Prince O3 Speedport Blue Tennis Racquet

July 22, 2019

You won't be blue with 03 Speedport blue. The most advanced oversize racquet for effortless power and control, the 03 Speedport Blue's lightweight aerodynamic design and cushion grip handle helps players with moderate to full strokes hit their best shots. The keyword being "effortless power" meaning you can crush the ball without breaking your arm. Very cool.

Headsize: 110"
Length: 27.5"
Beam Width: 25-27-23 mm
Weight Strung: 285g/(10 oz.)
Color(s): Silver/Blue/Black
Composition/Construction: GraphitExtreme, Copper, Titanium,
String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16x19
Recommended String Tension: 55-65 lbs.
Power Level: 1300
Frame Technology: O3 Speedport
Grip Type: Prince DuraPro +
Manuf. Recommended String: Prince Lightning XX 16g

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