Roger Federer Had To Walk Past Novak Djokovic Hugging His Wife In The Hallway [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 12th, 2015, 5:51 pm

A semi-awkward moment took place after the Wimbledon final today. Novak Djokovic had just beaten Roger Federer and was hugging his wife, Jelena, in the hallway. The scene was captured on live TV, but what made it interesting was watching Roger Federer walk right by as the happy couple were embracing.

This isn’t the first time a losing player had to watch the winner celebrate with friends and family in private, but it’s rare to see it play out on live TV.

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16 Comments for Roger Federer Had To Walk Past Novak Djokovic Hugging His Wife In The Hallway [Video]

RZ Says:

I’ve seen this on other blogs and news sites too. I don’t see what’s so interesting or awkward about it. Just looks like Fed is trying not to mind his own business as he walks by and is also trying to ignore the camera that is on him.

tennismonger Says:

Possible caption:

Roger Federer – Welcome to My World!

chris ford1 Says:

Nothing bad at all. It was really sweet. Novak adores his wife. She is his #1 cheerleader. Today was their wedding anniversary. They had a PDA moment.
So Fed walked by.
Could have been anyone.

Brian L. Says:

Probably didn’t expect there to be a camera around and probably just wanted to get out of Djoker’s spotlight moment.

Miki Says:

I saw negative comments regarding Roger just passing by. I mean, what do you wan’t him to do? Interrupt Nole and Jelena? He is not stupid, and it’s not what he is supposed to do. It’s just slightly awkward, but mostly because the hallway is narrow and those people are standing in Roger’s way.

Giles Says:

Geeez! Did we really need a thread on this cr@p? Fed walked past , so what? Joker should hog the hallway?? 😏

Gordon Says:

Anyone trying to make anything out of this truly has too much time on their hands.

Cena Says:

Please, let’s not make everything so trivial; most people do not function on such an insignificant, irrelevant level of existence.

Gee Says:

Fred wasn’t handed a bendover and he didn’t wear the ever so humble genius clothes and gold shoes.

that was why he didn’t smile so sweetly. * barfs it’s not like anyone loves his ‘charm, beauty and joy for tennis’.

Margot Says:

Am agreeing with RZ here. It most certainly is an item of extreme triviality and Fed was merely exhibiting good manners.
And, to put it in perspective, I was once part of a jury who brought in a conviction and we had to walk past all the accused’s relatives.
Try that for size.

Hippy Chick Says:

Nice scenes of Novak and Jelena,nothing awkward at all,made me laugh actually Rogers face was like yeah whatever….

madmax Says:

Great comments here everyone. Silly thread in the first place Tom gainey

What did you expect the fed to do?

Honestly, the mind boggles.

chris ford1 Says:

Margot – “And, to put it in perspective, I was once part of a jury who brought in a conviction and we had to walk past all the accused’s relatives.
Try that for size.”

I would have smiled passing them and shown a “thumbs down”, but that’s just me…..

Tennis Guy Says:

This is one of those “lets see how many jokes we can fit in 20 seconds” videos :)))))

Pure gold.

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..Try this on for size……I was handed the verdict to read! I’m a retired elected official, Court Clerk, by title. I pulled the numbers out of the hopper to get the jury seated. Once I had to read the verdict of a personal friend of mine who was found guilty. That is the first time in my life that I almost fainted…….true story! :)

About this thread, what was he supposed to do??? I guess turn around and go the other direction???

Agree with Gordon……

Margot Says:

Lol chris ford….but it was a major drug trial and boy they looked mean!
Oh Ok, how horrid :( Did s/he ever speak to you again?

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