Novak Djokovic Meets Michael Phelps In Rio, Whose Career Would You Want?
by Sean Randall | August 3rd, 2016, 10:32 pm

The Olympics is upon us! And that means tennis stars mingling and oogling with other sporting stars. Such was the case earlier today when Novak Djokovic met 22-time gold medallist Michael Phelps.

So do you think if given the chance they would career swap? And whose would you choose? Twenty-two medals with a few more to come in Rio, but for Phelps his career more than likely ends this month (he can go back to bongs fulltime?). Djokovic I guess could actually get to 22 Slams (not really equating those, but…) because he still has years and years left.

“Once in every four years you get to experience an incredible unity of all sports,” Djokovic said today. “10,000 people in the Village, and everyone’s working out, dining together ,so it’s truly something special and I always look forward to being part of it.

With a banged up Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer out and Stan Wawrinka with better things to do apparently, Djokovic and Andy Murray are the easy favorites to walk away with at least two of the three medals, the question is, which ones?

“It would be probably ranked as one of the highest, or the highest achievement of my career that I would have potentially,” said Djokovic of winning the gold. “But again, I’ve got to stay humble, I’ve got to take a very cautious mindset in preparation to this Olympic Games. I’ve had bronze from Beijing, in London I fell short, but again I always play with my heart and all I have when I play for my country.”

The Olympics draw comes out tomorrow, get ready!

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic Meets Michael Phelps In Rio, Whose Career Would You Want?

chrisford1 Says:

Both are totally different body types. Phelps has a long torso and short legs for his height that would make him poorly suited for tennis. Novak has aerobic issues, a family congenital problem in lung development. Neither would do well in the others sport and both would suck as figure skaters or American Football/Rugby types.
Its like comparing apples and oranges, or more apt, Men’s tennis vs. Woman’s tennis.
Novak’s job pays better. Both see totally mediocre players in US baseball, Euro Club Football making more than both of them put together – before that day when the world branded Novak and Mike marketable as bona fide Superstars.

Wog Boy Says:

I wonder who is doing meals for Nole in the village or maybe they have a choice of gluten free vegan meals?

Truthsquad Says:

I doubt Djokovic is actually staying in the Village. Probably visiting before the tennis starts, but no way is he staying in one of those spartan rooms with metal beds and no AC.

Dennis Says:

Obviously anyone sensible would take Novak’s career. A global sport that matters every year all year, not just once every four years when people pretend to really care about swimming. Plus it pays much better.

Giles Says:

Truthsquad. Lol. You think joker is used to luxury?? He lives in a pokey 2 bed apartment!!!

chrisford1 Says:

Truthsquad – Novak is in the village. Rafa too. Djokovic did say months ago that he would decamp from the village to a quieter place where he can meditate and recuperate better once the 2nd week of the Olympics begins. Rafa says he will stay in the Village until he is out of the competition or the Games are over. Media caught up to him happily doing laundry himself and grocery shopping for chips and other junk food.
For once, Giles is right. Djokovic still lives in the same 2 bedroom flat he got when he listened to his uncle Goran and moved to MC at 19. Granted, a very nice with fine waterview flat that has to have cost more than my house a few times over…but Djokovic is definitely the laggard in Big 4 luxury housing investment.

django Says:

Troicki is Nole’s roommate I hear

ANDY H Says:

hmmm. 102 million in career earnings. Hot model wife vs a guy who seemingly has no other career opportunities other than winning a lot of gold medals in a sport nobody cares about. But he does have a really cool bong!

chrisford1 Says:

Andy H –

1. Mrs D modeled swimsuits in HS, but as a part time job. She was a valedictorian that got an international economics scholarship to The School of Economics in Milan. Then finished her Masters. Did a year with Formula One brand management. Then helped build Djokovic’s Foundation and acts as the director of it. Not saying all models are stupid, but Jelena Djokovic is an intellectually accomplished young woman. Kim Sears now Murray, also did modelling part time. But had A levels in art and music and got a university degree. She is a fine painter. You could throw in Rafa and David Ferrer’s significant others are gorgeous, but also university trained in optometry and business accounting MGMT.

2. Mike Phelps is a rich guy from endorsements and appearance fees. Not at Djokovic’s level, but set for life.

3. Career prize money is a partial component in the money a star athlete pulls in. In Djokovic’s case, his lifetime endorsement money far outweighs it. Add in millions from appearance fees, exhos. And in Djokovic’s case, he’s starting to get significant return on the investments he has made with the help of his wife, his Uncle Goran, and successful business men and women that have steered some opportunities his way. The divergence between Federer’s prize money and his other income sources is even bigger than Djokovic’s.

Colin Says:

Dennis and Andy H, please pay attention!

You are doing just what I accused Sean Randall of doing on a previous thread. You are saying “I think this, therefore everyone else does”

For myself, I have no interest in events at the swimming pool, but for those who do, it is complete nonsense to say they do so only every four years, at the Olympics. In case the sporting world has passed you by, can I point out that there are other multi-sport meetings – World Championships, European Games, Commonwealth Games, and of course national championships in individual countries.

Dan Martin Says:

I think Djokovic’s career is more impressive (shocking as a tennis fan). An issue I have with swimming is that many races are the same distance, but swimmers use different techniques. Novak can’t win a tournament or medal for best backhand or best return. Players face-off with whatever technique they have to win 2 or 3 sets and end the match. I think that creates a more interesting dynamic and thus career.

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