Nick Kyrgios To Stan Wawrinka: Kokkinakis Banged Your Girlfriend, Sorry To Tell You That Mate [Video]
by Staff | August 13th, 2015, 9:23 am

The story of the day in tennis isn’t the great matches featured in Canada or Serena Williams’s assault on history, instead, it’s the continued incredible antics of Nick Kyrgios. Last night, the outspoken Aussie did it again, creating a firestorm of controversy and disgust across the internet for the words he said during his match against Stan Wawrinka in Montreal.

Minutes after losing the first set, during the first game Kyrgios muttered something he wanted no one to hear and everyone to hear, including his opponent, at the same time: “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that, mate.”

At the time, Wawrinka didn’t hear the comment but on-court microphones picked it up.


Kyrgios was referring to the 19-year-old Donna Vekic who has been allegedly romantically involved with Wawrinka and to his countryman Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Wawrinka later retired from the match at 6-7(8), 6-3, 4-0 with a back injury.

After the match in an on-court interview, Kyrgios didn’t shy away.

“He was getting a bit lippy at me so, I don’t know. It’s just in-the-moment sort of stuff,” Kyrgios said. “I don’t really know. I just said it.”

Kyrgios was referring to an exchange between the two moments before the sledge.

Naturually, things got ugly when Kyrgios returned to the locker where Wawrinka and his team were waiting.

“It will stay in the locker room,” Wawrinka said. “But I think there are things, regardless of who you are, regardless of the stress you have on the court, there things that you just can’t say. And regardless of whether or not he sidesteps it, I think the way he behaves on the court, he has big problems.”

Remarkably, Christos Kyrgios came to his brother’s defense.

And Nick’s mom got into the mix, hinting Wawrinka was sledging her son. She tweeted from a now-unavailable account:

Later, more from the Wawrinka and coach Magnus Norman on twitter.

And Wawrinka called for action.

“I just hope that the ATP will take big measures against him because he’s young, maybe – but there’s no excuse. Every match, he has problems. Every match, he behaves very badly,” Wawrinka added. “On top of that, the problem is that he doesn’t just behave badly towards himself, he behaves very badly towards the people around: the other players, the ball kids, the umpires. I really hope the ATP will take major action against him this time.”

While there might be little the ATP can do in disciplining Kyrgios outside of a fine, it’s the locker room backlash that tennis’s new bad boy should fear the most.

Later this afternoon, Kyrgios is scheduled to play against American John Isner. Does he even take the court?

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85 Comments for Nick Kyrgios To Stan Wawrinka: Kokkinakis Banged Your Girlfriend, Sorry To Tell You That Mate [Video]

Ben Pronin Says:

So much controversy!

When Kyrgios breaks a racket or yells obscenities, that’s in-the-moment type of behaviour. I have no idea how telling Wawrinka his buddy slept with his girl is an in-the-moment-of-a-tennis match kind of thing. I mean there’s a time and a place, surely, but not during a match. He should have just admitted he was trying to get under his skin.

On the other hand, Wawrinka and Norman are acting like Kyrgios kicked Stan’s baby. I mean Kyrgios at least deserves a fine for inappropriate language, I guess? But not much beyond that. I mean at this point the ATP/ITF might as well send him to counseling to be less of a dick, basically. But really Wawrinka’s just mad that Kokkinakis scored with his girl.

I mean what was the locker room confrontation about? “Hey man, that’s not cool what you said.” “Sorry mate, it’s true.” “No it’s not waaaah!” That’s kind of the biggest problem with this. Kyrgios is turning the locker room into a high school circus.

Dan Says:

Okay, I used to think Kyrgios was just a bit eccentric. Now it’s pretty clear he’s just a messed up teenager. Behaving like an irresponsible teenager. He definitely should be punished by the ATP.

RZ Says:

That was very, very low of Kyrios. It’s one thing to think his opponent is getting “lippy” with him, but another to drag 2 other people into it. Hope Quad K gives him hell for that.

Also it’s disappointing to see Nick’s family jump into the fray by supporting that kind of comment. More low behavior.

Ben Pronin Says:

RZ, good point. I feel like if anyone should be mad here it’s Kokkinakis. Kyrgios basically just threw his bro under the bus. But again, what can the ATP really punish here outside of inappropriate language?

Also, what’s with the term “sledge”? When I first read the headline, I thought Kyrgios physically attacked Wawrinka.

leo Says:

Classless! Make Vekic sound like some sort of trophy to score with. I think the biggest disrespect is towards her. Not sure what ATP can do about this, I think it’s really up to fans to not support such juvenile delinquents – don’t buy what he’s selling… Maybe this guy is not a lost cause, but maybe he is.

senthil Says:

They are followers of Lleyton Hewitt. Everyone knows how lleyton behaved in his “peak ranked” times. Aussies are born to sledge and in their blood. All cricket watching people will know. Lets see how ATP responses.

mat4 Says:

A few remarks.

One: I appreciate the fact that 2K’s family stood by his side. That’s the way family should react, even when they don’t agree — and I guess they probably don’t.

Then, give the boy some slack. He’s 19, uneducated, and probably just stupid — at least, he just looks like somebody who can’t get ill from meningitis. But he plays some good tennis. What were we expecting from him?

And finally, he probably just said the truth, and that’s what a man of honour does — tell the truth whatever the cost. And he was sorry — by his own admission. I’ll quote: “Sorry to tell you that, mate.” I am certain that he was sincere.

It’s all 4K fault, when you think deeply about hit. First, he “banged” Wawa’s girlfriend. Then he told it to 2K — although, what’s the point if you can’t bragg about it? — and 2K was so sorry he had to tell it to the world.

Then, Wawa reacted like a man, I mean, he just acted plainly silly. Although there is a heroic aspect in it. It should be understandable: when your wife cheats on you, you don’t fight with her lover, but you beat your wife, or you pretend not to know. It’s safer, the lover could be really big.

If you can’t pretend not to know, then, you pretend you don’t care. What’s a woman compared to a mate? Poor Wawa. What a “cry baby”…

Giles Says:

mat4. Your post sounds as though you are reliving some trauma in your very own personal life.

RZ Says:

@Ben Pronin: Here’s what Urban Dictionary defines “sledge”: “commonly used in sports to insult players from an opposing team.” Sounds like it’s common in cricket, so probably an Aussie term.

Margot Says:

That quote should be followed by “in order to gain a competitice advantage.”
And yes, very common in cricket, which I love. Perhaps why I’m not as shocked as some.
One of the funnier ones:
Q. Why are you so fat?
A. Because every time I s**g your wife she gives me a biscuit.
I think that reply can be attributed to Ian Poulter.

Margot Says:

“competitive advantage” even…sigh, edit button, sigh.

Ben Pronin Says:

Thanks RZ. Honestly never heard the term before.

Mat4, you make this sound so convoluted. I do agree that it seems that Kyrgios is just stupid. And for a 19 year old professional athlete, I don’t expect much to begin with. Not everyone can be like Federer and Djokovic. Particularly Djokovic who comes off somewhat educated or at least knowledgeable about things outside of tennis. But for the most part, the athletes that make it to the highest levels of the pros most likely sacrificed their education during their youth. Being “home schooled” when you’re out playing tennis all day isn’t really educational.

Especially tennis, where you can basically go pro at any age. In the US, the NFL and NBA require athletes to go to college for at least a year. And then the athletes still come out dumb as door knobs because they weren’t in school for academics anyway.

My point is, yeah Kyrgios is no peach, but to demand he be kicked off tour or whatever is being spiteful, ignorant, and just plain unreasonable. Just like you can’t get fired at work for voting for Donald Trump, Kyrgios shouldn’t be overly penalized for being a dumb teenager.

jalep Says:

Are you serious mat4? If anything Nick’s behavior reflects badly on the parenting here. You aren’t serious, I don’t think. ;)

Nick is 20 years old. This is high school stuff. I don’t care about Kyrgios in this incident other than lack of boundaries is obvious. As bad boys go he is a schmuck. Makes Gulbis look subtle and very classy.

Telling the truth as a defense for Nick? hahaha…

But I wouldn’t defend Stanimal. He is far from a beacon of virtue. Not at all thinking poor Wawa at this point.

Dona Vekic – can’t be a good thing for her. But there is no doubt that she made a poor choice with Stan, and she was only 18, she just turned 19 in June. Kokkinakis is a better match. But the lure of an older man with money, already established as a major tennis star…easy to see it wouldn’t have lasted with Stan.

Vekic has been compared to Sharapova and Wozniaki – big talent and future. This is embarrassing for a young lady wanting to be taken seriously.

Lastly I feel bad for Stan’s ex and his child. The ex is lucky to be rid of Stan.

sienna Says:

so is it true?

FedExpress Says:

Hello. This are still rumours that donna is stans gf. Neither confirmed nor denied.

Dan Says:

It would be one thing to say this to an opponent to upset them. You would be putting your nose into someone else’s personal life, but I’m sure in tennis that has happened before. But to make that kind of classless slur 1) On Center Court at a major event 2) Where there are lots of cameras and microphones and 3) Where it is now viral around the world and can never be taken back. It crossed so far over the line that I have never seen such a thing in over 35 years of watching tennis. Kyrgios has singlehandedly dragged the sport of tennis down into the gutter in a way never seen in this sport before. Can you imagine when Agassi was dating Brooke Shields an opponent saying on center court with the world’s media “Yeah, one of my buddies banged your girfriend Brooke…” This possibly ranks as the lowest class behaviour I have ever seen in the sport in 35 years. I am going to have to really think of what else comes close. Maybe only some racist comment, but none has been recorded forever on video like this one for all the world to see.

FedExpress Says:

And gulbis is a saint. Talks only intelligent stuff

jalep Says:

@ Ben Pronin

Really there should be penalties for anyone voting for Donald Trump!

Ben Pronin Says:

“Kyrgios has singlehandedly dragged the sport of tennis down into the gutter in a way never seen in this sport before.”

This has to be an exaggeration. I mean c’mon! Casual fans don’t even know this guy and will probably think he’s awesome or at least entertaining. 35 years? You’re telling me nothing you saw in the 80s was as bad if not worse than this? I mean c’mon! This is being blown so far out of proportion. Kyrgios is classless, absolutely. But so what? Why does every one need to be pristine? The sport needs some personality. Tennis was actually popular in the 80s when all the top guys were ready to rip each others’ heads off. Now everyone’s super nice and the sport’s popularity is in the gutter. If Kyrgios’ bad behavior draws in a crowd, then maybe his explosive game will keep some of that crowd. This is what tennis needs. Not a bunch of tea-sipping ballerinas.

courbon Says:

I can see angry Stan going to his hotel room and replacing Mirka’s head photo on his dart board, with Nick’s head….

jane Says:

anyone who votes for donald chump should have his/her head examined!

SG1 Says:

The person most harmed here is Donna Vekic. It seems like she was treated like nothing more than a pawn in a head game that Kyrgios was trying to employ against Stan. I get that the guy is young an impetuous but this level of stupidity just isn’t acceptable in a working environment. You wanna’ argue with the umpire, curse a little, maybe break a racket or two…fine. It’s not great behavior but at least on some level it’s related to your own tennis performance.

What this jack$%s in fact did was trash a young woman’s reputation for his own selfish purposes. I’m not saying he be thrown off the tour permanently but a very heavy fine and perhaps a couple of months off wouldn’t hurt. Maybe even some sensitivity counseling could help this clown.

It’s a shame that Kyrgios’ considerable tennis talent is surpassed by his penchant for being a moron.

Jack Lewis Says:

“Kyrgios is classless, absolutely. But so what?”

If I wanted to watch primates instead of Tennis.. I would go to the zoo.

“The sport needs some personality.”
I’d rather see some diverse playing styles when the players are hitting the ball, I don’t give a shit about personalities or else I’d be watching the kadachians or something.

It’s hilarious how a lot of idiots equate being an ass hole with having personality.

Nick Kyrgios Apologizes For Remarks Made Against Stan Wawrinka And His Girlfriend Donna Vekic Says:

[…] creating a firestorm of controversy last night with a rude remark during his match with Stan Wawrinka in Montreal, Nick Kyrgios went on Facebook this afternoon to issue an […]

Colin Says:

Master Kyrgios should have tried saying that to Andy, about Kim! Remember when Andy (due to a misunderstanding, I think) thought Delpo had insulted his mother? Andy seemed all set to pick a fight with the massive Argentinian.

I’m not generally in favour of violence, but if Stan had flattened him. I must admit I’d applaud.

It wouldn’t have been a first. In 1969, a British player named Roger Taylor decked Aussie Bob Hewitt in the locker room (Hewitt is of course now news for other reasons).

chris ford1 Says:

He deserved to be fined. Vekic did nothing wrong and he is using her to hurt Stan. Trying to make her out to be a slut. Four-K, by default the nicest male Australian pro of any note (Luke is not there yet, if ever) – shouldn’t have been dragged into this public as well. Four-K was also needlessly sucked into controversy by his “mate”…..who he has defended when Krygios has had other missteps.

Most professions operate on a “code” of what public insults or criticisms of colleagues are too much, what remarks are “close to the line”, what cross well over it. Run afoul of it and the references from colleagues end, support ends with the colleagues and sometimes the larger organization. Endorsements don’t happen. Ostracism.

Tennis does have a code in off court relationships. Many people are in a position to know that a WTA player is privately gay and who their girlfriend is. They don’t tell the media or announce it on court. Many a NBA team staffer knows that some power forward they detest is cheating on their wife with girlfriends in several cities (with new babies on welfare the result) …but that is out of bounds for public trash talking.

Kyrgios knows those “codes” of the ATP locker room stuff. But is too stupid or arrogant or spent too many years as an Aussie enabled, cossetted pet of a special athlete – to care.

Maybe Dawn Fraser was right about the Kyrgios and Tomic families..Addition by subtraction.

Emily Says:

I heard some of the comment during the match, but just the word girlfriend. Brett Haber commented that it was getting personal, but I couldn’t believe what he actually said when I went online. What made it worse was that even though he must have known about the comment, Gimelstob continued to gush over Nick and talk about how great he was, exciting personality, blah, blah.

Don’t know if I can say this, but this was sl*t shaming, pure and simple. At least the ESPN commentators all agreed that it was completely unacceptable and that it would hurt Vekic the most. I don’t care about players’ personal lives, but when you stoop that low and think it’s ok, this is a problem.

Love the facebook apology his publicist wrote for him, but I hope this just blows over.

Emily Says:

@Colin, Darren Cahill said Stan nearly did

Markus Says:

Ben Pronin @11:13: This comment is as classless as the guy you are defending.

Giles Says:

Nike should discontinue sponsorship immediately for this piece of sh!te!

Giles Says:

Just wondering if Vekic can sue him for slander??

Dan Says:

@Ben Pronin The reason this is worse than anything before is that it is dragging someone’s personal life through the gutter in full view of the media. Yes, there have been threats, yes there has been pretty bad language, but when you are a world celebrity like these players, your private life is completely out of bounds. Now the world thinks they know something unseemly about Stan’s personal life. This is absolutely the worst (only some vile racist comment could probably be lower). One of the CBC commentators, former player Jimmy Arias, summed it up well. He said normally Kyrgios throws his opponent under the bus, now he’s throwing other unrelated people under the bus (Vecic and Kokkinakis). Beyond low class. I think the ATP should suspend him. After years of Federer and the top players building tennis into the great sport it is, this kind of behaviour can kill the sport pretty fast.

Daniel Says:

Damm, missed the time and Djoko already won in less than an hour.

Guess the question now is who will he face in finals, and worh hos record in masters finals, beat there? Murray, Kei, Tosnga or Nadal.

Can’t see him losing to Young nor Gulbis so only dangerous match for him is semis agaisnt Karlovic, Isner or Kyrgios (if all this of court drama doesn’t affect him).

Daniel Says:

If draws are indeed rigged they should place them to play seocnd round again in Cincy and as early as possible in US Open. That would be fun!😜

Daniel Says:

And this create drama of Wawa is to play 4K too. Dirty laundry for everybody to see. The cost of being a public figure and some out of control teen. Hope Wawa do payback by beating him next time.

Margot Says:

Lol Daniel this is turning into some awful soap opera! You couldn’t make it up!

Okiegal Says:

A public apology was just now shown on TV from Nick the kid…..kid is right!

Jock-KatH Says:

Just having read all these comments, I’m finding myself lost – most people are on target. For me, Kyrgios was so, so wrong to bring it into a tennis match – I want to go back to Dickensonian times and pull down his pants and give a few lashes on the rear —-but after that I want it to go away – I actually don’t dislike him, he just has a lot of living in the real world to learn. That said, I can understand Stan’s fury and the girl involved and sympathize with them.

Markus Says:

Kyrgios behavior is, plain and simple, abominable. There is no excuse for it and there is no reason whatsover to defend it. Age, heat of the moment , etc., etc., are not valid excuses. Bad is bad.

Giles Says:

What does “kid is right” mean??

Okiegal Says:

Chardy is a nice looking fellow. How old is he?? I’m wondering if I’m too old for him?? Woot Woot….kidding of course. Hubby feels like he takes a second seat to Rafa as it! In the grand scheme of things…… My heart only belongs to Okieguy! :)

amadeus Says:

Drama queens:

The aussies
Stan “cry baby” Wawrinka
Donald “Trumpet mouth”

Ben Pronin Says:

“I’d rather see some diverse playing styles when the players are hitting the ball, I don’t give a shit about personalities or else I’d be watching the kadachians or something.”

Like any other sport, tennis doesn’t care about avid watchers, it cares about the casual fans. Most likely you won’t stop watching tennis because of one dumb player. But that same dumb player can attract casual observers and that’s what really counts.

I think only a week ago 2 Italian players were banned from tennis for life due to match rigging and the likes. Now that’s bad for the sport. That’s a horrific offense to the sport. That is something that would drag the sport into the gutter. Kyrgios saying dumb stuff during a match is bad and classless but that’s pretty much where it ends. I agree with everyone saying the person hurt most is Vekic. Definitely an undeserving victim in Kyrgios’ dirty games. But let’s not pretend Wawrinka is some kind of saint. Just because he doesn’t spout BS on the court doesn’t mean he’s some upstanding family man. The guy deserted his girlfriend right after his baby was born. Then they reconciled and got divorced just last year. And we all saw the scathing letter his ex wrote. Stan’s being a big baby if he’s saying this is the lowest blow. It really isn’t. Calling him a baby-deserter would’ve been the lowest blow.

Suspending Kyrgios for insulting another player during a match would be ridiculous. Fine him, absolutely. But suspend him? Why not suspend Serena for implying that Dimitrov has a black heart? Or Sharapova for referring to Serena’s relationship with her married coach? Are these not classless comments?

mat4 Says:

I believed it was obvious my comments were sarcastic.

Daniel Says:

At the end of the day, next time they play, hopefully soon, all the buzz will be there. This creates interest in the sport, because all media will be like hienas to cover it up.

Another lesson learned from this, don’t tell Kyrgios any secrets because the guy has a big mouth.

I wonder if Kyrgios starts dishing out all tennis hidden dirty from the tour in all of his opponents face. That would be interesting!

Players will cringe when they have to face him or piss simon court like Wawa was doing. lol.

Can’t take this whole things serious, but at least brings more drama to it.
Of course most of us, good people, would stand this low, but it’s kind of fun seeing this from this sports person. Adds a different element to the game.

An in the end if we are to condone everybody, all involved have their share of guilty: Kyrgios who open his mouth, Wawa with his love conduct, The girl who shifted guys in a small spam and 4K for telling Kyrgios. If you don’t want people to bad mouth you, act accordingly. One misstep and is all it takes;-)

Daniel Says:

In the mean time, Murray also cruising, first set 6-3 and break upon second. No giving breaks back sit was with Robredo. Murray really has no problems facing the big servers.

Okiegal Says:

@Giles…..He has been referred to as Nick the Kid. When in reality he is a 20 yr old young adult……but acts like a teenager who doesn’t know any better. I have a friend who has a 12 yr old son who is more mature than Nick…..yes he acts like a kid. Why I’m explaining my comment to you, I’ll never know…..because you have to know what was meant by it……

In the meantime, come on Rafa and get on with business and get the WIN!! I will be tuned in on ESPN3.comtennis live stream!!

Ben Pronin Says:

“The girl who shifted guys in a small spam”

She has nothing to feel guilty about.

mat4 Says:

Seriously, now.

2K is just stupid. Vika was right: if you want to play tough, don’t do it in front of the microphone.

Wawrinka behaved also like a moron. There was nothing to say, right now, to 2K. He had to bid for his time, and say nothing in front of the journalists neither.

What would have Marat Safin done? At least, he knew how to behave like a man.

jalep Says:

At first, wasn’t sure – mat4. Had to read it twice.

But I’m familiar enough with your posts… it was a good laugh.

Daniel Says:

Agree Ben, people can have as manu lovers as they want. I just don’t agree with this poor girl she had nothing to do with it. of course she does, the moment anybody sleep woth two different people from the same metier in spam of let’s say, probably 2 months or less you are going to be victim of bad mouth. It has always been this way in our lives, let alone theirs.

Daniel Says:

She had only bad luck that Kyrgios who has appear has no sense of right or worng end up being friend of one of the guys and decided to use this info in the worst manner in one of the worst possible places. Can only think it being worse is if he said it in an direct interview.

mat4 Says:

Just like I wrote, my first comment was sarcastic. I thought it was obvious. The whole situation is ridiculous — Kyrgios’ behaviour, Wawrinka’s behaviour, the reaction of the media.

Then, there is here the question of double standards: the media didn’t react so vehemently when the same player trashed an official.

The whole situation is farcical, and I don’t understand why I was moderated.

mat4 Says:


Next time I’ll wrote a smiley, to make myself clear. I just thought the whole situation was ridiculous, and wanted to show how much.

Markus Says:

This is taking all the fun out of tennis. If I want gossip I’ll read the tabloids while the cashier rings up my groceries.
Let’s go back to tennis.
OkieGal, you’ll have another chance to enjoy your other eye candy, Chardy. Murray is winning against Muller in spite of me watching, so that’s a good thing. Nadal hopefully will win again so that the Nadal Gals will be happy gals. Djokovic already won. Again, the cream is rising to the top. So many upsets yesterday but those guys are not really the cream of the crop.

Daniel Says:

Well, Murray surrender a break but broke back right after and serve for the match.

FedExpress Says:

gulbis serving like in his prime. no DFs so far. FH working decent. BH a treat.

think he has a genuine chance against nole.

ATP Slaps Nick Kyrgios With $10,000 Fine, Leaves Door Open For Further Discipline Says:

[…] The ATP hit Nick Kyrgios with a $10,000 fine and left the door open for even more action after the Australian’s insulting remarks yesterday to Stan Wawrinka and his alleged girlfriend Donna Vekic last night in Mo…. […]

Giles Says:

Okiegal. You should have defined your statement better. Perhaps “kid” is right, putting the emphasis on the word “kid”. It would then read differently.

jalep Says:

That’s why I put a stupid little winky face in my post to you… so you’d hopefully know I wasn’t taking you seriously.

Not that I like the excessive use of winkies and sh!t like that but it’s the intertubes!

mat4 ;)

mat4 Says:


First, I didn’t forget, but I had no connection that day. But next year… I promise…

Then. Chardy is 28 or 29, I think. He is a player who slowly matured, and I expect his best results, if he remains injury free, are yet to come. He has a well rounded game, a good serve, and lately he plays freely. He played a great match against Murray at Roland Garros. I believe he will be a top 20 player next year.

Daniel Says:

Ferrer won’t play Cincy either, seems is very likely he will be missing US Open as well.

Nadal bumped to #8 for Cincy draw tomorrow, avoiding playing one of top 4 in R16.

Gulbis just broke for a 3-2 lead second set, let’s see if he keeps this momentum and have a decent match against Djoko, although I don’t see it.

Daniel Says:

Wow, Gulbis 100% second serves points won, unreal.

Margot Says:

Lol Daniel loved your take, that from now on all the players will be s**t scared when they see Nick on the other side of the net! No, not terrified of his forehand, but terrified of his gob! All players with secrets to hide now lose 6-0 6-0 to Nick who soars in the rankings, surprisingly…not.
Meanwhile have posted about Andy’s match elsewhere. This thread belongs to Nick alone. Oh yes!

FedExpress Says:

2nd serve points won 100 %. wow.

1st serve points won 91% wow

jalep Says:

Don’t hold your breath, Fedexpress. There’s still time for him to lose…

it’s Gulbis – he’s already living on borrowed time to have made it through qualies making it past Rosol. This is the best we’ve seen from him since 2014 FO.

Not a chance v Nole or Murray… has Gulbis.

Okiegal Says:

Nick was born April 1997……He is not a teenager. He gave up that status in 2014….

FedExpress Says:

when gulbis backhand is on it is top 5

FedExpress Says:

so much talent this guy which got wasted

FedExpress Says:

gulbis FH gone now. deuce

FedExpress Says:

gulbis gone

FedExpress Says:

hahaha. gublis is serving in goat mode

FedExpress Says:

borrow delpos forehand ernie. delpo doesnt need it atm

FedExpress Says:

hahahahah. another moment captured from kyrgios where he says in the first set at 2-2 “banging an 18 year old”


FedExpress Says:

plz interview ernie sky sports

Okiegal Says:

@Giles…. I know what I meant and if it was difficult to comprehend I apologize. It’s nice to know that there are some posters out there as thick headed as I am……

tennisfansince76 Says:

@mat4 I at least found your first post to be laugh out loud funny.

mat4 Says:

Thanks, TF76. Only old posters, like you and jalep noticed the grotesque of that post.

But anyway, I’m happy for 4K :-) What was the old French song? Auprès de ma blonde, qu’il fait bon, fait bon, fait bon…

Okiegal Says:

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I think Nick has a screw loose……he’s really out there!
Here you are in the middle of a match and let yourself get distracted by saying something as stupid as that…….weird. We have a saying in Oklahoma that goes something like this….”his cornbread ain’t done”! Just saying………..I don’t understand this young adult.

Michael Says:

Kyrgios has created new milestones in his weird, vulgar and unruly behavior and he is a disgrace to Tennis. He should not be let off easily and should be imparted with the severest of punishment that is possible. Even the tantrum prone John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors didn’t behave in such a ham handed fashion being so uncourteous and abusive to their opponents. I pity Stan for being at the receiving end hearing those slanders !!

elina Says:

ATP, you serious?

Even in professional hockey where etiquette is a foreign concept and trash talk is an art form, Sean Avery received a six game suspension and all the ATP can do is fine Kyrgios??

Send a message and let this little man child sit out the USO.

madmax Says:

Just classless. Needs to grow up big time.

Nick Kyrgios Says He Did Apologize Directly To Stan Wawrinka Says:

[…] latest in the Nick Kyrgios-Stan Wawrinka saga is Kyrgios has stated that he did in fact apologize directly to […]

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