Rafa Rolls On To 20 Straight Clay Wins, Djokovic Loses Again; Raonic-Shapovalov Canadian Collision Thurs
by Staff | May 9th, 2018, 8:36 pm

Rafael Nadal continued his clay dominance on Wednesday. Playing at his home Masters event in Madrid, Nadal ripped apart Gael Monfils 6-3, 6-1 to win his 20th straight match on clay, 48 consecutive sets.

“The process is very simple for me: I analyze every day the things that happened and try to fix things,” Nadal assessed. “My team and I, we need to keep improving, and keep doing the things that are working very well. Every day is a different day. What happened the week before or two weeks ago is in the past.

“We were thinking just about the match of today. Now we are thinking about the match of tomorrow. That’s the way that I analyze things. I don’t think if I had a lot of victories in a row. I think that I have another tough match tomorrow, I can go on court and win or lose. Of course, there are always things to improve. I go on court every day to try to make that happen.”

Next for Rafa will be Deigo Schwartzman who dumped Feliciano Lopez.

Speaking on getting dumped, Novak Djokovic slipped and fell again, losing for a first time to Brit Kyle Edmund 6-2, 2-6, 6-3.

After a rough start, Djokovic solidified his play then had three break chances at 2-all, 0-40 in the third but failed to convert. Djokovic was soon broken and then Edmund served it out.

Obviously I’m disappointed from losing this match,” said Djokovic. “But I can be happy with the progress of the level of my tennis.

“There are obvious things that are not working well for me. But I have to keep working on them and pray that — and hope that — my game will get stronger, get better as the matches go the distance. Especially [at] such big tournaments against quality players, you’ve got to step in. I tried, but obviously, wasn’t to be today. Hopefully, next one.”

Djokovic is just 6-6 on the year.

“It’s not the end of the world,” he added. “Obviously, I’ve played this sport so many years and had a bunch of success. I try to always remind myself and be grateful for that.”

For Edmund, it was his first career win over the Serb.

“It’s a great win for me,” said Edmund. “He’s a legend of the game, one of the best tennis players of all time. So, it’s a really good win for me. [I’m] pleased with the way my game’s developing, that I’m able to beat a player like that. It does me the world of good in lots of ways: confidence, belief. It’s just a really good win for me.”

Edmund will now face David Goffin tomorrow.

Also on Wednesday, John Isner ousted fellow American Ryan Harrison. Borna Coric cruised past Jan-Lennard Struff and Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev were winners.

Tomorrow sees Juan Martin del Potro taking on Dusan Lajovic. And in perhaps the match of the day, Milos Raonic will get his first look at his young countryman Denis Shapovalov.

Manolo Santana Starts At 12:00 Noon
QF 7 Caroline Garcia VS Carla Suárez Navarro
Not Before 2:00 Pm
QF 1Simona Halep VS 6 Karolina Pliskova
3rd Rd 4 Juan Martin del Potro VS (Q) Dusan Lajovic
Not Before 8:00 Pm
3rd Rd 1 Rafael Nadal VS 13 Diego Schwartzman
Not Before 9:30 Pm
QF 14 Daria Kasatkina VS 10 Petra Kvitova

Arantxa Sanchez Starts At 12:00 Noon
3rd Rd 8 David Goffin VS Kyle Edmund
Not Before 2:00 Pm
3rd Rd Denis Shapovalov VS Milos Raonic
Not Before 3:30 Pm
QF Maria Sharapova VS Kiki Bertens
3rd Rd Leonardo Mayer VS 2Alexander Zverev

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41 Comments for Rafa Rolls On To 20 Straight Clay Wins, Djokovic Loses Again; Raonic-Shapovalov Canadian Collision Thurs

Czarlazar Says:

Nole is deep in the clutches of Orthorexia, caused by veganism. As one Serbian commentator in “Kurir” said today, 50% of women have more muscle mass in their arms than Djokovic now. He can philosophize all day about training more and this and that, but until he dumps the vegan diet for some real food, he does not have a speck of a chance to regain competitive form. The cult of Pepe and Jelena got him and Novak is their slave.

Humble Rafa Says:

“It’s not the end of the world,” he added. “Obviously, I’ve played this sport so many years and had a bunch of success. I try to always remind myself and be grateful for that.”

With this attitude, he isn’t going far in any tournament. The fire is gone.

skeezer Says:

^cut and paste King.
Life must be tough when all you do is try to be someone else.

Czarlazar Says:

“Cut and paste King.” Good way of putting it. He started on tour as a cocksure dude who did not respect his elders (such as Federer) and didn’t kiss anyone’s ass in his quest to be the best. The beginning of the end was in August 2015 when he announced he was no longer eating meat, “for ethical reasons.” Full Veganism followed in the Spring of 2016, along with heavy adherence to the Pepe/Jelena “love and peace” cult, and the gas tank finally ran dry toward the end of that year. He’s never been the same since.

gonzalowski Says:

I did not know that this change of Nole was so deep ideologically.

Daniel Says:

Shapo wins the Canadain battle and is in QF, he can go even deeper.

Anderson also through and DelPo up a set. Coric up a break o Thiem.

jalep Says:

Delpo needs the break back right now or Lajovic wins 2nd set. Lajovic playing well. Just wish Delpo would close it out in 2. Vamos Delpo!!

Daniel Says:


He got it. He needs to stay on top this set and get the crucial break in the end.

jalep Says:

It’s a nail-biter, this Delpo match.

I heard that Lajovic quite likes Madrid – he feels confident here and it shows.

Vamos Delpo!! My Gosh.

jalep Says:

Delpo 3-0 tb

jalep Says:

Delpo 4-0

jalep Says:

Oops 4-1

jalep Says:

Oh no, Vamos Delp-ohhh get this buddy.

jalep Says:

Not good! 4-5 Lajovic now shoot.

I can’t watch.

Willow Says:

No particular horse to back here, but this is such a fun match to watch, congrats Dusan as i speak, first top 10 ever win, cant believe Delpo let a 4 love lead slip ….

Hi Jalep hope your well ;-)

Czarlazar Says:

Dusan Lajovic is now the best men’s player from Serbia.

jalep Says:

I’m in permanent Denial about Novak, Czarlazar.

Dausan Serbia #1 probably true by a mile in the Live race rankings. I’ve not checked.

Sorry about Delpo, Daniel!! And our brackets. Well I still have Rafa. Maybe Nole will perform better in Rome. fingers crossed.

Well I was wrong about Coric over Theim. Didn’t see the match but that looked like a good one – following score.

Daniel Says:

Damm, DelPO losing a close match. Coric serve for it and loss (credit to Thiem).

Let’s see if Thiem the fighter shows up tomorrow as well.

Daniel Says:

Djoko will drop to 18-20 depending on Edmund.

Even if he wins Rome (where he defens 600 pts next week) he won’t be top 8 for RG.

Actually he could be in the 17-32 seed range fater Rome.

Imagine that, a potential R32 match between Nadal and Djoko in RG!

Czarlazar Says:

Nole defends those 600 points and limps into Rome with no confidence and low energy. He’s the Jeb Bush of men’s tennis these days. A first or second round exit will put him in the mid-20s on the ATP list, which virtually guarantees him an early exit from Roland Garros. Sad, especially when he can turn around his situation quickly by doing the one thing he refuses to do: lose the stupid vegan diet!

PS: I find eating to be one of the great pleasures of life. Even if he feels it’s healthy, how on earth can Novak actually enjoy the bland plantfood he eats day after day?

Van Persie Says:

The victory over Kei was welcomed for Nole, but Kei is kind of in the same situation as Nole. The loss against Kyle showed, where Nole really is against a determined and in form top 20 player. No schock for me.
Nole is at “a better place” than he was in March or even April, but still needs a lot of improvement. He plays like a top 50 player.

But am schoked, that DelPo lost today…did not expect it.

Willow Says:

Completely ridiculous ive been watching tennis all day, and now they have stopped the tennis for the bloody rugby, so i dont get to see Nadal playing, and have to make do with live scores only, obviously they dont realize hes the number 1 player, and also the KOC, surely it couldve been switched to another channel ?

Van Persie Says:

Also..Simona, Carla, Coric out. Bad tennis day for me. Glad I was not able to watch any match in the last yesterday and today :D

Willow Says:

Rafas riding a crest of a clay court wave lately, setting a new record of sets won, amazing record ….

RZ Says:

Willow – Spoiler for you: Nadal wins. 😉

gonzalowski Says:

willow, a lot of matches are able to be watched on ‘teledeporte directo’ (google), it’s open.

J.S. Says:

I am at the Madrid Open….Rafa is precious, I feel like a “groupie” but I can’t get enough! He is so gracious to the fans and a big deal here. But, unlike other tournaments Rafa isn’t displayed everywhre you turn. It’s a VERY different environment with smaller stadiums/seating and lots of business deals being done, not so much about tennis….men in suits/women in heels, so crazy to me that their objective isn’t tennis, lol!
Rafa had more fans at his practice than the main stadium today. Security was trying to keep fans in check. People are aggresive to get a peak at him! It was a little much to be honest unlike Monte Carlo.
Vodka/Tonic is 9 Euros…Beer 5 Euros….veggie sandwich is 9 Euros
Weather is fab and venue is very close together so it’s very easy to get around.
But everyone swaps seats during matches unless it’s Rafa’s because his are sold out. Otherwise everyone is sitting wherever they like and it’s accepted, tickets are NOT monitored!
More later, I am here until Final…PEACE!

chofer Says:

I should dedicate to call the matches, really. I was suspicious of Delpo and Coric.

I am suspicious that El Shapo will get that far. I’m a fan, but sorry you don’t learn clay court tennis overnight.


Bet on it.

chofer Says:

Everyone knows Thiem is playing like crap (by his clay standards, at least) but Borna really lacks a WEAPON. Am I the only one who sees that? You can’t win GS without, at least, one. He could be the next Ferrer, and that’s no bad at all.

J.S. Says:

Thiem will NOT beat Rafa tomorrow! Theim is struggling even at practices…..won’t happen!

Wog Boy Says:

Nole has not one, but two gurus, second one is even more dangerous than the first one, he is ours, he is educated medical practitioner, but abandoned conventional medicine for alternative Reiki (kurton) therapy and selling the fog to brainless or troubled people making shitloads of money, where he is connecting people with their previous lifes??!!

Guess who was the one who few years back selected, tested and approved him to join Nole’s spiritual shitteam, Karakondzula Jelena of course.

I have seen him in Nole’s box occasionally, always next to Karakondzula Jelena, but didn’t have a clue who is he until my nephew send me few links recently about guru Damar from Belgrade whom Nole even gifted apartment in upscale West 65 Belgrade suburb!!
I really can understand how that guru Damar can rip off those brainless slatty turbo folk singers in Serbia, his main customers, but Nole?!
The man, Nole, is completely gone, his brain is so poisoned that there is no way back for him, not just in tennis (that’s is the least important problem), his mind and soul is poisoned, mentally he is complete disaster.
I can clearly see his future, all of these scums who are now sucking his blood and money, including Karakondzula Jelena, will dump him ones money is gone and at this stage money is flowing out pretty quickly, too many parasites to feed.

I wish we live in the inquisition western Europe Middle Ages, I would be the first one to light the fire underneath her.

You can find a lots of articles about guru Zarko Ilic Damar, I’ll give one where he enjoys various selfies with Jelena and of course plastering them on his blog as best possible advertising for his Reiki (kurton) therapy for rich and stupid Belgradians, the others can google translate the article if they want, but I am sure pictures will be enough:


I had few of my favorites in tennis starting with Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, Agassi, Safin… jimband still love them because they stayed true to themselves all their life as for Nole I can only say:

Novak Djokovic 1987 – 2016

Willow Says:

LOL RZ i knew but thanks ….

Gonzo thanks ;-) ….

Czarlazar Says:

Wog Boy,
I’ve been meaning to ask the board what happened to the most informed commenter on this site — very glad to see you’re alive and what an eye opening post. All I can say is Gospodi Pomiluj!
How is it possible that an intelligent, clean cut Serbian Orthodox boy, who through hard work, dedication and desire became one of the greatest warriors in the history of sport — and in such a short time transform into a sick and helpless shadow, devoid of desire, pride and self respect? Even if he had a problem with an insidious scorpion wife who was bringing him down, surely a man who achieved such success would have the strength to keep her in check and, if she crossed the line, dump her without remorse or emotion? I don’t understand how this can happen, and it’s as fascinating as it is depressing. But as bad as we and millions of his other fans feel, imagine how it is for Srdjan and Dijana. Gospodi Pomiluj!

Wog Boy Says:

Nicely said, can’t add anything on your comment.

To answer your question, I don’t watch tennis anymore, my last match was Rafa vs Cilic and that has nothing to do with Nole, but with disgusting behavior of AO officials.
I just popp in to check comments of “knowledgeable” posters after Nole losses and cannot stop loughing when I read idiotic statements that others got better, they figured out Nole’s game and Nole lost his intimidation factor:)
All the players Nole lost this year 2011-2016 Nole would’ve beaten without dropping a set, but we are talking about two different players, two different human beings.
The only reason I posted now is your few posts, the only sensible posts about imposter called Novak Djokovic.
You are are right about Srdjan and Dijana, I feel myself like one of my kids strayed away and joined sect, I cannot imagine how they feel.
You are right, Господи помилуј.

Van Persie Says:

Hey WB,

Happy to read you again.:)…even if you do not bring good news. I really missed you here
Have no high hopes for Nole. Hard for me to watch a match from him, even if he wins. Not the same Nole I used to like…
Cheering lately for him as I respect very much , what he has achieved until 2016

Amit Says:

Jelena isnt that hot either for djokovic! He should dump her asap including the two moron gurus or else he is toast! The guy has lost all his wits and self-respect and is physically on fumes! I really call the blind adherence of nole to the imposters and vampire wife as full-fledged effect of “Maya”(illusion) on nole! Whats there in that average woman jelena! Disgusting!!😕😠

Wog Boy Says:

Hi VP,

Thanks, I know I don’t have to explain myself to you, I am absolutely sure that you know what I think and how I feel and that has nothing to do with Nole’s losses and tennis generally, I just don’t get it, simply don’t get it, same as Czarlazar, how did he allowed to get tangled in all that spiritual BS and where it went wrong?

Yes, I like to come on TX after Nole losses and read some very “knowledgeable” analysis of his game and where is he atm, tennis wise, when in fact there is nothing to analyze;)

Van Persie Says:


Beyond my comprehension skills, what went wrong to Nole. Am also very confused…
like you starting to be more worried about him as a whole person, tennis his last problem at the moment. It is a depressing thought and I try to ignore it…and yes, very well said, must be much more painful for his parents…
About behavior of AO officials, also agree with you, not the best advertising for sportsmanship.

Van Persie Says:

P.S. WB,

Ignore some comments, if you can, I know, not always an easy thing not to react :)

Willow Says:

Always thought this was an open forum, with posters been able to express their own personal opinions, i guess i was wrong :-/

Czarlazar Says:

** Warning: skip this very long post if you’re not a Novak fan

WB: I did some reading on this Zarko Ilic charlatan/provocateur, and it’s worse than I thought. This guy makes Pepe Imaz seem like an elementary school pipsqueak, in part because Ilic speaks the native tongue — all the easier to gain “Karakondjula” Jelena’s acceptance and entry to her husband. He’s got a blog and recently wrote a piece on Novak, entitled “Today Do We Have a Winner?” Here’s the link for the original Serbian version:

For English speakers, I’ve run it through Google Translate and edited for clarity. It will give you a very good idea of the vacuous philosophical garbage thrown at Nole constantly by the cabal around him — which in the end has infected the host and altered his normal brain function. It’s a long-winded read and only worth suffering through if you’re a big Nole fan who wants to understand Nole’s tennis decline and deterioration of his physical and mental health.

Today Do We Have a Winner?

April 5, 2018

I read these days in some newspapers an ugly text, and I see the picture of a beautiful man, with a big heart. I know that everything is written far from the truth, but it’s still hard. I know him, I respect him immensely because of all the virtues he has, and it hurts me that others rinse their mouths with these falsehoods. They say he’s defeated. They say he’s fallen. They say many other things and condemn him.

Ordinary people have inhaled darkness and fear, which has caused them to spout condemnation and hatred. And I know we are not like that, and I know we do it not from malice, but from powerlessness and sorrow and the ignorance to understand our pain and sorrow.

But I do not worry, I know there is goodness and salvation for everyone, you just have to turn towards it and open your heart. In the darkness you are in, you can see the light just by turning towards the one who carries it. Turn your head from the darkness and dust that pours into you.

Do you know about the great statue of the Winner at the Kalemegdan Fortress? He is testament to who we are and how he is, the gentle man of good and brave hearts. The winner at Kalemegdan reminds us of the long forgotten glory of those whose descendents we are. In the twentieth century, we convincingly proved we know how to die in wars, but also that we know how to win. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the whole world knew about a small nation from the Balkans and paid tribute to it. By the end of that same century, we again made the whole world know about us and our small, proud nation. The beginning of the twenty-first century again brought on an attack on our winner, but this time we attacked him ourselves.

We tend to forget that we’re prone to this and it’s always cost us dearly, so let’s remember that and turn it around for the better. Everything starts from us, no one else can be blamed, everything is in our hands. The first step is to turn to something or someone good and let’s just decide to see it only positively so that we can do it well. After that everything becomes different, believe in yourself, or at least learn from the better ones among us. If you focus on a good drop of water in a rough sea, it will drive you to good, prevent you from drowning and help you find your island of salvation. Just begin by deciding how you want it to be and show it. Good begets better and bad begets even worse. If you revel in the happiness of others, you will bring happiness unto yourself. If you cast judgement negatively on someone else, you will attract bad things to yourself. Decide on goodness and it will be so! For once, let’s gather around something positive and that will unify and bring us together.

And as we ourselves say: if you are not able to help, don’t do anything to hurt, all you need is a kind word and handshake to show your support.

I’ll tell you a story. I once visited a small Himalayan kingdom. Deep in the mountains of Bhutan, I met an old monk who had a fascinating knowledge of everything, but had no idea where Serbia was. He told me many wise things, but was troubled by not knowing about the place I came from, and how he never even heard of Serbia. My mention of Yugoslavia, Tito and the Non-aligned movement, and naming our neighboring countries did not help either. Then, as a last resort, I mentioned him. The old man jumped up and shouted: “You come from the country of my beloved winner,” and he hugged me tightly. I then regained my faith that the whole world knew about my people and our victories. I was proud!

Everyone loves and respects him, it’s just we who spit on him. But only because we don’t understand. We quickly forget the victories and like to emphasize the unimportant details. We intrude in someone else’s life, dealing with half-truths and misinformation, while we neglect our own.

We are a people who believe in God and as such we cannot commit the greatest sin, that of judging others. Knights and kings, saints and enlighteners, military leaders and scientists who have brought our glory to the world are no longer alive. But He is. He is our 21st century knight. We can help him with support even if we do not understand his losses and the battles he leads. He is our winner and our light.

Know that victory comes not just from competition, but also from love, and good deeds, and knowledge and kind words. He has all of it!

For him are my beautiful words and warm handshake! You know his name because the whole world knows him!

For me he is the Winner!


After hearing such “inspiring” words, wouldn’t you be fired up to compete at your neighbourhood club’s tennis ladder? Didn’t think so, and this is why my hope that Nole will ever come back strong is almost completely gone.

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