David Ferrer US Open Interview - September 6

Posted on September 7, 2007


September 6, 2007

David Ferrer


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you feel right now you're playing the best tennis of your life?
DAVID FERRER: Yeah. Maybe the last three matches is my best tennis, no? I'm playing really very well in hard court and it's unbelievable.

Q. Describe the emotion of going into your first career Grand Slam semifinal.
DAVID FERRER: Yeah, semifinal in my career in hard court, no? Me, I play more in clay, no? If you told me before semifinal in hard court, I don't believe you. I believe in clay, maybe but in hard court?
But this tournament was a dream, no? I was playing very, very well, and with Nalbandian match point for him and I won this match. Really happy, you know.

Q. How are you feeling physically?
DAVID FERRER: I'm okay. Today it was play very, very good, very fast. Three sets. It's better for the next match, no?

Q. Were you worried after you played so much before and didn't get much rest?
DAVID FERRER: Well, with Rafa or with Nalbandian, physically I was more tired than this match. This match maybe more sore the time, and now I am okay. I am not more tired than Rafa or Nalbandian.

Q. Were you worried that Chela had more time to rest?
DAVID FERRER: No, no. No, because it's the tournament, no? I play with Rafa in the night and no worry. I did my game.

Q. Roger paid you a very big compliment: He said you're the best returner of the game. I'm sure you heard this quote.
DAVID FERRER: Roger said this?

Q. Yes.
DAVID FERRER: Thanks, Roger.

Q. So you just have to return all balls.
DAVID FERRER: At him? Well, I don't think so, thanks for Roger, but him is the best return.

Q. If you would you have a choice to play Moya or Djokovic, of course you don't they will decide this tonight, what would your preference to be? To play another Spanish countryman or Djokovic?
DAVID FERRER: I prefer Moya because he's my friend. He's a Spanish guy. If I lost in semifinal I prefer one guy is -- I prefer Carlos in the final than Djokovic, no? Respect to Djokovic, no, but Moya, you know, he's my friend.

Q. After the match with Rafa, how did you spend the next day? Did you get a massage? Did you sleep the whole day?
DAVID FERRER: No. Nothing special, no? The same of this week: Massage, practice one hour with my coach. Dinner at 9:50 every day. Every day is the same for me.

Q. What time did you wake up yesterday?
DAVID FERRER: Yesterday, at 1:00, 1:30 because I was today at the hotel at 4:00 in the morning, and after we went to dinner to McDonald's, no? Yeah really, at 4:15 my coach and me walk into the McDonald's. Only thing is open 24 hours. I'm very hungry.

Q. What did you eat?
DAVID FERRER: A hamburger. Big Mac.

Q. Do you think that the success of the Spanish players, for so many years there are always excellent Spanish players, even going back 20, 30 years ago. Is it what you just said? You said Moya is your friend. Is it that all the Spanish players play each other and are competitive, but they are really much closer together than in other countries?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I don't know about another country, no? The Spanish guys, or the Spanish players, the relation is okay, no? It's nice, no?
But maybe we get lucky because we have a very good players before, no? Ferrero, Moya, Albert Costa, Corretja. For young player we will see and we can do it, no?

Q. You've known Carlos for a long time and you know his game. But if you have to play Djokovic so you have a strategy with Djokovic?
DAVID FERRER: Djokovic is unbelievable player. Very young player and he plays really very well. For me, he can move to No. 1 of the world five or six years. Depends of Rafa or Roger, no? But it's another generation.
He serve well, he has a very good backhand, forehand. He do all. A really good player.

Q. Why are you playing so well on hard court do you think now, here?
DAVID FERRER: Me? The tournament?

Q. Yes.
DAVID FERRER: Maybe because I return well, no? But I don't know. I don't change my game to clay or on hard court. I play similar. I don't know. But maybe in the hard court and now was more -- it's more slowly than before and now -- maybe -- me can have more chance for to win.

Q. You said before that if, you know, say a week or whatever ago somebody said you will be playing in the semifinal here you said you wouldn't believe them, right?
DAVID FERRER: Yes. I cannot believe, no? For me it's unbelievable, no, because it's very difficult for me. But I think so, no? But in hard court it's more difficult, no?
I know it's my first time but I'm very happy, no? Maybe more happy because it's in hard court. It's not my surface I prefer.

Q. If this were to be the end of the line and you were not to advance beyond this, do you walk away from this tournament a different player mentally? Are you more confident now going into hard court tournaments?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I have confidence. Maybe the Spanish players we can play good in hard court, no? Because I don't know (in Spanish).
Oh, yes. Really. Yeah, more confidence, of course. Because in semifinal, when I go to another tournament I have more confidence, of course.

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