Novak Djokovic: I Have The Willpower To Get Back To The Top
by Tom Gainey | December 27th, 2017, 10:33 am

Novak Djokovic is set to return to tennis for the first time in almost five months due to an elbow injury. The Serb who hasn’t played since Wimbledon, will be back on court on Friday in Abu Dhabi.

Ranked No. 12 now, the former No. 1 is anxious to get back to the top and win more Grand Slams, as he told Sport 360:

I would lie to you and I would not be honest, not to you, to myself, if I tell you anything less than being No. 1 and winning Slams,” he says of his post-injury objectives.

“I know that I’ve done it in the past, I’ve proven to myself that I can do it and why not aim for it again? Because I feel that, first of all, I have the willpower. Which is the most important thing. You need to really want something, you need to wish for it, you need really strongly believe and commit to that. So I am.

“And not just myself, which is very important, my family, my wife, my children are there, my parents, my brothers, and my team, are very supportive of me and they’re giving me that energy that I need.

Djokovic returns to the game with a second baby – Tara, born in September – and an additional coach in Radek Stepanek.

“So we’re starting to spend more and more time with each other and I still look forward to get to know him even better,” Djokovic said to Sport 360. “I was very happy with how our couple of weeks of training went in Monaco. Andre Agassi was there as well and it was the perfect week because everybody was together, the whole new team, and we obviously put objectives, daily objectives, long-term objectives, between us, and on paper, and discussing how we can improve my game and how I can play as efficiently as possible, with less energy spending as possible.”

He also understands that after his first lengthy injury, he needs to be cautious in his return.

“It really depends on how my elbow reacts to all this month, month and a half of training, playing and matches,” he said of his January schedule which takes him to Abu Dhabi, Doha and Melbourne. “I hope I will make it through the entire month and just play well and go deep in Australia.”

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13 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I Have The Willpower To Get Back To The Top

Humble Rafa Says:

With such big goals, I am sure the Egg Lover won’t get back to number 1. Take it from an expert – when you return from an injury, you have modest goals.

Learn humility from the Humble Highness.

Django Says:

The Russian with German citizenship will win AO this year

Willow Says:

Nice tree, welcome back Novak, the rest well the proof of the pudding and all that ….

Humble Rafa Says:

The Russian with German citizenship will win AO this year

Better than someone with a neutral no personality country.

Wog Boy Says:

If your mindset is the same as it was six months ago then you are wasting your and your fans time and to be honest that’s how you sound to me, like six months ago.

Still, I am packing up and will be in Melbourne to support you, call me masochist, but I can’t help it.

Now No1e, go and prove me wrong.

lylenubbins Says:

We shall see . . . but I wish him the best.

AndyMira Says:

Yeah…Insyaallah..i think he can do it[if he’s stay healthy]’s just a matter of time..Once the burned out is gone,the new passion & determination once again will take place…Of coz it’s not easy at first..doubt over his fragile elbow will be there at the back of his mind,and what with new things that he has to adapt & adjust because of his injury & if his elbow responding really well & not have a setback..then watch out!..The 2nd half of the season will be very interesting for Nole…

AndyMira Says:

Besides,i don’t think he will let Rafa & Roger get away with their’s 16 & 19th slams without added of his own…his competitive nature won’t let him…Nope!..

Now,waiting for Andy to do the same…C’mon Andy!!

BBB Says:

It’s good to hear he wants to win majors. A year ago he said it wasn’t important. Hopefully the layoff has been good for him.

Daniel Says:

Hard to believe he would made so many changes in his crew in last months without drive to win more. Also, as he was always “behind” Fedal, seeing what they did in 2017 can further propel his drive.

I believe he has some majors left in him. Also curious to see how he will play as he quoted: “with less energy spending as possible”

Emilia Says:

If everything goes ok with Nole’s elbow, why couldn’t he achieve success? Fed and Rafa did. And it is too early to give up tennis. Fortunately there are many fans with positive thinking and not only mean and negative ones.

Willow Says:

Never right of a great champion as the saying goes, i dont expect him to bounce straight back and dominate outright like he did before, as there are now new players breaking through, ones which relish and are not intimidated by playing Novak or the top players anymore, however it will be great having all the top players back, also Andy and Stan, Kie etc in case people had forgotten they were also out injured ….

Roman Says:

I think that should Nole find early success in the year, he can snowball from there to a great season, but if he suffers hard loses (to players ranked 50 or 60 and below in AO or IW and Miami) he won’t likely recover his full game until next year.

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