June Off-Topic Thread
by Staff | June 5th, 2017, 9:16 am

Non tennis talk goes here.

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10 Comments for June Off-Topic Thread

RZ Says:

Quick shout out to fellow Warriors fans – this time they didn’t give up their 3-1 lead. Amazing season by GSW.

Danica Says:

I was sure they would lose that game. Glad they didn’t. And glad I survived the parade in Oakland :))) (was prepared better than two years ago).

skeezer Says:

RZ & Danica,
BIG Warrior fan here. Watched most of the games all year long. Was a great run and so fun to watch. Curry, KD, Dray and Clay did a solid this year and the bench with Livingston and Mcgee were awesome. DIdn’t make it to the parade(Danica!!!) but watched the whole thing on TV.
Gotta say also I was a little shaken @ 3-1 also ( deja vu ) but they came through in grand fashion. So happy they won it from cry baby Le bron ( shoulda won it last year! ).

RZ Says:

@Danica – glad you got to go to the parade. I’m sure it was a lot of fun.
@Skeezer – KD was a good addition to the team. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I really enjoy watching the Warriors play. They clearly work on their plays, and when Curry is on, it’s like watching a video game.

AndyMira Says:

Yeah M!…makes me love him even more!!

Okiegal Says:

Boo Golden State Warriors…… still sour grapey over KD…….Just can’t help myself…. liked KD better than Westbrook….Russell is an awesome player but not a fave……stinky attitude ….a show off…and his favorite word is the f-bomb……hate that he does that and children watching…..of course he’s not the only one. He is definely a force to be reckoned with on the hardwoods, but I miss Durant!

Okiegal Says:

One more thing….. I used to love Curry …….but he’s turning in to a real egotistical brat…..and Green…..I won’t go there. They got a great team, won’t take him that away from them….but a guy from the Oklahoma Thunder put the icing on the cake! KD got what he wanted……I don’t like arrogance in any sport…..that’s why I can do w/o Russell Westbrook ok…….Rant over…….

Danica Says:

Sorry you guys for misunderstanding :((. Seems like I was not clear enough. :’(

I didn’t attend the Warriors parade, I just knew how to navigate around downtown Oakland this time to get to work on time ;). Two years ago, I worked in Berkeley and was late. This year, not only that I was smarter, but the City of Oakland organized everything better. So I reached San Francisco with no problems.

Btw, days later, now more than a week later, you can still see yellow, blue and white confetti on the streets of Oakland :)

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