Andy Murray Is Now Out Of Cincinnati, Will Lose No. 1 Ranking; Hopes To Play US Open
by Staff | August 9th, 2017, 4:09 pm

After withdrawing from Canada, Andy Murray has added Cincinnati to his summer pull-outs due to continued issues with his hip.

“Unfortunately I won’t be playing in Cincinnati as I continue my recovery,” Murray said. “I always enjoy playing there and I look forward to returning next year. I’m continuing to work hard on the court with the aim of being in New York.”

Murray is a 2-time champion in Cincinnati and last year he made the final losing to Marin Cilic. It’s the first time the Scot will miss the event since first entering it in 2005.

Murray is currently ranked No. 1 but will lose that top spot if Rafael Nadal makes the semifinals in Canada this weekend. And even if Nadal doesn’t reach the last four in Montreal, Murray will lose his top spot to either Nadal or Roger Federer once his 600 Cincinnati finals points come off on August 21.

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19 Comments for Andy Murray Is Now Out Of Cincinnati, Will Lose No. 1 Ranking; Hopes To Play US Open

LUCY Says:

It’s sad that Andy has had such a rough time with illness and injury this year – after such a monumental effort last year.
The tour finals were his crowning glory and I hope he can regain his position at some point in the future.
For now, good luck to Roger and Rafa – as one of them will surely be number one very soon….
Maybe Andy can regroup for the US Open!

J-Kath Says:

Hi Lucy
How are you – have been away so have been missing this tournament – but did hear that Andy with-drew. Wise decision.

If Andy does play the US Open he will be perceived as a “doable target” by every highly motivated Tom, Dick and Harry – so unless Andy is 100% fit, he would be wiser to skip it.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

What a shame. Terrible way to lose the #1 ranking.

Would certainly like to see Andy and Novak back soon to challenge Fed and Rafa. Otherwise we’re waiting for Zverev, Kyrgios and Thiem to grow up.

J-Kath Says:

Tennis Vagabond:

Agree. However, losing no.1 position is the least of Andy’s worries…me thinks.

Unfortunately although Zverev may “grow up” don’t think Kyrgios will stay the course and Thiem – although talented and a “trier” strikes me as the modern day David Ferrer.

RZ Says:

Andy shouldn’t come back until he’s healed and ready to play. I’m guessing he wants to make the year-end tournament again and is hoping the play the fall season (that’s been his strong suit in recent years). But if sitting out means he heals up and can come back stronger, it’s the right decision.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

J-Kath, I honestly don’t see any of those threes as #1s in the making. I think they’ll be closer to the careers of Dmitrov/Milos/Kei than Fed/Rafa/Novak.

Which puts us in the position of wondering: Are Rafa and Fed going to split the next 1/2 dozen slams??

Hope that Andy and Novak can heal and come back 100%. (And I’m a Fed fan who would LOVE to see him dominate the next few slams, but tennis is boring with only 2 elite players).

Okiegal Says:

So sorry for Andy and his fan base. Injuries suck!! He probably should stay off the court the rest of the year and get well! Poor guy…he’s had his share. You Andy fans, hang in there!!

Markus Says:

Maybe Andy and Novak can come back a la Roger and Rafa next year. And I do hope so. They both have a lot to accomplish in their careers which they are both very capable of without those cruel injuries. Rafa fans understand that feeling very well.

James Says:

the problem with Murray is that he lacks the offensive weapons (and mindset) to be effective in old age (past 30). Federer is a prime example of a player who not only had the weapons, but retooled to keep being effective. Nadal is another example – though he was more defensive in his earlier years, he has constantly improved on the offensive front, not only using his forehand but also coming forward more often, improving second serve. Murray is way behind here. Even Djokovic is behind on this count. You can only go so long by being a human backboard and returning everything that comes your way – even Nadal had to abandon that strategy.

Its going to be tough for Djokovic AND murray to get back to the levels they were a year ago. along with a weak “next gen”, that augurs well for Federer and Nadal. Kyrgios is too inconsistent, Thiem really doesn’t have it, Dimitrov and Raonic are past their prime (without ever reaching “prime” prime) – Zverev seems to be the only “real deal” right now. He has the game, the attitude, height – just needs more strength and experience. Hopefully he gets there soon.

J-Kath Says:

James: It may slip yet another generation in the sense that the young Canadian and young Russian may catch up with Zverev within a year.

PS: Dimitrov and Raonic are past their prime (without ever reaching “prime” prime)- U R on the ball with that – good chuckle!

Not sure I agree about Djok.+ Murray having a hard a time on their return – provided they come back strong and healthy – they both have mental strength (sometimes called stubbornness) and unique skill-sets. A zero in their age is neither here nor there – at least for the next 2-3 years.

Hi to you Okie – For me, the fat lady has yet to sing.
Hi also to RZ, Markus and TV

Willow Says:

Dont i get a hi J-Kath lol ?….

Willow Says:

Anyway it appears Andy is doing his best to be ready for the USO, it will be dissapointing for the tournament if he also pulls out, no Stan, Novak and Andy, big hole at the top, and i bummer of a way for him to lose the world number 1 ranking hmm ….

Daniel Says:

They may not dominate at 35-36 yld as Roger is, but at least till they are 32-33 they will be very competitve. Their A-, A and B games are still far better than all those behind them and they are way more consistant than the rest. Wawa is no spring chicken also and as much as Federer is on a high now, there is a limit spam for it, he knows it and hence he is going full trottle this end of year, contention for USO and Slam #20 and a record tyeing 6th Year End #1.

Nadal is on great form but he has to win titles on HC again. This is his worst part of the year (apart from 2 USO before) and he is titless in HC since Doha 2014. There is no Murrya, no Djoko and no Wawa for him to deal with, only Federer and they will only meet in finals from now on, so Nadal can revert this awful stat and win on HC again. This week his only treat is semis and finals (and that if Fed is there to play him).

Djoko and Murray will have their time again, only major chronic injuries will stop them. Wouldn´t be surpise at all to see one of them as #1 in 2018. It will be one of the Big 4 for sure. Maybe 2019 we’ll have a different #1 outside those 4.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I agree with J-Kath about Shapovalov and other youngsters potentially catching up to Gen-Zverev within a year, and with Daniel about Novak and Murray still having time to make hay.
If N+A come back strong, there is no one close to them, still, except Fed and Rafa, and those two are older. They are going to fade while N+A still have legs left.

Markus Says:

J-Kath, I like that, Thiem as the modern day David Ferrer. But I just saw another one who’s more of a carbon copy iof Ferrer, short and no overpowering weapon (Thiem is tall and powerful). He is very much like Ferrer who fights and wins with only sheer hardwork and determination: Diego Schwartzman.

Margot Says:

Thank you OKiegal :)Sad for Andy more than anything.

J-Kath Says:


My dear Willow – you get two hi’s – second hi coming up. You didn’t get one as I didn’t see any posting by you on this thread. forgive me, I only got back last night – so if I missed you on a different thread – must have been I was travel weary – 8 hours in one day – tiring after a heavy week.


J-Kath Says:

And Hello to Margot – keeping up the Celtic link and the Andy club. “Scots Whae Hae” and whatever that is in Welsh.

Willow Says:

Cheers J-Kath

Luv A …. XX

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