Novak Djokovic Is My Early US Open Favorite, Here’s Why
by Sean Randall | August 26th, 2015, 5:00 pm

There’s still time before the draw of the final Grand Slam is released tomorrow around noon, so let’s take a look into who’ll be the players to watch next week.

My favorites:

1) Novak Djokovic
The world No. 1 has won two of the three Slams this year only losing to Stan in Paris. And he’s the hardcourt king. That’s the good news.

The bad news is he hasn’t won the US Open since 2011. That was four years ago when he was just 24. Since that triumphant day, he’s lost in the finals to Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray and the semifinals last year in stunner to Kei Nishikori.

But he’s made the finals at all four North American hardcourt events this year, so he has been the most consistent player on cement. He’s also made the US Open final five times, though only winning it once.

And I know he didn’t look great in Cincinnati, but the easy first week of matches should get him in a groove and primed for a deep second week run.

I give him points for consistency and the lack of a big favorite this year make him my pick right now. And with him, I don’t think the draw matters much. In fact, he’s probably glad Roger’s back to No. 2 so he’ll steer clear of Roger at least until the last Sunday – ya think he lost Cincy on purpose? Hmmm….

2) Andy Murray
Every Slam I seem to drink the Murray kool-aid, and usually it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I buy into the British hype and his over-coverage in the media.

On the courts, after a shock loss in Washington, Murray looked great in Canada and played well enough in Cincinnati where I felt maybe he was running a little low by the end of the tournament. So I don’t worry much about that loss. However, his 2-15 record vs the Big 3 still is a worry.

Then again, there’s hope for Andy because he’s played well against Novak in Australia and in Paris, and he’s beaten Novak in New York.

The problem for Andy is avoiding Roger who seems to have his number no matter the surface.

3) Roger Federer
He’s playing well, confidence is soaring, but at 34 you never know with him. A few years ago it was Tommy Robredo. Last year Gael Monfils had him before Marin Cilic blew him off the court.

Best-of-5 makes things that much trickier, and as good as he looked in Cincinnati, I still have to wonder if he can turn back the block again at a place he hasn’t won at since 2008.

The good news is he just beat top threats Djokovic and Murray. The bad news wasn’t in NYC.

4) Kei Nishikori
Assuming his hip issue is OK, I expect a big result from Kei in New York. And honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he won the title. I’d rate him higher here but I just worry about his injuries. Otherwise, I think he can beat just about anybody and if he gets back to the final this year, I think he can finish the job.

5) Stan Warwinka
Stan is becoming the X-Factor, the one guy you just don’t know. He’s just so tough to read right now. He’s played poorly in Masters then out of nowhere rips off a streak like in Paris.

Stan innocently made the semifinals in New York two years ago, and then a few months later he won the Australian Open.

He’s been going deep in Slams ever since, but can he pull a third rabbit out of the hat and win in New York? I think he can – there’s no overwhelming favorite as I said. I just don’t know if mentally he can do it with all the off court turmoil he’s involved in with Nick Kyrgios and Donna Vekic.

6) Rafael Nadal
So far in recent months, there’s really little I have seen that makes me think Nadal can make the finals or win a third title in New York.

Balls are still landing short. Serve is a glaring weakness now and he just gets tight serving out sets and matches. At 29, maybe Rafa really is done. Or maybe it’s mental. Who knows. I don’t even think he does.

Incredible, this is the first year he’s been healthy and now he can’t win. Maybe if he was injured it would take his mind off the game he’d play more freely. It’s sounds silly but that actually happens….

7) Marin Cilic
The more I look back at last year the more glad I am that Marin Cilic won the US Open. He’s been a fine player, a workhorse type, with a big enough game to do damage. So it was nice to see someone fulfill that potential, get hot and just rip through the field like that.

And while he hasn’t reached those levels this year – started late due a shoulder injury- I think he’s played well enough and I expect to see him in week two.

8) Tomas Berdych
While Cilic reached his potential, Tomas continues to wallow in mediocrity. OK, he’s Top 10 in the world but he’s only managed to reach the US Open quarters twice in his career? For someone with his game that’s a low number in my books.

9) John Isner
If there’s a true American hope it’s John Isner. The problem for the big man is his draw (read: Phil Kohlschreiber) and fitness.

Since he can’t break serve usually he ends up playing a 5-setter, and even if he wins he’s usually too spent for his next match.

His hope, an easy draw! Otherwise he could exit in any round.

So there’s my Super 9….On to the rest.

The French Contenders – Tsonga/Monfils/Simon/Gasquet: I’ll just lump all these guys into one, because anyone of them is capable of thrilling or disappointing. Richard Gasquet’s maybe been the best, but with these four you really don’t know. (Or I guess you do know, you know they won’t win the title.)

The Teens – Kokkinakis, Chung, Coric, Zverev: I really like these kids and I expect at least two in the second and maybe Zverev of Coric maybe go a few rounds further.

The Next Gen – Sock, Dimitrov, Raonic, Thiem: Of the three I’d maybe pick Sock. Raonic hasn’t played much, Dimitrov is struggling with confidence while Sock will have the crowd and the game suited for New York. Thiem’s played well, not on hardcourts though.

Anyone else a threat?
Kevin Anderson – Usually beats the guys he should but also loses to the guys he should. Meh.
David Goffin – Seems to be coming into form, could be an interesting darkhorse.
Ivo Karlovic – With the serve he’s always a threat, but you don’t hear much from him in Slams because it is best-of-5. But rejoice Ivo, in NY you can win matches without breaking serve!

Of course lots of odds and scenarios will change once the draw comes out tomorrow – where will Murray land. I’m still thinking with Novak..

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168 Comments for Novak Djokovic Is My Early US Open Favorite, Here’s Why

Ben Pronin Says:

Djokovic has reached the finals of every event he’s played except for Doha in the beginning of the year. He’s won 4 Masters and 2 slams while making the finals of the other 2 Masters and the other slam he didn’t win. Montreal was the first Masters final he’s lost since 2012. Cincinnati is the first above-500 event that he’s lost to Federer since, you guessed it, 2012. He’s number 1 by miles. The only reason Nadal is in the top 8 despite barely mediocre results all year is because Djokovic has swallowed up so many points that the threshold to even get into the top 10 just isn’t that high. It’s also why Federer is number 2 despite some pretty up and down results, too. He’s only lost 5 times this year and he’s beaten most of the favorites listed here at the slams at least once. And if not at the slams, then he’s beaten them outside the slams.

To say that there’s no overwhelming favorite is such a big slap in the face to Djokovic it’s kind of insane. The guy can win 10 more slams and people will still say “well, it’s like 50-50 for him, you know?” No it’s not. Djokovic is the overwhelming favorite. And the only thing that can stop him is himself. Injury, or allowing the dumb wind get in his head again. But it’s Djokovic and then everyone else. Make no mistake.

Gordon Says:

Gee Ben, maybe we should go back to the days when the winner of Wimbledon received a bye to the finals of the following year’s tournament and just give Novak a berth in the finals of the US Open.

Oh but wait – he didn’t win it last year.Or the year before that. Or the year before that. In the US Open it hasn’t been “him and nobody else.” Not for over 1400 days. Just saying.

Travis Bickle Says:

“And the only thing that can stop him is himself. Injury, or allowing the dumb wind get in his head again. ”

I would add another thing – the draw.
USO will randomly draw Stan and Murray in Novak’s half (and likely few more dangerous floaters in Novak’s quarter), so that he will have to play the hardest possible 4th round, then beat Stan in QF, then play Murray in semis which they would schedule so it has reasonable likelihood to go over two days (as in Paris), and then finally completely spent go in the final where USO (and NIke) hope will be fresh Fed waiting.

Novak can still pull it off, but they’ll make it as hard as possible for him. So that is my take on another thing (besides injury) that could stop Novak from winning USO. Otherwise, Pronin is absolutely right – Novak is the clear favourite this time and Sean’s write-up is a bit disrespectful (I am sure unintentionally) to No1.

the_mind_reels Says:

I’m an American, and I would love for the US actually to have an “American Hope,” but it amazes me that time after time people put John Isner as a favorite. Does anyone actually think he can win a slam? Yes, he’s won 15 tournaments in his career, but they have all been 250-level tournaments. He will occasionally beat a quality player at a bigger tournament — *occasionally* — (Djokovic, Nishikori, etc.), but he consistently loses the big matches to the top players, mostly because he more than others can’t win matches efficiently, and that’s going to kill you in a 5-set format over 7 matches.

I don’t mean to rag on the guy, but he always seems like such a throw-away favorite.

Thangs Says:

Murray will win if Fed and Nole in other half. Murray vs Nole final.

Andy Says:

@Ben Pronin

Federer beat Djokovic in both Shanghai and Monte Carlo last year, which were both above 500. He has played Djokovic very close for a while now, and has consistently beat him on the fastest surfaces (Shanghai, Dubai, Cincinnati — Wimbledon is much slower). Granted, the US Open is a bit slower than Cincy (although definitely faster than Wimby); however, Federer’s 2 losses to Djokovic there were the result of heavy choking; he has arguably outplayed him in every single one of their US Open matches (except possibly 2007, ironically). I think if the 2 of them play in the finals, Federer has a great shot — even better than Wimbledon because of the court speed. Factor in the heat/humidity and the crowd support (even louder than at Wimbledon) for Federer, and I think the US Open actually has better conditions for him to play Djokovic than Wimbledon. That said, Federer has a much higher chance of being blasted off the court by big hitters who can move much better on the hard court than grass. But at this moment it doesn’t look like any of them are in any sort of form, so I don’t see anyone being able to beat Federer except Djokovic (and as I’ve explained, I see that match as very even).

jane Says:

i noticed you skipped nick eh sean?

“I just don’t know if mentally he can do it with all the off court turmoil”

eh, that very turmoil could also work to fire stan up.

indeed, part of me wonders if the suspension cilic had in 2013 caused him to want to come back and really prove something in 2014. from early in the year – as far back as the first american h.court masters – he was ripping the ball and looking to impose his game.

sienna Says:

when using stats or matchups try to tell the truth or dont post long biased erratic comments. Travis Brickle just makes up stats therefor every single argument that he makes is flawed.

roy Says:

the reason djoker isn’t considered the massive favourite his general results suggest is because he has massively underperformed at the usopen considering he’s effectively the best hard court player. nadal has more usopen wins and he’s often injured or missing.

you would expect djoker to be as dominant as he is at the oz open, but for some reason he struggles in comparison.

Wog Boy Says:

You can’t compare AO and USO, the only common thing that they have is that they are HC tournaments, everything else is different, the way the courts play, the respect that organizers show for Nole, the respect that fans show for Nole, scheduling for example last year #1 in the world played four matches in the heat and humidity and only one night match and that can’t happen at AO, as much as weather can be hot in Australia it is different hot (not much wind) and there is AC in Rod Laver Arena so there is always little bit of cold air coming down towards court, better then nothing.
BTW, it would be nice to mention that Nole has been just appointed as as the Global UNICEF ambassador.

Wog Boy Says:

For Nole fans, appointment of Nole as Unicef Goodwill Ambassador:

Wog Boy Says:

Actually this is video link:

sienna Says:

Travis Brickle and Bennie P of course.

van orten Says:

Say what you want. Fed has always played nole hard in ny. It was awkward to see him fall apart in 2011 after the matchpoints. One different serve combination or maybe a second one with kick…yesterday’s news in the end. Fact is fed has always played very good tense matches in ny v the djoker. nole basically lucky punched twice in a row to win close fivesetters. Do not pretend nole came even close to dominating fed once at the US open.
I d rather see fed playing him in ny. Djoker Murray or Nadal were never his problem the last years there. He just got blew off the court by bigger players who on that day played 100% tennis.
Us open is still rewarding to attacking tennis

the DA Says:

“Djoker Murray or Nadal were never his problem”

Nadal, only because they’ve never met. I don’t like his chances if they do meet regardless how bad a year Rafa is having. Andy only met him once – after a three day rain interrupted SF where he beat Rafa. And Nole – are you forgetting the 2010 and 2011 SFs? I understand, if I were a fan I’d want to forget those too.

” I seem to drink the Murray kool-aid”

Please Sean, when have you *ever* drank any Murray kool-aid? You’ve been condescending for as long as I’ve been a member of this board – even after the slam wins. Who you trying to fool?

calmdownplease Says:

Sean’s analysis is fair enough bar;

`I don’t think the draw matters much. In fact, he’s probably glad Roger’s back to No. 2 so he’ll steer clear of Roger at least until the last Sunday – ya think he lost Cincy on purpose? Hmmm….`

Er no
As in NFW NO!
Novak would have wanted the Golden Masters or whatever it’s called more than ANYTHING at that moment.
Any player would.
I don’t think he cares about Fed being 2 or 3 either.
I personally don’t think Federer is even going to make there (but we’ll see).
Andy isn’t over-reported in the UK at least. When he is on, no other player comes remotely close for viewing figures, including Fedal.

calmdownplease Says:


Oh, Don’t bother with him.
These kind of Fed fans are a lost cause.
Nothing new, just the same recycling of endlessly repeated platitudes to feed the Idolatory.
It like some Hare Krishna Chant;
`Hare, Hare, Goat Marrare, Attacking, Tennis Goat Rama`
Ad nauseum.

elina Says:

The draw has always mattered to organizers. They’ve proven it statistically. It matters to every player for that matter and certainly more so for players that go into the second week.

Novak is a favourite to make the finals but certainly not not a heavy favourite to win based on past performance/circumstances (draw, schedule, conditions, recent form, etc.).

Djokovic’s point total has absolutely zero impact on the degree of difficulty for Federer, Nadal’s or anyone else’s ranking. That is some seriously flawed logic. They are all competing for the remaining pool of points. For example, if Novak had 4000 less points, then those points would be distributed amongst the rest of the field with some going an extra round or so (but, on average, not even that).

Margot Says:

@The DA
And where have YOU been mister?
*Finger wagging icon*
…;) x

Margot Says:

@CDP 7.36
I like that- a lot!
You can have a x as well. Wouldn’t want you to feel left out….;)
Come on Magical Murray fans! Let’s rock!

van orten Says:

@the da

Come on man. I addressed those two losses. But it was so close. This is from neutral perspective. Watch those matches again! Not many saw that coming. But we all so called fed fans here pretty quickly got over with it because once in a while you get knocked out like that!!! Punkt!
So, did djoker ever dominate fed in ny? No eh .
Did he prevail twice in five in some stranger than fiction kind of way ? Yeah.

Todo esta bien!!!???

calmdownplease Says:


I think I know who this `Elina` actually is…


Ben Pronin Says:

Andy, you’re right, I forgot about those because they weren’t the finals. I’m not saying Federer doesn’t play Djokovic tough, he very definitely does. But Djokovic has also definitely had the upper hand in their biggest match-ups.

Gordon, this isn’t a prediction. Nothing is set in stone. I’m talking about who is the favorite to win the event. If we go by the logic of “Novak hasn’t won since 2011″ then the order of favorites is:
1. Cilic, 2. Nadal, 3. Murray, 4.Djokovic, 5. Del Potro, 6. Federer.
Does that make ANY sense? It’s almost funny because Murray being the third favorite does fit. But are Cilic and Nadal 1 and 2? Del Potro isn’t even playing. And Federer hasn’t won the US Open since 2008! And hasn’t been to the final since 09!!!! If Djokovic struggles at the US Open then Federer flat out sucks here!

And yeah, considering the last time Djokovic failed to reach a final was Doha, and the last important event he failed to reach a final was Shanghai, might as well give him byes straight to the final.

Like I said, he’s the only one who can get in his way. If Djokovic plays like the clear-cut number 1 that he is, then he is the heavy favorite to win the tournament.

Elina, what? You completely contradicted yourself. That’s my point. Because Djokovic swallowed up so many points, there’s not much to go around. Nadal has made it past the quarters in a Masters event once this year and he’s number 8 in the world. That just doesn’t feel like the results that the 8th best player in the world should have. But he’s not the first guy to benefit from the top-heavy points so it doesn’t matter.

You also need to get over the whole “proven it statistically”. You need to take a course or 2 to understand what statistics are for. They’re more like a “well, based on these numbers it COULD be the case” but they’re never definitive. That’s sort of their whole shtick.

Margot Says:

Me too hon.

elina Says:

I may not have gotten to the tennis courts as much as I’d like the last few summers, my career has much to do with statistical analysis and I’ve taken more than “a course or two” in that area but I’m not one to ask others if they dance, for instance.

“If we go by the logic of “Novak hasn’t won since 2011″” is just another straw man argument. It is just one factor that I’ve put forth, not the only one.

It isn’t that Fed won Cincy that makes him favourite in my opinion, it is HOW he won, THAT he made it to the final at Wimbledon, THAT Nole has rarely been his best at the US Open FINAL due to the conditions.

And, no, I didn’t contradict myself at all. An extra 4000 points is a small fraction of the total pool of points available. It simply isn’t a factor. It simply doesn’t make being number 2 or 8 in the world any more or less difficult.

Ben Pronin Says:

You’ll excuse me if I remain skeptical. Statistics are not and never have been enough to form a definitive conclusion on anything. The stats don’t prove draw fixing, they suggest it. There’s a difference.

Elina, it’s not a straw man argument because it wasn’t mentioned to refute something you said. Gordon and others keep saying Djokovic can’t be the favorite because he hasn’t won in a long time. But neither has Murray or especially Federer. If the conditions are so unfavorable to Djokovic then they must be even more unfavorable to everyone else outside of Cilic and Nadal.

I’m not arguing that Federer isn’t a favorite. I think he’s a pretty clear second favorite. But I’d say he’s closer to being co-second favorites with Murray than he is to be co-favorites with Djokovic. It remains to be seen if Federer’s all-out aggressive game plan can be sustained and carried out to make it to the semis, finals, or win the whole thing. I have no idea. No one does. That’s why they play and that’s why we watch. But even recent history says Federer won’t be able to keep it up. But Djokovic is as consistent as they come so there’s a much better chance that he reaches the final than Federer. And if you have a better chance of reaching the final then you have a better chance of winning the whole thing. As far as how it’d play out if they meet each other in the final? You still have to favor Djokovic. It’s a best of 5 set match and a more manageable court than Cincinnati for Djokovic. And the final isn’t played until later in the day when the heat isn’t as much of a factor.

I don’t know how you can say 4000 isn’t a lot. It’s 2 slams worth. Or 4 Masters. That’s a crap load of points. I don’t know why you picked such a high number. That’s easily the difference between Djokovic being 1 or Federer or Murray being 1 instead. For Nadal that’s enough to be number 2! Are you kidding me?

It doesn’t make it easier overall since everyone’s fighting for the same slice of the pie. But it puts things into perspective as to how Nadal is still in the top 8.

Think about it. Federer’s 2013 was even worse than Nadal’s 2015. And the lowest Federer dropped down to that year was 7. 7!!! Wasn’t Nadal 10 at one point this year? But in 2013 you had Nadal and Djokovic with just all of the freaking points. You basically had 2 number 1s. It was unbelievable how much they accumulated. Which means less for the rest of the field. Which is why Federer managed to stay in the top 7 but this year Nadal almost fell out of the top 10.

elina Says:

“But it puts things into perspective as to how Nadal is still in the top 8.”


“I don’t know how you can say 4000 isn’t a lot.”

For one player, it certainly is. As a significant decrease to the remaining points available to the rest of the field, it isn’t.

Yes, of course the stats support, not prove. Is that what got you sceptical? Well I’m hardly the first one here to exaggerate for effect.

elina Says:

In the last four rounds of slams and majors, the pool of points available is 141,490. 4000 points represents less than 3% of that pool. Not to mention the 500 tournament points.

Even if we are talking about the spots from No. 2 to No. 11 (assuming that none of these points were won by lower ranked players), it is only an extra 400 points per player, i.e., an extra round or two at one tournament).

In other words, very little impact. Nadal would very likely be at number 8 regardless. Same with Roger at No. 2.

elina Says:

Sorry, slams and masters (before I’m jumped on for not playing enough tennis). :)

FedExpress Says:

When is the draw??

Okiegal Says:

@Elina…….Who are you, actually??

Ben Pronin Says:

You’ve been arguing purely with the stats for weeks now! You cannot be serious!

4000 points for the field is still a lot. That’s a lot of points up for grabs for basically everyone. From the rankings, 7 and downward, everyone is separated by only a few hundred points if that. Like I said, 4000 points is equal to 2 slams. But it’s not like Kevin Anderson is going to win those 2 slams instead of Djokovic. Rather, maybe he makes the quarters, maybe Nadal makes the semis, maybe Berdych wins a Masters event. It’s not exclusively about the points, it’s about what they represent. Results, getting a better seed, more money, etc.

elina Says:

@Ben you’re probably right Ben, you’ve convinced me after all.

@okiegal, I am elina, Warrior Princess, Queen of Statistics and Fan of Great Tennis!!!

And you?

sienna Says:

cdp is bying the Sean favorites. He is to dumb to understand Federer is actually second favorit with how draw is set between seeds #1#2.
Sean gives Roger clear advantage when they meet. That is his true asessment.

Waky waky CDP get those pills ready. sjeiter.

elina Says:

Here is SI’s round table picks.

Only one of six is picking Novak for the win.

elina Says:

And just as a control variable, all six are picking Serena (rightfully so).

skeezer Says:

“Statistics are not and never have been enough to form a definitive conclusion on anything. The stats don’t prove draw fixing, they suggest it. There’s a difference.”


Jock-KatH Says:

Hear You Loud and Clear, Margot @ 8.30am.

Let’s Rock and Shock.

Okiegal Says:

@Elina…..My question was in jest! Should have said LOL at the end…Someone above was questioning who who you actually are……I am taking you at your word! I’m just a girl from Oklahoma like my moniker suggest. Never have lived anywhere else…….I’m confident everyone on TX is aware of that fact. I admit I have trouble following some of the European exchanges…..regarding the war in Serbia, for instance. But I try. Some of the conversations on here prompt me to do research concerning matters across the vast pond…….never to old to learn!! Yeah, a simple plain old girl from Oklahoma who loves life! I hope you didn’t take my comment offensive…..not my intention at all! If so, please forgive…..

Ben Pronin Says:

According to that panel of experts, Djokovic is the “safe” pick. In other words, if they’re right about Murray or Federer winning, they can feel good about themselves for getting it right. If Djokovic wins, well, no surprise there since he was the safe bet in the first place!

For the umpteenth time, I’m not talking about predictions, I’m talking about who the favorite is. And Djokovic is the heavy favorite, that’s why they referred to him as the SAFE PICK.

calmdownplease Says:

notice he doesn’t show the faces of any of the counters to the cameras…
Just saying!

jalep Says:

David Ferrer is back!

calmdownplease Says:

but Andy IS in Rogers half so…

jalep Says:

hahaha cdp

the DA Says:

So Andy is in Roger’s half of the draw (and drawn to meet Kyrgios in the 1st round – eek). There goes the draw conspiracy. lol

calmdownplease Says:

yes this draw seems to be not manipulated at all.
no Fedal in the quarters either

jalep Says:

Rafa Nole quarterfinal

FedExpress Says:

this draw is so rigged

nole gets all useless players

fed all the tough ones.


calmdownplease Says:

let’s see how `difficult` Roger’s draw is however….

Ben Pronin Says:

Well now with this draw, Djokovic’s chances certainly improve.

FedExpress Says:

noles quarter is such a joke


madmax Says:

I have no doubt in my mind that this slam is Novak’s or Andy’s for the taking.

Margot had a point about the 5 – setter situation, with Federer, way back when, (went on a bit, mind), but we Federer fans can take it. :)

Best of five matches are different from best of three (obviously).

Okay, so wimby is on grass and we all know Roger’s calibre, same with hard courts.

My pick, in this order:

1. Novak
2. Murray (but hardly anything between these two).
3. Federer

My heart:

1. Federer
2. Novak/Murray
3. Del Potro :(

FedExpress Says:

R1 Souza
R2 Pospisil
R3 Seppi
R4 Goffin
QFs Nadal/Raonic
SFs Nishikori
F Federer/Murray


FedExpress Says:

who is radu albot?

elina Says:

Andy in Roger’s half the draw.

Nadal in Djokovic’s quarter.

Stan in Andy’s quarter.

Andy gets Kyrgios in the first round lol.

Nadal gets Coric first round.

Federer gets Mayer first.

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m actually upset Coric drew Nadal in the first round. I don’t think he can win that match and I really wanted to see how deep he could go.

If the draw is rigged, then the powers-that-be wanted Kyrgios out as fast as possible, it seems.

Murray-Wawrinka could be a telling match. Battle of the 2-slammers ha!

Federer seems okay until the semis. And Djokovic has a fairly straight forward path. Nadal could provide some resistance. And Nishikori beat him in the same round last year. But we’ll see.

Nothing rigged about this XD.

sienna Says:

Kyrgios probably did her himself in good primo nocta stylo. Maybe he will tell us in second set?

calmdownplease Says:

I think Coric will not get past Rafa
And i’ll certainly be rooting for Nadal
after Coric’s disrespect to Andy

elina Says:

Okie, no offence taken. :) :) :)

It’s funny how words can be misread on forums, e-mails etc.

I was just failing at being funny lol!!!

The draw was a surprise but very tough first rounds for Nadal and Murray.

madmax Says:

I’ve never believed in this “rigging malarkey”.

You play the person at the other side of the net and that really is the end of it.

With all the upsets over the last year at Wimbledon and the French Open which have particularly affected Federer and Nadal, these guys don’t care WHO they are playing. They just want to win.

There was a draw, I think it was 2 years ago at the FO, may have been 3. Ana Ivano actually puled out names, from the draw, televised, live audience and some of you guys here still said it was rigged.

It’s laughable.

Cupcake draw, difficult draw, who cares? May be that our favourites have difficulties during the earlier rounds, could make them match tough or soft as dough.

Either way. They are going to play their own game, until they are stopped. End of.

calmdownplease Says:

Yeah Mr Reliable Novak has this years golden path…
Congrats to him as he really needed it ;0)

Ben Pronin Says:

Well said, madmax. You can find any kind of pattern you want with something as vague as draw placement.

CDP, such disrespect!

FedExpress Says:


masha in serenas half

the DA Says:

Nole has no excuse with a draw like that. Roger’s is more difficult than it looks. Dr. Ivo has beaten him, Baggy is unpredictable, Mayer even had a MP against him once and Berdy has stopped him at USO before. I’m kind of glad Andy got the No. 3 seed now.

Margot Says:

I’ve just read Rafa’s draw is horrible. Rafa fans?
Tough first round for Andy Eek. Must come out determined and all.
Then I think it’s OK till Stan.Eek! Eek!

jalep Says:

Yeah but the guy looks at the chip but reads it from his list. ;)

chip could have anything on it or nothing.

the DA Says:

BTW, hi Margot *waves* I just saw your fist pump earlier in the thread I took some time off because it was getting a little silly here (when isn’t it?)

Margot Says:

@the DA
As it’s you.. :) And yes it does. Kind of tiring.

jalep Says:

Serena Venus quarter

jalep Says:

What Coric disrespect to Andy, cdp


the DA Says:

I understand the initial freak out at Andy vs Kyrgios. After all he has beaten Rafa and Roger but I also remember that they’ve met 3 times and Nick hasn’t won a set. Doesn’t mean I won’t frazzle when the 1st round comes but Andy seems to have his number.

FedExpress Says:

darren cahill calls womens tennis as strong lol

FedExpress Says:

coric banged murrays wife.

Ben Pronin Says:

(It’s actually Nick’s baby… sorry to tell you that, mate.)

elina Says:

DA, yes but 1st round getting used to conditions adds an additional unknown.

elina Says:

jalep, Coric said when he plays well, he plays like Nvak and when he plays poorly, he is more like Andy.

calmdownplease Says:

in his his dreams the little twit banged Kim
Everyone is going on and on about Andy playing NK in my twitter feed
Nick sadly doesn’t have a chance to `bang` anybody in this tournament, he’ll be out in straight sets.

Ben Pronin Says:

“Nick sadly doesn’t have a chance to `bang` anybody in this tournament, he’ll be out in straight sets.”

I mean you couldn’t be more wrong on the first part. But I agree on the second part.

calmdownplease Says:

wELL, I meant bang as `bang`
like rape is sometimes not RAPE RAPE (according to whoopi goldberg at least)

elina Says:

jalep, here is the link for the live draw. Note at the -40:50 mark Brian Early the tournament umpire tells the woman making the draw, “Don’t peak now!”

In the statistics world, that is what we call a tell.

Margot Says:

Nick looks as if he spends so much time in front of the mirror, does he have time to “bang” anyone?

jalep Says:

Thanks, elina. falling asleep – long night. I do remember that now. But Borna’s just a kid – didn’t mean like it came out…maybe.

Agree cdp — Nick not likely to do well. But he’s in NYC — so, might get a lot of crowd support. People will have heard of him.

calmdownplease Says:

erm hypothetically `BANG` an opponent on court
rather than…
oh, whatever
anyway, you were right lol

calmdownplease Says:

If that’s so he probably bangs himself then Margot

Okiegal Says:

@Elina…….Okay, that makes me happy!!! More than ready for the next slam. I wish I was feeling more confident about my fav. I hope he can kick it up a notch……things looking rather grim for him.

This draw and that draw, past present and future. It is what it is. The survival of the fittest will be the winner of the whole ball of wax! Novak is the guy to beat in a slam. He doesn’t have over 14,000 ranking points for nothing. His elbow would be the only problem I can see atm. There are so many variables to consider in a two week tournament that has the potential for matches to go 5 sets…..I am more than ready!!!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Okie, another thing you have in common with Serena!

Margot Says:

CDP as Woody Allen memorably said, “…it’s sex with someone I like.”

Ben Pronin Says:

You mean that old guy who married his underage step daughter?

calmdownplease Says:

`Woody Allen` and `Sex` are 3 words I don’t really ever want to see connected :(

`But he’s in NYC — so, might get a lot of crowd support…`

Andy is really popular in NY, apparently.

Margot Says:

Far be it from me to defend WA but she couldn’t have been underage if he married her.
Unless US law is a lot more, shall I say flexible regarding minors, than UK law is.

Ben Pronin Says:

Ok well he was old and she was his not-legal-but-technically-still his step daughter. And he’s been accused of child sexual abuse. So, yeah, not a fan.

Margot Says:

@ Ben
Very interesting arguement here, and not really appropriate for a tennis thread, but…you don’t like his morals, so you don’t like his films?
Many, many artists/writers/directors etc were absolute s***s in their private lives. Where do you draw your lines?

jalep Says:

Meant: Nick with his media attention and image could be a flapdrol magnet — attract a cheering section of them. He’ll get booed too; my guess. cdp

calmdownplease Says:

well I’m feeling like a sad little `Flapdrol` Today too Jalep
Wish Andy got Novak’s draw…
But at least he didn’t get Nadal’s!

jane Says:

“FedExpress Says:
noles quarter is such a joke


i think it’s a good normal draw.

and just to respond, in novak’s quarter is a two-time us open champ in rafa, last year’s winner in cilic, last year’s finalist in kei, and the guy who almost beat fed in last year’s quarters, monfils.

calmdownplease Says:

Well, with a face like that
Woody Allen was probably about as good as she was going to get,
she looks mental
Flapdrol Central!
The whole thing is so gross though
His daughter in law, nice one
But `Sleeper` and a few others were pretty good films
He used to be really quite funny lol

Ben Pronin Says:

Margot, now that’s the million dollar question.

I have no idea. I try to separate the 2. I can enjoy his films for what they are as films. And his talent is without question. It’s similar to when a star athlete gets busted with some criminal stuff (especially in the NFL and NBA, smh). I like to think I can enjoy their talents on the field because that’s all I ever did to begin with, why should I care what kind of person they are?

But that’s selfish. Why did TVLand stop showing the Cosby show after all of this rape allegations came to light? I mean the show itself was all about good morals and whatnot, right? Well I think the philosophy is “I’ll be damned if we keep paying this scum” type of thing.

So same with athletes, Cosby, Woody Allen, even subway scum Jared. We all spend years praising them and basically funding their lives by buying/watching their products. And then it turns out they’re doing heinous things with all that money. And to top it off, they use their public appeal/celebrity status to cover up their crap. If Woody Allen was discovered to be funding ISIS, would you still watch his movies? It’s the same thing. These people do disgusting things because they’ve gained our trust.

So I guess I do know and that’s where I draw the line. Being supremely talented doesn’t excuse you from doing horrible things. And you don’t deserve me as a fan.

Georgy Gal Says:

Bottom half packed. Andy and Rafa unlucky. Fed draw : ok. Djok draw: cupcake. Cannot see him losing before the finals. If we believe in the rigging theory, this draw is rigged in favor of Djok.

jalep Says:

elina – that youtube link was Serena’s post draw conference…?

But I get what you mean by ‘a tell’

cheers. I’m outta here for some serious sleep.

btw, I think you may have confused some of us here because your wit and style is similar to another notable poster here… (who hasn’t been posting and was a huge Rafa fan). But if you are her, you’ve kept the wit but made a 180 in terms of a tennis fan :) kudos.

Margot Says:

There’s no line in the sand is there? Unless you go right to the extreme of course.
Have more trouble with Polanski than Allen tbh. What a complete s**t, but what an incredible film maker.

calmdownplease Says:

`Have more trouble with Polanski than Allen tbh`

But it was not RAPE RAPE (according to whoopi)!


Margot Says:

Tsk. Tsk. CDP. If I was trapped on a desert island with Woody I’d take my chances with the sharks and I bet every woman on here would too.

Gordon Says:

Ben, Ben,Be,

Nowhere did I say Djokovic is not the favourite. I just was taken aback by your first comment on this thread where you seemed to chastise Sean for listing the 9 major contenders. It’s almost as if you wanted 3/4 of his article devoted to Nole and his home/training grounds in Valhalla and then maybe allow a paragraph for everyone else.

I agree he is the favourite, but he does have to win 7 matches and one of those will likely be against Nishikori or Cilic and another against either Fed or Murray.

Not a given, imo.

jane Says:

“Very interesting arguement here, and not really appropriate for a tennis thread, but…you don’t like his morals, so you don’t like his films?
Many, many artists/writers/directors etc were absolute s***s in their private lives. Where do you draw your lines?”

very interesting argument, agree margot.

chaplin married 16 year olds
picasso was a jerk
polanski, well everyone knows that story.

but i love their work.

elina Says:

jalep, nope, I’m not her whoever that is I promise you for what it’s worth.

Because the stream is (was?) live, the time I posted was relative and changed by the time you saw it. Should have realized.

If you scroll back earlier you would see it during the mens draw.

Very telling. I could see Brian Earley was a bit… concerned.

Colin Says:

I don’t know what Sean Randall means when he speaks of Nole letting the dumb wind get in his head.

The wind is not a mental problem, it’s technical. In that USO final Andy dealt with it better perhaps because he imparts more topspin, keeping the ball in,and Nole likes to hit flat. It’s well known that Federer’s precise game is better suited to indoor conditions.

On the question of statistics, it’s as well to remember that theoretical maths often has no connection with the real world. A famous example is the Eisenhower anecdote. It’s said President Eisenhower was shocked when he was told that fully half of Americans were below average intelligence. We are supposed to laugh at his ignorance, but he was entitled to be shocked, because that staistic is simply not true.

Ben Pronin Says:

Margot, I don’t know. I’m exhausted from this topic. Back to tennis please :)

Gordon, my gripe is that Sean says there’s no heavy favorite and Djokovic is just kinda the favorite because of his hard court pedigree.

And so I listed all of Djokovic’s recent and notable accomplishments so that maybe someone could tell me what the hell a guy needs to do to prove himself the prohibitive favorite.

And of course nothing is a given, that’s why they play. But just because he could lose to some of these guys doesn’t mean he’s not the favorite going into those matches to begin with.

Margot Says:

Lol Ben. Bye! Bye! But it was you who leapt in when I quoted Woody and as we know on tx opinions tend to get challenged..;)
Well I find it fascinating…. and I think it’s difficult to answer, and the other one is for eg. do we see madness in Van Gogh’s paintings because we know he was mad?

calmdownplease Says:

`If I was trapped on a desert island with Woody I’d take my chances with the sharks and I bet every woman on here would too..`

Well, quite
You couldn’t even cannibalize if there was no food
just a bit of gristle really

kjb Says:

Kyrios- Murray first round match! Wowsers

kjb Says:


Colin Says:

As things are at the moment, I’d imagine the “bad boy” will try to behave. He’d better not make any audible remarks about Andy’s family,otherwise there could be some real mayhem on court!

FlyingDoctor Says:

I don’t think novaks road is cupcake. Rafa can raise his level and he is 2 time champion. And last year novak didn’t lose to Andy he lost to nishikori

elina Says:

Like Nadal showed when he bowed out on his favourite French clay to Novak in straight sets?

I don’t think Novak could have designed his section any better with Andy and Wawrinka in Roger’s half.

I still think Roger will prevail however.

Markus Says:

The US Open seems to be the slam where an “outsider” who probably won’t win another slam breaks in: del Potro and Cilic. Would another join that list this year?

courbon Says:

So this draw is everything opposite of conspiracy that was going around yesterday…hmmmm
and I think one poster said that he will bet €1000 that Andy will be in Novak’s half-can I have money please? ( I need to buy new lawn mower )

Wog Boy Says:

“If we believe in the rigging theory, this draw is rigged in favor of Djok.”

It was about time…but wait, there is a mighty Cilic waiting around the corner;)

Jock-KatH Says:

Courbon – what about a couple of vegetarians? A few sheep/a couple of goats?

A bit of a chuckle? But was seriously suggested to Me+He when we bought a slightly forgotten property…..

elina Says:

Tom Tebbutt ‏@tomtebbutt
Irony w/ Bouchard: has only won 3 matches since Indian Wells 3rd match. Gets one she beat (Riske)1st round and maybe another (Diyas) in 2nd

Irony is one word for it.

Nothing to see here folks. Move it along.

BTW, speaking of, Genie has been spotted on instagram training with none other than Shazza’s ex-coach-for-the-day Jimbo Connors.

senorita Says:

Nadal has made the final of all three USO he’s played since 2010 and he’s won two of them beating Djoker in 2 and losing to him in one of them.

Just saying.

Georgy Gal Says:

According to the conspiracy theorist the draws were rigged in Roger’s favor because of pressure from sponsors. Roger has the highest endorsement earnings

Although Rafa is the one with most fans, Fed’s sponsorship earnings are way ahead. Now Djok is # 2 in sponsorship earnings. Because of his perfect body and consistency, he is obviously being seen as Fed’s successor. So if rigging is possible, it would not be surprising if ATP/ITF decide that while Fed is still prime time darling, time to make Djok’s path to another GS easier so that the GOAT debate receives a fillip.

If by some chance Rafa does discover his lost form, then with Djok in Cincy form, Rafa could go to the final.

Andy and Stan would probably ruin each other’s chances so Fed with his relatively easy draw and Cincy form would be a cinch for the final. USO would still have a blockbuster final!!!

This draw is therefore the best for the sponsors and ticket sales.

Djok fans are delirious with joy. Fed fans are happy. Andy’s fans are not unhappy as he is not in Djok’s half. Rafa’s fans are reconciled to Rafa losing in the early rounds so it doesn’t matter in whose Quarter he falls.

Conclusion: Best draw!!!!!

courbon Says:

@ Jock-Kath: I live in countryside so I would love to have a goat but they have nasty habit jumping on top of the cars ( not joking, my neighbour had lovely BMW-not any more! )…Sheep are too much work and they are bit dull…
‘slightly forgotten property’ ? You mean ruin?
( here in France everything that is falling apart ( house, furniture …) they say it’s ‘rustic ‘…)
By the way-who is you favorite player-Andy, Fed, Rafa??

courbon Says:

Wog Boy, Serbian mafia is having a hold on USTA…ah, those nasty Serbs, right?

RZ Says:

Could you imagine if Serena doesn’t get the calendar grand slam because she loses to Sharapova? That would be the ultimate irony.

Wog Boy Says:

“Djok fans are delirious with joy.”
Sorry to tell you, but you know nothing about Nole fans, we are never delighted with easy drow.

Wog Boy Says:

With a little help of Irish mafia, we are on good terms with them in NY, Boston etc..inside knowledge, trust me;)

Jock-KatH Says:

Courbon – the building wasn’t a ruin but the grass was competing for the worst yard/garden in the area – proud to announce it still is…(a bit of a joke but not by much)…

My favourite player is the Right Honourable Mr. Andrew Baron Murray — quite like Nole, Stan, Monfils, Rafa (whom I currently feel sad about).

PS: My sister has one of those French places you mention – a whole Stable/Farmyard (plus a safety hole here in Scotland in case Hollande declares “fed up with you lot get the heck out of Europe and back to your pathetic little island…my favourite nationality next to my own, naturelle, is the French (even though my husband is from the USA).

Anything else ? Happy to oblige…….

Wog Boy Says:

@5:24pm should say “draw”

courbon Says:

@ Jock Kath- That would be all for today. I’ll think what other informations I need tomorrow.Good night (-:

@ Wog Boy: Ah, OK.I’m always good with Irish.
You are right about draw-easy draws never work out well for Novak. I hope Nadal and Nikishori give him a good fight ( but not defeating him, off course )…I have feel that Murray will win , but who knows-I was wrong many times before.I hope I’m wrong this time also…

Georgy Gal Says:

Looks like Djok fans are never happy with any draw. If the draw is tough they cry foul, Federer is being favored, Rafa is being favored, our poor champ has to slog it out in the hot sun against hot opponents while Fed can dance his way to the final in prime time cool slots. They frantically post complicated calculations about the rankings of Dkjok’s opponents as opposed to say Rafa’s opponents and loud wails are heard about the injustice of it all!!!!If Djok gets an easy draw, they are unhappy because they think he will not be prepared for a tough final!!!
Djok fans had better draw up the ideal draw and schedule so ITF can rig a draw to please them!!!

kriket Says:

Okiegal – RE: “War in Serbia”.
Actually there was no such thing as “war in Serbia”. There was NATO bombarding Kosovo in 1999. which NATO spread to all of Serbian territory, but the 78-days war only took part in the Kosovo province. It was war against Albanian separatist guerilla supported by NATO warplanes.
American planes bombed some “strategic” buildings around Serbia, but they ran out of targets after only couple of days. After that, they basically bombed the same sites over and over again, turning bigger rubble into smaller rubble (as testified by US pilots themselves).
There were some civilian casualities, “colatteral damage” as they call them. One of them being a six-year old girl who was killed in a distant Belgrade suburb, some 30 km (20 miles) away from city center. Then they dropped some cluster bombs on the city of Niš, killing two dozen people or so, and hit a train transporting civilians killing some more people, but overall very few casualities outside of Kosovo to call it “war”.
Regarding the civil war in former Yugoslavia (1991-95), it was taking place in nowadays countries of Bosnia and Croatia.
Therefore, there really was no real war in Serbia itself. And all of that took place in the 90s.

Sorry for the lesson, just wanted to clear things up, you saying you’re up for learning new things :)

Re US Open, Đoković is the favorite to make it to the finals, but considering his GS finals stats (more/less 50-50), you never know if he’s gonna make it all the way to the champion’s trophy.
That’s why it’s interesting to watch I guess, particularily if he wins in the end (for us Novak fans :)

Georgy Gal Says:

I am not going to post here any more as I am quite fed up with the bizarre moderation. My posts are kept in limbo for hours. I was really looking forward to entertaining discussions here but most of the time I am talking to a vacuum as my post is in moderation. By the time it sees the light of day, others have moved on. So no conversation. Looks like being a Rafa fan is a grave sin.
Good bye to all the nice posters here Gypsy, Okie, Jane, Courbon, Patson, Margot, CDP, Jalep, KatH……I was looking forward to meaningful conversations but it was not to be…..Hope this Last Post sees the light of day.

Okiegal Says:

@kriket….Yeah, thanks for the lesson! I remember it being on TV but didn’t know what it was all about……

django Says:

Ben, I had to LOL at this.

If we go by the logic of “Novak hasn’t won since 2011″ then the order of favorites is:
1. Cilic, 2. Nadal, 3. Murray, 4.Djokovic, 5. Del Potro, 6. Federer.

WogBoy, you are right about this. Even in Cincy he had all day matches.

scheduling for example last year #1 in the world played four matches in the heat and humidity and only one night match

skeezer Says:

“I am not going to post here any more as I am quite fed up with the bizarre moderation. ”
Uh? Ok. I for one see your posts just fine.
Btw, in my tenure here, despite the usual Rafa fan accusations, have seen fed fans, murray fans and djoker fans moderated at times. Read the guidelines. There are looneys in every fan base. Me included ;)

Okiegal Says:

@Georgy Gal…..I was under moderation for a long time. You’re so right…..your posts show up after the fact. But hang in there, after a year you want get moderated. I don’t understand what the deal is. If you’re following their guidelines, looks like you would get your comment posted immediately. Don’t leave….you’re the 3rd NADAL GAL, after all!! :)

Margot Says:

The really irritating thing is when you come on here and post and then see, just above yours, a very annoying post that you need, for the sake of your sanity, to refute.
I think we all know who I mean and it’s not GG, OK or even ;) Skeeze.

Okiegal Says:

I’m wondering if some posters have been kicked off for good. Some faithful posters are missing……

Margot Says:

Doubt it. People move on for all sorts of reasons.
I know, when Andy stops playing, I’ll still be a keen tennis fan, but not nearly as keen as I was.

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, Margot!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…. I will be the same when Rafa hangs it up, I will probably watch the finals,but won’t be quite as avid as I was while he was in the mix. I’ve found myself losing interest since he’s been in his decline…..Oh well!!

U r probably right about the posters not getting kicked off of here. I got banned from Chat Tango…never did figure out what I did wrong….

Wog Boy Says:

Maybe (very likely) Sean (moderator) knows something that we don’t know, they can identify where the posts are coming from, multiple monikers if they are coming from same address, change monikers from previous nasty posters etc etc..

Wog Boy Says:

^^ just saying

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy……They won’t have to worry about me using multiple monikers, I’m not that computer savy. I barely figured out how to do one!! Lol

Wog Boy Says:


Nicely explained, thanks. The only sentence I wish to correct is “There were some civilian casualities…” few thousand dead people are little bit more than some and “legitimate” targets like hospitals (Dedinje, Surdulica), TV Station in the heart of Belgrade (20+ dead) during evening news with the explanation that it is “legitimate target since it was talking bad things about NATO” is/was hard to digest.
Ma family (oldest daughter) was watching every day for 78 days cruise missiles flaying above their heads and hitting “legitimate” targets including the old “Maršalat” building in Dedinje district, that was flattered just to be bought by Americans after bombing (for peanuts) where they built an monster of the new embassy (check on Google earth), my home is just down below the embassy.
Suggestions to everybody who is interested to see independent documentary about NATO bombing campaign in Serbia called: “Why Zasto” by american Anissa Naouai, but I have to warn you, this documentary is not for the people with bad stomack.

Jock-KatH Says:

Georgy Gal – Stay put – don’t give in – if they’re over-moderating then they obviously can’t tell the “woods from the trees” – or is it the other way round?.

Gypsy Gal Says:

True there are looney fans in every fan bases,however some get away with absolute murder on this forum,theres a strange idea of moderation at times,ive complained about certain posters numerous times,but it all fell on deaf ears,go figure….

courbon Says:

Okiegal: ok, I’ll give you short computer course.
First lesson: When you sit in front of machine that everybody callls computer , first you should identify button where is writen ON/OFF .Press that buton and half job is done.There you go.
Second lesson is tonight- get ready

Okiegal Says:

@Courbon…..You’re too funny……Okay, next lesson, I’ve got the on/off part figured out…..thanks!! Lol

Markus Says:

Okiegal, where in your computer did you find the button with on/off written on it? I could not find it in any of the three computers in our house.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy i have changed my monikors a few times from Alison Hodge which is my real full name,which i shortened to Alison,then i became Hippy Chic which i realised shouldve had a K on the end,then i became Gypsy Gal,both fit my real life persona,but ive always been honest and up front about who i am,and ive never hidden my true identity….

jalep Says:

Gypsy – hello

Checked the bracket and you are there. When do you disappear for the equinox celebration?

Sure hope they get the bracket ready for picking before you go!

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…..Oh, it doesn’t say on/off…..ummm, I just assumed it did…..Thanks for bursting my bubble, I’m back to square one! Poor Courbon has his work cut out for him to teach me anything…. lol

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hi Jalep no worries ive just filled out my bracket,i will be away this weekend at my in laws,however the Autumn Equinox and our ceremony is the first weekend in September,i love tennis but this is something thats too important to my beliefs to miss,i will see about first half of the first week,and second half of the second week,its just unfortunate that they clash every year :-(….

jalep Says:

So far only the 3 of us, so far. Guess I have no power of persuasion. Vinod is there. No Margot yet. But there’s still plenty of time before the deadline.

I’ll leave you a note on GTN after filling out my bracket!

Qualifying (Final round) is on now:

hope Trevor at GTN gets the qualifiers added in soon. If Trevor doesn’t get the bracket updated with the qualifiers by tomorrow morning, what I do, Gypsy, is go look at the draw on the US Open website and take notes – then go back to GTA and update bracket with my qualie picks. It’s simples.

The first half of the 1st week is my favorite, anyway ;)

It’s the journey, not the destination. The journey is more exciting,to me. the Final destination can be great too, or anti-climactic.

Would like to see what the Autumn Equinox celebration looks like. Get some pictures and share!

jalep Says:

GTA should be GTN – Global Tennis Network.

Jock-KatH Says:

Okiegal – Watch out for charming Frenchmen – they’ll make the unbelievable, believable and remember that the charming Frenchman on this site loves GOATS whereas I believe you prefer BULLS….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep i dont know how to do links unfortunatly,but if you go to a site called the mercian gathering in Coventry, on you tube its all there theres a link with the witchmen which is like an old form of morris dancing only better hubby and i are sat on the grass watching,also theres the burning of the wickerman,which is ceremonial of Autumn coming and harvesting,also theres one with a lady called Linda George with many pictures in 2011 when we went theres a picture of myself and hubby dressed as skeletons,have a look its alot of fun….

jalep Says:

Georgy Gal,

“I am not going to post here any more as I am quite fed up with the bizarre moderation. ”

You do sound quite familiar to me in your posts, but your inclusion of me as one of the “nice” posters sorta shoots down my theory of who you could be ;)

I goofed with elina too. It was her banter with skeezer that made me think she was N*******a, (a well known poster and Rafa Fan)

Nothing at all wrong with being a Nadal fan!

My detective skills are not so good, I guess.

Come join the Racket Bracket if you can!

jalep Says:

Cool Gypsy. I’ll look it up, thanks!

It’s on my list with what Kriket and Wog Boy posted above as well.

All I know about that mess in the Balkans was that I was p***** off that we were bombing a country again. Perpetual War s**** for so many reasons. :(

Makes me swear :(

Giles Says:

@jalep. Lol Lol. Did you think Elina is N*******a, you mean Nadalista obviously? No way, that poster, who by the way was my favourite, had a very unique style of writing. Something I’ve never seen before (maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock) and a real pleasure to read. I do wish she’d come back but I think skeezer and gang got a bit too much for her. Well, it’s Tennis X’s loss for sure. ;)

Okiegal Says:

@Jock 11:58

You know me well… question, I prefer El Toro!!
It’s been fun having a few laughs and not being so serious. When the tourney gets going, then things can get back to normal……..

jalep Says:

Giles. :D

I know, right? silly me.

And you are right about nadalista – very bright. Not sure she’d be chatting with me about Radiohead and wine though ;)

And I was thinking Georgy was Mindy/ NNY. Again, doubtful I’d be on that “nice poster” list.

But we all change over the years…

Think about joining the bracket challenge, Giles:

Only 6 of us in at the moment.

Giles Says:

@jalep. Thanks for inviting me to the BC. I think I’ll pass on that one. Hope you win. Choose wisely and all will be fine. 😛👍

kriket Says:

WogBoy – Yeah I understated the civilian casualties because I forgot some of the “incidents” (the tv station – 16 dead as I recall, all TV staff), the hospital and some others, but I didn’t want to make the post about the NATO bombing, just wanted to clear the fact that there was no such thing as “war in Serbia”, which implies something much more serious than what was going on. I don’t mean to downplay the crimes committed by NATO, but this isn’t the time nor the place to discuss that.
I’ve been living at my home in Belgrade throughout that bombing, and I’ve heard the missile going for the TV station flying over my building, the sound I’ll never forget, and I’ve visited many sites right after they’ve been bombed, watching the firemen fight the fire through the debris. I know all about what was going on, but what’s done is done, it’s been 16 years since that, I was 25 at the time, so a bit older than Novak was, and I guess my personal experience might be somewhat different than his.

kriket Says:

Btw. WogBoy, tnx for pointing out that documentary, I haven’t seen it before, I’m watching it now.
It’s quite recent, it’s been made last year by a young American journalist. It’s mostly about bombing of Belgrade, at least from what I saw half-way through the film.

The link is:
for those interested in taking a look.

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