Roger Federer: Getting To 20 Is Very, Very Special
by Staff | January 28th, 2018, 9:58 am

Roger Federer racked up Grand Slam title No. 30 after a 3-hour, 3-minute victory Sunday night in Melbourne defeating Marin Cilic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1.

After dropping the fourth set, Federer won six of the last seven games to seal his record-tying 6th Australian Open title.

Following his third win in his last four Grand Slam events, Federer met the press.

Q. What were you thinking at the beginning of the final set?
ROGER FEDERER: Just really trying to get back winning a game again because he came back from 3-2 maybe and won four straight. So for me it was really just trying to break his momentum. Tried to serve well. Tried to get lucky a little bit. I think I was able to get that first game, at least get on the board. From then on, maybe momentum shifts a little bit, and it’s exactly what happened.

I think experience helped me there a little bit, and also a little bit of luck, I felt like I needed a little bit tonight.

Q. Does number 20 have any particular significance to you?
ROGER FEDERER: The number?

Q. Yes.
ROGER FEDERER: Not the number, per se, no. I don’t have a special memory with the number 20. Maybe if I have time to think about it, because thus far I was not allowed to think of it going into the match, because that’s exactly when things go bad, when you think too far ahead. I think that was a tricky one tonight.

All day I was thinking, How would I feel if I won it, how would I feel if I lost it? I’m so close, yet so far. I think I was going through the whole match like this.

I’ve had these moments in the past, but maybe never as extreme as tonight. Getting to 20 is obviously very, very special, no doubt.

Q. Maybe it’s a little early in the press conference, but could I persuade you, as the men’s champion, to put a few words on the women’s champion? You know Caroline for a while. How do you see her as a person and her achievement here?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, look, it was a kind of match people were hoping for. When you get it, your first one for Halep or Wozniacki, it doesn’t come the easy way, a 6-2, 6-2 match. You have to fight for it. You think you have it, you lose it, in the end you still get it.

I was very happy for her, but also at the same time very sad for Simona. They both had brutal tournaments. Winning the first one clearly is incredibly special. I’m sure she’s over the moon right now, which she should be.

Got to celebrate like it’s your last one. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but you don’t know if you’re ever going to feel the same emotions ever again. Stars aligned for her this tournament. Yeah, I was very happy for her.

Q. What were your thoughts on the decision to play this final in indoor conditions?
ROGER FEDERER: I wasn’t sure if it was good for me or not, to play under the roof or not. Of course, I backed myself in sort of indoor conditions. This is where my first success ever came. I do think back that usually when I play indoors, it’s good for me.

But I didn’t mind the heat, to be honest. I thought maybe for a bigger guy like Marin, maybe it’s also going to slow him down faster throughout the match. At the end, it’s not my decision. They kept me posted along the way.

I was surprised to hear they had the heat rule in place for a night match. I never heard that before. When I arrived to the courts, I was totally ready to play outdoors. They told me they were thinking — they think it will probably be indoor. Then they kept me posted along the way.

Half an hour before, we got the word that it’s going to be indoors. For me, it doesn’t change anything in the preparation, to be honest. I was ready for either.

Q. It’s your sixth Australian Open title. Tell us how it feels to equal Emerson and Djokovic.
ROGER FEDERER: I mean, ‘equaling’? I don’t know how to explain you, it doesn’t matter. It’s about living the emotions that I went through tonight again at the trophy ceremony, going through a tough rollercoaster match, five-setter against Cilic, who is a great player, and then getting No. 6 here, No. 20 overall. It’s just a very special moment.

Defending my title from last year, sort of the fairytale continues. That’s what stands out for me, maybe not equaling Emerson or Novak. They had their own unbelievable careers. I admire what they’re doing and have done with Emo. Yeah, it’s definitely a very special moment in my life again.

Q. Is it time to give a new nickname to this special trophy?
ROGER FEDERER: I don’t know. It was always with me last year, as it is the first time I had the original-sized Australian Open trophy, the Norman Brookes trophy. Instead of calling it the trophy, I felt like I could give it a name. As it is called Norman, I felt it was very fitting. Rather than saying, I’m bringing the trophy, it’s, I’m bringing Norman along. It’s like a friend now. We got to know each other.

It was just funny last year. I don’t know if I’ll do it again this year. Sure, Norman has a special place for us, anyway. It’s great to be sitting here tonight with him right now, this morning.

Q. How do you keep your ambitions for Grand Slam titles? Your age is 36. This is 20 Grand Slam titles. How can you keep your ambition?
ROGER FEDERER: I think by not overplaying, not playing every tournament possible. I enjoy practice. Not minding the travel. Having a great team around me, they make it possible. At the end it’s seeing that my parents are incredibly proud and happy that I’m still doing it. They enjoy coming to tournaments. That makes me happy and play better.

Then, of course, my wife who makes it all possible. Without her support, I wouldn’t be playing tennis no more since many years. But we had a very open conversation, if she was happy to do this or not, years ago. I’m happy that she’s super supportive, and she’s willing to take on a massive workload with the kiddies. Same for me, because I wouldn’t want to be away from my kids for more than two weeks. This life wouldn’t work if she said no.

Many puzzles need to fit together for me to be able to sit here tonight.

Q. Why were you so emotional after the game? Can you describe the moment when you had that incredible crowd reaction? Even Rod Laver was scrambling.
ROGER FEDERER: I didn’t see that through my thick tears, that he was taking a picture of me crying. I don’t know what to tell you. I was trying to explain it to the news channels. I think what happened is I got to the finals very quickly. The semis was cut short. I had a lot of emotions left in me because I didn’t have to go to extreme like last year against Nishikori, Stan, so forth.

I think when it was all said and done, it reminded me very much of the Baghdatis final, which was tough. I was the favorite. I got to the finals in a really good manner. Then when it was all said and done, Rocket gave me the trophy, I was standing in front of the people, I don’t know, it’s when it really hits me.

When I start thinking about what I was going to say, every subject I touch actually is very meaningful and very emotional. Thanking your team, congratulating Marin, thanking the people, thanking the tournament. At the end it’s like one big party.

But I hoped over time in the speech I would start to relax a little bit, but I couldn’t. It was what it was. I wish it wasn’t so sometimes. At the same time I’m happy I can show emotions and share it with the people. If I got emotional, it’s because it was a full crowd again. No people in the stadium wouldn’t make me emotional, I’ll tell you that. This is for them really also.

Q. There’s that great corridor that comes off of Laver Arena with all the photos of the champions. You had a reflective moment by yourself when you were walking down that corridor. Share what your thoughts were, what was going on in your mind.
ROGER FEDERER: It wasn’t as deep as you make it sound. It was very light (smiling).

I was just trying to make sure I have enough power in my biceps, which is not very big, trying to carry this guy. It was special walking past Stefan Edberg’s banner, the shield with his two wins. He’s very inspirational, very important man in my career as a role model. Growing up he was important for me.

I don’t know. I was just really happy, to be honest, that it was all done. I was so bloody nervous all day. It was eating me up inside. That’s why, when it was all over, I was just so relieved, to be quite honest. I think it was more of a relief walk at that point.

Q. Why do you think you were so nervous going into this match? From the outside looking in, you’d think last year would probably be more nerve-wracking.
ROGER FEDERER: You can’t explain it sometimes. It is just a feeling you get. It’s like against Berdych, I felt, like, I’m probably going to lose this one. I was not negative, but I just felt like I saw a loss was coming somehow. Not because I was not feel good or anything, I just felt like maybe Berdych is really feeling it.

Today for the finals, I didn’t fall asleep very well after the Chung match. I think it surprised me that at this stage of a competition in semis, to get a walkover, that was very odd for me. I couldn’t fall asleep until about 3 in the morning. All of the next day I was already thinking about how should I play Marin, how cool would it be to win 20, but no, don’t think of it, but how horrible would it be to lose it. I had it for over 36 hours, to be honest. It was a lot.

Like I explained, I felt like the finals came very quickly because of not dropping any sets and stuff, still having so many emotions left. I needed to probably work through these emotions this way. That’s what made me nervous.

But it’s all good. I had a good start to the match. I think I lost the second because of nerves, to be honest. It’s all good. I like to care. It’s good I can care about these matches.

Q. Is that the first time you’ve felt that way?
ROGER FEDERER: No, I’ve had it many times. When it’s all said and done, I’ll be happy that I don’t have to go through these moments anymore.

I don’t know, it’s nice in hindsight, but in the moment itself… Especially with a night finals, you wait all day. At Wimbledon, you get it out there and get it done. Here you’re like (tapping fingers). It’s a long day. It’s a long day.

Q. What did you think about the last challenge? Were you annoyed?
ROGER FEDERER: The thing is, I thought that was it. Then I don’t know what happened. The people started clapping. I was, like, Am I wrong to think the match is over? Have I celebrated too early? I almost had to check the score.

I don’t know what happened next. Then it seemed like he challenged.

So you challenged? I was, like, Oh, no. Was it out, really? It felt good all the way.

But, of course, he has to challenge it. Imagine you lose a match because of that one because you’re too polite not to challenge at the end.

But I had a good feeling, and it was 40-Love. It wasn’t like last year where we had the back-and-forth saving breakpoints. This was 5-1, 40-Love, so I was more relaxed.

I couldn’t believe it. I found out actually he did challenge. It was like a second celebration. It came in two waves. I don’t take those things personally. He has to do it.

Q. You’re 36, going against guys who are bigger, stronger, younger. How long do you think you can continue playing at this level?
ROGER FEDERER: No idea. Honest, I don’t know. I have no idea. I’ve won three slams now in 12 months. I can’t believe it myself. I just got to keep a good schedule, stay hungry, then maybe good things can happen. Then I don’t think age is an issue, per se. It’s just a number.

But I need to be very careful in my planning, really decide beforehand what are my goals, what are my priorities. I think that’s what’s going to dictate how successful I will be.

Exciting times ahead. But, no, as a professional, it’s what we do. But I’m happy I’m in that position right now.

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76 Comments for Roger Federer: Getting To 20 Is Very, Very Special

skeezer Says:

“Half an hour before, we got the word that it’s going to be indoors. For me, it doesn’t change anything in the preparation, to be honest. I was ready for either.”

Be ready for anything. That is the voice of a Competitor, not an excuse maker or complainer.

Rennie Says:

It is astonishing to think that Roger Federer has won three grand slam singles titles since turning 35 years old. That’s as many as Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray taking their careers as a whole. Only Ken Rosewall has done likewise. Like Federer, he looked after himself and got a lot of mileage out of his physical conditioning. Small wonder that he defeated Rod Laver in the Australian Open final back in the early 1970s, book-ending the Rocket’s career as a grand slam winner [1953-72 as against 1960-69].

The way some fans go on, you’d think injuries were visited upon their favourites by an outside force like an evil stepmother. Well, they’d do well to heed the dictum of Lady Bracknell. As far back as the 2007 US Open, Federer was asked about the early elimination of his chief rival, Rafa Nadal: “He needs to look after himself”. T’was ever thus. And it is interesting to hear him today, explaining that not overplaying helps keep him keen. Yes, he has the luxury of being permitted to skip events, but let’s not forget that he has earned it. Lessons there for other tour leaders.

Chris Ford Says:

Not taking away from the truly remarkable performance of Roger, but he has had some fortunate events help him get his 3 Slams.

Injuries to the Big 4 others and Stan. Good draws. He came in fresh because Hyeong Chung was unable to fight for it at close to the ability the young man has. The heat brought up a huuuge blister on the ball of his push-off foot for serves and strokes, hindered his movement to much less than he had with Djokovic.

If Rafa and Novak are still playing at 35, may the tennis gods bestow such favors on them..

Humble Rafa Says:

If Rafa and Novak are still playing at 35, may the tennis gods bestow such favors on them..

Truth is the Egg Lover and Humble Highness will never get preferable treatment at tournaments like His Arrogance. He pretty much makes up the rules. As far as we know, he doesn’t make up the draw (we think). Other than that, everything else is in his favor.

James Says:

Luck is not having to face a single top 25 player in winning a slam – aka Nadal’s 2017 USO win.

Roger is CLASS Says: Fans’ Favorite

2003 Roger Federer
2004 Roger Federer (2)
2005 Roger Federer (3)
2006 Roger Federer (4)
2007 Roger Federer (5)
2008 Roger Federer (6)
2009 Roger Federer (7)
2010 Roger Federer (8)
2011 Roger Federer (9)
2012 Roger Federer (10)
2013 Roger Federer (11)
2014 Roger Federer(12)
2015 Roger Federer(13)
2016 Roger Federer(14)
2017 Roger Federer(15)

Edberg Sportsmanship Award Voted for by the players of the ATP.

2004 Roger Federer
2005 Roger Federer (2)
2006 Roger Federer (3)
2007 Roger Federer (4)
2008 Roger Federer (5)
2009 Roger Federer (6)
2011 Roger Federer (7)
2012 Roger Federer (8)
2013 Roger Federer (9)
2014 Roger Federer(10)
2015 Roger Federer(11)
2016 Roger Federer(12)
2017 Roger Federer(13)

congrats 2oger Federer. greatest ever. true class

Roger is CLASS Says:

Arrogant excuse.

Nadal blames tour organisers for injury that cost him Australian Open chance.

Appeal exaggerated for an injury. And jump up with clay every year.
Ten times of abnormal victory. w

Roger is CLASS Says:

Twitter reacts to the ‘greatest of all time’ winning 20th Grand Slam title

Roger is CLASS Says:

arrogance HR

require of two years ranking.
criticize to tour, criticize to indoor. etc.

When is the arrogant excuse of Nadal over?

Tennisfansince1976 Says:

@humble Rafa. If roger did make up his own draw he would make sure to have you in his section as he has been owning you of late.

Dc Says:

Fed is now in a league of his own.
The discussion is now about Federer being the greatest sportsperson

Lets not waste time responding to Nadal fans who are very shattered and are spraying venom.Lets all focus on reliving the magic moments of Feds career by watching match highlight on youtube and reading about his greatness.

Danica Says:

“Roger Federer racked up Grand Slam title No. 30 after a 3-hour, 3-minute victory … ”


SG1 Says:

Federer is a student of tennis history isn’t he? I (…and I’m sure he) remembers Pete saying when he retired that 14 slams would be a very tough nut to crack. Within 7 years, his record feel.

Federer is only 4 majors ahead of Rafa and Rafa has 5 years on him. I think Roger wants his records to stand for a good long while. I can’t see Rafa exceeding Roger’s slam count but then again, I thought Federer was done at 13 slams in ’08 (10 years ago) so what do I know? If Federer gets hurt and Rafa goes on a run, he could catch Roger in a couple of years. My belief is that Federer is going to do everything he can to put his records out of reach of Rafa…and pretty much anyone else in this generation. If his record is broken 30 or 40 years from now, so be it. He’ll have that period of time to enjoy his position in the game.

SG1 Says:

6 Australians, 8 Wimbledon titles, 5 USO’s. Astonishing. When you put it in writing, it’s like, holy smokes! I’m thinking he wants that 6th USO title very badly so he stands alone at Wimbledon and the US Open. He belongs in the Pantheon of athletic achievement with Gretzky, Jordan, Nicklaus, Brady, Babe Ruth etc… I actually think Rafa belongs in this group as well. He’s done things I’m not certain will ever be duplicated.

Willow Says:

SG 1 nice post ,I Dont think Rafa will surpass Roger, even though i think Rafa will still win more GS too, but the same applies to Roger, i had a feeling all along that it was only a matter of time before both surpassed Sampras ….

skeezer Says:

I agree Rafa has his own record that probably won’t be touched for a very long time. 10 French Opens. It is a unique record.

Daniel Says:

RG 2018 could be vital.If somehow Nadal doesn’t win it (only injury prevent him at this poiint), than Federer will be safer.

Nadla will be 32 this may, and there is a limit of how many RG he can win with a gruelling style of play. Always thought he coudl recahe 12, buit no more than it. Winning French Open beyind 32 is an herculean effort.

Willow Says:

Who knows what will happen going forward, been a white witch ill have a look in my crystal ball lol ;-)

Giles Says:

Daniel. Always with the “ IF’S”. Lol

SG1 Says:

I have a feeling that Roger’s going to manage his summer hard court season very carefully this year. Anyone think it possible that he won’t play both Miami and Indian Wells? I think it’ll be one or the other.

SG1 Says:

I think he’ll probably play Cincinnati and that will be his prep for the USO this year. Roger has proven he doesn’t need a lot of prep to do win.

El_Flaco Says:

Whether Fed plays both will depend on his results and of course his health. He is better rested so far having played 5 fewer sets at the AO this year vs last year.

If Fed wins Dubai he will probably take over the #1 ranking so that would increase the probability if he gets to the final of IW he would withdraw from Miami. He has nothing to rest for after Miami so if he feels fine physically he could still play.

The only way Fed plays a clay schedule is if Nadal has an injury in May and is out for several months. Fed would have a chance to win a 2nd. He could play Rome and FO Tough call though because there are a lot of players with a decent chance to beat him there. His odds of winning there would be lower than Wimby or USO. If he went deep, but came up short he could be worn down for Wimby with no FO title to show for it.

skeezer Says:

Don’t think Fed should get anywhere near a CC. Why? He has nothing to prove there. It’s a grinders world on that surface, and at his age he doesn’t need that. He already has an FO title, and he is not going to catch Rafa’s accomplishments there. So why bother? WImby and USO preparations and scheduling for those sound like a much better plan, would hope.

rognadfan Says:

Largely agree with what you guys mentioned here.

I think his schedule will be near identical to last years, bar the potential drop of Miami & Roger’s cup. Especially if he plays and wins dubai and goes deep, say final at IW.

Clay courts & RG, I doubt he wants to step on them even if Rafa doesn’t play, although I’d personally would like to see his ‘this game’ on a clay court. But the wear and tear will take its toll on him. Heavy heavy favorite for Wimbledon if he is fresh there. I’m confident he’d not want to risk his favorite tournament.

Daniel Says:

IW and Miami are played in almost 2 weeks, frst 3 roudns have a days rest in between. Onlyif he plays QF, smeis and finals back to back he will be spent.

I think he will play IW for sure and dependng on his results (and hopefully Dubai) he’ll decide on Miami.

Also agree that he will skip Canada and focus on Cincy pre USO. Don’t think he will play clay either, unless he bombs ealry in IW and Miami. Hard to see at this points, but still have the Canas memories

the_mind_reels Says:

We’ve seen recently that Federer doesn’t make decisions based on the short-term impact on rankings, so if he wins Dubai, he’ll take over #1 but only by a slim margin. Nadal can pick up enough points in IW I think to re-take #1 (not 100% sure), and Federer can only lose points in IW / Miami by not defending.

That all said, if Federer wins Dubai and defends IW, there’s a decent chance he can mostly hold on to #1 given how many points Nadal has to defend this clay season. It’s a harder ask for him with each passing year to essentially sweep on clay.

Daniel Says:


Exactly. Dubai and IW title even if Fed skips Miami with what Nadal has to defend (R16 IW and finals in Miami), if he doesn’t play Acapulco or doesn’t go far in both IW/MIami: QF, semis for example, Fed can keep the #1 ranking throughout the clay season.

Right now is imperative for Fed to play Dubai and see how it goes and what Nadal does in Acapulco. #1 is within reach, than IW is 9-10 days later before he plays his first match.

j-kath Says:

Dc: Rafa fans spitting venom? Really? Gosh I missed that. I’ve never seen that before. Could you please give me examples?

AndyMira Says:

JK!….Yeehaa!…I like!I like!…Awesome!

El_Flaco Says:

Fed is playing ABN Amro. He is definitely looking to get that number one ranking back.

Daniel Says:

Just saw that as well El_Flaco, ATP site also.

Greta move and a SARB last minute attack;-)

At least 3 matches and he is back at #1, at least for 2 weeks, maybe till IW, depending on Nadal.

jatin Says:

He is going to make a push for sure world no. 1 for sure.
Its official
The field is fully loaded with Zverev, Dimitrov, Goffin, Berdych, Stan, Kyrgios, Pouille and Tsonga.

So excited to see him play this early after the Aussie open. :)

Willow Says:

He can have it too ….

j-kath Says:

Jatin: Kyrgios has withdrawn.

Giles Says:

Let’s hope he doesn’t injure his back in his attempt to get the #1 ranking.

the_mind_reels Says:

My guess is that Federer is swapping Rotterdam into his schedule instead of Dubai this year to give himself a bit more cushion before IW / Miami. Assuming he leaves Rotterdam healthy, then I’d say he’s going to try to play both IW and Miami, which is awesome. The only question is whether he’s had enough recovery time since the AO, but I doubt he’d enter Rotterdam if he weren’t up making a real run at the title.

Good luck for #1!

Willow Says:

Seems his fans see that its only a matter of time before he gets it anyway i suppose ….

Daniel Says:


It was a wise decision, he would have 16 days of, probably will play next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Than he has another 21 days before he plays his first match in IW. Depending on how much energy he spends there he will decide on Miami where he will have another 7 days prior to his first match (if he plays last weekend in IW).

It’s doable and he will have rest in between, knowing that if he perfomers well, he would skip clay and have 2 and half motnhs off also to prepare for grass.

skeezer Says:

“Let’s hope he doesn’t injure his back in his attempt to get the #1 ranking.”
Doubtful he’ll pull a Rafa.

Giles Says:

^^^ Just saying. Don’t want him to overplay now, do we!! He might tweak his back if he does!

Amit Says:

Fed seems way too concerned about No.1 rank at the moment! Doesn’t seem the right decision to me to participate in such an inconsequential tourney like Rotterdam Open. You just target the slams and favourable MS champ Fed! Don’t just chase the rank! I am worried he might risk injury by playing in such small tourneys. Slams are what matter in the end! Even if Rafa stays more weeks at I, doesnt harm Fed if he can win another slam this year, or else Rafa isn’t done winning many more slams anytime soon! He can actually overhaul Federer GS tally!! Thus Fed for slams and WTF is what I want!

Amit Says:

This nadal just seems destined to surpass Federer GS tally..😕

Willow Says:

Amit dont worry i seriously doubt that, anyway weve only played 1 GS so far and your guy just won that ….

El_Flaco Says:


It’s not a big deal. Fed played about 6 fewer sets this year at the AO compared to last year so he is well rested. He knows his body and will be careful not to over play.

rognadfan Says:


With all due respect, Rotterdam is not an inconsequential tournament its an atp 500 event and is loaded with quality players.
I actually like his decision to play there and have a chance to get #1 ranking. This will be hell of an achievement in itself, and the one that will be talked about for quite a long time, IMO (doubt anyone will be this close to being #1 at 36.6 yrs anytime soon). If he gets the #1 ranking, for me that’s far bigger than winning say this years IW (of course not money wise, though there must be some appearance fee involved in Rotterdam).

That said, it’s should not always have to be a competition with Rafa or Novak. By playing Rotterdam he is actually not directly competing with Rafa (who is doing his own thing to build/keep the ranking) but he’s giving himself that chance, which is great.
I view tennis ranking, in some ways, like Golf. You build your ranking by winning tournaments and doing well in events throughout. Just like you win by hiting ‘below-par’ in golf. You are competing with other players, just not face to face on a tennis court.

Sure, his focus should be grand slams at this point of his career but I don’t think that should be to make sure Nadal can’t catch him. I seriously doubt that’s Fed’s motivation for being in the game. If that were actually the case, I think Fed would be under tremendous pressure from within. With such a chip on the shoulders noone can perform the way Fed has done. He has done so well lately because he is free from within and he likes to play, not because he is obsessed with breaking all the records there are.

For me, doesn’t matter if Rafa catches Fed (he could, though I doubt he will reach 20 slams) or Fed doesn’t even win another Slam, it’s all icing at the moment, (Personally, I didn’t have hope after 2015’s usopen loss).

On the bigger picture, Fed is considered the GOAT not just because of his accomplishments and slam counts, but because of the mastery of the game itself, because of his strokes, many of which are simply the best ever and are unlikely to be emulated by anyone.

t4t Says:

Fed doesn’t need rest. He has his magic potion. Last year he tried not to win too much so as not to arouse suspicions about a 36 year old dominating the field AFTER nearly 7 years with just one slam ( that was Wimbledon. Yes, it is a slam, to amswer another school dropout who cannot count)
But finding that everyone is ready to turn a blind eye to this unnatural dominance, he is going to try for year end # 1 and he may play at the French Open where the organizers will bend over backwards to give him a rigged draw, rigged surface, rigged schedule and rigged tennis balls to ensure he beats Nadal ( cupcake for Fed and tough draw for the Clay King).

Amit Says:

Very good post. I agree with what you said here. The last para is my fwve fave though! I also love Fed regardless of his slam count coz of his signature style of tennis!! Its peerless!! Thats why I also prefer him and Murray above Djokovic and Rafa! Their relaxed playing style is a joy to watch and Federer is just beyond anyone I saw! Keeping this in view I wish Fed ends up with most slams and Rafa doesnt catch him there coz Fed tennis is just the perfect joy for my senses and soul! Him being the most talented player of his generation, i wish him max slams to do justice to his class! Guys like Fed Safin Nalbandian and to a lesser extent Murray are what exceptional play is all about! Thats why Fed is my all time fave sportsperson! His level is rarest and enigmatic, gifted guy him!😍😍😍

Amit Says:

Hi willow😀😀😀

Nadal is way more ambitious and capable than anyone would ever realise! He is humble but a giant killer, a predator of mythical proportion who can do anything at will if he is determined! The guy is phenomenal: YOUR RAFA NADAL!!!💪💪💪

Willow Says:

Hi Amit ive never been fixated with Nadal passing Federers GS tally, or that concerned with Djokovic passing him either, its Nadal and his fighting qualities i love, i dont even bother that much with the off court stuff anymore, i like many other players on tour, and Murrays my second favorite, but there is no other that sets my heart racing or whom i would rush home to watch , only Rafa warts and all ….

rognadfan Says:

Wow, that almost exactly the way think as well :) ; but you wrote it so well. And guess what, Murray is my back up guy as well.
We only differ on our first guy, it seems. But that doesn’t matter, actually I try to watch most of Rafa’s game too because I like to run after the ball like him when I play (and I am a lefty).

Miles Says:

t4t – the bitterness is eating you up – how wonderful! You should try working on your maths skills, though – there was a 5 year gap between majors, during which it took peak-Djokovic to stop Federer winning another 3 (and if semifinal defeats against peak-Djokovic are factored in, possibly another 5) majors (and Federer had a chronic bad back in 2013 and most of 2016 was written off because of his knee operation). Djokovic is past his peak, but as Federer has adapted his game to maintain his standards he has been able to take full advantage. The reason he has been able to do this is because he’s the most talented player (to-date) in the Open era.There’s every chance that he’s won his last major, but what a finale to his career.

Miles Says:

Well, Giles, if Rafa overplays on clay let’s hope he doesn’t tear any more muscles, eh?

Humble Rafa Says:

If you see a man walking with many cats, let me know. I have been looking for Skeeze.

Willow Says:

Should rename this forum deja-vu extra, same old arguments rehashed over and over again, all went quiet for a few days, then here we go again ….

t4t Says:

Ah Miles is part of the school dropout team aka Fed fanbase. Fed won only one slam between Feb 2010 and December 2016, that is 6 years and 11 months.

t4t Says:

There is a terrible sense of deja vu when one reads Willow’s posts. She is trying to curry favor with Fedfans or bullying fans who criticize Fed or finding fault with this forum calling it stupid or boring, …(yawn)….what’s new?

t4t Says:

I have been looking for skeezer too. Recently I did visit Oakland and looked for a man with many cats….There is a neighborhood where I found lots of cats but their owners knew how to count. Still looking….

Willow Says:

t4t Thanks for proving my point ….

Willow Says:

^ So knock yourself out ^ ….

t4t Says:

No ,I must give credit where credit is due. You proved your point …..again!

t4t Says:

Saw a movie called Ella enchanted where the heroine is cursed with the “gift of obedience”. Something like that has happened to our “white”or “black” witch Willow except that she seems to be forced to obey only Fedfans….One day, I hope, she can be free….

skeezer Says:

Wouldn’t worry about t4t, the clown of tennis x, it posts the repetitve sh!t, lies, and p!ssin on Fed and his fans………. and Fed keeps winning titles and Slams, am a loving it!

How is your cats Sooty and Smudge? Remember, I don’t have any, but yours must give you lots of consolations when it matters.

t4t Says:

Dear skeezer, Count Dracula aka Frauderer can win 100 slams. I am sure you are loving it. But better join night school to learn to count to 100…Otherwise it will be so embarrassing
your well wisher t4t

t4t Says:

Fedfans like the white queen (in “through the looking glass”
-Lewis Carroll) have mastered the art of believing impossible things like
1) Fed at 36 can play better than at 29 without magic potion
2) Fed is the GOAT
3) Fed plays o
nly day matches
4) Draws are not rigged for Fed
5) Fed generously allowed others to win almost all the slams between 2010 and 2016.
6) Fed has a back problem
7) Fed suffered from mono in 2008
8) Fed’s new racket is entirely responsible for the old man’s winning spree ( magic racket?)

jatin Says:

I don’t think playing Rotterdam is a bad move. Fed is very well rested as he has a relatively easier Aus open for his body (compared to last year’s marathon matches). So he is going for what possibly the last chance of becoming the oldest world No. 1 again. What a feat that would be.
The last time I saw him play Rotterdam was in 2013 when he was defeated by benetteu. Its an indoors tournament and offering 500 points.
I think, Fed will then skip Dubai and go all out for sunshine double again. Then he will probably skip the clay court session and preprare for the grass court session.
We can trust fed for his scheduling decisions. He must be extra cautious now as even one bad decision could really hamper his chances in other majors (like last year’s Roger’s cup where his back problem flare up again).
Its incredible to think how much he has changed and moulded his game to extend his carrier. He has become much more agreesive, and improved the most important part of his game which has a contributed huge in his recent success. His backhand return of serve. You compare it with even 2-3 years back, and will see a considerable difference.
What a transition Era. Waiting for the historic moment to arrive soon :)

Thanks for the update.

t4t Says:

I agree with Jatin. Fed should not hold himself back. He should fully use his magical powers and win all the events this year, breaking all records and being the oldest #1 etc. I expect to see him improving every year and making a clean sweep of all the slams. No need to worry. He cannot injure or tire himself. He is Count Dracula. No wonder he prefers to play at night!.

Amit Says:

Nadal is insatiable, yet seemingly detached, he is just doing his duty it seems in life, to work hard and live well. He can really win RG even at 40 i think.

My Federer brand of tennis is truly the best, but if your Rafa surpasses him in GS tally, Nadal would be the GOAT in the eyes of people due to his higher slam wins! Though to me Fed is the greatest of his generation at least and i consider him better than Rafa in tennis, no matter even if he has lost to Rafa so many times.

j-kath Says:

Jatin: Okey-doke.
PS: Will be surprised if Fed. skips Dubai – he’s got his own property there and it’s one of semi-holidays well suited to a great family holiday.

t4t: Hope you don’t arouse the-diarrhoea-guy back again.

Margot: Wales vs. England! —I silently quote Mr. Murray’s comment……

Willow Says:

t4t ive no idea what your talking about, its a complete misconception on your part, that i try to curry favour with the Fed fan base, believe me over the years on here ive had some real humdingers of arguments with them, plenty of Novak fans too, and by the way im a White Witch luckily for you, as i would be turning you into a frog as we speak ;-)

Willow Says:

Thanks Amit, its not about currying favour, or throwing Nadal under the bus, as some of my fellow fans would have you believe, as i say all things GOAT has never been something ive never been that invested in, Rafa is an all time great, and thats always been good enough for me, whether he wins another FO or any other GS going forward remains to be seen, but as long as hes still playing its good enough for me, when it comes to all things GOAT for me there are too many different caveats to that topic, i personally like the idea that we have a number of all time greats instead ….

Lol just one GOAT name for me then Jimmy (Jimbo) Conners, thats all ill say on GOATs ;-)

Margot Says:

Kath: not too hopeful, English squad looks strong, but here’s wishin and hopin…..;) BTW Andy is 18th in Tignor’s list of 50 all time greats of the open era.

t4t Says:

Willow @4:42 am …Lol…..more such comments please…there wouldn’t be that awful sense of deja vu….

Amit Says:


You like jimmy connors so.much???!!! Lolzz

Amit Says:

I prefer johny mac though for his funny angry antics and superb tennis on court haha😁😁😁

Willow Says:

Amit lol im neither one way or the other, i just think with the career wins and titles, he deserves to be in that conversation, but too many different caveats ….

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