Wilson K Six One Tennis Racquet

August 18, 2019

The No. 1 racquet of choice by pros on the tour. The K Six One provides precision through the intergration of [K]arapohile black giving players the [K]onfidence to play better tennis. This racquet is ideal for the player who is in [K]ommand of his game.

Headsize: 95
Length: 27
Beam Width: 22mm
Weight Strung: 347g/(12.2 oz.)
Composition/Construction: 85% Karophite Black/15% Kevlar
String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16x18
Recommended String Tension: 50-60 lbs.
Grip Type: Wilson True Grip
Swing Type: Fast and Long
Manuf. Recommended String: [K] Gut Pro

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