Tired Andy Murray Withdraws From Rome
by Tom Gainey | May 14th, 2015, 9:35 am

Andy Murray has officially withdrawn from the Rome even, he said today. Murray was scheduled to play David Goffin later this afternoon, but after a “flat” pratice the Scot felt it best if he pull out from the event rather than risk injury.

“I’m tired, I felt OK yesterday but I was pretty exhausted when I got up,” Murray said. “I had a 40 minute warm-up and felt extremely flat and was shattered. I talked to my team about what the best thing to do was. It just did not make sense to play.

“There are all these studies when you are run down you risk injury or illness. I did not feel it made sense to keep going. It was not just about today. It was about trying to make the right decision and listen to what the body was saying. I played nine games in 12 games in a difficult schedule and also a couple of doubles matches in that period.

“It’s been a very long three weeks for me. The longest I’ve ever had on clay.

“The point is I did not expect to do what I have done in the past few weeks. My body has never done that before on clay. My body’s always found the surface difficult.

“I also don’t want to risk making it worse. In the past maybe I’ve done too much.

“I wanted to play in this tournament, it’s a big event with a lot of points on offer. The time of year is tough for everyone, it’s just one of those things.”

It’s the second time Murray’s withdrawn from a Masters event mid-event (2012 Canada).

Winning of his first two career clay events in Munich and Madrid, Murray now heads to Paris 10-0 and among the favorites to win. He reached the semifinals last year losing to Rafael Nadal.

The French Open begins a week from Sunday on May 24.

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33 Comments for Tired Andy Murray Withdraws From Rome

jalep Says:

Withdrew from Canada 2012…I don’t remember who won Cincinnati that year, but I sure remember who won USO !

Daniel Says:

Smart move, listen to your body, if you feel you can’t play don’t.

And good because he doesn’t hamper his momentum going into French and wait to see what will happen this week and his draw there.

Now things get easier for Djoko, at least on paper not a potentially 2 sets tiebreak 2 hours versus Andy in semis.

Have to go throughhis business and beat Bellucci, Kei and Goffin / Ferrer. Very doeable form him before finals

jalep Says:

Oh duh. Federer won Wimbledon and Cincinnati!

I like Federer very much, but I forget he won Wimbledon in 2012. But then, thought for sure he was done in 2013.

Anyways…2012 was a great year for Andy Murray too. Smart to pull out of Rome.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

I don’t like this move at all. Disrespectful to fans and organizers. Its one thing if you’re injured, its another to say, well, nothing wrong but I’m tired so I might get injured. If he didn’t expect to be up for it he could have pulled out before the tournament.
Follow through on your commitments. Basic life rule.
I’ve really never heard of this in athletics before.

As always, I’m open to changing my mind, but it seems to me there’s a big difference between pulling out before a tournament, pulling out with an injury, and pulling out before a match because you don’t feel like playing.

skeezer Says:

^agree with you there TV.

jane Says:

it’s mainly too bad for chardy. andy knew he was tired before he even went to rome, and it was public knowledge that he thinking of not playing the event, but then he decided to go for it, played just the one match, and won quite handily. better he had not played at all and chardy – or some lucky person – would’ve had a chance to go on, get some money, etc. and andy would’ve had even more time to rest, less flights, and so forth. oh well, what’s done is done. goffin benefits because he had a tough, long match last round.

Giles Says:

Glad TX opened a separate thread on Murphy’s withdrawal. I am not the only one critical of his move. Not cool Murphy not cool.

Giles Says:

PS. TV sums it up best.

RZ Says:

@TV, generally I would agree with you, but based on the circumstances (3 matches in one day in Munich based on weather; 1am start/3am end for a match in Madrid, coming back about 12 hours later to play the next match) this is understandable. It does suck for the Rome organizers and fans, though, especially as it’s the fault of those previous tournaments.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

RZ, all that was before the event. Definitely, Murphy’s had some very bad treatment in the last two weeks.

As Jane suggests, Andy publicly debated playing with all that history and decided to do it anyway.

RZ Says:

Yes, all that was before. But fatigue isn’t immediate.

Daniel Says:

He should have withdrawn Tuesday. It would be a chance for another Lucky loser to enter the main draw, which for this lower ranked players would be great, as they would use his seeding.

From Murray perspective and thinking long run is best for him but I agree with you TV, sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want to and play with the consequences. He could have played for 1 hour and lost 1 and 2. It wouldn’t change much long picture, except for the 10 match win on clay this season.

Margot Says:

If a player says they’re injured and pulls out, whose to know if they’re faking or not? Meanwhile, as usual, Andy gets pilloried for being honest.
As usual those who don’t like Andy will jump on this decision with glee. Yawn. So easy to criticise. Chardy’s loss is Goffin’s gain. Swings and roundabouts.
A very wise decision in the circumstances.
And he gets to spend his birthday at home too. first time in years.Good on yer Andy!

Rishi Says:

I guess Andy played so that he would not be fined for missing a Mandatory M1000 event.

jane Says:

margot, indeed but he’s bound to get some flack. novak won 3 masters in a row, which was done for the first time ever, and pulled out of madrid before it even started, as well as with the option to do so due to having the 600+ wins, and *still* bodo wrote an article criticizing nole about that. sheesh! i think he had the right to be tired and take some respite too.

Margot Says:

“I hate quitting. But this is not quitting. It’s just making a better decision.”
SW Rome Masters.
Indeed jane, but I’d like to see some of these critics put their money where their mouths are.

Andy Murray Is 10-0 As A Married Man; Federer, Djokovic Weren’t That Good After Their Weddings! [Chart] Says:

[…] After withdrawing from Rome earlier today, Murray heads to Paris undefeated on the clay and undefeated as a married man. […]

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Margot, I accept the challenge to put my money where my mouth is. Get me a match with Goffin!

Margot Says:

TV: Goffin????????????? Heck no! Andy’s heard you dissed him and HE wants a match. Needs a bit of a rest first, is that OK?

TennisVagabond.com Says:

I do like the idea that Goffin wouldn’t be up to the challenge!

TL Says:

I can see some of the points the critics of Murrays’s decision make here and the reason need not necessarily be due to “dislike”. I actually wanted Murray to go to Rome and do exactly what he did i.e. see if his body allowed him to proceed further. He seems fit as a fiddle and it was worth trying given some of the momentum he had. The Chardy match showed that it wasn’t all that bad and Murray must have taken a somewhat calculated risk of taking it one match at a time. Obviously, it didn’t work eventually. Sometimes, things hit you suddenly and you are compelled to reconsider your plans. Remember, we were talking about a possible fatigue issue at Madrid itself after the tough scheduling/weather luck at Munich. However, Murray carried on regardless and reaped handsome rewards. The altitude suits his game more as compared to Rome and he probably wanted to test himself against the best in the more normal clay conditions in Rome. It would have shown his real standing with respect to his RG prospects. I like Murray a lot but that is not the reason I am defending his decision. I am convinced it was well worth the gamble. It didn’t pay off but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Matador Says:

It was obvious and evident that Murray cant last long on clay, he is not in the same level with the likes of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. Like I always said, in the last 10 years, 3 and a half men dominated the tour. Murray is the best of the “worst”. This why with 28 he never take the number 1 spot. He still has one more chance but he will to win two slams, three more masters 1000 and be in the last stages of the tournament if he wants to outplayed Djokovic in the ranking.

Back to the topic, remember Nadal Federer classic 9 years ago, the final was best of five sets back then, a match with 5 grueling hours and the spaniard and the swiss withdraw from Hamburg. Wise decision and at the same respectful for their colleagues. On contrary, Murray shouldnt have played in Rome. Very disrepectful for the tournament and players who want to see the main protagonists in full form and not with the head in some other place. I agree with tennisvagabond. Murray fans, you have to acept the truth and this was a bad decision for him and his team.

Bertie Says:

The thing is, he had to test his skills at Rome because it is closer to RG than Madrid. He had no choice, he was in a no win situation, had Madrid been similar to RG then I doubt he would have played. Give the guy a break.

Matador Says:

Bertie, Why he decided to play in Munich and Madrid and not play two consecutive Masters 1000?
Rome is a classic tournament and the conditions are similar to RG and the top players he will face
in Paris are in Rome.

Margot Says:

Have another lemon do.

Margot Says:

^ And next time you play 11 matches in 9 days do let us know if you feel tired or not.
You had a real “go” at Andy when he lost to Nole, now you’re having a real “go” at Andy cos he just beat Rafa,
What a surprise, not.

Matador Says:

Margot, I dont know the slang you used but when you discuss with facts and arguments then we can talk, Dont do a Murray, be less cynical and more educated, follow the Queen modals.

Margot Says:


KatH Says:

Sod’s law – you’re criticised if you do and criticised if you don’t…

SL Says:

Man was fatigued, he withdrew. What’s wrong with that ?

People withdraw due to injuries all the time. There are many injuries you can continue to play with so why don’t they ? To prevent future damage to themselves and their tennis prospects.

Same argument here. Murray tried his best, and realized playing on would have negative future effects for him. So, he withdrew. How is that different ?

Bad luck for the tournament and fans, but it happens.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

The guy has put his body on the line for last few days already. I thought he would be gone by the quarters in Madrid, but he was resilient enough to fight against the odds and win the title. I’m happy he withdrew, it gives him a better chance in the FO. He looks to be the guy to beat along with Novak and Rafa.

Markus Says:

What’s the rule? Fatigue is not conisidered an injury, is it? And anyway, tennis has the worst rules in all of sports and the way they are implemented is even worse.

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