Prince 03 Speedport Silver Tennis Racquet

July 22, 2019

The ultimate racquet for lightweight power, the Prince 03 Speedport Silver combines the most powerful sweet spot in tennis with unmatched maneuverability for players with shorter, slower strokes. As with the Blue, this racquet has a lot of gas, which is always good for slapping winners around the court. And with a 118" headsize the racquet is perfectly suited for snowshoeing or for use as a handy serving tray on Thanksgiving. Pass the turkey, please.

Headsize: 118"
Length: 27.5"
Beam Width: 27-30-27 mm
Weight Strung: 260g/(9.1 oz.)
Color(s): Silver/Black
String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16x19
Recommended String Tension: 57-67 lbs.
Power Level: 1600
Grip Type: Prince Cushion Fit
Manuf. Recommended String: Premier Softflex 16

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