Novak Djokovic: Right Now I’m Feeling Very Close My Peak Form
by Tom Gainey | September 7th, 2016, 3:05 pm

Incredibly, Novak Djokovic has played just two full matches of out five en route to his 10th straight semifinal at the US Open. Djokovic’s path, the easiest ever to Grand Slam semifinal in the Open Era, included a walkover courtesy of Jiri Vesely and two retirements from Mikhail Youzhny and last night Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who succumbed to a knee injury after losing the second set.

Djokovic, though, isn’t worried about the lack of match play and says the added time off will help him heal an assortment of injuries.

“In this stage of the season, considering some physical issues I have had in the last month, month and a half, this was the scenario that I needed and I wished for,” Djokovic said. “I got a lot of days off and recovered my body. Right now I’m feeling very close to the peak. That’s the position where I want to be.”

Djokovic clarified he was talking about peak form. Regardless, he’s feeling better than he felt when the tournament began 10 days ago and now he’s just six sets from a 13th career Grand Slam.

“I think one of the most important things for a player is this freshness of the mind, of the body, and just having that right supply of substance in your body and the enduring strength that you need, the speed, the alertness,” he said.

“All these things come with, you know, some time that you have around. Time management, most of all. You know, I’m really looking forward to come out on the court on Friday in semifinals.”

And Djokovic will now have another two days before his Friday semifinal against Gael Monfils.

“He’s one of the few players that I will definitely pay a ticket to watch. He’s very charismatic. Plays with a smile. Enjoys tennis. Enjoys life,” Djokovic said of Monfils.

“He seems more focused at this time of his career,” he added. “Especially on the hard court this year maybe he’s playing the best tennis he ever played. He’s very consistent. He hasn’t dropped a set till semis. That says a lot about the level he’s on. Definitely expecting a tough battle.”

Djokovic, though, has won all 12 meetings with Monfils. But Monfils hasn’t lost a set.

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30 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Right Now I’m Feeling Very Close My Peak Form

Giles Says:

Lol. The faker never stops. I think he’s starting to believe all the lies he’s spinning us. What ” physical issues”? Maybe he’s referring to physical issues with Deepika.

robin Says:

i agree giles….so many big words like love kids humanity charity and its all fake he is just instructed from others how to speak and what to say….no simpathy for liar wife cheater and womanizer

chrisford1 Says:

Poor stunted Giles. How will he handle Rafa’s retirement? Yesterday Rafa started saying that he was getting better and hopefully has 1, 3, 5, 6 years left on Tour. That he can play on for a time without winning big matches. Then he shifted to setbacks and managing them and when it comes time to retire his body and mind will be in agreement and – thats it – with no doubts.
I personally hope that he plays on and still get some wins against is toughest rivals, for at least 2 more years. But for Fedal, Roger has 0 titles this year and Rafa has two clays Barcelona 500 and Monte Carlo.
It’s not a full “read the writing on the wall”, but there are a couple of sentences already up on that wall.

Miks Says:

I don’t get it. Didn’t Jelena herself know Deepika before the alleged meeting between Novak and the actress? The media have truly gone after Djokovic this year. Match fixing, misogny, assaulting an umpire, and now marital problems. I wonder what else they will cook up before the end of the year.

sisay Says:

I am glad Andy is not in the final. I was afraid for Nole that they will assign someone to stab him in the back like Monica if he was to play Andy in the final…to make sure Andy win the final. Now Andy lost to Nishi…I can watch the remaining matches with ease.

Anki Says:

Novak’s serve is still not up to the mark. That may be down to the elbow injury? Was sloppy in the first set against Tsonga, upped his game in the second set. Don’t know what to make out of his form. Hope he wins the title, but an in form Monfils and Stanimal/ Kei is not going to be easy with less match practise

danica Says:

you are absolutely right!
From the very beginning of the year, the media was badmouthing Novak. If that’s not a deliberate way of unsettling him, I don’t know what is. Of course Jelena knew Deepika from before and of course that dinner was waaay before Wimbledon. I hate speculations and rumors. How people fall for them is another mistery to me.

Robin here knows how Novak fakes and lies. Good on you buddy. Jealousy and hatred will eat you up.

Wog Boy Says:

robine (Himzo Cetvrtina)

Idi brzo kuci babo te zove, Mujo ti krese Fatu ba..

Danice ignorisi balonju, prodali veru za veceru.

courbon Says:

Wog Boy-There is not like subtile Serbian diplomacy..;ha,ha,ha..;I love your ‘Topl lista nadrealista’ language.

robin:I will not be that rude in my response like a Wog Boy.Thing you wrote to Danica is uterly uncalled for. So I will use language of diplomacy-English.Here we go:
F** off you scumbag…

Giles Says:

Robin. Lol. I agree with every word of your post. Keep it up.

Ocean View Says:

Sadly, Wog Boy believes that he wins by attacking anyone who disagrees with him. I remember reading the Daily Mail story before IW. It has a lot of photos of Deepika and Novak. At the time, I did not jump to the conclusion that they were having an affair. What I did think is that Novak showed poor judgement to be out in the early morning hours with just the two of them. I am sure no husband has ever had improper relations with his wife’s friends.

J-Kath Says:

Ocean View

I’d like to be able to exchange comments with both you and Wog Boy…so I’m hoping that this particular subject might disappear?

mat4 Says:

Sorry, J-Kath, but…

” I am sure no husband has ever had improper relations with his wife’s friends.”

Statistically, it’s quite the opposite.

But the point is that it’s not of our business. Djokovic is a tennis player, and while he has to be diplomatic when speaking in public, he still has right to some privacy.

And it’s the case with all other tennis players, even Nick Kyrgios and Stan Wawrinka.

mat4 Says:


I write a blog about tennis in French language, if you’re interested.

courbon Says:

mat 4-Hi there.I would like to read it ( even if I’m still in early stages of reading-I can get by…).What is the name of the blog and your pseudonim?

chrisford1 Says:

No one really knows what was bugging the Djokovics circ Wimbledon. Without any evidence, the Brit tabs assumed it was all about a night in LA early in the year before IW, when Nole took Deepika to diner and maybe more away from the prying eyes of tabloids…

It could have been a spat about child-rearing, vegan diet, troubles with relatives, where money should go, about having more kids. No one knows.

The media knows that the best circulation or ad hits they get is when a sex scandal is involved, or plausibly cococted, or pure page 1 groundless rumor mongering. Sex sells. It has always been true.

And the interest people naturally have about celebrities – athletes, pols, entertainment stars – cannot be dismissed as “nobody’s business”. Its natural and most of these celebs have PR that tries to control or at least manage the publicity…or where endorsements are a huge part or the main part of annual income (see Federer) get more positive publicity and do damage control on bad publicity.

Along the way, the media also found the public wanted their heroes of screen, TV, athletic competition to be noble heroes. And the celebs wanted to be cast as such.. Hence the soccer goon with a heart that visits poor dying little Hans in a hospital to give a farewell hug. A role model! Some singers and Hollywood stars actually believe any publicity makes them bigger and more marketable, even bad publicity.

But in sports, endorsement factor in, in a huge way, jocks and even thugs that would otherwise be serving time in jail – what level of wonderful role model they are. Of course in woman’s tennis, wins and behavior are secondary to how good-looking a player is in winning endorsement. So I love the Charles Barkleys “I grew up to be, worked until exhaustion, to be a basketball player, not your F___ing role model”. And Simona Halep for being plain looking but winning fans and endorsements everywhere with her niceness and humble ways .

Wog Boy Says:


Just press mat4 (his nick) and you are there.

J-Kath Says:

Mat 4

Your remarks are a bit contradictory.

The subject was creating problems and Ocean View being a new poster had stated what she’d read in the Daily Fail. It was obviously creating wrath and for a bit it took over the threads – strong views being expressed – so I was just hoping it would go away, partly as I said because Ocean View was a new poster. I think you must have missed it earlier.

But, as you see, it is not ready to go away. Personally, I have no strong views on it either way and maybe I shouldn’t have tried to calm the waters.

Wog Boy Says:


I think mat4 addressed you wrongly, he probably meant Ocean view since he quoted her, which on the other hand I don’t think is quite a new poster..

Danica Says:

Oh what, some of Robin’s gibberish was deleted for being classy? Too bad I missed it. I can handle childish behavior.

Danica Says:

Since it’s on again…
Daily Fail is nothing but a yellow press. Pictures and NO substance. Just for the record, N & D were not by themselves there. The paparazzo chose who to “catch” and who to conveniently “forget”.

Sorry Ocean View but you were implying in previous posts that it was, or that you believed (based on what?) that those two had some kind of an affair. Even this you said about being sure no husband was ever involved improperly with their wife’s friends, spells out that you believe in it.

I wonder if the tabloids would have spinned similar garbage had Novak been spotted with some less atractive female?

Wog Boy Says:


It is the same troll that took over your moniker once and so far posted under half a dozen different monikers, and he is “komsija”.

Wog Boy Says:

“…no husband was ever involved improperly with their wife’s friends…”

I loughed at that one, couldn’t believe that someone wrote that nevertheless believe in that.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ should we start with Chris Evert and Greg Norman, since that’s close to OV home, as for Chris Evert she was really lose canon when it comes to bedding men, she hasn’t miss much, has she?

mat4 Says:


You wanted the subject to disappear — that’s why I mentioned you. I understood that it was Ocean View that argued with Wog Boy.

emilia Says:

Giles, Ribin and the like:

You show much disrespect and hatred towards Novak as if he were Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. Poor you!

Giles Says:

^^^ When he stops his faking and antics he will get my respect. Not before!!

J-Kath Says:

OK – I’m waiting agog for the semis

– meanwhile I’m into a painting panic – bathrooms, bathrooms ye Gods – my US visitors coming too soon. (Wogboy – U finished yours yet?)

chrisford1 Says:

Emilia – Why does Trump merit more hatred or disrespect than a nepotism created “boss” woman who has been corrupting all the politics she or her husband can influence for 35 years?
Putin I can see, though he is a better and stronger President than either George Bush or Obama, is as crooked as Hillary. Because he abuses his power for personal gain, is corrupt, hangs with corrupt Oligarchs – and has socked away 2 billion (about what the Clintons have made directly and through their family Clinton Foundation.)
Nixon was a better President than Hillary Clinton ever would be. Sleazy, but less so than Hillary. Lied less than Hillary or LBJ. Smart and generally competent head of the Executive Branch.

Novak, Andy, Roger and Rafa are saints though compared to most political creatures, you are right on that count.

Khb Says:

Fedal fanboys talk about fake.
How come they don’t attack Monfils &
his convenient fake shoe tying nonsense during matches?
Novak already exclaimed on court that he enjoyed sexay time with Jelena. He had a pretty baby boy!
I question you precious, ‘unique’ slow witted Fedal fanatics,
would you prefer that he had sex with Fedal?
After all, Fedal hardly ever show up on court!

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