Novak Djokovic And A Poor-Moving Andy Murray Played A Practice Match Today At The Australian Open
by Tom Gainey | January 9th, 2019, 11:16 pm

Just hours before the draw, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray hit on MCA Thursday afternoon in Melbourne.

The 1:30pm practice match was free to the public between the two who have met four times in the Australian Open final. Here’s how some of the British media reported on it:

The two had to leave the court to allow for the next practice session. But reports are not good for Murray. We’ll see if he is indeed in the draw later tonight.

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23 Comments for Novak Djokovic And A Poor-Moving Andy Murray Played A Practice Match Today At The Australian Open

Margot Roberts Says:

Very depressing news from the AO for Andy fans. Has got RBA first round, so, even if he plays, he’s more than likely to lose.
Clearly his days in the top 10 are long, long gone.

Ronn Says:

Where’s the draw? Has it come out yet?

Van Persie Says:

Last week I could not read the posts on Tennis X and gave up until now. Glad, the problem was fixed.

We have the draws for AO 2019. Yay!

Nole and Sascha in the same half. Rafa and Fed in the other.

Tough 1st round for Andy for sure.

Hannah Says:

Terrible practice match by the sound of it. I can’t understand why it is that Andy played this anyway! He didn’t need to do this and it would seem that it’s compounded his lack of confidence heading into the tournament. He might have avoided this, so why didn’t he? Glutton for punishment!
I am a huge Murray fan btw but fail to see the purpose in him putting himself through this….
Tough first round against Agut too, so would be a miracle if he reaches round 2.

j-kath Says:

Yep Hannah – poor wee Andy – he could well withdraw before meeting Agut. If he doesn’t make great leaps of improvement by the time Wimbledon comes round – that’s definitely the end of his career.

VP – I couldn’t even get into Tx early last week and looks like Margot is once again having to fill in the “box” to post again!. And the same is happening for me…..

Van Persie Says:


Yes, same happened to me. And I have to fill in every time I am posting

Regarding Andy, maybe it’s to early it is the end of his career, but for the moment, his fans cannot have great expectations from him, for sure.

Margot Roberts Says:

Yep, fill in the box every time and remember also to do it BEFORE you post. Weird.

Van Persie Says:

Hey Margot, J-K,

I will be in London next week for a few days, business trip required for “Brexit preparations” at the firm I am working :D
Asking , even if I know, you are located in Wales and Scotland, who knows, maybe you will be in City of London at that time.
Sorry for not searching the off topic thread.

Ronn Says:

Unless Tsonga can pull off a huge upset, it looks like Djoko’s gonna cruise to the semis and probably all the way to the finals. I’m still not convinced Sascha can beat Djoko in a MAJOR at this point so my bet is on Djoko to win his half. As for the Old Man,his half is totally loaded with big names who have won MAJORS (Rafa, Murray, Cilic, Stan- good grief!) as well as Anderson and some other players who have the ability to beat Federer. The one thing that’s working in Federer’s favor is that Rafa, Murray, and Stan are still injured or not anywhere near top form, so maybe the Arrogant One gets lucky (again) and scavenges his way to the final. It will be interesting to see if organizers dare pamper Roger with night matches after the criticism they got from sucking up to him a while back.

Van Persie Says:


I am very happy Fed is not in Nole’s half. We would have again the night matches’ problem :)

Hannah Says:

@J-Kath: When I said about him putting himself through this, I meant the practice match against Djoko, which was kind of unnecessary really – I didn’t mean him continuing to play at all. There’s only one way to get match-practice and that’s by playing, so a no-brainer there for Andy. I think he needs to try for another 6 months or so and then see. Let’s hope things turn around for him.

chrisford1 Says:

“The players shook hands with Djokovic leading 6-1, 4-1 and Murray seemingly struggling even to walk back to his bench, so exaggerated had his limp become. He then entered a lengthy and apparently emotional debrief with his team – which consisted of coach Jamie Delgado, fitness trainer Matt Little and physio Shane Annun.

Here is a great athlete whose body is shutting down on him. Because of his popularity across the game, pundits and ex-players have insisted on giving Murray the benefit of the doubt, and predicting that the hip would come right in the fullness of time. Yet that hope is now looking increasingly distant, and the possibility of retirement is beginning to be discussed.”

That really blows!

Madmax Says:

Margot, Margot Roberts (?) – are you one and the same?

if you are the original Margot, that is whom I am addressing this. I have been following the journey with AM, and was extremely disheartened to hear about the recovery; I am though, an eternal optimist Margot, and though you must be fearful and heart breaking, please, can we try to stay positive on his recovery. He has waited this long, and is bound to be stiff and needing those joints oiling, but I really want to believe that he can return to the top and I will keep up the belief.

Good luck Margot. Good luck.

Madmax Says:

Good Luck to Andy Murray for this tournament.

Good luck to all!

Margot Says:

Hi Madnax, yes it’s me! Logging on causing me problems.
Thanks for your good wishes but I’m afraid I can’t be positive. Andy has had all this time off for rest and rehab and it’s clear he’s still struggling with his movement. His walk/posture are quite weird. Very sad but que sera.
VP: Won’t be in London next week, but do hope you have a grand time.

j-kath Says:

VP: Would have loved to meet U in London (and have a good blether while sharing our joint bad habit…woops!)- can’t make it at the moment.

As for Andy – Scottish Press pretty grim on his chances and signalling Aussie withdrawal – convinced that Queen’s and/or Wimbledon will re-define his “tennis” future.

Appreciate Margot’s comments and of course Chrisford 1, Heather and Madmax.

Van Persie Says:


Thank you. I will have a great time for surw. I love London and the colleagues are nice and funny. Also a pleasure to work with them. They are very good organized.


A shame. I hoped to find someone there, who shares my bad habit ;)
Maybe with another occasion.
And no problem, I did not expect you to travel to London only to meet me. I just thought, there was a chance that you or Margot were there at the same time.

Have a lovely evening.

Andy Mira Says:

M,JK….So sorry about Andy…so gutted to read about his latest news,but i’m with Madmax on this…i’m a positive person i want to believe that what we’ve seen just a ‘temporary Andy’ who still in adjustment period…Once everythings is right in his head,he will start loosen up & will play freely once again…

It’s not easy to trust your body especially as important as a hip…And when u feel pain,it will seep your confidence too & will cast doubt in your mind that’s for sure….And i think that’s what Andy is fighting too atm…not only physical…Rafa took 2 years to find his old self after his horrible 2015,2016 due to a aeries

Andy Mira Says:

Oppssie!hehe…accidental press submit button!Sorry!….

I was meant to say…Due to a series of injuries….so let’s be patient & strong in this tough moment k?

C’mon Andy!!!

Czarlazar Says:

Murray is a great competitor and unlucky to be born into the toughest era of the game, ever. Really unfortunate that he had to opt for surgery last year, as it was not his preferred option and the expectations in advance were bleak. If he can’t come back, he’ll walk off the stage head high, with a magnificent career as his legacy.

Ronn Says:

Murray just announced that this Agut match could be his last. He’ll try to gut it out until Wimbledon so he can retire there but even he doubts that will be possible. Good luck in your future, Andy.

chrisford1 Says:

Czarlazar writes – “Murray is a great competitor and unlucky to be born into the toughest era of the game, ever.

Each of the Big 4 has said they were fortunate to have played in a golden age of high level tennis with several Greats and 3 legends, it more than compensated for less trophies than could have been gained had they played with less competition, in a weaker era.

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