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May 11, 2003


Are you like us and often wonder just how in the world some of these pro tennis tournaments come up with their tournament names such as "Open Seat Godo" or "Tippmix Budapest Grand Prix." Given the frustration we all have over these unusual names and their true meaning, we did some digging to find out just what some of these obscure companies like "Tippmix" really do. But before we give you the answers, we thought it would be a bit more fun for you to test your world knowledge of global enterprise.

So see if you can match the title sponsor with the proper field of business. Good luck!

1. Davidoff
Davidoff Swiss Indoors - Basel
A. Former King
2. Hassan
Grand Prix Hassan II - Casablanca
B. Cellular Provider
3. Idea
Idea Prokom Sopot Open - Sopot
C. Grocery Chain

If...Stockholm Open - Stockholm

D. Tobacco
5. Kroger
Kroger St. Jude Open - Memphis
E. Food
6. Ordina
Ordina Open - 's-Hertogenbosch
F. Gambling/Lottery
7. Raiffiesen
Internationaler Raiffiesen Grand Prix - St. Poelten
G. Cosmetics/Fashion
8. Seat
Open Seat Godo 2003 - Barcelona
H. Insurance
9. Siebel
Siebel Open - San Jose
I. Industrial Conglomerate
10. Synsam
Synsam Swedish Open - Bastad
J. Materials Manufacturing
11. TATA
TATA Open - Chennai
K. Energy
12. Tippmix
Tippmix Budapest Grand Prix - Budapest
L. Eyewear
13. Toray
Toray Pan Pacific - Japan Open
M. CRM Software
14. Uncle Tobys
Uncle Tobys Hardcourts - Gold Coast
N. Communication/IT
15. Wein Energie
Wein Energie Grand Prix - Vienna
O. Car

Wismalik Open - Bali

P. Finance


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