Can Serena Shake Off Flu for French Open Title in Final?
by Staff | June 4th, 2015, 10:49 pm

A sick Serena Williams can win a semifinal 6-0 in the third, but can she win in the final?
The world No. 1 scored her fourth win from a set down over the tournament to defeat Timea Bacsinszky 4-6, 6-3, 6-0 in the semifinals on Thursday to set up a championship with first-time Slam finalist Lucie Safarova.

Bacsinszky won the first set over Williams and broke in the fifth game of the second set for a 6-4, 3-2 lead before Williams ran off with 10 straight games to gain the final.

Williams with flu symptoms was unable to make the post-match conference but issued the statement, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to press this evening. I have been feeling unwell for a few days, and after this tough match against Timea, I needed to see the tournament doctor. I am proud to be back in the final here at Roland Garros, in a city that means so much to me, and am determined to be 100 percent ready for the final against Lucie on Saturday.”

She’s a win away from a 20th Grand Slam title which would be the third-most after Margaret Court (24) and Steffi Graf (22).

Safarova beat former Roland Garros champ Ana Ivanovic 7-5, 7-5.

“I started a little bit slower in the match and wasn’t swinging as much as I should. I was a little slow on my feet,” Safarova said. “Ana was playing well right away and going for her shots, too, but I slowly started getting into the rhythm, into the game. Then right away I took the set, took the momentum. In the second set, when I realized I could finally be in the finals, I got a little bit tense there. And the game at 5-4, I was really over-thinking and couldn’t really concentrate to be there in that moment.”

After 12 years on tour it is the first Slam final for the Czech.

“It’s slowly sinking in and it’s just amazing,” she said. “The happiness is unreal.”

Williams is 8-0 career against Safarova, including a handful of close matches.

“Serena is No. 1 in the world, and a great player,” she said. “I will just go there and play my game, and try to get the trophy.”

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25 Comments for Can Serena Shake Off Flu for French Open Title in Final?

Gordon Says:

May the best player win. As awesome as it would be for Serena to get her 20th crown that first grand slam is magical and you are always remembered. Should be a grand match.

Hippy Chick Says:

Look a little perspective here please? she hasnt got the bloody flu,believe me ive had the flu,and it knocks you off your feet for weeks sometimes,you dont even have the energy to get out of bed to pee,never mind run around for hours on end,shes most probably just got a severe cold and is running a temperature thats all,im sure she will be fine come the final running like a duracell bunny like she always does?….

Margot Says:

Was gonna say the same Hippy. If she had flu she’d be in bed.
Obviously some sort of virus going around eg Maria and Gael, but they didn’t make quite so much fuss.

django Says:

Serena will be able to say she beat everyone with the flu!

Okiegal Says:

Everybody in the USA will say they have the flu when it’s no more than a common cold. An allergy and a severe sinus infection can be so bad you think you might have the flu. She wasn’t feeling very good for sure, but doubt it’s the flu. Don’t know if she had a fever or not. She was blowing her nose and coughing a lot, probably a cold or an allergy. She was getting around between points like a snail. We will soon see……..

Truthsquad Says:

I think most Americans know the difference between the flu and a cold!

RogNadFan Says:

It’s a psychological problem she’s always had.
Wants to hear people accentuate her win and speak in awe of her. You can actually see that in every single match she plays. If your opponent is playing good, she behaves in the court as if the opponent is winning points only because she is gifting them, not because they played that point better than her or she actually could not execute that point.
Some may argue that is the same thing, it’s not; if that was the case every normal tennis player would behave like her on the court.
And she has gotten worse as she has matured. We saw yesterday, she was like, all of us were forcing her to play and win a match she didn’t even want to play. After every single point.
She is a great player and can beat anyone. But why not play with normal emotions as every other normal player shows in the planet. No need to show, artificial acts and behaviors that belittle the opponents efforts.
To me that is a psychological problem and nothing else.
As great as her tennis game is, I can barely watch her match due to her court attitude in every single match.

Okiegal Says:

@Truthsquad…..Well, I cant say all Americans. I am an American and my husband and a few of my friends don’t know the difference, but I do! LOL
I guess the doctors do……this was a funny exchange between posters….love it!!

Dan the Man Says:

Yes, it’s definitely a cold. The last time I had the flu I had trouble breathing and could barely get up. You can’t serve and hit shots like that let alone balance properly in such a case. Having said that, I don’t know if everyone remembers she also had a terrible cough at the Australian before she won it. Unfortunately Serena has always been a drama queen, and this display in the semis was a perfect example of that. Blowing up small stuff and acting persecuted. I would like to say that behaviour is stopping, but this kind of shows it’s par for the course. She is an amazing talent, but in the 35 years of watching tennis, she has been the most immature No. 1 I have ever seen. The only one close I would say was McEnroe, but off court he almost always gave credit to his opponents.

Jack Says:

Serena doesn’t have the qualities of a true sportsperson.Belitteling oponents by jumping on the court after a win like a child.Showing true immaturity and spiteful expressionless face. When interviewed she speaks in a tone of a little girl.What a fake
I have a hard time watching her play as she reveals her personality every time.There is no femininity in Serena.She looks like half man.She serves like one alright.

Honleuraise Says:


When men say they have the flu, they have a cold.

When men say they’re dying, then you KNOW they really do have flu. lol

M Says:

@HC —

I don’t know what you’re basing your comments on … but I do know that Maria was knocked out a few days ago and she was suffering from at least the flu; some said it was the “rhino virus” (whatever scary-sounding thing that is).

I also remember the last time something like it tore through the men’s side during a tournament, people were dropping like flies.

I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt Serena; if she says she’s suffering, she’s suffering.

She gave due credit to Lucie in her interview with Brad, saying that all her matches against Lucie up till now had already been three-setters, so the best thing I feel I can personally do as a fan is to wish her the best of health in recovery — she skipped both her Friday press session and her practice, which … I don’t think is like her — and hope for a good match.

Hippy Chick Says:

M you missed the point,while i dont doubt she feels ill and is suffering,and has given Lucie alot of credit and i didnt actually say otherwise,the point im making is its not the flu she has a cold,virus,but whatever it is it aint the flu,i myself have had the flu and as Dan The Man says you can hardly breath,stand,and she certainly wouldnt be able to play tennis if she had the flu,end of story….

mat4 Says:

High, HC! Glad you’re here again. Hope you’re well.

Daniel Says:

Flu only happens if tou have fever. If not is just a cold or oser virous. Flu has to be fever abobe 38C or 101F. That is the main mistake people do, they couf or snise and think they have a flu.

Jeez Says:

Do we have a match now that Safarova has taken SET 2 in Tie break ??


Will end as WIMPER like Djoker Vs Murray

Ben Pronin Says:

Unbelievable collapse by Serena and unbelievable comeback by Safarova. If Safarova pulls off this title in this fashion she could just retire and call herself the greatest ever because, wow, I don’t think anyone gave her a chance down 3-6 1-4.

Honestly I thought the match was over as soon as Serena broke in the opening set because I’m thinking “Serena probably won’t lose the set being up a break and definitely won’t lose the match being up a set”. But here we are. This is why we watch, folks.

chris ford1 Says:

Serena already has a non-calendar year Grand Slam. Most players and writers to not make a fetish about a calendar year slam is the only kind that counts. Since there is no distinct season to tennis and the difficulty level of winning 4 Slams in a row is the same no matter when it starts.

Snowbird Says:

This was one of the better slam finals on the women’s tour. Serena was definitely sick with a cold virus and had some breathing problems. Since she had that lung embolism, which definitely causes immune problems, she’s been very susceptible to colds. I have a family member who suffered with the same lung problem and nearly died. I’m surprised that Serena can still play at such a high level despite her obvious health problems.

Anyway, Congrats to Serena and Lucie for a great final. Maybe, next year Lucie can win the FO title or perhaps win at Wimbledonin a month’s time.

Hippy Chick Says:

Mat4 thanks very much,and best of luck to your favorite in the final,i appreciate your kind words,but i dont know how glad i am at the moment,i didnt take too kindly to been personaly attacked by a certain poster,or the unsavoury topics of conversation a couple of months back,the reason for which i took a break,even though some thought it was funny,each to their own i suppose,i hope theres no more,and that the moderators have upped their game….

mat4 Says:


do what I do: I don’t read posts from certain posters. Just skip them. Or troll them: be polite, but make fun of them and answer with long posts to their attacks.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

You may be shocked to learn that these people have doctors on site to tell them what they have and thankfully don’t need to rely on tennis x posters for their expert diagnostic skills. For what it’s worth, there are an infinite variety of flu bugs. They mutate and change from season to season. They affect each person differently. They do not always put one in bed for a week (ever hear of the 24 hour flu?). And multiple players, and multiple media members reported having the flu at the event.

Okiegal Says:

@Honleuraise 7:55

This is an astounding statement coming from a man??
I’m assuming that you are male, because you wouldn’t know this unless you were! You speak the truth. This is my hubby dead out! Lol. :)

Honleuraise Says:


You assume wrongly. It’s women who enjoy sharing this joke.

Men are rarely amused by it although some wryly admit the truth in it.

Did you try it out on your husband?

Okiegal Says:

Honleuraise….I stand corrected!! No I haven’t, but I will! Lol

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