Roger Federer’s Incredible Around The Net Post Shot At The US Open [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 2nd, 2018, 3:00 pm

Roger Federer created yet another magical moment late in the match yesterday during a win over Nick Krgios. The winner-around-the-net-post has been done before, but Federer makes it even better.

“It was definitely one of the more unique ones,” Federer said. “You don’t get an opportunity to hit around the net post very often, because in practice — you can’t really train them. The net is out further and the court is more narrow, so for a shot like this to happen in a practice, you will be running into a fence and you will hit it into the net.

“So these shots can only really happen on a big court where you play with the single posts in the doubles alley,” he added. “I have hit a few throughout my career, and, sure, they are always fun, just because sometimes you can sort of aim for them it because you realize you have an option more, which just never have. As you’re hitting it, you’re, like, Oh, I can just shove it down the line and just flat. That’s what happened today.”

Even Kyrgios was in awe, and he’s one of the craziest shotmakers in the game.

“I was trying to tell him that the shot wasn’t that good,” Kyrgios joked. “No, it was almost unreal. Almost got to the point where I wanted him to start making shots like that, and I finally got it. I was pretty happy with myself.”

With an eye on the Novak Djokovic Wednesday night quarterfinal, Federer returns tomorrow as a big favorite against John Millman.

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4 Comments for Roger Federer’s Incredible Around The Net Post Shot At The US Open [Video]

chris ford1 Says:

It was a sweet shot! I think Andy hits a lot of them, but much further back.
I very much look forward to, provided no upset happening, another high stakes Fed-Djoko meeting in the USO QFs this year. It’s one of the two closest rivalries, 2nd most played ever, and IMO, the highest quality tennis being played rivalry in the Open Era.

And whoever wins, it is hard not for me to want to see the winner play Rafa in the Final. Because then you have the media (namely MacEnroe and Nike PR as the biggest proponents) – endorsed “Greatest rivalry Evah!” Fedal.
Though I think Novak and Rafas record setting 52 match rivalry is the best one – its quality, it’s statistically being the closest and most played with huge stakes – but it is also because it is always gladiator time, even when one is hurt, off form, or coming back. They will battle with heart and mind, best they can.
The fans win when those 3 play each other, regardless of the combination and who takes the match. .

skeezer Says:

Not mentioned is the incredible legs Fed stil has @37 to not only get to the ball like this but then to pull off the incredible shot making winner. Maestro!

Colin Says:

Did Roger really say what he’s quoted as saying – “more unique”? If so he, like most people, doesn’t know what “unique” means.
There are no degrees of uniqueness. Either something is unique or it isn’t.
I have no gift for languages, and I envy those who do, so it’s comforting to hear the multilingual Fed make a mistake!

Madmax Says:


Exactly. If only he had pulled through. :-(

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