Do You Remember The Last Point Roger Federer Won? [Video]
by Staff | April 11th, 2016, 4:22 pm

Roger Federer makes his long-awaited return from knee surgery Tuesday in Monte Carlo. Federer has been out over two months, his longest stretch away from the game due to injury during his pro career.

We last saw Federer on the court in Australia in a losing effort to Novak Djokovic during a 4-set semifinal.

The last point he won of the match, though, was a good one. Here it is:

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10 Comments for Do You Remember The Last Point Roger Federer Won? [Video]

Dave Says:

What amazed me about this, was that Nole shut Federer down after such an epic point as if it didn’t even happen and won 6 points in a row to close the match. That’s mental strength right there.

Wog Boy Says:


He is doing that regularly to Roger, do you remember match points at USO that Roger had, two years in a row? After one of those “slapping” Nole’s return Roger didn’t know which is the way out of Arthur Ashe stadium.
Roger was never good, or more precisely, up to his standards when it comes to crunch moments in the match. If he smells the blood he’ll destroy you, if it is tight and doesn’t go his way there is every chance he’ll crack under the pressure, Rafa exposed that and Nole continued, the proof is Roger’s lousy five set record, lousy for the GOAT, even in his high days he wasn’t even top20 in that department.

elina Says:

Breaking news,

Dave Says:

It’s True Wog Boy. I was just thinking the other day how many 5 set matches Roger has lost against Nadal and Nole and how many times he beat either of them when it went to 5 sets. I would have to look at their rivalries, but the only match that comes to mind that Federer won a five set match against either of those players was Wimbledon against Nadal in I think 2007. I couldn’t think of any others of the top of my head.

Dave Says:

Nole is 3 and 0 against Federer in 5 set matches
Nadal is 3 and 2 against Federer in 5 set matches.

Those are the official stats.

In 2005 Federer beat Nadal in Miami(one of Nadals worst tournaments in his career) it went 5 sets. And the Wimbledon final that I mentioned earlier. So The Nadal 5 set match up is still closer for sure.

Wog Boy Says:

If you look at the stats from this link from June 2010, Roger’s prime years, he is #27 out of all active players, he was almost 50/50:

Dave Says:

Ya, I knew he didn’t have a very good winning percentage, even for his whole career.

chrisford1 Says:

Fine point between Roger and Novak. What is amazing was the sequence. Roger hits a kicker serve wide with Nole leaning centerline. 98% of players would have no chance. Djokovic makes a great return. Roger then hits a drop shot that would be a winner against anyone but Monfils, Novak, Rafa, or Andy. Noval not only gets to it but hits a brilliant lob that nicks the baseline that Roger sprinted and got to when mst would concede the winner – and made a return 70% of players would have finished the point with a hard overhead.
But we are talking Djokovic, and he took himself out of command of the point with a mediocre overhead hit right to Fed’s forehand. short volley to Federer’s backhand after that, winning Fed backhand..
Then the hit the extra gear switch got turned on in Djokovic…

So many amazing points – not just the Big 4. Add people like Dogapolov and Monfils and a dozen others.
But my two favorite Djokovic points beginning in 2011 have to be:

1. The point that broke Rafa in the 1st set and won that set in the 2013 Championships Final. And took away Nadal’s confidence.
2 THE return. (As all Djokovic fans know which one that is.) The one Roger never recovered from, mentally.

Green Lady Says:

Great to have the Maestro back, hes not my favorite, but when he or Nadal theres a hole missing on the tour ….

Green Lady Says:

^Sorry not there^….

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