Gosen Tennis Strings

July 22, 2019

Behind leading innovation, Gosen has long been one the premier tennis racquet string manufactures in the world.

Over the last 50 years, Gosen has blended technology and craftsmanship into making some of the finest tennis string on the market. Jim Courier even agrees as the former World No. 1 has a string named after him.

Popular strings from Gosen include the NanoBlend, NanoSilver and NanoCubic along with the Sheep Micro, Proform, Polylon and Tec Gut.

When buying or considering any kind of racquet string, be aware of the many factors that play a role in its playability. Some of these include string patterns, string tension, gauge and even weather conditions, which can all impact the string’s control, comfort, power and durability.

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