Andy Murray Now Has Masters Titles Over Rafael Nadal And Novak Djokovic This Year
by Tom Gainey | August 17th, 2015, 2:37 pm

Andy Murray may not be winning Grand Slams, but he just won his second Masters event of the season yesterday beating longtime rival Novak Djokovic 64, 46, 63 to win a 3-hour Canadian Open Montreal final.

Murray, who hadn’t dropped a set and played recent matches late in the evening, proved the aggressor early against the World No. 1, and then hung in the end to win his third Canadian Open title.

“I did come up and play aggressively when I needed to,” Murray said. “Especially in the third set when I was breakpoints down, I finished a couple of points up at the net, got some free points on my first serve, as well.”

The win also ends an 8-match personal losing streak to Djokovic who also beat Murray in the Australian Open and Miami Open finals as well as the French Open and Indian Wells semifinals.

“This year I’ve lost some tough ones to him,” said Murray. “Last year for me, you know, I wasn’t able to compete with the top players. I was coming back from back surgery. I wasn’t able to. This year I feel like I’ve been able to. I’ve had some close matches and some tough losses: the Miami final, the Australian Open, the French Open. So, yeah, to win this one was nice, especially the way the match was as well. It would have been easy for me to let that one slip away. But I fought well and stayed calm in the important moments of the third set.”

News also broke that Murray’s coach Amelie Mauresmo gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday.

“Obviously I employed Jonas,” Murray said. “He’s going to be with me pretty much every event I play between now and the end of the year. Yeah, when Amelie is ready to sit down and chat, then we’ll see what it is she wants do, if she wants to continue doing the job, if she wants to stay at home. It’s really up to her. She’s earned the right to make that decision. I don’t feel like it’s for me to decide. It’s really up to her and what she wants. Just have to wait and see.”

Murray came into the spring with no wins over the Big 3 since back surgery (0-12). But he has beaten Rafael Nadal on Rafa’s favorite surface in Spain to win Madrid, and now added a victory over 3-time Canadian Open champion Djokovic on the Serb’s best surface.

With his ranking back to No. 2 and his confidence soaring after his 35th career title (11th Masters), Murray moves on to Cincinnati where he’ll try for a third crown there. He’ll open up against 2-time finalist Mardy Fish.

“I think me today would beat me a few years ago,” Murray said. “I feel like my back and stuff is much better now, more experience. There’s things I’m doing a little bit better on the court, as well. I think if I played myself from a couple years ago, I think I would win today.”

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56 Comments for Andy Murray Now Has Masters Titles Over Rafael Nadal And Novak Djokovic This Year

Margot Says:

Way to go ANDEE!
Interesting he’s saying he’s playing better than ever.
I’m inclined to agree….:)

Jock-KatH Says:

A lot of them say that (e.g.the Fed.) – As U know Margo, Andy is a bit more self-critical – so if he’s saying it, let’s hope he’s right. All he has to do is prove it. ….oooh, let’s hope he does.

GO Andy – Keep that No. 2 ranking for the USO – U never know where it will lead U….up, up, UP. (Inshallah).

RZ Says:

Onward and upward, Andy!
Interesting that the Big 4 guy he had the best record against (Fed) is the one he hasn’t been able to beat since coming back. But I think that will come too.

jane Says:

i have always found it odd, too, RZ, that andy’s been able to beat fed since way back in 2006, but it’s never translated to success against fed in slam matches. i think andy is at 1-5 in slams. yet he’s beat him lots of times in masters, winning in straight sets or 2 of 3 sets. if he can win 2 sets, why not one more. obviously he can do it, but is it nerves for andy at slams versus fed, or does fed raise his game by later rounds of slams, or what? it’s any interesting dynamic because andy would have a winning or tied h2h STILL if he’d won a couple more of his slam matches versus roger. heck, he might even have another slam or 2?

jane Says:

winning big matches against top rivals is always a confidence boost. these masters wins were both good ones for sure.

Daniel Says:


I think it is mental resolve, Nadal and Djoko are better mentally than Murray and it translate to their sucess versus Fed in Slams. Ir is as of these two are the obly players Fed “fear” in Slams because he knows what they are cabable of hence he will soon have a losing HxH agaisnt them (age and other factors count as well). But Andy time and time again Fed was able to produce hos hest tennis (USO 08′, AO 10, Wimby 12′, Wimby 15′), while agaisnt the other two the hole is deeper😜

Colin Says:

Andy’s statement is much milder than Roger’s. I don’t know about you, Daniel, but I’d rather be a 28 year old on an upward curve than a 34 year old producing flashes of brilliance. Why are people so resistant to the possibility that Andy is still improving,particularly in his mental approach?

Confidence breeds confidence, and in two years, Andy may well be better than he is now, but are you going to say Roger will be better at 36 than he is at 34? He’ll KNOW more, but will his reflexes and consistency have improved to the same degree? That’s fantasy.

jane Says:

^ esp with rafa, though, daniel.

because even versus novak the slam h2h is close. nole leads by 1 now at 7-6. but their h2h rivalry is such an even affair. wiki says some interesting things about it, like this

“To date Federer is the only man to have beaten Djokovic in all four majors, and likewise Djokovic is the only man to have beaten Federer in all four majors.”

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Colin, there is much logic to what you say, but we’ve likewise been expecting Murray to be better than Federer for quite a few years now. Is he, now, at last?

Matt Says:

The djok/Murray rivalry is closer than the general numbers suggest. Look at how they fair in tournament finals (masters/majors).

In the end, the loss isn’t devastating at all for Djokovic. Get the arm 100% and keep finding your form.

At the same time, huge win for Murray. Two man race with a dark horse or two at USO.

Daniel Says:

Agree Colin, i too think Andy is getting better and I believe him and Djoko will share the Next 8 Slams before they turn 30. Also would be nice for Andy to be #1 at some point.

My take is that due to Andy mental fragility compared to Noavk and Nadal, Fed was able to be more sucesfull agaisnt him as on paper, Andy being younger and with his talent he should be on a way to have a positive HxH with Fed. as it was the case with their rivalry for a long time. Plus his back op and he lost a good year and some mental advantage. Fed last shot was this Wimbledon, he still has a “shot” at this US Open but ibly if he wins Cincy and doesn’t play Djoko (who has an edge rught now). And even so he will have to survive the draw.

A fee weeks ago some were saying this would be the most open Slam but with Raonic not on top form, Berdych kind of awol, Kei can’t sustain too many matches (possibly injured), Tosnga, Cilic won’t put my money in them either, Nadal having his worst year (not a final in HC since Miami 14′) and Wawa bog question mark still (could also be injured). Suddenly US Open feels like Wimbledon, either Djoko, Murray or Fed will win it. Can’t see now anybody other than these 3. And if Fed doesn’t have a good Cincy will decrease hos chances even more.

sienna Says:

Fed will school Murray just like he did last 4.
this h2h has taken als turn Murphy has no footh hold on Federer.
remember 0 and 1 ? it cuts like aan knife.

Jock-KatH Says:


What happens if Fed & Murray end up with exact scores at end of Cinc. —Who gets the no.2 spot at USO?

FedExpress Says:

not again this “Wimbledon was federes last shot” crap, daniel.

chris ford1 Says:

Federer has a good shot at Cincinnati, a small shot at the USO, and fair shots at Shanghai and the WTF.
He is not finished, of course, not this year or next year most likely.
But my bet is Roger wins a few more Masters 1000s and ATP500 events, but no more Slams.

Michael Says:

Andy is seemingly oozing with confidence after beating the World’s best player. Why not ? He absolutely deserves it for all his exploits on court on a day I would say Novak played really well except for that niggling of that elbow which was bothered him now and then. But then, you cannot make that an excuse for your defeat as that would be a great disservice to your opponent by dimunitiving his achievement.

That said, it is really pleasing to see Andy discover his groove as the competition at the top was looking very pedestrian where Novak was such a domineering factor. Even overt domination of a particular player will make the sport lose his charm and that is the prime reason Tennis needs competition and battles out there in court. Who can give that but a brilliant strategist like Andy who is a master tactician in his own right and has an innate, flair and consummate ability to work the ball on court deceiving his opponents.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael just wondered if you read my post the other day,when you said it was a matter of time before Novak surpassed Rafa,this is my new monikor its Alison….

Michael Says:

Hello Alison. So long since I conversed with you. Just wondering why are you frequently changing your nick names which creates confusion as one cannot relate to you ? Although I would say the new name you have adorned is quite charming and wonderful.

Sorry Alison, I didn’t see that post. If you could just recount that here, I can respond to it.

Nevertheless, I feel that Novak would definitely surpass 14 majors if he maintains his current playing standard and he is also injury free in the remaining period of his career. Whether he would surpass Rafa is a different matter as one doesn’t know as to what will be Rafa’s future in majors ? Will he be adding more to his pristine collection ? At the moment, things are not looking that much encouraging for Rafa. But you can never say for certain. He can bounce back and he has that innate ability in him to silence the doomsday critics. What he needs is a morale boosting win against the big players to get back his lost confidence which at the moment is woefully low. Rafa’s problem today is both mental as well as physical.

Wog Boy Says:

“not again this “Wimbledon was federes last shot” crap, daniel.”

I also have a shot at Monica Bellucci but that is the only thing I have, shot but no hope, but I am stiill happy with that.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael both names fit my real life persona,and i have to be true to myself,and ive always been honest and upfront about who i am and not hidden behind sock puppets or anything….

Anyway i did get a little cross with you sorry,as didnt you say the exact same thing about Rafa surpassing Roger when he won USO 2013?and i replied that these things only have relavance if or when they are close to actually happening,winning another 6 GS at the click of ones fingers is easier said than done,i do get people are gloating and loving the decline of Rafa,but what about other players Andy,Stan,or somebody new dont they get a say?nothing against Novak but i would like somebody else to also win something too if thats OK?apologies for going off on one….

Gypsy Gal Says:

As long as your making finals you have a shot….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy i can see the attraction,but the woman has had more plastic surgery than you or i have had hot dinners,why did she do it when she was already beautiful anyway?ready for Colins take on women with fake boobs and plastic surgery now lol….

Michael Says:


This nick name looks quite good compared to the earlier Happy Chic. I hope you will hold onto it although it would be pleasing to me if you could post with your original Alison.

True, I did commit that Rafa will be surprassing Roger’s count of Grand slams and that is turning out to be a non-starter as of now. But you never know ? He is still only 29 and anything can happen ? He has to win only 3 to equal and that is precariously close.

I am placing enormous confidence on Novak right now is due to the way he is having such a domineering influence on the sport today. He is certainly ahead of competition although Andy is not far behind and he has shown that he can beat Novak.

As I already said in the other thread, can one prevent anybody from winning just because of wishing it other wise ?

calmdownplease Says:


well said WG,
well said
Gypsy Girl or whatever your name now is,
I wish you would stop being so apologetic all the time!
Thank goodness you are a Nadal fan (mostly)
This kind of wishy-washyness would not be tolerated from a Muzzan.
Oh no.
At least not while I’m around.

Anyway things like this are why I will always have a soft spot for Novak, despite a few of his antics;

Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP Only smoked it once and it did nothing for me i know i sound like Bill Clinton now lol,anyway i wasnt aware i was apologizing?but anyway big time Rafa fan firstly,big time Andy fan secondly,and havent actually congratulated him and all his fans,so big congrats Andy Murray YAY….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael some say they they like the new name CDP said he did and you now,Markus said he prefers Hippy Chick,im flattered either way,both fit my real life persona,Alison is my real name but quite boring….

calmdownplease Says:

You’re nice though GG
I just wish you were a bit more of a b**ch,
then you’d be my kind of girl
Although Margot is sweet too (but less apologetic)
The rise of the Muzzans is almost at hand,
And I feel an eclipse coming ON

Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP lol im a completely different person in the real world,my husband can vouch for that,ill be a bit more of a b**ch though in future….

Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP put it this way,if any man were to speak about me the way Nick Kyrgios spoke about Donna Vekic,i would be cutting his private parts off with a very blunt instrument,and wearing them as earings,there is that b**chy enough for you?….

calmdownplease Says:

That was psycopathic, not bitchy
Has anyone considered that 4k actually DID do the nasty with her
I mean he couldn’t be entirely blamed now could he?
Love the Nick K dude,
he’s a hoot!

calmdownplease Says:

That was psycopathic,
not b**chy
Has anyone considered that 4k actually DID do the nasty with her
I mean he couldn’t be entirely blamed now could he?
Love the Nick K dude,
he’s a hoot!

Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP yeah i did,but whether or not TK did the deed with DV as NK said wasnt my issue,its hearing/hereing men talk like that about women is what i cant stand,so i stand by my post at 7.04 am,but i made my point a few days ago on that topic,so ill leave it at that….

calmdownplease Says:

Didn’t read it darling.
Yes, because ONLY men are judgmental and critical etc about women….
I think, however, that a gaggle of gossiping women are more equal opportunity when it comes to these kinds of things
They bi**h about everything that breathes air!
And they do say really kind of sexual things also about various hunks and what not (and are pretty scathing too)
Yap Yap Yappity Yap!
I’ve actually seen this on occasion myself
But of course the reason NK was bang out of order was that it was done on TV!
He’s a brat for sure, but he’ll get over it in time.

Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP dont get me wrong women can be just as bad….

calmdownplease Says:

they can be FAR worse

Daniel Says:

Wog Boy, you aim high. Can’t wait it to see Monica as the new Bond Girl, she looks gorgeous (as usual) in latest trailer.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Daniel/Wogboy We have a lady in GB called Leila Rouass who looks alot like Monica Belluci if you google pictures of her you will see,wish i knew how to post links and you would see what i mean,however not been a b*tchy woman here,but why do such gorgeous women go down the plastic surgery root when they are so beautiful anyway?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sean Connery was the best ever James Bond,rather lost interest after him….

Daniel Says:


I thibk there is controversy regarding her plastic surgery. She and her parent denies it but my guees she must habe botox (like everybody in show business) and maybe some filler.

But she didn’t went obivious procedures as Nicile Kidman, Rene, Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, and may other who looks kind of fakeish. Minica looks like hshe aged really well (she is 49) hence I think what she did was most skin related and not getting on the knife. But if she did ot was the most perfect plastic surgery ever because it is flawless for a almost 50 year old.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Daniel yeah true,i just dont see the need for it though when your already beautiful JMO,anyway if you google the other lady i mentioned you will see the likeness and no surgery either well that i know of,and also very beautiful….

Jock-KatH Says:

Daniel et al

This is the article I tried to send earlier – hope it copies – it made me wonder what happens if Fed. + Andy’s scores are equal??????????

Daniel Says:


I don’t think is possible for them to have the same amount of pint.

As of today:

– Fed 8065 pts
– Murray 8660 pts.

Murray will drop 180 pts next week from Beijing and the points from Cincy as a mandatory Masters will add for him.

So Fed has 8065and Murray has 8480 pts.

1 – If Murray reaches semis and loses to Fed he gets 8840 pts and Fed by reaching finals 8865 puts, meaning Fed has to win to get back to #2.

2 – If Murray raches Quarters and lsoes, he get back to 8660 pts, soil Federer reaches finals, he gets to 8665 pts and all be 2 by 5 pts difference.

There is no way they have the same amount of points after Cincy, but in case of a tie, found this online:

The 2014 ATP Official Rulebook, 9.03 (Emirates ATP Rankings), Section E lists three different tie breakers in the event that players have the same total number of points. two or more players have the same total number of points, ties shall be broken as follows:

1) the most total points from the Grand Slams, ATP World Tour Masters 1000 mandatory tournaments and Barclays ATP World Tour Finals main draws, and if still tied, then,

2) the fewest events played, counting all missed Grand Slams, ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments and Barclays ATP World Tour Finals they could have played (as described under A. above) as if played, and if still tied, then,

3) the highest number of points from one single tournament, then, if needed, the second highest, and so on.

Daniel Says:

Yeah GG the other lady is very beautiful, looks like she has some latin blood.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Daniel she has a Morocan father,and an Indian mother….

calmdownplease Says:

`remember 0 and 1 ? it cuts like aan knife…`

I don’t think anyone here can ever forget about that, you old slapper, as you never shut up about it!
We’ll see should they meet at Cincy (which they just might)
But short of another goat serve from Fed, he just might finally succumb to Andy
Federer may well be hanging on by his fingertips right now mentally for if Murray can slam the door on him, then maybe he (and you) will have to accept that there really is no realistic slam chances remaining.
Djokovic on his own could always have been taken out at some point Although Wawrinka has performed a very convincing job as second fiddle blasting Fed off the court while Andy was awol).
So, it’s ALL to play for
but Andy seems to be getting better and better ;-)

Ben Pronin Says:

CDP, 0 and 1 seems to be the best thing that has ever happened to Sienna. Just let him have it.

sienna Says:


Roger can take it sleapwalking. especially novak in slumb. Murray was gifted another master. He will lose to fed should they meet.

Jock-KatH Says:

Thanks Daniel – Tight situation – tenderhooks for both sets of fans.

Jock-KatH Says:

Sienna – You been in a coma, girl? Fed. announced he was better than 10 years ago – so no need to worri.

Margot Says:

Michael @5.17 a.m.
Loking the cut of your jib sir!

Margot Says:

“Sweet” eh? OMeffingG. Nobody on this earth has ever called me “sweet” before.
Pistols at dawn, I feel.

calmdownplease Says:

Oh but Margot you are!
So sweet
you’re such a sweety pie
so fluffy and sparkly
sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt!

mmmmmm, no maybe not
Okay I’ll take that right back
My Bad lol

calmdownplease Says:

Liked that one too Margot
So, you can actually NAVIGATE that godawful site?!
It’s more effort than I’m willing to put in I think.

Margot Says:

Just as well CDP @ 8.38am because, if you hadn’t I’d have to reveal what a sweet marshmallow you really are, and then your reputation as tennisx’s very own badass would be completely shot……

calmdownplease Says:

mmm marshmallow?

I like that one actually

Feel free to disseminate this `shocking` reveal ;)

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