ATP Puts Nick Kyrgios On Probation, Next Misstep Results In 28-Day Suspension
by Tom Gainey | August 24th, 2015, 10:12 am

This morning, the ATP released results of their investigation into the Nick Kyrgios incident from Montreal two weeks ago.

The ATP already fined the 20-year-old a maximum $10,000 for the “sledge” and another $2.500 for unsportsmanlike conduct towarda ball boy. And now they’ve hit him with another $25,000 and placed him on probation for six months ending February 24, 2016 under the “major offence Aggravated Behavior” clause.

The ATP has imposed a further fine of US$25,000 as well as a suspension for a period of 28 days from any ATP sanctioned event. However, the fine and suspension are withheld on the condition that, over the next six-month period, ending 24 February 2016, the player:

1) does not incur any fines for verbal or physical abuse at any ATP sanctioned tournament, or;

2) does not accumulate fines totalling more than US$5,000 for any other offences at ATP sanctioned tournaments.

Gayle David Bradshaw, Executive Vice President, Rules & Competition, said: “This incident was egregious and reflected poorly on our sport. Nick has expressed regret, and the best result would be that he learns a lesson from this incident and that he understands he is responsible to the Tour and to fellow players for both his actions and his words. It is with these factors in mind I feel he should have the opportunity to ‘earn’ his way out of additional sanctions.”

The ATP is telling Kyrgios, play nice or you will be off the tour for a month.

The 37th-ranked Kyrgios will be at the US Open starting next Monday.

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19 Comments for ATP Puts Nick Kyrgios On Probation, Next Misstep Results In 28-Day Suspension

RogNadFan Says:

Oh no!
I guess we will soon hear some cry outs from Mr. Sean Randall. Or, it will be more Wawrinka bashing? again?

Joke aside, this action will at least set an example to these spoiled kids, who want to be professional but lack the very thing that is most important to be a professional.

madmax Says:

I think this is a great idea.

Hopefully it will be enforced to the letter.

Before my time, but was Mcenroe ever fined for his behaviour at that time or Nastase?

Just interested – to those experienced posters out there.

elina Says:

He should have been unconditionally suspended outright immediately just like they did in the NHL with Sean Avery.

McEnroe nor Nastase ever made such a statement that had nothing to do with tennis that dragged in innocent parties compared to Kyrgios’ public anti-social verbal shaming attack on Vekic.

RZ Says:

On a semi-related topic: Kyrgios is ranked 37? Another dangerous floater at the US Open.

chris ford1 Says:

Seems Kyrgios may be paying a price for Team Australia pushing the ATP over the years not to go after the bad behavior of Bernard Tomic. With the ATP apparently feeling that after all the Tomic discipline passes done, his “mate” Kyrgios’ comments were the final straw.

Patricia Pascoe Says:

Kyrgios deserves all the punishment he has got ,no player should comment on other players private life ,Grow up Kyrgios and quick!!!

Dan the Man Says:

@madmax I’ve been a fan for 36 years and I’ve never seen an incident like this where a player has smeared another on camera like this during a match (although there was some personal life commenting between Sharapova and Serena a couple of years ago, but that was already in the press). I’ve never seen any bad boy before smear someone’s personal life publicly. There has been a lot of crudeness and bad behaviour on court, and McEnroe was defaulted at the Australian once, and Serena defaulted at the U.S. Open more recently, so punishment has been more severe than this. Both tours never really cracked down severely until the 1980s, so players got away with a lot more earlier than that in the 1970s.

Charlie Says:

It was before my time as well, but I don’t recall many saying McEnroe stooped to quite this level.
I guess the big question is whether it will be enforced.
Also @RZ, with the way he has been playing lately I sort of doubt he’s much of a challenge. And he certainly won’t fly under the radar.

RZ Says:

@Charlie – Until this year he pretty much never won any ATP 250/500/1000 level matches but would win a few rounds at grand slams. He could still pull off an upset, but he’s such a hot and cold player that he could also lose in the first round.

Georgy Gal Says:

The ATP’s seeming tough deterrent punishment is a joke. What it logically means is that he has to violate both conditions for the suspended ban and fine to be imposed. In other words, he can violate one. So he can verbally or physically abuse but if his fines from other offences are $5k or less, the suspended fine and ban remain suspended!!!
No doubt Nick’s behavior is ATPs top attraction and they do not want to gag their golden goose. So in convoluted language they impose what seems to the majority to be a deterrent ( they think the punishment is attracted if he violates even one condition) but to the logical and to lawyers, it is clear that it is a joke (punishment is attracted only if he violates both).

MMT Says:

I feel this is much ado about nothing: it was a stupid locker room jibe that’s been blown out of proportion, the notoriety of which has only increased as a result of the overblown reaction to it. I really hope this is the end of it, because there have been much worse things said on a tennis court.

calmdownplease Says:

Well, He shouldn’t have said it on TV
I’m not normally interested/conscious of their relationships but But did Stan actually walk out on his wife to be with this 19 year old?!
And was she with Stan when she (alledgedly!) got `banged` by 4k?

Margot Says:

Agree. I really cannot believe it!

jane Says:

i agree mmt. i feel like the $10,000 and very public scolding were enough. and now this too? it’s a bit much, imo. “probation”? is that even a thing in tennis?

elina Says:

By their own intentional obfuscation in this ATP release, they really don’t want to take any further action.

As Georgy Gal says (miew), he only has to uphold one condition not to be penalized further.

They certainly don’t wan’t another deflate gate whereby their own regulations may not uphold the added penalties.

No. This is all about appearances and damage control.

The ATP is behind the times despite obvious attempts to prove otherwise.

skeezer Says:

My beloved Rafa fan friends sent me this to share with the Rafa Love’s here. Enjoy;

He has good stats.

Giles Says:

What this also means is that his misdemeanours are restricted to ATP events and not ITF. So he can run wild at the USO, it won’t count! 😡 I think I’m right?

skeezer Says:

I do not publish xxx. ;)
ps; good one ;)

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