August Off-Topic Thread
by Staff | August 11th, 2017, 2:56 pm

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7 Comments for August Off-Topic Thread

Margot Says: Serena talks about being black and beautiful and powerful. Rather timely in view of what’s been happening in Charlottesville.

Truth Says:

Tay Tay Swift had a meltdown. She wants more attention by erasing her evil social media posts and website.

Margot Says:

Amazing eclipse coming your way my virtual American friends. Enjoy.

Okiegal.... Says:

Margot……I will put on Byron’s welding hood to watch it! Works perfect and it’s safe…….
I was so glad Grigor won……but didn’t get to watch the match…….hopefully I can watch the replay.

Daniel Says:

Don’t like the month of August as a whole, usually major life turning points from me, pets dying, relatives, work shifts, starting relationships, ending relationshios…kind of afraid of it all! #supersticious


Found out of this solar eclispe which is strong for Acquarius/ Leo ascendant, me. The last similar one was back in 1998-2000 when I was entering college and moving out from parents home coming to Rio.

Be alert people!!;-)

Margot Says:

Well good luck at the US Open Daniel, a wild, wild card!
Autumn is a bit of an inbetween month, Summer not quite ending, Autumn not quite beginning.
We saw the eclipse on British TV, it was awe inspiring and amazing. How insignificant we are in this mighty universe.

Willow Says:

Looking forward to my next camp, to celebrate the Autumn exquinox, the wheel of the year keeps on turning ….

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