Safin in Car Crash, Splits From Coach

Posted on August 18, 2006

Marat Safin's website reported the slumping former No. 1 was involved in an auto accident and split from his coach on the same day.

Marked Aug. 17, 2006, the Russian's website delivered the news after the Russian has already lost in singles at the Masters Series-Cincinnati.

"Peter is not only coach but also a personal friend of Marat," said Safin's website. "Marat decided that he needed some time and space between them to revamp and re-evaluate himself. So this is what they are doing. After the American tennis tournaments are over, Marat will sit down with Peter as both professional and friend and they will decide together the way forward for their "partnership.""

The Russian's website also reported Thursday, "Today at noon in Cincinnati Marat was involved in a car accident outside his hotel. He was driving and a woman driver drove into the car. The airbag opened into Marat's face causing bruising, slight abrasions and stiffness as well causing him to feel slightly dizzy -- could be mild concussion. The car was totally crashed and had to be towed away. Marat is still hoping to play doubles today but it will depend on how he is feeling."

Safin and countryman Mikhail Youzhny lost to Erlich/Ram in doubles after the accident.

"Marat is not quite himself any more, he doesn't really know where he stands," Lundgren told the Swedish daily Dagbladet on Thursday. "He told me: 'Peter, I have nothing against you but I have to go on my own for a while.' And I understand him perfectly. We have taken a break now and we'll have to see what happens. Hopefully we'll be back in autumn with Marat in better shape. And I believe we'll start it off together then."