Juan Ignacio Chela Interview - September 6

Posted on September 6, 2007

An interview with: Juan Ignacio Chela
Thursday, September 6, 2007

D. FERRER/J. I. Chela

6-2, 6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about the way he's playing right now. A lot people saw him against Nadal and thought perhaps it was because Nadal had injuries, but people haven't emphasized how well he's playing. Could you describe?
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: I think you shouldn't really, you know, focus or speculate on Nadal's injuries; you just need to look at how well Ferrer is playing right now.

Q. (Question in Spanish).
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, it's a very good tournament. First time I reached the quarterfinals here. It's maybe a little bit difficult to think about it now because I've just a lost. But yeah, it's been a good tournament.

Q. What have you learned about as yourself as a player in this result?
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: That in a big tournament like this, you have to arrive well rested both physically and mentally, and that, you know, you can go far if you prepare well.

Q. How much did the previous matches take out of you physically, the Ljubicic and the Wawrinka match?
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: No, I was feeling well physically today. I did not go on court tired.

Q. There's been a little bit of talk about the relative noise at this tournament compared to other tournaments, especially Wimbledon. Have you experienced any of that? Does that bother you? Or do you think that's accurate?
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: I can't compare because I never played Centre Court at Wimbledon. In general, I mean, all Grand Slams, there's a lot of people around, and maybe here there's a little bit more show, you know, around the court as opposed to other Grand Slams.

Q. Did you think early in the third set when you broke Ferrer that you might have a chance to turn the match around?
JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, that was my only real chance that I was ahead in the scoreboard that he broke me back right away. He return very well in that game, so that was gone very quickly.

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