Nadal Chops Up Cilic, Zverev Upset By Schwartzman At US Open; Federer, Wawrinka Tues.
by Staff | September 2nd, 2019, 11:33 pm

Rafael Nadal dropped a set but other than that was in complete control defeating Marin Cilic 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 in a battle of former US Open winners.

Cilic looked to be in the match after taking the second – Rafa’s first set loss of the event – but the Spaniard didn’t look kindly upon the Croat dropping just three games in the last two sets during a high-energy win that produced a scintillating around-the-post winner to set up match point.

“For some moments in the second set I felt there were too many points in his hands,” Nadal said. “He was pushing me back and playing more aggressive than me. I was way back on the return and he was with the right determination to go inside the court.”

Earlier, Alexander Zverev’s puzzling results continued as the German star fell to the diminutive Diego Schwartzman 3-6, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3.

Zverev got the better of the Argentine in the first, but the double faults and erratic play once again got the best of him. In the end, he tossed in 17 double faults and 65 unforced errors.

“My first serve is still fine. My second serve needs to be worked on. But I’ll deal with it,” Zverev said.

“Credit to him. He played a great match. I thought he was playing very aggressive. You know, he’s playing well.”

Schwartzman makes his second US Open quarterfinal, thanks in part to his return.

“Today Alex have a struggle,” Schwartzman said. “With the second serve, many double-faults. That give me a lot of chances in many games, chances to be back in the game, chances to have breakpoints.

“I was thinking, Okay, how I’m going to take these chances when I have to? I think it’s a big part of my game, the return. Today I did great, you know, putting apart his double-faults.”

Matteo Berrettini reached his first Slam quarterfinal ousting Andrey Rublev in straight sets 6-1, 6-4, 7-6(6). The 23-year-old becomes the first Italian to make the US Open quarters since Corrado Barazzutti in 1977.

The big Berrettini will now take a new Top 20 ranking into the next round against Gael Monfils. The flying Frenchman destroyed Pablo Andujar 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 to reach his fourth quarterfinal at the US Open.

On Tuesday, the quarterfinals begin with Stan Wawrinka trying to avenge a 2017 Wimbledon loss to the red-hot Daniil Medvedev. At night, Roger Federer returns to challenge Baby Fed Grigor Dimitrov who is playing his best tennis of the year.

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56 Comments for Nadal Chops Up Cilic, Zverev Upset By Schwartzman At US Open; Federer, Wawrinka Tues.

Naderer Says:

Eagerly awaiting the Fed – Grigor Match. At the end of it all, I’m hoping for a Naderer Final. Kudos. The NextGen continue to disappoint. Who will take the baton once the current legends hang their swords.

Andrew Miller Says:

Nadal definitely shut out Cilic down the stretch and Cilic played well!

Nice to see Schwartzmann move on. He’s top five on men’s tour for breaking serve so got to hand it to him for sending Zverev home.

Monfils a pleasure as always. Glad to see him too deep this tournament. Seems he and Svitolina have a healthy approach – if I get the quarters you better too! It’s working!

Andrew Miller Says:

Next generation did well to have a good number in round of sixteen. Can’t really count Berretini and Schwartzmann as next gen given they are a little older at 23, 24. Good to see Berretini follow up his Wimbledon quarters.

Daniel Says:

Most fitting to have a Fedal final here, they started this cycle in AO 2017 with their ressurgance winning majors and may finish it in USO 2019 3 years later. Nadal won 4, Djoko 4 and Federer 3. Will Fed get the 4 as well?!

Also Nadal reached the most finals in this stretch, 6 out of 11 majors so far and can get 7 out of 12 here. He didn’t skip any major in 3 years (althoug had to retire mid match in 2).
This is his longest strake of non absence in Majors at 13 and going (from USO 2016 to know), tying his other best from French 2006 to French 2019. If he doesn’t skip AO 2020, it will be his longest run at 14. Who would have thought that at 33 and a half and with his bad kneee issues, he will reach this level of consistancy for his own standards.

RZ Says:

In terms of the bracket, Daniel still has the lead. He’s only one point ahead of Christian, but Daniel was one of the few who didn’t choose Djokovic for the final so it’s likely he’ll hold on to his lead.

Daniel Says:

Medveded had leg treatment and whit 9 Double Fualts in 1 set. He is not lasting this match. If he retires I am kind of afraid the Wawa jinx forces Fed to retire should they meet in semis. I mean Djoko and possibly Medveded today retirnign back to back agaisnt him.

It must be a lot of tennis Medved played in this last 6 weeks, he reached finals in 3 consectuive weeks and now entering his 6 week of tennis, eventually the body feels.

If he somehow survives Wawa today won’t have much in the tanks to win 3 sets over Fed, or Dimi next round.

On a side Note, all 3 of Wawa’s slams he beat Djoko on the way, and now already beat him again. Can this be lucky 4 for him?!

Daniel Says:


I can only maintain my lead if Nadal loses before finals. I somehow picked him to lose in semis to Thiem (thought it would be USO payback as DelPo did last year), even with Federer win.

If both Fedal loses in semis I win also, or if Fed reaches finals and Nadal doesn’t

Daniel Says:

Medveded takes the tiebreaker after Wawa claw back and made a silly FH DTL error on his own Set Point.

Can only see him winning if he does it in 3 and Wawa self imploed with frustration, because he is using a Plan B: going for the net whenever he ca, quite successfuly, to end points quickly.

RZ Says:

Daniel – I see your ranking calculation skills also apply to the bracket. :-) Good point about a Nadal win – quite a few folks chose him in the bracket and that would change the order for sure.

Daniel Says:

Wawa’s FH is letting him down today. Medvedev a break up in 2nd.

Danger alert for Wawa because the tendency is Medv to relax more on court and go for his shots. He is not attacking the net as he was after medicla timeout.

Daniel Says:

Missed the end, did Medveded provoke the crowd and did his “dance” or did he behave.

He is on a 10 match win streak and seems trigged, but can nor see him beating Fed in him 1st Slams semis with full NY crowd agaisnt him.

RZ Says:

I didn’t see it either but I don’t think that Medvedev will care if the whole crowd is against him if he plays Fed. He seems to enjoy the adversity and trolling the crowd. If anything does him in, it will be exhaustion or injury.

FedExpress Says:

How dumb was taht by Federer

broke back when dimi served for it.

had 30-0 in his service game. lkses 4 straight games and the set.

man, every f time he does this muggery

FedExpress Says:

3 BPs

Fed special by wasting all of them

FedExpress Says:

yes breaaakkkk


come on fed. dont mess this up now

Daniel Says:

Dimi again double faulting to give a break to Fed. Let’s see if this time he holds.

This set crucial for Fed as he seems more tired than usual.

FedExpress Says:

you beauty.

saved 2 BPs from 15-40 down. and then broke again with some sublime return winners and a out of this world lob.

will serve first in the 4th

FedExpress Says:

and Fed gets broken in the first game

man what are you doing

FedExpress Says:

what tf i am watching

FedExpress Says:

Fed 3 BPs when dimi serves for the set

and mugs them all

FedExpress Says:

4th BP came and went

Fed become so mentally weak lately

5th BP came and went

and dimi wins the set.

5th we have.

And mental mug who never beat nole nadal and federer in a gs is about to beat fed

Daniel Says:

0-40 and not breaking back against Dimitrov, one of the biggest chokers in the game shows Fed wants to lose this match.

5th set it is!

van orten Says:

Never seen a player that fuels his enemies tank with a lot of energy as Federer

FedExpress Says:

Daniel, it shows Federer is the bigger choker now

van orten Says:

If someone makes dimitrov not look like the choker he is it’s Federer .. Medwedew will eat dimi for breakfast next round .. hope roger finds a way somehow

RZ Says:

Bad record at breaking coming back to hurt Fed.
Dimitrov making the most of that round 2 walkover. (Though to be fair he may have beaten Coric)

Daniel Says:

Classic, did not broken last game of 4th set and was broken right after.

Dimi not missing anything and Federer shaking. Something happens during USO that he can’t produce his best tennis.

Seems Fedal in biggest venue of the sport is really never gonna happen.

Van Persie Says:

wow, just woke up and see Med won and Dim finally believes in his chances against Fed. This US Open is getting more ana more entartainig 😉
Come on, Grigor!

Django Says:

It’s good to have some younger players win.

Daniel Says:

Any played point he loses, if he not win with his serve.

Totally in a hole out of matchc

van orten Says:

Everyone would believe in his chances plying a Federer like this .. worst performance of the year by far .. this is insane how is not able to finish dimitrov ..

Daniel Says:

Match over. Second straight gane he was 30-15 up and loses 3 straight points.

He had medical timeout in the locker probably in a place we can’t see, groin or glutes.

van orten Says:

Fed loses its 100 % nadal for the winning

RZ Says:

Is Fed having the same issue as against Millman last year?
Regardless of what is going on, he won’t retire and will conplete the match. (BTW that’s not a dig at Djokovic – if he was in too much pain he was right to retire)

jatin Says:

Its almost over now..
Great match by Dimitrov.
Seems like Fed is injured again :(

Daniel Says:

And Dimi wanted to choke serving for set 2 and 4 with Break chances for Fed.

Imagine a final between Dimi and Monfils Lol.

Not gonna happen, #19 is a lock for Nadal now, unless he also gets an injury

van orten Says:

Everyone will bow now to nadal

Daniel Says:

At least he made a game. I won’t doubt Dimin’s abiltiy ti choke, so, still this game could be a turning point, but he needs to cut the errors and some help by dimi with a lot of second serves and a few errors. He has to make Dimi feels the nerves. Everytime he was up he gave chances.

RZ Says:

Looks like Fed’s painkillers kicked in but too late. Can’t see Dimitrov not serving it out

Daniel Says:

Moment of the truth for Dimi. Let’s see if he holds easy or feels the nerve. Federer has to do his part also. Can’t miss 2nd serves return

Van orten Says:

Has nothing to do with an injury he is losing .. 3 bp in second Setting stay in the set 5 bp in 4 set to stay in the set making tons of easy errors on these .. what a waste .. what is goin on with him .. why is he playing like this ..

skeezer Says:

Fed, though injured, doesn’t pull a Djoker at this USO. He finishes no matter what.

RZ Says:

Question: commentators keep saying this is Dimitrov’s biggest won, but wouldn’t his win at the YEC/WTF be his biggest win?

Andy Mira Says:

Hope a speedy recovery for Rog too…

Raj Says:

After Nole episode, he knows everyone will troll him if he retires..Medvedev has good chance of getting his first slam.

FedExpress Says:

choke of a performance by Fed.

will never recover from that wimbledon loss.

nadal will overtake him next year.

Daniel Says:

Awful match by Fed. Thought he would win in 4 after that 0-40 gane Dimi serving the set. Fed would break hold and Dimi implode.

Credits to Dimi to keep his cool in key moments and drag Federer. In set 2 I noticed Federer was overly breathing. And the long rallies took his toll long run. Overall a smart match by Dimi placing the returns when he sensed Fed was not serving great.

Feels he will be favorite over Medveded. Med won by looked spent.

Nadal licking his chops now. Knows the title and most likelly #1 ranking is his for the taking. A turn point in the season when everybody was all Djoko. Sudenly he gets #19 and probably year end #1 to tie Fedovic and more weeks to stir up the Big 3 numbers. He comes from tirle in rome, RG, semis Wimbeldon and title in Montreal. A win in USO will crown his recent run

skeezer Says:

Same here re 4th set. Obviously he was laboring, either physically, mentally (hangovers from Wimby) or both. All credit to Dimi, he had a part in it too, haven’t seen him play this well in a long time. Still worry about his return game though….

Django Says:

Why couldn’t Roger show the MTO in public on his upper back treatment?

autoFilter Says:

Federer was clearly struggling physically, but to me Dimitrov looked by far more mentally composed than ever, and his game was beyond solid. It’s easy to discount him going forward based on past results, but past results are no guarantee of future performance.

Daniel Says:

Indeed autoFilter, AO 2014 Wawa run comes to mind.

Daniel Says:


We don’t know if its upper back. If they had to get away from public eye is either groin, or around glutes area. This is common

Daniel Says:

Sorry Django. Now that I read Federer said it was upper back and neck. Maybe due to position to have the massage on court he had to go to a table.

Wog Boy Says:

“Federer was clearly struggling physically…”

Of course he was struggling, he is an old man, shouldn’t be playing tennis with a kids that were not born when he turned professional.
As soon as I saw red skin rush on his neck and behind his ears I knew he was up shit creek without a paddle.
Even cup cake draw couldn’t help him.

It looks that he cannot handle players ranked #70 and above, Rublev (#70), Dimitrov (#78)…

BTW, why was he crying at the end, he only lost QF match, not like it was final?

Wog Boy Says:

“..he had to go to a table..”

Did he request Thai masseuse (masseur) so he needed privacy? Fair enough, in that case it’s completely justified..

Django Says:

How do you know beforehand you need a table? He whispered to trainer what he wanted, then they left.
He probably said he doesn’t want the masses to see anything. Then they obliged him.

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