Novak Djokovic Changes Multiple Record Books, Beating Kei Nishikori in Miami Final
by Staff | April 3rd, 2016, 3:13 pm

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, even on an off day, proved he is head and shoulders above the competition, defeating Kei Nishikori 6-3, 6-3 for a sixthΒ career Miami Open crown.
“This is one of the best tournaments we have in the sport,” said Djokovic, who cryptically told ESPN the tournament would be staying in Miami for many years to come. “It been an amazing hardcourt season once again, winning Indian Wells and Miami. The first Miami title I won was in 2007 and it opened a lot of doors for me, gave me a lot of confidence at 19 years old. I’m proud of what I achieved and trying to cherish every moment on the court.”

Nishikori was also off his game in the final, having difficulty implementing any game plan whatsoever that gave Djokovic problems, and also suffering from service yips. Djokovic survived back and forth break trades in the first set, and took and early break lead in the second.

“Congratulations Novak, an incredible two tournaments in a row,” Nishikori said of Djokovic winning Indian Wells and Miami back-to-back. “Hope I can get you next time. Playing Novak is always a great challenge for me. I hope I can win a Masters next time.”

Nishikori fell to 0-2 in Masters finals.

“It was a really tough one,” Nishikori said. “He has great defence, so it’s tough to break his game. And it was windy. So I couldn’t really be too aggressive because the ball was moving and it was tough to do that. He was very patient and he didn’t miss. It’s always so tough to play Novak.”

Djokovic won the Indian Wells-Miami double for an incredible fourth time in his career (2011, ’14-16). Roger Federer has done it twice, and five other players once each.

Other records getting revisions were Djokovic reaching a 12th straight Masters-level final, becoming the all-time Masters title leader with 28, becoming the all-time money leader in men’s tennis, and tying Andre Agassi’s three Miami titles in a row.

“Of course I’m very grateful and proud of all the achievements,” Djokovic said. “And the fact that I put myself in a position to make records and to have my name in the history books is a great incentive before matches like this.

“But I didn’t think about it too much. It didn’t impose any pressure, or I didn’t want to have it as a distraction; rather as a motivation.”

It’s quite amazing. I’m very thrilled about it. Hopefully I can make many more records.

The Serb is now 28-1 in 2016. He improved to 63-26 in finals, and 28-12 in Masters finals. Nishikori dropped to 11-6 in career finals.

Next up for Djokovic will be starting his claycourt campaign at the Monte Carlo Masters.

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54 Comments for Novak Djokovic Changes Multiple Record Books, Beating Kei Nishikori in Miami Final

Wog Boy Says:

“…for a fifth career Miami Open crown.”

Staff, it is sixth..

Van Persie Says:

Nole surpassed Becker today in Nr. of won matches. He’s now ranked 11.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

12 straight masters finals. Malade!

skeezer Says:

Congrats to jane, courban, danica who are amoung the great Nole fans. Yay!

courbon Says:

Thanks skeezer-always a gentleman

jane Says:

thanks skeeze!

AndyMira Says:

Congrats to dave,VP,jane,danica[you can sleep soundly tonight baby!]mat4,WB..while you all shining like a christmas tree,i’m drowning in pacific ocean now..what a shame…

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer…..Why didn’t you ever single me out with congratulations when Rafa was winning a slam here and there? You have hurt my feelings again…..😒 After all we are fellow Americans…I hate to keep harping on that…….lol!

nits Says:

but although this domination is praise worthy but men’s tennis has become one dimensional & to an extent boring

Okiegal Says:

Does anybody think Novak showed a little vulnerability in Miami or Indian Wells?

AndyMira Says:

@nits..i agree with what you said but..we all know that everyone has their moments in this life right?Roger already has his,rafa also and now novak’s moment..and every big or small success that he achieved..he deserve it..and he’s earned it with his amazing talent and hard let’s him and his loyal fan here savour this sweet moment..i believe everyone deserved to be happy..and i want andy join his big brother on this train of success..he’s so much deserve it as well..

anki Says:

He was a bit vulnerable, but he didn’t drop a set apart from his opening match in IW. However, I think he must increase his level if he is to win the french open coz with the likes of Stan, Thiem etc it is not going to be easy

gee Says:

How convenient. Smart athletic boss Nole leaves people in ruins.
I didn’t realize that the strong mind and body were supposed to be overworked with mindless serves, ballbashing, predictable slices and ballerina moves.

Apparently, bitter people still think the Roddick/Karlovic era was multidimensional. 2000-2006 was exhausting without much tennis. Servebots were #1 and #3 and they failed to play many European clay and indoor hard courts.
Numerous serves and awful returning with many Tiebreaks and 0-6 losses. The Twilight Zone tennis was given the “GOAT era” label just because Fed laughed at this foolishness.

Green Lady Says:

I dont know whats the matter with people, is he vulnerable because he had his serve broken here or there, and didnt serve out bagels and breadsticks to opponents ad nauseum, and some of the sets were close for a change, the man aint even lost a set in weeks, vulnerable oh purlease give me a break ? ….

Green Lady Says:

Sorry Okie BTW ;)) ….

danica Says:

Skeezer and AndyMira,
Thanks a BUNCH! xoxo

AndyMira, where are you re Pacific Ocean? I just came back from Mexico where PO was beautiful to swim in. Totally opposite from the PO in front of my door here in Bay Area where you can’t even put your toes in the water for fear of being pulled in and lost.

As for Novak’s vulnerability, yes, he was (vulnerable). And better players, the rest of the Big 4 specially, could capitalize.

I am surprised that Andy exited so fast. Brutal conditions and viral infection were the reason Rafa left. But come clay, things can be different. Nole had big problems with Berdych in MC last year. So, it’ll be interesting to see how he adapts now.

AndyMira Says:

@ Okie..i agree with you..he looks more reachable to other player,couldn’t convert a multiple TB when it served deliciously in front of him,doing more uncharacteristically mistakes than he used to..but in the end as usual,it’s his opponent who still can’t match his mental if they wants to down novak,they have to toughen up their mental first and then stamina and then luck..

Okiegal Says:

@GL……no apologies…..I agree with you…..I don’t think he was the least bit vulnerable.

@Danica…..but they didn’t capitalize….they weren’t nearly good enough to…..he is so far above everyone else…..I think some of his fans prefer to stay low key because of the old jinxy winxy. We’re big on keeping the dreaded jinx at bay…

Van Persie Says:

Hi AM,

Thank for the congrats ;)

Okiegal Says:

@AM…..I just posed the question… I don’t think he was at all….read my post @ 2:54….
Just wondered what others thought about it.

AndyMira Says:

@ Danica..i refer to PO because it’s much more deeper than south china sea here,and with rafa’s form is in such inconsistent at the moment,i could as well jump in PO and get drowned in it..but enjoy the moment deserved it as well for all the fear that nole caused in you..

AndyMira Says:

Hey VP,long time no are you?Busy as usual?By the’re always welcome VP..

danica Says:

I never take anything for granted. So, I abstain from making predictions even for fun, not because of jinxing ;), but because everyone has to earn the win. In the process, many things can happen. The other Big 4 will be better rested and prepared for clay season.

Van Persie Says:

Hi AM,

There is a lot of stress at work lately, but everything is fine. Thanks for asking?

How are you?

danica Says:

Rafa played great against Nole in IW. That first set could have gone his way. I am quite sure clay season will bring the best out of him. Please, no more references about drawning ;). Think positive ;).

danica Says:

(obviously, am tired :) )

AndyMira Says:

Hey VP..considering that i’m not kill one single soul so far,i guess that’s fine..thank you for asking..i hope with novak’s win will ease your beautiful mind from stressing so much at work..don’t want to get a grey hair at such a young age VP..

AndyMira Says:

@ Dani..i am thinking positive..i don’t even bang my head on the wall when he lost to nole the other day like i used’s positive right?

Noonen Says:

What a relief! I was fearful Kei might win. Way to go, Novak!

Martin rivkin Says:

when someone actually starts to challenge joker and creates more open events as to who wins please post on here as mens tennis is such a massive bore now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone below par no one shining and joker novak playing tennis without any wow just numbers game solid but utter yawn!!!!!!!!
womens tennis far better now and open something mens tennis is totally lacking and has been for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!get in form and challenge the joker for gods sake he aint even an amazing player just a percentage player making few mistakes but style and wow factor left out each time!!!!!!!!!!!!

RZ Says:

What Djokovic has been doing is beyond incredible! Major congrats to him, his team, and his fans.

The big question – who’s going to stop him? I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

Giles Says:

Martin Rivkin. Finally the truth! Thanx.

George Says:

For me, it is completely opposite. I have never enjoyed more. My best part is when pundits and (brainwashed) crowd is against Djokovic and then Djokovic yells “This is Greece (he actually yelled the name of some place in Greece, but I forgot which one it was)”. However, I was disappointed against Nishikori as majority of Crowd supported Djokovic.

jane Says:

the “braingame” piece at the atp site is interesting. he analyzes how kei’s court positioning was taken away from him by novak’s depth of shot, literally cut in half. he also talks abut length of rallies and how novak ends them more quickly now, winning the shorter points as opposed to outlasting opponents.

Okiegal Says:

@Danica 3:10 I don’t believe in the jinx either, it is mentioned a lot on here in jest….I know no one is serious about it. Being a Rafa fan I sure don’t take anything for granted …..even when he had the upper hand, and neither did he. He is his biggest demon. Wish he would calm down more and relax…….but he has been a little better about that lately. My clay expectations are very iffy atm too.

Green Lady Says:

Okie thanks, and not been disrespectful to Novak or his fans, but i dont believe hes vulnerable just because he happens to play one particular match and loses a set, or wins it on a tight TB, or loses serve occasionally, right now he could play blind folded, standing on one leg, wading through black treacle and still win, unless hes a set and 5/0 and MP down, then and only then will i believe hes vulnerable, but even then id still back him ….

Green Lady Says:

And BTW Left my congrats on the other thread, but ill do it again here, CONGRATS NOVAK AND FANS ….

chrisford1 Says:

Enjoy this time, I believe it is another peak period of tennis that will acquire even more magic in memory and in the perceptions of new fans 20-30 years from now that are too young or not born yet, as well as those that saw the days of the Big 4, Monfils, Stan, Delpo, Ferru as present day fans.

I believe that Djokovic and Nadal will stand out as honest, mostly non-scripted unique people with unique tennis attributes such that it will be hard to see another coming down the road “pretty much like them”. Or Monfils the artiste – who wants to create more than he wants to win.

With Djokovic’s present form, the scary thing is that many people, including me, believe he is following Sampras and Beckers advice to conserve energy and play minimally -well enough to win, but not burn extra energy trying to dazzle. Which works so long as you can call on that 5th or 6th gear when needed, and you peak at big events in the later rounds. Djokovic could be playing better if he wanted to – but why??? What would be the point of that?

More signs Djoko might get in the personal improvement biz when tennis is done, be another Tony Robbins….Doing a lot of ‘Philosopher King’ these days.
It’s very challenging to reach your full potential without finding peace and calm within. I always take time to go back to the basics. Breathe. Listen to heart beats. And stretch of course :) #YogaTime

Markus Says:

CF1 said about Djokovic: “…conserve energy and play minimally -well enough to win, but not burn extra energy trying to dazzle…”

That is what I notice about Djokovic’s game. He adapts to each player. He seems to gauge how much effort he has to expend to each of the players he is up against. That is probably why sometimes, it seems like lesser guys play a little bit close to him and people presume that Nole is off form. It’s when he plays the higher caliber players where he goes on a higher mode of play. That is probably why the other top 10 players like Berdych, Murray, Nadal and Federer can’t seem to do much against him.

courbon Says:

Martin Rivkin:We hear you-stop shouting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giles:Are you off medicine again?

Giles Says:

Courbon. I’ve started taking what you’re taking!

Okiegal Says:

I googled Nadal News, which I do periodically and there was an article stating Rafa had announced his retirement. Before reading the entire article I was gonna trot over to TX to see if anyone else had heard this. Then I thought I might ought to read the whole thing. So I did and sure enough complete satire. The satirical writers need to back off. That is how ugly rumors get started. Here are 3 modes of communication: Telegraph, telephone and tell a woman!! 😱…..oh my!!!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I completely agree with CF1 and Markus re Novak peaking as he is required to. Its became an amazing trend. I think you could look back at every Masters event or Slam tournament as discussed on TX for the last year, and find talk of how Novak is ‘off form’ this tournament, and its someone’s opportunity to take him out. For a guy who is called ‘off form’ in every tournament, he sure wins a lot of tournaments.

Green Lady Says:

Okie yeah thankfully it was all a belated April fools joke ….

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^^ Yep…..totally forgot about April fool’s day…I’m in my own little world! 🌎🌏🌍

elina Says:

You guys! Novak is light years beyond the pack taking much of the interest out of the mens game dominating more now than Roger ever did.

WTA is quickly becoming the more interesting game as is part of the normal cycle.

Am gueesing we won’t be hearing so much of the men deserve more pay because it is more popular in the next year or two if this trend continues.

Ajde NoleFam. Novak can hold all four slams after the French, something not achieved in 47 years and never on three different playing surfaces. GOAT contention worthy, don’t y’all think? Am thinking objective “staff” won’t agree.


J-Kath Says:

GL & Okiegal

Me too…I read an article on Rafa retiring and came swiftly to Tennix X and send an SOS to you two before I realised it was indeed a somewhat late April Fool piece….

With everything said about Nole and his star being so much higher than anyone else’s –I am personally convinced that he will end 2016 as No.1 player, but changes are going to begin…his pinnacle may have been reached (and ALL his aspirations for 2016 remain partially out of reach) – others are going to start seeing his minimizing and copy…I personally don’t believe he will win the French Open.

To Novak fans, no harm intended …just the timing and that his huge success can stimulate, rather than give despair to a 2-3 others in a couple of major contests.

Van Persie Says:


I also have some doubts regarding the FO for Nole. I hoped every year since 2012 and it did not happen. We’ll see :)

Green Lady Says:

J-Kath i dont know if he will win the FO, time will tell, if he does i will say its richly deserved, its just tennis for me lately has become a one man show ….

BTW Leicester City FC need 12 points from their remaining games to win the Premier League ;)) ….

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath…..As I said tell a woman! I am glad I’m not the only that tends to believe everything I read….lesson learned……lol

J-Kath Says:

Yep, but in our favour, we were only taken in for a few minutes…both us rushed over to Tennis X at which point we realised the April 1 foolishness had been the culprit…

Maybe the question is Why On Earth Did We both rush to Tennis X???? We don’t believe/agree with everything we read there either.!!!!!!

See yah.

J-Kath Says:

Green Lady
Yes WOW for Leicester City if they pull it off.

Green Lady Says:

12 Points J-Kath and the titles theirs regardless of what any other team do, TBH Im not even a fan, actually im a Liverpool, Coventry City, York City fan, but i just find the idea of a less fancied, less fashionable team, one thats on a shoe string budget, one that doesnt get taken seriously, winning the league absolutely amazing if they pull it off WOW indeed….

Sorry for going off topic ….

J-Kath Says:

Green Lady

“Sorry for going off topic”…..I don’t think for a second that you should be…

Everybody goes off topic and nobody should be made to feel that they have to apologise….we see references to music, to films, to other sports!!! nationalities, different languages, geography, religion, politics, food and drink, our work, our private lives….you name it, it’s here.

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