 matches is definitely too much in one day; what a awful situation for andy.

jane Says:

indeed, congrats to rafa on his accolades; they are well deserved.

M Says:

Thanks for that, Giles. A great honor for Rafa!

Does anybody know – is Andy going to have to play two matches back-to-back in one day?

Wog Boy Says:

No probs, I hope you left country with nice memories, I presume you were here well before Olympics 2000 (where and when Roger and Mirka fell in love and Crown Prince Frederik of Danmark fell in love with Mary, his future Aussie wife), the city changed a lot in the last twenty years, for the better..but traffic for the worst:(

Wog Boy Says:

Colin, one more thing, I said Princess Mary is Aussie but she is also Scotish, since her parents are from Scotland, and this is a speech of her father, Professor John Dalgleish Donaldson proud Scot from McDonald’s clan, who was dressed properly at Royal wedding in his clan outfit, the reason why I am posting this is that you and other Andy’s fans will find similarity in their dry sense of humor that I like very much, I am sure you will enjoy his speech:

jane, since you have Scotish connection too, have a look, you will love it too, very witty person:)

Giles Says:
Lol. You tell him Andy. Wonder what triggered that comment.

Margot Says:

I can’t get aerated about this, weather is as weather does, after all. He could always withdraw from the dubs, as I think Giles suggested?
Could be immaterial anyway, as he could lose to Rosol.
No, am still highly aerated, sad I know, because a certain Grand Slam didn’t, and doesn’t even now, have a roof! Know what I mean?

KatH Says:

See what you are saying Margot – but can’t get my head around lack of good weather forecasting –

in the UK – we get reasonably accurate forecasting – and Munich isn’t in a third world country…there had to be strong indications that Friday would be a wash out the day before.

Withdrawing from the dubs – yes – but there is the partner to think about….

Ah well, done with complaining now – back to my sunny self (Hee haw).

Daniel Says:

Congrats Murray on his first clay final in Munich. Hope he gets the title tomorrow, most needed for his confidence and have a great run on clay.

KatH Says:

@ Margot – Fingers crossed he has plenty of ice for his bath!!! Let’s hope the 2nd semi goes to 3 sets (tiring out Andy’s opponent a wee bit).

By the way, who is Gerald Melzer? He has taken the first set from Phillipp who is usually such a consistent, reliable player.

And is Grigor going to get a smacking from Pablo…wowey.

Margot Says:

KatH think he’s younger bro of Jurgen.

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