Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych Qualify For ATP London Finals
by Staff | October 18th, 2015, 2:15 pm

Just two spots remain in the eight-man field at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals as Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdych have secured their places at the Final Showdown.

Nadal and Berdych will compete alongside Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka at the prestigious season finale. The world’s biggest indoor tennis tournament, featuring the world’s best eight singles players and doubles teams, will be played 15-22 November at The O2 in London.

Nadal qualified for the season finale for the 11th consecutive season after reaching the semi-finals of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, one week on from a runner-up showing at the China Open in Beijing (l. to Djokovic). His performances in China over the past two weeks saw him leapfrog Kei Nishikori and Berdych to rise to fifth in the Emirates ATP Race To London.

The Spaniard reached the final in London in 2013 and 2010. He missed last year’s tournament after undergoing a late-season appendectomy. (Nadal was also forced to miss the season finale through injury in 2005, 2008 and 2012).

In 2015, Nadal has captured titles at Buenos Aires (d. Monaco), Stuttgart (d. Troicki) and Hamburg (d. Fognini). He has also reached finals in Madrid (l. to No. 3 Murray) and Beijing. He boasts a 52-17 match record on the season.

In beating Wawrinka in the Shanghai quarter-finals Friday, Nadal notched his 300th match win at ATP World Tour Masters 1000 level. His 83% winning percentage at the ATP World Tour’s elite tournament level exceeds that of Djokovic (82%) and Federer (77%).

The 30-year-old Berdych will make his sixth consecutive appearance at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. The Czech reached the semi-finals in London in 2011 (l. to Tsonga).

Berdych, who reached the quarter-finals in Shanghai (l. to Murray), has compiled a 51-18 match record on the season, highlighted by winning his 11th ATP World Tour title in Shenzhen (d. Garcia-Lopez) and reaching three other finals in Doha (l. to Ferrer), Rotterdam (l. to Wawrinka) and at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournament in Monte-Carlo (l. to Djokovic).

ATP Race Standings
1  Novak Djokovic 14285
2  Andy Murray 7870
3  Roger Federer 6750
4  Stan Wawrinka 6140
5  Rafael Nadal 4330
6  Tomas Berdych 4280

7  Kei Nishikori 3945
8  David Ferrer 3445
9  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 2500
10  Richard Gasquet 2445
11  Kevin Anderson 2385
12  John Isner 2315

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36 Comments for Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych Qualify For ATP London Finals

jalep Says:

Radwanska qualified for Singapore Final, too.

Congrats Agnieszka! 5th year in a row qualifying and 16th career title in Tianjin.

Congrats to Jelena Jankovic winning Hong Kong and good luck to Kerber at Kremlin cup.

mat4 Says:

Watched the highlights. Helene played some intelligent and elegant tennis.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 do you mean Jelena?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Congrats to Rafa and Tomas on qualifying for the YECs,although at this point i cant see anyone other than Novak winning it,maybe Roger?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nice stat for Rafa he leads with 300 career wins at Masters 1000 level….

Travis Bickle Says:

The intriguing symmetry of the number 8035 explained:

#1. Djokovic (16785 points)
#2. Murray (8750 points)

#70. Pouille (715 points)

Difference between #1 and #2 today is 8035 points. This is equivalent to the difference between #2 and #70 !!!

It is getting ridiculous…

Tennisfan Says:

How on earth did Berdych qualify?

Shivam Says:

Have a any one know what is formula uses in WTF grouping format divide overall Eight Players, as like who will be group A and whose will be into Group. have any system as per qualification scenario or any other formula uses for players grouping system.

Please Confirm and if possible than tell me who will be Group-A and Who will be in Group-B

peter Says:


the groups are based on seedings, so seed 1 cannot be same as seed 2, seed 3 not the same as seed 4, etc.

however in the past few years for some reason the draw has nearly always been 1,3,5,7 and 2,4,6,8.

this means nole, fed, nadal, kei in one group. murray stan berd ferrer.

Emily Says:

I noticed that kei isn’t playing this week, while those behind him are. Maybe he feels confident about the next few tournaments, and it does look like he’ll qualify, but tsonga sounds determined. Berdych’s qualification does remind me of his sub-par year w/ the AO semi being the highlight. Got into the WTF anyway though.

Daniel Says:

Although Novakis miles ahead everybody the race is interesting from 2 groups: 2-4 and 5-7.

Stan and Fed will play Basel and Murray won’t. If Stan wins he has a shot of passing Fed for #3 and even targetting #2 if he has a great Paris and WTF. Same for Fed, if he wins Basel he geta closer to Murray and can wrap #2 ranking in WTF.

Murray declare his focus is on DC and he had never reached finals in WTF, so if the drop we saw in Shangai continue he may not be too interested in next two tournaments leaving the door open for Fed or Stan. Of course he wants to be #2 by the end of the year and guarantee #2 seed for AO as well.

In the other group is a fight between Nadal, Berdych and Kei, they are only 350 pts aside and even tough mathmatically Nadal can return to #4 (he is 1850 pts behind Stan), realistically no one from this three will finish the year top 4. They will will either finish 5-7 which doesn’t change much only that a “top 5” finish sounds better than #6 or #7.

Ferrer will most likelly qualify as well, he just needs to win 2-3 more matches in Vienna and Paris. Tsonga would have to win a 500 and has another final in Paris, very unlikelly now.

Daniel Says:

Tennis-x could make a thread with last tournaments each of the contender will be playing this next 2 weeks.

jane Says:

“this means nole, fed, nadal, kei in one group. murray stan berd ferrer.”

well, that could make one group more competitive that another but it happens. i remember one year – was it 2013? – where delpo, fed and novak were all on one side, and rafa was on the other. murray didn’t play.

brando Says:

Here’s hoping the WTF this year isn’t as p-ss poor as it was last year. Its fast turning into a farce, mockery in certain regards.

jane Says:

most years the WTF has been good *except* last year, wherein there were a couple of good matches, but too many routs, and then of course fed pulling out of the final.

but previous recent years have been good with competitive matches and #1 coming right down to the wire in 2012, 2013, for example. lots of 3 setters and tiebreak sets. even in 2011 it was quite competitive.

Daniel Says:


And if Fed enter WTF as 3 and Nadal 5 or 6, and they fall in the same group they can play first match. Beacaue 1 plays 7 or 8 in one group, 2 playes 7 or 8 in the other and the middle rankings play each other. I think Fed and Nadal on same group is the only chance for a Fedal this year. There is still 2 more posibilities, Fed will be seed 1 for Basel and Nadal 3 behind Stan so they could be drawn in to play semis, but both will have to win 3 matches to get there. Second chamce is Paris, they could be drawn in same quarters so less matches they need to win to set the match (2 by each) or semis as well.

It would be really weird not having them play at least once this season, which still can happen. Minimum they played was 2 times in a year and I hope we get to see them play at least this two times. Judging by form latelly, if Nadal continues to win matches as Asia and even with Fed ealry loss in Shangai, in Basel draw will be softer ealry rounds so there is a big chance they play there semis or finals

Daniel Says:

Agree, WTF provided us many thrillers this last few years. And the venue is awesome. Love the low lights.

Ben Pronin Says:

Last year was pretty strange. I can’t even remember who Djokovic beat in his semi without looking it up. And I could probably name most of the semis from the last 10 years.

I’m not sure how much better this year will be, though. Nishikori, Berdych, and Ferrer are way off form. Which isn’t saying much to begin with. Wawrinka has actually done pretty well each time he’s qualified and without Davis Cup to worry about, I think he and Federer will play well. We all know the story with Djokovic. Nadal is rounding into good form and he’s done pretty well the last few times he’s played. The biggest question mark is Murray. If he were to pull out, right now Tsonga is in 9th and he’s showing some good form right now, too.

If the groups are evenly distributed then the matches will all be competitive.

Daniel Says:

All of this of course if Andy plays WTF (which I think he will).

brando Says:

Nah it could be better. Reality is: tournament needs reworking. The concept of a year end with the best of a given year fighting it out to gain top honours is exciting but the reality and execution of the event on hand is poor. Truth is: the likes of berdych, ferrer, raonic et al make these events and do nothing other than makeup the numbers. What they should do is: 1- raise up prize money and points for WTF to enhance the prestige, lure of it. 2- make it a top 4 ONLY invite. That way ONLY the best of the best play, for a real big prize with excellent top tier competition. 3- make all players play each other with the top 2 qualifying for a final, best of 5 set. That way you still get 3 matches as per round robin, eliminate the semi final for a 5 set finals showdown. That for me would be more exciting, build up a anticipation throughout the year for the event than present setup. Plus it would breed more competitive spirit between the top talents: everyone would want to play in such a exclusive event, and ONLY the brilliant can qualify so players would step up their game for sure.

Ben Pronin Says:

That’s so dumb. Back to the drawing board.

jane Says:

true daniel. we may still see a fedal. it’ll be very interesting since i don’t think they’ve played for almost 2 years? was the last time AO 2014?!

agree ben, there are some question marks this year. but in 2011, just as an example, you had guys like fish, tipsy and tsonga who all played competitive matches, tsonga losing the final in 3 sets vs fed. last year, the new guys just didnt compete well at all. nor did berdych. this year, we could see a repeat of that, but hopefully not.

Emily Says:

Last year was so underwhelming w/ matches that were embarrassing and you felt bad for some of the players. The best match was the fed/Stan semi but then that got marred by the personal drama and the fact that roger then didn’t even play the final. This year should be more competitive as there are no duds in the mix (relatively speaking), but I think players will mix up their game, eg. Roger may be more aggressive and not play from the back of the court which is why Stan nearly beat him last year.

Ben Pronin Says:

It just seemed like no one had much fight in them last year. Like as soon as they lost the first set they were just like “whatever, I’ll try again tomorrow”. That’s probably why Federer-Wawrinka was so close. Federer lost the first set and was like “wait, I have to win if I want to play tomorrow!”

But yeah, then he withdrew from the final and it was just a bust. Losing early in Shanghai might actually benefit Federer this year. He’s not getting any younger.

Daniel Says:

Agree Ben, Fed probably will want to go all out in Basel to win after Shangai disapintment, than he should decide how far he is willimg to commit with Paris, dependong on deaw and other players to make an assault again in WTF where he trust his game more there. So unless he underperfoma in Basel (which he hasn’t in years) I don’t know if he’ll go deep in Paris as well but with no dc looming he should be focused on WTF and maybe try for #7. He knows if Djoko gets #5, his 6 titles there are within reach or passing by Novak while if he wins #7 to Djoko’s 4 this could be a lasting record of his. Nothing is certan anymore. Only the 237 consecutive weeks as #1. That I think will never be broken again, I mean, ever.

Gee Says:

Fed faked big injury to play davis cup and heal the phony relationship with mirka and stan. Of course, fed lovers don’t remember novak semifinals.

J-Kath Says:

Daniel – Why would Fed. be ranked No.1 for Basle?

elina Says:

Roger will be top seed in Basel. Novak is not playing.

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer faking an injury is hilarious.

I looked it up. It was Nishikori. Completely forgot about that match.

Daniel Says:


He will be top seed. Neither Djoko or Murray are playing.

Fed 1
Wawa 2
Kei 3
Nadal 4

So there is a chance for a Fedal semis. Or finals if they are on opposite sides of the draw, which comes out tomorrow.

Daniel Says:

Valencia points from last year will drop Monday so if Fed defenda his title he gets back to #2 and Murray #3. But the year end finish from both will probably be define only in London. Or maybe Davis Cup if it’s a close race for #2.

Daniel Says:

Also Ferrer is in semis in Valencia, if he makes final or wins title pretty much seal berth for London. Nishikori will play Basel next week and semis showing I think guarantee as well.

jalep Says:

Don’t know why I leave a link. No one looks at them, anyway. Yesterday, Kei pulled outta Basel.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep i always read your links,sorry if i dont always leave feedback though….

Daniel Says:


Actually when I enteres Basel site in players, Kei wasn’t there but he still is in the main logo with the 4 of them.

Even so, Nadal will be drawn to either Fed semis or Wawa semis.

As for Kei, a Quarters in Paris and I think it will be enough to qualify or by default if other players star losing early.

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