Rafael Nadal Quotes

"No! I don't have a chance. For me he's unbelievable. I will continue with my comeback and I am just happy with that."
-- Rafael Nadal on if he could surpass Roger Federer for the No. 1 ranking.

"I know James has had some difficult moments, and so I'm happy for him. I like to see people do well who have suffered and been through hard things."
-- Rafael Nadal on James Blake.

"I will try. I don't have a lot of time, traveling every week. I have one month in Mallorca in December after finishing the Tennis Masters Cup and then I want to do that."
-- Rafael Nadal on when he will get his driver's license so he can drive his new Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 he won at Stuttgart. Or consider the Tennis-X auto donation program, with proceeds going to charity, of course.

"The truth is I feel bad for him. I played very well tonight but he was very nervous and was not at his best. I could see that and I felt so bad at one stage that I did not think I could continue. I did not celebrate after the win as I normally do. He's the best player that I have ever beaten but I wish I had beaten a player of his level but not Moya...My tactic was to be aggressive and hit angled shots not to have him dominate the exchanges with his forehand." -- 16-year-old Rafael Nadal after beating Carlos Moya in Hamburg.

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