11 Things I Think I Thought About Novak Djokovic, Naomi Osaka And The Australian Open
by Sean Randall | February 22nd, 2021, 4:21 pm

Wrapping a busy month in Melbourne when some thoughts on our first Grand Slam champions of 2021:

This was supposed to be it. The end of Novak Djokovic’s reign in Australia.

Riding his 20-match win streak, with all those titles, wins over Top 10s and with Djokovic struggling against the likes of Taylor Fritz, Frances Tiafoe, and with injury; the Russian Daniil Medvedev was going to do what have never been done before: Take the Serb down in the Australian Open final.


Hell, I thought Djokovic would win, but not like he did. Not by that scoreline and not that easily. Yet in the end, he made Medvedev look mediocre.

Right from the start, you could see how well Djokovic was striking the ball and moving. He looked so comfortable and confident in every facet of the game. Even after losing the early break, he was all business and Medvedev wasn’t able to rise to the challenge.

Djokovic jumped on Medvedev’s second serve and controlled that match from that standpoint.

And by the end of the second, Medvedev was a beaten man. That streak, those wins, those titles. And he knew it wasn’t going to happen on this day.

It’s one thing to beat these Big 3 players in an ATP best-of-3 event like the ATP Finals, it’s other to do it in a Slam.

Djokovic knows the road is long and that you can’t win the Australian Open or Slams at the ATP Finals or Paris Indoors or the ATP Cup. You have to have the right mindsight, preparation, experience and know when to peak.

Speaking of peaking…

Naomi Osaka is now 12-0 when she reaches the quarterfinals at a Slam. She’s never lost. And she’s just 23.

What I love about watching Osaka is just how calm and in control she is. Against Serena last week Wednesday night, she got down a break quickly after a miserable start, but there was absolutely no panic. No emotion. Nothing.

Even down those match points in the fourth round against Garbine Muguruza, she’s stayed focused, stable and unfazed by the situation. It’s incredible to see from such a young person.

You hear it a lot in team sports in the U.S.: You can’t tell by their face if they are winning by 20 or down by 20. That’s Osaka.

And that’s an awfully, awfully tough thing to learn. Few have and even few have it and can win.

If Osaka can figure out how to play on surfaces other than cement, she’s basically going to be the Big 1 of the WTA because there’s really no one who is going to challenge her — Kenin? Gauff? Andreescu? Sabalenka? I don’t see it right now.

She’s by far the best in the game.

With some deference to Roger Federer who hasn’t won since the 2018 Australian, the men’s tour is really turning into the Big 2!

We’ve gone from the Big 4 to the Big 3 and now Big 2.

Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have now won 10 of the last 11 Slams. The only miss was Dominic Thiem’s title in New York where neither he nor finalist Alexander Zverev beat a Big 3 (Djokovic got defaulted, Nadal opted out and Federer’s been injured). Had they faced on of them, guess what? Probably a loss!

So for all the talk of Stefanos Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Zverev, Andrey Rublev, Denis Shapovalov, Matteo Berrettini and the others taking over the tour, it isn’t happening.

And when you look at the French and Wimbledon, Nadal and Djokovic will be rightfully favored at each. Going further down the line, Novak will likely be favored to win in New York and again next year in Melbourne. Then it’s the 2022 French and you get my drift.

There’s seemingly no end to the dominance! Medvedev could have changed that and he didn’t even come close.

I give a lot of credit to Serena Williams. Having a baby a few years ago along with some previous serious health scares, it would have been easy and understandable for her to simply hang it up. But at age 39, she keeps fighting to tie Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam titles.

What’s more remarkable is that she keeps rebounding after these tough losses. Victoria Azarenka, Osaka and Andreescu at the US Open. Simona Halep and Angelique Kerber at Wimbledon.

Each loss devastating it its own way, but instead of sulking and giving up, Serena gets up off the mat and goes right back after it.

She came into the 2021 Melbourne month of tennis as fit as she’s been since childbirth. And at her age, she gave the field a true run, beating Sabalenka and whipping Halep.

Again, at age 39 in a pandemic with a child, and there she is still going deep in Slams is absolutely one of the most amazing stories in sports today.

When I look at the rankings this morning and see Ash Barty No. 1 or even Federer at No. 5, you have to double-take.

I know these are unusual circumstances and the rankings are apparently going back to the way they were after Miami, but Barty is not the No. 1 player in the world and Federer is not the No. 5 man. Not even close.

These rankings are so out of touch with reality that it’s said that this is what is put out for public consumption.

With points starting to drop again hopefully by the summer the rankings will be more aligned with reality.

We’ve gone from a COVID outbreak to an ab strain outbreak. Has there even been so many abdominal injuries at a single event?

The theory is with players having so little time to practice serving (2 hours/max) and some with no time at all (hard quarantine players) during quarantine, ab issues were rampant as players were over exerting themselves when they got into match play.

That and the off-season didn’t help matters as we had several big name players succumb to the injury, and we nearly lost the champion.

Of course Djokovic left Melbourne with a 9th title and a torn ab muscle to go with it. Djokovic doubled-down on the injury saying after the win that the tear actually got bigger as the tournament went on!

This a day after the final:

“I just came actually came from another MRI that I’ve done this morning and the damage is bigger than what it was when it happened, when I did the first MRI after the third round,” he said, while parading his trophy in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

With proper treatment including injections and topical numbing agents, I guess a tear can be managed.

But just imagine how much better he would have been without the tear? Scary.

There are zero people on this planet a month ago who thought Russian Aslan Karatsev would make the semifinals of the Australian Open. Absolutely zero.

But the Wawrinka-like bulldog was one of the surprise stories of the tournament, going through Doha qualifying then, as the world No. 114 in his first Slam main draw, upsetting the likes of Diego Schwartzman, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Grigor Dimitrov to make a Grand Slam semifinal.

You know who haven’t made a Slam semifinal? Shapovalov, Coric, Fognini and Goffin among others. But this guy did it. And he did it by not flinching in the moment. He blew out Diego Schwartzman, came from two sets down against Auger-Aliassime and then took advantage of an injured Dimitrov.

And for the effort, his ranking jumped up to No. 42. It will be interesting to see where the 27-year-old goes from here. He might go nowhere or maybe he makes an even higher move.

Regardless, it was a run for the history books, not likely to be repeated in the next 15-20 years.

There truly may be no bigger attraction in the sport than Nick Kyrgios.

For someone who doesn’t particularly like tennis or put the time in to practice and do the right the things, he’s arguably the best bang for the buck in the game.

You watch Djokovic, Osaka, Serena, Nadal, etc play, then Kyrgios and it’s like two different sports.

Whatever those champions do, he’s not doing any of it. Jawing with the umpire, the crowd, sometimes the opponent. Then you have his wide array of trick shots, underhand serves, between the legs volleys and more, and he often executes them in eye-popping fashion and at moments in the match when discretion is of the highest importance.

But he doesn’t care.

The fans love it and honestly, while he’s not being true to the history of the sport per the tennis purists, it’s must-see TV. And if there’s anyone who’s going to get kids involved in tennis, it’s him.

“As your financial advisor, I suggest you buy shares in electronic line calling companies. Soon, all major tournaments will have no choice but to have lines called electronically. Invest now!”

RIP the challenge system.

Big kudos to the team in Melbourne for getting the players into the country, then through a 2-week quarantine, then deal with a minor hotel COVID outbreak and the subsequent fan restrictions that followed and more.

The logistics of that operation are more than book-worthy.

After watching two months of fall tennis in empty or near-empty stadiums, it was nice to hear the roar of the crowd again. And the players loved it as well.

It was a breath of fresh air to see faces in the arenas instead of cardboard cutouts, tarp or just plain old empty seats.

I know Australia is a unique situation with its location, but hopefully as the vaccine rollout continues and the virus wanes, we’ll get back to more spectators at more events.

Tennis and all sports for that matter are better with people in the stands.

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34 Comments for 11 Things I Think I Thought About Novak Djokovic, Naomi Osaka And The Australian Open

Dave Says:

Djokovic said that for everyone it’s different when it comes to injuries, the pain you feel, and the healing process. Just to let some in on how Djokovic could handle he Pain and others like Berrettini opted not to play. There have been studies done on people that practice mindfulness. Obviously Djokovic is practicing all the time. People who practice mindfulness increase their pain threshold. It can get higher and higher because of it, I just thought I’d throw that in there.

Wog Boy Says:

You are right Sean, kudos to organisers, they had to do all the work and preparation without knowing until last minute whether they will be given green light by local government to proceed with AO.
One of the proofs is that you couldn’t buy one single merchandise with AO 2021 year printed on it, not one single souvenir, not even the fridge magnet! Even the Dunlop tennis balls always had the year of AO printed on, not this year.
They couldn’t order merchandise since they simply didn’t know if it is going to happen so it would be wasted money.
That was a big disappointment since I have a good collection of gym towels, tennis balls, fridge magnets for every year I went to Melbourne, but not this year, sadly.

Wog Boy Says:

On the first MRI muscle tear was 17mm, on yesterday MRI muscle tear was 25mm…but anyway, I don’t trust him, MRI can be photoshopped….and specialists diagnose too, no?

chrisford1 Says:

1. On Serena – Yes, she is “The Queen” to her fans, but her fans are not all tennis fans everywhere. Like Tiger Woods in his heyday, the bulk of her fans are outside the sport, and with media that cut her great slack as an “empowered black female”, at the pinnacle of the “woke hierarchy”. At 39, she doesn’t look likely to get another Slam, hasn’t won a big event since 2016. The situation has gotten worse in that she now can not only lose to a good player on a great day, she will lose to Naomi Osaka on ANY given day.
And unlike a Radwanska retiring in peace and quiet with little pressure, she is surrounded by people that have been telling her “age is only a number” and “One More!” that convince her it is her destiny to stay in the sport no matter what. It’s not “amazing”, it is borderline pathetic.

2. News Djokovic’s tear got worse means you can likely forget about Novak for Dubai and Miami, and clay season leading up to the French Open may be touch and go. He only needs Cincinnati and Monte Carlo to get his 3rd ATP Sweep (Masters + ATP Championship) when no one in the sport has a realistic shot of getting their 1st sweep, but I don’t see him playing Monte Carlo, either. The Big Bloc is the French, the Olympics, and Wimbledon. He prefers the Italian Open and Madrid as warmup..

3. However…….if he is looking to points and time at #1 and year end finish – he has 1000 points in the bag from Madrid and the Italian Open and 1000 for the French Open due to Covid politics. And just a QF at Monte Carlo.

4. Tennis does need to “reset” , 2019 points start dropping away. And following Wimbledon might be the right place to start. Sean is right, the longer this goes on, the more ridiculous it gets in official ranking not comporting to reality.

5. Yes, Kyrgios is “fun” for fans. But as a welcome distraction only? The new Clown Apparent? The gifted athlete like Gaels Monfils that seeks “stunning moments” over winning?

6. The Big 2 hang on, but I believe the chase pack is getting closer on their heels.

Gregoire Gentil Says:


As the inventor and owner of Tennis In/Out, the only portable line calling device existing today http://inout.tennis, I really hope that Sean’s prediction #9 is going to be true!

Bob Lewis Says:

Opponents had better bring some gauze,
when they play the Wizard of Aus.
It’s fun watching them continue to bleed,
wouldn’t it be smarter to just concede?
Doesn’t matter if their name is Fed or Med,
Novak will make sure they are dead.
He usually wins stroke for stroke,
Unlike the Swiss, he will never choke.
Now just two behind in all-time Slams,
Novak will pass his final exams.
I’m a poet that’s concise,
others should just take my advice.
Take some time to learn some poker,
nobody beats a healthy Djoker!

Giles Says:

^^^ What a plonker! 😱😱😱😱😱

Van Persie Says:

Bob Lewis,

Good one :)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Great champions and great write-up.

I guess the Big 2 aint so dead.

Alison Hodge Says:

Dave what Novak does, is great for the mind , and body, i myself have practiced guided meditation , Reiki , and chakra healing for many years, also i dont know if athletes are allowed ( although probably not) to use CBD or Hemp oil ,or capsules, as research has shown how good it is at alternative medicine for many ailments, i wonder if Novak does this , https://youtu.be/V3u7mNTG09g ….

chrisford1 Says:

Nice, nice little ditty! Bob Lewis.
Though to salve the feelings of the likes of Skeezer and Giles, Novak Djokovic is indeed human. He can choke. Just much less than the Swiss Maestro has over the years, and maybe on par with Rafa, without the OCD to erase self-doubts.
I’ve made money off people that bet against a healthy Djoker for 12 years. While fortunately able to abate my fandom when even a healthy Novak faces Rafa on clay. Always bet on Rafa, there. The W-L record Rafa has on that surface is as good as it can get in sport.
BTW -Alison, I have no idea what therapy or surgery awaits Djokovic now, but I imagine given his liking of alternative therapies, CBD is not off the table for being considered.
All the abdominal injuries at the AO will likely result in players unwilling to play if they are stuck in hotel rooms with no ability to fully prepare for tournaments. Safer to drop out of an event if someone on their plane test positive.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, you forgot Fedex, they are three of a kind or TX triplets, by far the biggest Nole fans here.
The moment they came out before the final with their “support” for Nole (plus weather prognosis for Sunday night) I knew Nole is winning #9, though I didn’t expect in my wildest dreams in what fashion he is going to do that.
One thing I noticed this year and I would like your and other fans opinion if I am right, Nole arrived stronger with more muscles this year?
That was my impression from the first match in ATP cup, his shots had more pop than last year, his body looked like in 2014-15.

To prove the point I’ll give you the link from Serbia ATP Cup winning team after arriving in Melbourne from Sydney last year, where you can clearly see Nole’s skinny arms and compare that to him this year and tell me what you think, please.
You can also enjoy the celebration in Serbian restaurant in Melbourne with brass band, not a bad one, Nole is even tipping musicians (which is the custom in Serbia), have a look, you will like it;)


mat4 Says:

Good article, Sean.

Muchova too had an abdominal tear, today’s news.

The ranking should be normalized as soon as possible. I always thought that a rating system would be the best, but there too, different options exist. Anyway, Novak is no 1 also in “real” rankings, while Medvedev would already be no 2.

Novak and Serena helped the organizers level the prizes.

Novak presser was one the best he had. Tiley’s intervention was touching.

In retrospect, Alex Zverev played the best against Novak.

chrisford1 Says:

All I can say, WB, is that he looks much better than he has in years when his own Diet Nazi Vegan ways was making him a tennis version of a weakened anorexic.
And TX is not a Djokovic Forum, so you can expect fans of other players. Most are not as vile as Giles or as obtuse as Skeezer, though.
And not only are most of those fans good people, but so are the people they root for, people you’d like to have a drink with. It’s only when you debate who is better, that things like Fed choking in big matches and benefiting from a weak era come into play. If I met Fed in person, I’d be nothing but complimentary to him, for his skill and all he has meant for the sport. Even more with Rafa, who is nice, authentic, and still a marvel of mental strength and physical talent and willingness to accept pain unavoidable if he is to win.
You mentioned the lack of Djoko Bling at the Melbourne games. Out of curiosity, I looked on Amazon and eBay. Tons of the 2021 Djokovic AO win stuff you can buy. Winning helps. For sure.

Wog Boy Says:

Sorry for my ignorance, what is “bling”, English is not my first language.

I was talking about AO merchandise shops which are on the ground of Melbourne park, where they compete.
They simply didn’t have anything that commemorate this year AO, they were without AO 2021 insignia, like you have for every year.
I don’t know which Djokovic stuff you are referring too, but I was talking about AO official merchandise, maybe that’s where is confusion.

BTW, after long time I went to check that Rafa tennis site (won’t advertise it here) where some of our friends from TX emigrated, just to see how they are doing, well, they are not that friendly towards Nole over there as they were here, though they have few Nole fans who are giving them hard time. You can read really nasty comments about Nole from Rafa fans on that site and from people who were posting here too.

mat4 Says:


Hello, old boy. Hope you’re well.

These kind of sites, and the medias, made me stop reading, nor posting. I noticed that in an insidious way, even Steve Tignor has lost any shadow of integrity. His last article is a textbook example of NLP, and is shameful.

At the beginning, fighting back was interesting. After a few years, it just made no sense any more. Novak will be hated, denigrated, until the end of his career. And the goalposts will keep moving: he already is the only one with a grand slam on three different surfaces, with the most years at no 1, with the most ITF world champion titles in the open era, most weeks at no 1, most big titles, positive h2h against his main rivals, but the day he wins his x+1 slam, there will be something else.

To be honest, I liked the fact that he responded, not only on the court, but in his last presser. He found a polite way to tell the presstitutes to go to hell. I just hope he will continue.

Hope you are well.

Wog Boy Says:

Hi mat4,
Good to see you too, I am as good as one can be these days, slowing down and preparing for semiretirement, I can’t stop completely working, I am not that type of person.
I was dirty with Nole when few years back he started his too PC interviews and behaviour, that’s not why his army of fanss like him, so yes, it’s good if he reverts to his natural himself, to who he is and why his fans love him, who cares what the other players fans think anyway, he will always be the villain for singlehandedly breaking Fedal love story;)

He already gave another jab to press day after final at Brighton beach, during trophy walk, when asked if he is going to get vaccinated, he said that he doesn’t know since nobody knows anything for sure and I could see sneaky smile on his face, he was giving it to them.

Alison Hodge Says:

I Must admit ive given Novak a hard time over the years, which says more about me than him, id like to leave that in the past though now, hes not without fault ,just like the other two arent either, hes an amazing player, who will probably go down as the best ever, only time will tell , as are the other two, congrats to his fans on 18, im not a hater, i just dont blog that much anymore, as i just dont have much time these days, anyway just wanted to throw that in there, stay safe and well TXers , BLESSINGS ALISON XX

Alison Hodge Says:

CF1 Thanks for the reply, apple cider vinegar is also good for the digestive system etc, even though it tastes disgusting, but great as another alternative remedy, just needs to be with fruit juice or something …

Wog Boy Says:

Interesting, whatever that “lunatic” predicted regarding his son actually eventuated, is that what you are scared of, besides, translation is not quite accurate?

I’ve seen that morning show on Serbian Happy TV, you missed to quote and translate that part, he said “Nole is winning 2 more GSs this year and 21st GS next year in Melbourne”, I don’t believe he will, but again, he is his father, he knows his son better than us, no?

It’s quite amusing how Rafa fanatics are trolling Nole’s father and even translating, though not quite accurate translation 😂

You are better off checking up on Rafa’s bad back, is it good enough to play Rotterdam?

mat4 Says:

@Wog Boy:

Anybody who has devoted time to learn about immunization and vaccination knows that it is often dangerous and always useless. Several excellent books were written on the topic, based on well-known data and studies.

When we know that there was a direct correlation between an explosion of AIDS cases in Africa and vaccination campaigns, it is normal to be cautious. I will try to avoid vaccination for as long as I can certainly, and if I can, chose a vaccine without squalene, the Russian one, e.g.

Wog Boy Says:


Needless to say that I agree with you, but unfortunately we can’t escape jab. While they are telling us that it’s not compulsory to get one they are telling us at the same time that we won’t be able to travel if we didn’t get one.
I was already told that I don’t have to get vaccine but I will have to resign if I don’t get it, my kids who work in banking and educational sector were told the same, my wife that works for the law firm wasn’t told anything yet but her colleagues, who are sucked into this hysteria said they will refuse to work with people who are not vaccinated.

My entire family is anti vaccine ones (talking about this particular one) but can we escape from not getting one and still lead normal life? Who is going to pay our mortgages when we lose the jobs, how I am going to travel or cross the border if I don’t have a proof that I am vaccinated and so on?

The quickest developed vaccine in the history was developed in 4 years, this one was developed in less than 12 months?! Something sucks, big time.

Agree about Sputnik (Russian) one, it was developed using classic ways of developing vaccine and is stored on normal house fridge/freezer temperature but we are not given the choice, are we?
They say it’s democracy and freedom to choose but yet the western world is decided for me which vaccine I can get, Australia bought the Pfizer vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca and that’s it, I read EU did the same except for Hungary that added Sputnik one for their people, good on Hungarians.

So, obviously pharmaceutical mafia is in charge of this “plantemia”, sadly.

chrisford1 Says:

I have heard that Srdjan means “angry, fierce”. Wiki adds “ardert” and “good hearted protector”.
It’s easy to see who Djokovic taps into when summoning his warrior spirit and competitor nature.
Cantankerous, bright, an athlete, sometimes with wild thoughts, religious, and says what he thinks.
Giles may mock his belief that Novak was given to the family by God, but that belief is part of why Dad “went all in” to support Djokovic. Even to the point of being chased around Belgrade after dark in the dead of winter by loan sharks. The result was a 70,000 dollar investment in the tennis prospects of Djokovic has netted around 280 million in prize money, appearance fees, endorsements, and business and property appreciation. All of them are now well off thanks to that, not just Djokovic.
Hard to say, “what an idiot” when you look at the bottom line. Sort of like the wife yelling ‘what an idiot” when some guy buys 4 lottery tickets at 2 Euros each and when the results 5 days later show 1 ticket was worth 4 million Euros. Then hubby is the smartest, bestest, wisest man on the planet. Except with Novak it was not luck, but investment in what Srdjan believed with conviction was a sure thing.
Of course the more polished Novak will call Fed and Rafa when his Dad gets into a trash-talking bent, but after 15 years, they are accustomed to it. It only riles up their fans. And given all his dad did, Novak will never, ever publicly denounce him.

On Slamcount – I have often said that the measure of a player rests on far more than Slamcount, but 10 years ago, the Slamcount of the Big 3, starting 2011, was 16-9-1. Which indicates Novak is in the hunt and 3 more Slams in the next two years does not seem absurd, in the slightest.

Wog Boy Says:

Very accurate post👍

You are pretty much correct about the name, it’s old Slavic name, also means someone who can be short tempered but actually good hearted person.
We have old Slavic names and names from bible, old Slavic names always have meanings and are given to kids for particular reason, hopping that child will inherit those characteristics or maybe has shown them as a baby so he was given that particular name, they were much more common before, unfortunately they are not as popular as before, I love them, all my kids have Slavic names, the ones (kids) that I know😉

Wog Boy Says:

Just to add, Novak is an old, very nice Slavic name, it can be surname too, his brothers, Marko and Djordje (George) are bible names.

chrisford1 Says:

Mat4 and WB – I am getting the Pfizer vaccine in a couple of weeks. As with masks, I’m going to get it, no hesitation. While a backer of Trumps policies, a voter on his side, I never bought on to his abysmal personality and moving to the anti-vaxxer, anti-Masker Cults.
I’m somehow designated an essential worker and not wanting to take a vacc from a senior, I called my doctor’s office and they said I should get it at 1st opportunity from having a past pulmonary medical condition they say impacts odds of getting hospitalized.
Apparently, a lot of countries are finding their people rejecting AstraZeneca because of 60-65% immunity conferred. Versus 1 dose of Pfizer/Moderna giving 85% immunity and 2 doses 95%, possibly higher as more data comes in. Sinovac, the Chinese version to make a buck off the virus they released from the Wuhan lab, is not looking good at all, but the Russian’s Sputnik V is fine, IMO. No Pfizer or Moderna around, I’d take Sputnik V without hesitation. My parents got Soviet polio vaccine in the early 60s in grade school when the US was just starting to ramp up to do the Sabin version and the Soviets had excess capacity and donated millions of doses to the US, free, as a goodwill gesture.
Each person’s perspective is different, of course. I’m in a country with half a million dead, I’m used to respirators, masks and in my line of work in the past and think public hygiene and vaccines are the two most important feats of medicine in history, well above antibiotics.
My nephew and niece in law got vaccinated with the Pfizer product as emergency medical workers. In Colorado and California. Niece a nurse practitioner that got a steady job with EMTs, critical trauma helo crew, nephew as a volunteer past his oil industry executive job, now lost with Biden’s election. Both said the initial vaccination was nothing. The booster though, made them feel very crappy for half a day. (which the docs involved and literature said was great “strong immune system activation, evidence of strong immune system – so be happy!”.
So take that as you wish, Mat4 and WB!

Wog Boy Says:

I can disagree with you but I can never get cross with you.

mat4 Says:


To tell you the truth, when I got interested in the subject, I used English language sources. I was utterly shocked reading about the effectiveness of vaccines and immunization: vaccines are absolutely useless, and, from the available data, dangerous. If you want, I can give you my sources, and you can check them.

It is just like fluor(ine) for teeth cleaning: it is just a way to recycle the leftovers of the aluminium industry, or the use of AZT to cure AIDS — AZT killed all the patients.

Just like me, you were taught that vaccines are good, but… studies show that it is not true. Immunization does not exist whatsoever. Viruses do not cause illness, probably, just ask Stefan Lanka. Masks were harmful, isolation too, and Harvard’s data show that states that avoided these measures had the same mortality etc. And people knew about the impending pandemic already in march 2019.

We have to understand that we are lied recklessly, lied in school, at the university, at work, lied by our doctors, everywhere and all the time. You mentioned Trump: he was the best American president ever, and look what they did to him.

Wog Boy Says:

“ You mentioned Trump: he was the best American president ever, and look what they did to him.”

Agree but I am happy for him and his family that he wasn’t reflected, he would have been shot before the end of his mandate!

As for the masks, I managed to get rid of my sinusitis and clogged nostrils few years back, my wife was happy, no snoring anymore….well, I got it back now since I have to use mask at my workplace between 8-12 hours a day, breathing in back all the rubbish I breathe out?!

Wog Boy Says:

“reflected” should say “re-elected”

Truth Says:

Biden followed Chrissy Teigen on twitter. The evil woman got so wretched and delusional. “Omg, the president must not see my vulgar tweets! Please unfollow me, Mr. Biden.”
Andy Roddick adores his “pal” Teigen as much as the dummy John Legend does. Losers.
He recently tweeted again that he was friendly with Djoker. Roddick is such a fake. He already said that he had no dinner with Djoker and he called Djoker “Schmokovic”.

Django Says:

Terrible fake people

Top story: Djokovic, Nadal Resume Grand Slam Chase At Wimbledon; Berrettini In Nadal Half