Roger Federer: What I Like About Del Potro’s Forehand Is He Doesn’t Hold Back!
by Tom Gainey | September 5th, 2017, 3:18 pm

Ahead of his showdown Wednesday night against Juan Martin del Potro, Roger Federer talked about the Argentine’s lethal forehand.

“What I like about it, he doesn’t really hold back,” Federer said Monday. “He doesn’t care if he misfires a few times. He keeps doing it until he finds his range and his rhythm.

“It seems like a huge takeback, so you always feel like he’s going to be late on it. At the end of the day he’s in position when he needs to be. He drives through the ball perfectly. I think a lot of juniors actually should look at that forehand as a great forehand.”

Federer added that he thinks Rafael Nadal’s forehand may be a touch better.

“I think Rafa’s for me is maybe number one,” Federer said. “It depends on what surface we’re talking about. But just throughout the career, I think Rafa’s is extremely high, if not my favorite one.

“But DelPo’s is flat. When it’s flat, clearly margins are smaller. You also have to be in really good position, court position, to be able to do it, when he can do it from further back, as well. He’s got a great forehand down the line, inside-out forehand, which in my opinion are maybe more difficult shots to hit.”

Meanwhile, del Potro loves to crack a good forehand.

“I know the people likes when I hit hard with my forehands,” del Potro said. “The people stand up from the chairs when I hit good winners. I like to do that. But it doesn’t happen very often. When I feel that confidence to do my best shots, I know I can be dangerous for all the guys.”

With two of the best forehands in the game, it should be quite a match tomorrow night. No holding back!

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8 Comments for Roger Federer: What I Like About Del Potro’s Forehand Is He Doesn’t Hold Back!

Humble Rafa Says:

With two of the best forehands in the game

and two of the weakest backhands in the game. One has half a back hand, other has a broken wrist. Together, they make half a decent backhand.

skeezer Says:

Feds tweet was hilatious. How did he get Thor’s hammer in there? 👍

skeezer Says:


Pamela Says:

Humle Rafa – I know you’re busy putting Federer down, but did you ever take a minute and see that his back hand has greatly improved? Even the commentators that love to find fault with him said as much….

Pamela Says:

Did anyone see Roger’s court time with Marc Krajekian, the little boy who had his leg amputated? a few hours before his 1/4 final match Roger took the time out to hang with Marc, play some tennis with him and this was all set up by Paul Annacone….very sweet and the little boy will never forget the moment…. he has been through more than most people ever will in a life time… was a “feel good” moment and I know it brought me to tears

Okiegal.... Says:

I have never heard a commentator finding fault with Roger! My gosh what could they say about Roger….other than the fact that he doesn’t have a winning head to head against Rafa. That is all I can think of……..not really anything negative just fact……..

Willow Says:

True Okie its the people that beat him they have a problem with lol ….

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope the Elf would put that good forehand to use tonight.

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