7 Things I Think I Once Thought About Tennis At The Olympics And Novak Djokovic
by Sean Randall | August 3rd, 2016, 11:41 pm

On the eve of the draw, a few thoughts on the upcoming Olympic games and on its place in tennis and the favorites.

1. Does Tennis Belong In The Olympics?
I’m not 100% behind tennis being part of the Games. No one tunes into the Olympics exclusively for the tennis – no one I know of at least – because we see it and live it virtually every week of the year. So as Andy Murray said, it becomes just like any other event.

However, that’s the not the case for the multitude of athletes competing in track, gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting, etc. Those are the sports most of us watch once every four years and that’s it. And for those athletes, this is their time to shine. If they don’t, they have to wait another four excruciating years.

Meanwhile, if Novak Djokovic loses, sure he’ll feel the sting, but Cincinnati starts in a couple weeks and then it’s onto the US Open.

But back to the original question. Yes, it belongs. Why? Well, for one tennis is a grueling mano-a-mano competition of strength, willpower, coordination and endurance. So just on how tough it is to compete, it belongs.

And it also belongs because by being part of the Games tennis gets exposure in smaller countries which will now allocate funds to try to get players involved in the sport. Otherwise, that money might go to another sport (or a more worthwhile, non-sporting cause, but that’s a far greater issue). So net result, a little more money flows into the sport and that helps. And since basketball, soccer, now golf, and cycling all do it, why not tennis?

2. Do They Players Care About The Olympics
The American men really don’t. Or maybe because it falls during their season when John Isner can make big sums of money playing in the U.S. at an event like Atlanta. He’s not winning Rio! Plus, Atlanta could improve his ranking something that couldn’t happen in Rio.

And for the American men, they are not heroes here when they win. Once Serena and Venus win they will suck up any and all attention in the tennis event, so we probably won’t hear much from tennis otherwise. At least not in the U.S.

As for the rest of the planet, some players do care, some don’t.

I’m mixed on the issue. If you want to play, play. If not, then don’t. I guess at this point it’s an individual thing and as a whole Olympics tennis still hasn’t defined its place in the pro sport.

3. Were The Removal Of Points A Factor In All The Withdrawals?
In years past, the Olympics offered those precious ranking points. That’s no longer the case. This year no ATP or WTA will be awarded, and the impact? Yup, more withdrawals.

So it’s a factor, especially for the men. But there are more factors.

4. What About The Zika Virus
I say not a factor. That said, the virus is real. I just feel in this case using it just a convenient excuse. And that’s fine.

I would argue if there was no Zika virus issue, we’d still get the same withdrawals. Players understandably not wanting to make the trip, and since there are no points and no prize money and the dominance of Djokovic/Murray? Plus the uncertainty over the Rio Infrastructure? Well, why bother?

Meanwhile, the women are showing up! And aren’t they the ones most at risk? Weird, right?

5. Too Much Tennis
Playing Canada, then Rio (with doubles for some) and then Cincinnati, week off and then the US Open? That’s asking a lot. But that’s what tennis is asking from its top players.

Throw in Davis Cup and Fed Cup and the schedule during Olympic years needs to be managed better by the Powers That be, because right now it’s insane to expect someone to sweep all three let alone four. And that’s not how it should be!

The calendar shouldn’t be set up to make it almost impossible for players to be at their best at the biggest events. That makes no sense. And we can’t have this happen every four years. Because as it stands it’s unfair to players and to the tournaments like Canada, the Olympics and Cincinnati. And everyone suffers – players get injured, players withdraw, fans are upset, etc.

It’s got to change and I think it will for 2020.

6. Who’s The Favorite?
After a stunning loss at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic kind of got back on track in Toronto. It wasn’t a strong start to the week but it was a strong finish for the Serb. After a sloppy first set in the semifinals against Monfils, in an instant Djokovic regained his form and rolled over the Frenchman and then maintained the momentum taking care of business in the final beating Kei Nishikori.

So like I said, and every player knows it, it’s Djokovic and Murray. Djokovic is 1, Murray is 2 and then it’s a big dropoff to maybe Nishikori as the third favorite? After his it’s…Does it matter? Probably not. But there is Novak’s serving issue and a possible shoulder injury Troicki had revealed to ESPN during the weekend.

The only other X-factor is the playing surface. Maybe someone like Murray might have a better chance against Novak if it was a quick court.

Otherwise, it’s Novak-Murray in the final two Sundays from now.

7. What About Rafa?
Well, I’m glad he’s playing, but expectations are low. I do worry if he plays too much and inflames that wrist the US Open could be off the board. I just have to wonder with Novak and Andy such big favorites and with two months off of no tennis, does he really he want to push himself that hard?

I respect Rafa for going and I’m glad he’s back on court, but even if he was 100% healthy it’s a slim chance to win. So is it worth the risk and especially of overplaying by competing in all the doubles? I hope it works out for him.

The draw comes out Thursday morning and the singles and doubles begin on Saturday.

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76 Comments for 7 Things I Think I Once Thought About Tennis At The Olympics And Novak Djokovic

Wog Boy Says:

I pointed on the other thread that surface is DecoTurf (USO, Cincinnati, Dubai, Tokyo, Rogers cup…) and unless it is layed on purpose to be slow, which I doubt, it is fast, low bouncing surface.

6–14 August
Edition 17th
Surface DecoTurf
Location Olympic Tennis Center



Daniel Says:

Yeah, surface is fast.

Agree on every point except it won’t change to Tokyo, players will still have to flight to Asia in NA HC. If it’s July it will be pre Canada, as usually most Olympics are. Didn’t understood why it was in August this year.

Wog Boy Says:

Sydney 2000 Olympics were in the second half of September, it had something to do with winter time in Southern Hemisphere, just guessing?

Margot Says:


Fab pic of Andy and Nole. In rather shocking news -Andy has had a hair cut! :0 Must be something to do with that flag carrying I guess…;)

Wog Boy Says:

Great pictures Margot, thanks for sharing them, I like one on the net and I like Andy’s tidy haircut, that’s the way to go Andy.

Colin Says:

Sean Randall is playing a trick to which journalists are all too prone. He is saying “We do this” and “We think that” when what he really means is he, Sean Randall, does and thinks thus.

This can be very annoying, and reminds me of the assumption always made by journos that anyone of my age who was young when the Beatles were topping the charts, must have been a fan, when in fact I never paid the least attention to them and have never owned any recordings.

In the present context this journalistic trick leads to writers saying “the whole nation” was willing Andy Murray to win Wimbledon again, when the fact is, in the UK only too many are interested only in football (soccer) to the exclusion of any other sport.

Wog Boy Says:

My experience with British tour groups in Australia are excatly as Colin said. I tried few times to start conversation, after starting the tour, and break the ice between me and the group by talking tennis and hardly had any reaction, only blank look from their faces, so I gave up on tennis (and Andy) to break the ice between me and my British customer, but if you start football, cricket or rugby it is different story alltogether, since I don’t follow cricket I stuck with football and rugby and it works.
About Beatles, that makes two of us Colin.

Wog Boy Says:

My experience with British tour groups in Australia are excatly as Colin said. I tried few times to start conversation, after starting the tour, and break the ice between me and the group by talking tennis and hardly had any reaction, only blank look from their faces, so I gave up on tennis (and Andy) to break the ice between me and my British customer, but if you start football, cricket or rugby it is different story alltogether, since I don’t follow cricket I stuck with football and rugby and it works.
About Beatles, that makes two of us Colin.

Wog Boy Says:

Ouch…double post:(

Okiegal Says:

Oh, how could you not just love the Beat-ulls….as Ed Sullivan would say! The boys from Liverpool……THE BOMB!! Aww…” Something in the way she moves attracts like no other lover, something in the way she woos me”………beautiful song by them, my personal favorite.
πŸ’œπŸ’œ their music 🎢 🎹 🎼

AndyMira Says:

OKie!…ha ha ha..just make sure you don’t get too excited and decide to dance!Watch out for the ankle!!

Margot Says:

McCartney is too sickly sweet for me. And, as for his orange hair…. dearie me, it’s not a good look.
I think they lost an edge when Lennon left.
“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” If only.
AndyMira and OKgiel: I can hear your excited squeaks from here :)
Hope Rafa is OK.

J-Kath Says:

The prize for emotifs goes to you.

AndyMira Says:

@M…i love u..you know that but sorry “Beat-ulls” as okie said is not my cup of tea..i’m more to Bond The Quartet,Sia,Bruno Mars,Celine Dion,Mariah Carey,vanessa Mae etc etc…he he he

About Rafa,we can only know whether he will truly be okay in a weeks time..if he play that much and still okay,then okay it is…thanks for asking about Rafa M!

J-Kath Says:

Okie, Willow, A.Mira (and those wanting a gasp)


Yes, he has posed in the past – but these pics. are purported to be recent.

AndyMira Says:

Awww JK!!You’re so mean!!I was about to put a spoonful of fried rice into my mouth,and it goes straight to my eyeball!

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath 8:11…..Sorry, Mira has already sent this link to me via Facebook! When it comes to Rafa, she is quick on the trigger in gathering information! I didn’t hit my eyeball with rice when I first saw them……but the old ticker might have skipped a beat!! Lol Be still
my πŸ’œ…..and Rafa’s still got it going on, bum wrist and all!

Okiegal Says:

@Mira…….two eyeballs of rice???? Lol

Okiegal Says:

@JK….I do love the emojis. You could almost writ a letter with them. I discovered more of them last night on my FB. They’re fun!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..I never cared for Paul by himself…..just liked them as a group. I was very young when they hit the scene, but to this day when I hear their music, I go back in time…….way back! Lol

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Margot for the Rafa well wishes. I hope he is OK too…….we will see!

AndyMira Says:

@OKie!!9:18am…not only i’m blind now but i’m also dead!!

AndyMira Says:

Okie..ha ha ha..please tell the old ticker not to skipped much…save it for rafa’s match later…

AndyMira Says:

Ha ha ha…funny Andy!!Good thing is Andy’s got the most cool face on tour..at least he can hide behind that..

Danica Says:

Wow, the tournament is not laughing matter. Two bronze medalists in round 1?!

chrisford1 Says:

That flag vid was awesome. Clearly it was an over=controlling photographer directing him “do this , do that” as you see Andy obeying but getting more confused and uncomfortable by the second. Princess Anne was eating it up and at one point pulls the Union Jack out enough to totally obscure herself from the group shot. The Princess in her day was an Olympic athlete herself, as well as the European equestrian champ. And now a member of the IOC.
Bottom line, the UK team looked like they were enjoying themselves!
Andy took in a practice with Novak yesterday, both looking ready for the real show to start, to see the video snippet put online.

skeezer Says:

Interesting write up by Sean, #3 was an eye opener.

SG1 Says:

Didn’t know that there aren’t points earned for playing the Olympics. Really a sad situation for tennis. How do you expect to draw in the best players if playing in the event won’t help their ranking? I have no doubt that this is part of the reason that there are so many withdrawals. Don’t really agree with Sean on the Zika thing. I think this is also playing a role in the decisions players are making. I think that not getting any ATP points combined with Zika doesn’t inspire many players to fly all the way to Brazil. Not sure I can blame them.

Colin Says:

Okiegal, how can I not love the Beatles?

Very easily, because at the time they arrived on the scene I was discovering classical music which, having been going for many centuries, affords infinitely greater variety thsn pop

The Beatles wrote catchy tunes and amusing lyrics, but “catchy” and “amusing” are not very imposing adjectives, are they?

Anyhow, all the greatest tunes come from classical music. Listen to the last night of the Proms when the audience joins in singing “Land of Hope and Glory”, ignore the absurd jingoistic lyrics (which had nothing to do with Elgar), and then tell me it’s not one of the greatest tunes of all time.

If you can, get hold of a video of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” (the original from 1939) and savour some of the great tunes from the classics. OK, they are arranged, edited, and generally messed around with by the conductor Stokowski, and the images on the screen often suffer from the inherent vulgarity of Disney’s vision, but oh boy, there are some wonderful tunes.

jane Says:

wow, tough first rounder for novak, with delpo (tough for delpo too!), and rafa on nole’s side as well. won’t be easy. rafa looks pumped in the pics i saw of him.

just read this tweet:

RT Sport
BREAKING: Some 270 Russian athletes cleared for #RioGames – president of national #Olympic committee

obviously good news for those who were banned just for being russian but who had never tested positive for anythign ever. especially happy for yelena isimbayeva – have been following her protests.

Travis Bickle Says:

Here is the official Olympic draw:


Few thoughts:
1. The unluckiest guy – Del Potro
2. Murray’s path to final looks easy (as is the case in all draws lately) but his final is much harder than Djoker’s
3. Interestingly, the last three events Rafa entered (Rome Masters, French Open and Olympics) he was always “drawn” in Djoker’s half and not in Murray’s

Since Randal is not coming with his draw analysis, here is my take for all of you to enjoy:

Djoker’s Quarter:
On paper, the worst possible first rounder for Novak (gotta love these random draws) but Delpo’s backhand is severely compromised and the best player in the world will know how to exploit that. Expect lots of loopy forehands to Delpo’s backhand side so he won’t be able to slice them and will have to hit backhand top spin resulting in error 90% of time.
Second round for Djoker is a joke (equivalent to Murray’s opponents before semis) but in third round he may be somewhat tested by either our American boy sock or rising British (South African?) star Edmund. In quarters, Djoker has Tsonga (again possible the hardest possible opponent at that stage – oh, random draws) and Tsonga can be very good on hard court if he gas his day. However, Djoker will be too focused to let Tsonga beat him. The semis would be interesting with projected Rafa (again, the hardest possible opponent and the highest possible seed) but more about that in Rafa’s quarter.
Semifinalist – DJOKER

Rafa’s Quarter:
Rafa starts against Delbonis who he beat 6-1 6-1 last year on Argentinean clay. If not seriously injured, Rafa should win easily. Next will be probably Seppi who is past his prime and cannot trouble non-injured Rafa. So it is third round for Rafa where Simon will wait. If Rafa manages to beat pusher Simon, that means he is fully recovered and he would meet likely Goffin in QF. However, I don’t think Rafa is fully healthy yet and he will not make it that far.
Semifinalist – GOFFIN

Nishikori’s Quarter:
Kei opens against Albert Ramos who could be tricky but Kei should win that and after that he has a breeze to QF where he will face tough opponent in either Cilic or Monfils. Here I am going with upset. Gael is in great form and against Djoker he was tired from exhausting double tournament schedule. He should be rested now.
Semifinalist – MONFILS

Murray’s Quarter:
One word – joke!
Or two words – rigged draw!

Murray meets an “out-of-form” Troicki in the first round. Troicki is yet to win a hard court match, losing in first rounds in both Washington and Toronto. After that it gets easier for Murray with Rafa’s boyfriend Monaco who is decent on clay but no match for Murray on hard court. In QF, Murray is projected to meet the easiest possible opponent, Ferrer, who will probably not make it that far.
Semifinalist – MURRAY

Djoker beats Goffin in two sets
Murray beats Monfils in three sets

Djoker beats Murray in four sets

chrisford1 Says:

The tough draw for Novak, presuming he makes it to the Finals, it still likely screws his chances of playing Cincinnati. Pity. But Djokovic is going to have to burn some energy against several opponents starting with Delpo. Think he is smart enough to self-assess and see what he has got leaving Rio – to rest up for the USO, or hit Cincinnati and dig deep and run on fumes to go for the USO title.

J-Kath Says:


Know you support Nole, but after Del Potro (which he may have to work a bit harder to win), his draw seems very doable. So I am a bit surprised by your comments as the draw seems No better, No worse than Andy’s. Who else, following the first match, worries you as having any chance of defeating Nole? (only Nadal, if he has fully recovered).

Of course, it is sometimes about which player’s game is known to give Nole, Rafa or Andy the hardest opposition (irrespective of ranking) given that the Olympics can throw up some unexpected results…no idea why but it can happen. But it is not about the draw.

Giles Says:

Getting too big for his boots is joker. Tsk tsk

Travis Bickle Says:


Are you serious? No worse than Andy?

I am not gonna act like MMT and call myself the epitome of objectivity, but I believe the majority of objective observers will tell you that Novak’s draw is much tougher than Andy’s… Delpo, Rafa and Tsonga in QF, are harder opponents than Troicki, Monfils, and (Ferrer or whoever) in QF.

BBB Says:

Dunno, the fact that Delpo and Rafa are likely (almost certainly) less than 100% muddies the waters a bit, I think. And I think Monfils is playing as well as anyone other than the top two these days.

J-Kath Says:


C’mon. You know better. I Agree with BBB’s “Dunno”, even though I think BBB is, I think, a Nole fan. Nor do I wish to diminish Nole’s successes/potential and would rather others didn’t diminish Andy’s on the same basis.

Are Delpo and Rafa at their best? And Monfils? – Who is dramatically playing his very best (and consistent) tennis at the moment!

BBB Says:

Yes, J-Kath. I’m a Murray fan as well, but a Nole fan first and foremost. (I don’t agree with mat4’s argument that being a fan of one player precludes you from being a fan of another.)

I actually don’t care much about draws, to be honest. They cut both ways. Having your first bout of adversity at the end of a tournament is hard to overcome. On the other hand, a brutal draw can deplete you by the time you reach the finals, assuming you make it that far.

Wog Boy Says:

“obviously good news for those who were banned just for being russian but who had never tested positive for anythign ever. especially happy for yelena isimbayeva – have been following her protests.”

Thanks jane, great news, you are showing once again how not bias you are, particularly knowing that Canadian man was heavily involved in the original decision, which was based only on the word of disgruntled turncoat from Russia. It was political decision all along from the very beginning, really happy for those young athletes, thanks again.

Wog Boy Says:


Where did you find for Isimbayeva, the news I checked don’t include her?

J-Kath Says:

Okie: It’s fine, I know AM and yourself communicate on Facebook. But I thought other tennis fans (+ Willow) might like to see a Nadal article that was a wee bit different than stories about his wrist and is he fit or is he not. Anyway, it’s always nice to have a reason to say Hi to you one way or another.

Wogboy/Jane: Missed the story as referred to by WB @ 6.16pm.

jane Says:

wog boy, i just assumed! you mean she’s not included in the 270? omg, that’s awful if so. :(

J-Kath Says:


It was Andy Murray that drew my attention to tennis in the last 8/10 years. I have to say I didn’t like him much to begin with. Before that it was perfunctory.

Now, knowing Andy (as well as you can know someone you’ve never even said Boo to) but knowing the tough presbyterian upbringing of a lot of Scots, he is my favourite. Outside of the top 4, I like Stan, Jo, & Monfils. I am also interested in Kyrios (even though he has blotted his copybook and has a lot to learn).

BBB Says:

J-Kath, his dour attitude was initially a turnoff, but playing at the YEC when Federer had to pull out, plus the charities he sports on his sleeve, plus his open-mindedness, plus his sportsmanship – seems like a thoughtful, good guy.

Wog Boy Says:

Pretty sure track and field is not included, though any of them never ever tested positive and they’ve been tested zillion times, particularly Isinbayeva, if those bigots follow their flawed logic, entire Chinese team should be banned, if there are state sponsored things, then they are in China.

Wog Boy Says:


Interesting you mentioned presbyterians, before moving to Australia I knew nothing or very little about them. I knew catholocs, protestants, us orthodox and few sects. Being ignorant (I am only human) I asked one of my workmates, when he told me that he is Scotish presbyterian “are you one of those faiths that are not allowed to drink alcohol”, he looked at me and without any facial expression, icy cold, told me “that kind of faith would never successed is n Scotland”, it was very clear for me to understand…didn’t ask him any other questions..

jane Says:

just a few of the many pics of novak with fans and other athletes at rio


AndyMira Says:

To anyone who wants to wish Okie a happy birthday…you all can do that..today is her birthday..

Okiegal Says:

@JK….very true! We’re not the only Rafa fans on TX. Willow won’t like it because it ain’t Jackman!! Lol I am teasing….she will think it’s A-OK!!

Okiegal Says:

@Colin…….I know nothing about classical music. I have never heard of the artist you mentioned above. I will Google them and see what they have to offer……country and western music is my bag now!! I love to do the Texas 2-step……I will stick to George Strait!!

RZ Says:

Happy birthday Okie!

Okiegal Says:

@RZ………Thank you! 71 is the new 51…..me thinks!

skeezer Says:

118 Russian athletes banned. 118.
Wow. That is telling…
Cannot call the Olympics the Russians Cup anymore.

Margot Says:

Happy late Birthday greetings OKgiel. Hope it was a “sunshiney day.”

J-Kath Says:


Never tasted booze until 21. Been making up for it ever since. It is the “Wee Frees” – a “holier than thou” branch that doesn’t drink booze. They don’t cook on Sundays, or do anything pleasurable. My older sister married such a creature. He’s a pompous ass. He tried to ruin my husband’s funeral even when he was told that I wouldn’t enter the church until he got his ass on a seat.

J-Kath Says:


Your birthday! I do hope you shared all those cakes with your son and friends. You can send me emotifs of avocados and tomatoes for mine in 6 months. !!!!!!


2. Do They Players Care About The Olympics
The American men really don’t. Or maybe because it falls during their season when John Isner can make big sums of money playing in the U.S. at an event like Atlanta. He’s not winning Rio! Plus, Atlanta could improve his ranking something that couldn’t happen in Rio.

And for the American men, they are not heroes here when they win. Once Serena and Venus win they will suck up any and all attention in the tennis event, so we probably won’t hear much from tennis otherwise. At least not in the U.S.

As for the rest of the planet, some players do care, some don’t.

I disagree.

I think what would have been beneficial for all players, is to listen to the top Doctors about the Zika virus scare. Seems that individual doctors have given different opinions. For example, if it was that dangerous, WHY is it that some tennis players are ‘risking their lives’. It is difficult to comment on this when individual doctors are giving different opinions.’

The American Men are taking it seriously. If they have been told by their own team doctors that it could affect their immune system in the future, then surely they are taking this seriously?


This is what the World Health Organisation said:

The World Health Organisation’s emergency committee on the disease has said there is a “very low risk” of the Zika virus spreading further internationally as a result of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

So many athletes have withdrawn, yet others take that risk. Both in the mens and women’s games.

Wog Boy Says:


Thank you for debriefing about Presbyterian church, in Australia they don’t exist as such since 1977, three churches (Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian) made union and formed new church which is called Uniting Church of Australia and it is third largest congregation after Catholic, Anglican (church of England), you can read more here, and they drink…God yes:)


J-Kath Says:


Read it. It sounds very similar to the Presbyterian Church here. Also has a Moderator and a yearly Synod.

Madmax: BBC TV News says they’ve got an antidote for Zika that will reduce effects and lead to cure. Whether it can be utilised right away – don’t know.

Wog Boy Says:

correction, conservative part of presbyterians (one third) refused to join union considering them too liberal.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath….Thanks, I had a nice day, but no cake!! My son and I went to eat last night, just the two of us. His wife goes to night school,so she didn’t get to go. So we are going out to eat again tonight…..they’re buying! Lol

@RZ…..Thanks for my birthday wishes…..I had a good day. I heard from a lot of my friends. I am still returning calls and answering Facebook messages. Didn’t realize I was so loved! Lol…..Appreciate it!

I am getting anxious for Rio……love the Olympics…..like summer better than winter……but I am ready for a change of pace in sports! Bring it!

Have a great week-end Peeps!

J-Kath Says:

Okie: It was your famous emotifs to which I was referring re. the cakes.

AndyMira Says:

Amazing opening ceremonies from Brazil!!Big congrats to them…and nice attire from Team Germany..

Okiegal Says:

@JK….Yes, I knew that. I was just lamenting no one got me a real cake! They took a gander at me and quickly decided…”You don’t need any cake”….but everyone needs a πŸŽ‚ right??? 😒😒

AndyMira Says:

@Okie and other dear posters who don’t mind read about Roger…wanna share this with you guys..http://www.businessinsider.com.au/roger-federer-sad-tweet-during-olympics-opening-ceremony-2016-8?

J-Kath Says:

Right on Okie. Hot chocolate cake with soft vanilla icecream OR one of those big sponges packed with strawberries and cream ….change that to getting both.

Okiegal Says:

JK…….Yummy……both sound delish! Carrot cake and Italian Cream are probably my favs, and German Chocolate, the darker variety! I missed out on any cake, period!! Lol

chrisford1 Says:

Giles….bad overhead 8 years ago? As news?

One of your more pathetic trolls.

ulysses Says:

Keep hearing the surface is fast, and I’m sure it is. But no chance USO, Cinci, even Tokyo are faster a few years back. Anyone remember what optimus prime tennis was like? Hic videtis:



elina Says:

1. Does Tennis Belong In The Olympics?

Just ask Jon Wertheim who after the Delpole match tweeted…

Jon Wertheim ‏@jon_wertheim 13h13 hours ago
This match (and atmosphere ) single handedly validates tennis at the Olympics

2. Do They Players Care About The Olympics

Just ask Nole who teared up in ’08 and last night.

Just ask Rafa who said he wouldn’t be playing other tournaments with his wrist in it’s current condition.

Just ask Murray who said holding the flag was the proudest moment of his career.

Just ask Fed who was targeting Wimbledon and Olympic Gold as his two goals this year.

3. Were The Removal Of Points A Factor In All The Withdrawals?

Nah, not for the Top guys chasing history. They are all laying it out there with no points or money in play. Separates the men from the boys.

4. What About The Zika Virus

Zika is an excuse of convenience. (See 3.)

5. Too Much Tennis

No such thing. Blasphemy.

Besides, Olympics already changed. No points this year. Big Four all wanted to be there. Will be same in 2020. What more would change?

Legacy to win Singles Gold. Right up there with a slam for the guys chasing history.

6. Who’s The Favorite?


7. What About Rafa?

Rafa has his priorities right. He has the slams and tournaments.

Olympics is special like no other for him.

Says Rafa:

β€œIf there is not Olympic Games I will not be here competing.”

But is only one time every four years, the experience in an Olympic Games is something unforgettable. I missed the last one in London so I didn’t want to miss this one.

β€œI am enjoying a lot, I am happy, I am doing the best thing I can do in every single moment to be ready for the action and today was a great feeling on court.”

β€œIs a different story than the rest of the weeks of the year. You don’t have all the facilities and all the easy things that we have every single week of the year but it is something that I enjoy a lot. The Olympic Games is the highest thing in the world of sport. I always watch the Olympics on television since I was a kid and to have a chance to compete is great.”

Preach it Rafa. Preach it.

Oh, and one more thing…


Okiegal Says:

There is so much pride involved in competing in the Olympics…..the pride is in representing your country. Then to compete well enough to attain a medal…..wow, how awesome would that be!! Yes, I can see why Novak had tears in his eyes……..THE OLYMPICS IS A BIG DEAL!!

elina Says:

Exactly Okie.

Olympics are, as one “politician” would say, YUUUUUUGE!!!

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